Jennifer Lawrence: “If anybody even tries to whisper the word ‘diet,’ ‘You can go f— yourself”

jlawbazaar2013-5 - Jennifer Lawrence: "If anybody even tries to whisper the word ‘diet,’ ‘You can go f— yourself"

On being called fat:

“I was young. It was just the kind of sh-t that actresses have to go through. Somebody told me I was fat, that I was going to get fired if I didn’t lose a certain amount of weight. They brought in pictures of me where I was basically naked, and told me to use them as motivation for my diet. It was just that. [Someone brought it up recently] They thought that because of the way my career had gone, it wouldn’t still hurt me. That somehow, after I won an Oscar, I’m above it all. ‘You really still care about that?’ Yeah. I was a little girl. I was hurt. It doesn’t matter what accolades you get. I know it’ll never happen to me again. If anybody even tries to whisper the word ‘diet,’ I’m like, ‘You can go f— yourself.’”

… says Jennifer in Harper’s Bazaar.



jlawbazaar2013-3 - Jennifer Lawrence: "If anybody even tries to whisper the word ‘diet,’ ‘You can go f— yourself" jlawbazaar2013-4 - Jennifer Lawrence: "If anybody even tries to whisper the word ‘diet,’ ‘You can go f— yourself"

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  1. Miss Lawrence has such an amazing face and body. I just love her hooded eyes, high cheekbones, bee stung lips. I think she is extremely sexy, and height is an asset I admire on any woman. She is perfectly curved, not overweight at all. Bradley and Jennifer made such an amazingly attractive couple in Silver Linings Playbook, although he is considerably older than her. I remember mentioning her to my best friend, upon seeing X-men First Class. So beautiful!

  2. I have no problem with the comment, or how she looks, but there are a lot skinnier and prettier people than she being told to diet or change the way they look. It’s not “right”, though it’s not unfair that she be subjected to it either, considering so is the rest of the industry.

  3. I absolutely love Jennifer…I really feel she’s genuine, maybe I’m wrong, but that’s the vibe I get. I really hope her career continue this way and even better!

  4. I love the first two pictures. I like that they didn’t photoshhop her freckles away on the cover. She’s a funny and genuine girl.

  5. I honestly believe that if one has raw talent, appearance is not relevant anyway. The ones who focus on appearance are often those who do not have enough talent to stay relevant.

  6. I can relate to this so much. I’ve been trough the same, and when you’re constanlty being called names as a kid, you can’t just forget it in the future and it will always hurt.

  7. This weight obsession with Hollywood is seriously becoming scary to me.
    I frequent alot of daily talk shows in NYC (I know a producer) and trust me when you see these Hollywood celebrities in person they are incredibly tiny!
    The camera truly does add 10-15 pounds( plus a couple of inches in height.)
    For example, I recently went to the Kelly and Mike show, and saw Sofia Vergara (Kelly’s thinness is a whole other post…) and my jaw dropped when I saw she was no more than a size 2 (at most)!!!!! Why the heck is she called “curvy” by herself and magazines! I mean granted she has a “butt” and b❆❆bs but come on, she is no where near voluptuous
    I say this because I am sure that Jennifer L. is probably very slim (may I dare say “skinny”) in person…but yet her weight comes up in almost every one of her articles.
    Its no wonder we have Gulliana Rancic and so many other stars have disordered eating habits.

    • The camera truly does add 10-15 pounds( plus a couple of inches in height.)

      Interesting. I have heard commenters here say that the camera makes you look slimmer.

    • I do drama in college and we have a film in tv section were my tutor told us out right that the camera can add about 8 pounds. Jennifer lawrance can’t be more than a size 10 (uk) probably even at 8 (US 4?).

    • “she is no where near voluptuous”

      and who ever said Sophia is “voluptuous”? you said it yourself, she has the b❆❆bs and the butt, so she is is curvy. i wish people would stop using curvy as a euphemism for heavy. a 120lb pear-shaped woman would be considered curvier than a 250lb ruler shaped woman. why? because her low WHR dictates her curviness. curvy is a shape, not a size.

      • I agree 100%. You can be fat and either a ruler, hourglass, etc. body shape. Curvy means having a butt, hips, and breasts regardless of the size. I would describe Halle Berry and Sophia Vergara as curvy, but not Rebel Wilson. All I would describe as beautiful women.

      • Hm, I think you missed kind of missed the point. Sophia Vergara for example is considered one of the heavier hollywood starlets, thats where descrbing her as curvy on a magazine or in articles IS basically hollywood saying she is “heavy” in comparison to a person like nicole richie or rebel wilson or the “thin ideal”. The usage of that word in the media gives the illusion that sophia v is bigger (in weight) than she actually is. Where in actuality her proportions like you said give her the curvy shape, but she probably doesnt weight that much, or wear more than a size 1 or 2. I don’t think she used it as a euphemism for heavy, however people in hollywood and in magazines have typically used the word “curvy” for a women who they classified as being heavy, so in that context the term is interchangable to a certain degree. and sophia has been pegged as this voluptuous latina, but in reality (according to the comment on top) is very thin aside from her proportions.

        • Agree with Mary, when Hollywood or the media say the word “curvy” they do mean it as bigger. that’s why you get so many larger ladies using Sophia has a role model when she is in fact half their size.

        • i don’t think i’ve ever seen it be implied that Sophia Vergara is “heavy”…ever. Nicole Richie however, is always in magazines vecause of her rumoured EDs. it’s obvious that SV is very slim. the majority of your comment pretty much repeats everything i said anyway. the OP said that Sophia is not actually curvy because she is thin in real life. my response is that you can be thin AND curvy. when the media touts Sophia as “curvy” it is in relation to her shape, not her weight. you can tell by looking at the celeb when the media is using the term curvy to be PC about their weight vs. praising their body shape. i.e. when VS refers to Candice Swanepoel as curvy does that mean that she’s implying that she’s “heavy”? no.

      • Because the “real women with curves” brigade the plus sizes have hijacked the term “curvy” and used it for themselves. Christina Hendricks is considered “curvy” but isn’t because her mid section this thick without corsets on and she has a flat butt. but because she is on the heavier side she gets called “curvy” Because Sofia is curvy the “real woman” gang use her as a role model when in fact she is only tiny. It’s the same with Kelly Brook, I have seen he in person and she is no more than a UK 8 which is a US size 4.

          • And there is no way anyone can tell what natural body shape a 250 pound woman is, because too much extra fat will cover the body, so she could be a pear, an apple etc and you wouldn’t know unless she lost the weight. 250 pounds is a lot of weight, it isn’t someone who is just a few pounds overweight.

          • if i see a 250lb woman who is super top-heavy and another who weighs the same yet is super bottom-heavy i’m probably not going to assume the former is a pear-shape and the latter is an apple shape. more weight can make a body shape harder to figure out but it doesn’t make it impossible.

          • Melissa Mcarthy is someone whose body shape cannot be guessed although I am sure she is heavier than that. I have a friend who was overweight and she has very big b❆❆bs and just as big hips while she was overweight but when she lost a lot of weight her body went into pear shape, her b❆❆bs were very small but she carried more weight on her lower half in comparison to her top half. when she was bigger her b❆❆bs and hips were both the same size. I think when someone gains a lot of weight the extra fat and go almost anywhere after a certain point.

          • Anonymous is right – years ago Melissa McCarthy was much smaller and her body looked like a pear shape. Now she is huge and her gut is quite large, the added weight has distorted her natural shape. After a certain point you will gain fat everywhere and look like a blob. That’s why obese women can’t be curvy – because the excess weight obscures their waist.

          • Right, i had a drama teacher in high school who has to be 300 lbs. Her upper body was that of a 160 lbs woman and her butt was just enormous, i mean enormous.

        • Hendricks is a pear with a flat butt and huge push ups bras with corsets. You can tell her real shape in her unphottoshoped bikini pictures.

    • Its strange, Ive seen celebs and they look bigger. The camera doesnt add weight anymore with the advanced technology, that used to be true but not anymore

      And I think its just be interesting to note Giluina recently said she has a fast metabolism, maybe it will be posted here.

    • Agreed!.JL seems to have a chip on he shoulder and a bad attitude and it’s her own fault she gets asked about these things because she is the one who started talking about it first.

      • She’s asked about it in interviews. She doesn’t randomly start talking about her diet. The way the text is posted here leaves out the interviewers questions.

  8. I think she has a bad attitude, ever since seeing her interview with Rhoda. She really does strike me as fake, more so than RiRi.

  9. I think I’m the only one who thinks that she is overrated. But I like the cover, is nice to see some natural freckles.

  10. She’s so beautiful, can act, and has a good head on her shoulders! one of the more ‘normal’ people in the acting business IMHO.

  11. don’t know what it is but whatever she says always strikes me as genuine, maybe am wrong though,lots of actors have a fake image, in general i do think that if losing weight was a suggestion or sort of advice it would’ve been fine but seems like someone tried to pressure her to do that like with other H-wood actresses, i believe, which is not fine and would’ve pissed me off too.
    In any way i don’t think she was fat after her name was getting buzz cos of “Winter’s bone” part, just normal, i think she looked awesome in that red dress at her first Oscar appearance.After starting to train for Hunger Games she might have lost a bit, but i think it was more due to becoming toned&fit. She is thin now, just watch her&Bradley Cooper’s dance from movie “Silver Linings Playbook”

  12. I don’t like her I think she is overrated her acting never quite hit it with me but I never saw silver linings playbook maybe that’s the movie she kills it in..because winters bone, hunger games, and house at the end of the street sure didn’t do it for me…

  13. people have such a distorted image of body weight. How on earth could she be called fat or overweight? This is insane. I mean, really, just look around and about 80 % of women are much much bigger than her. She has great proportions, no sticking out bones (which is great!), beautiful, even striking face. Is it about her cheeks? Yes, they are full, yet so womanly and beautiful.

  14. she looked really thin in silver linings playbook. She has a great bod though. I can’t believe the industry is this bad… its so terrible as a society

  15. The reason she got so much slack for her weight is because being skinny was a huge part of Katniss’s character. She came from nothing and was mostly starving for her entire life. And all of those people in the Capitol were so well fed. It was a huge part of the rebellion – that they didn’t have any food. Her weight as the character even annoyed me.

  16. I think she seems like a nice, bubbly girl but the fact is she HAS noticeably lost weight since she first came onto the scene. I hope we can believe her that she’d never lose weight just because someone told her to and it’s all down to personal choice. She comes off a tad sensitive/defensive about anyone thinking she’s fat here.

  17. Really, Jennifer? What about the word “Photoshop”? Because if what we’re seeing on her latest photos isn’t Photoshop, then she’s been doing some dieting. She looks way slimmer than before, I would actually call her really skinny now, not anorexic, far from that. but skinny. And she used to be average and kind of curvy. When I was recovering from anorexia, her body positivity AND LOOKS were an inspiration to me, but I guess she gave in to Hollywood’s popular demands. Allowing yourself to be seen eating is just another media strategy – “look at me, I’m a REAL GIRL!” while in fact the way she looks now, it seems that she eats only when someone takes a photo of her, and exercise excessively to burn the calories. A disappointment.

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