‘Just As Beautiful’ – A New Plus-Size Magazine

'Just As Beautiful' - A New Plus-Size Magazine 1

‘Just as Beautiful’ started as a digital publication destined to women over size 14, but beginning with September 2010, it joins the printed club. The magazine, who intends to ‘help end the current harsh visual obsession’ refuses to use any model under size 14 and it also bans dieting articles – but let’s find out more from it’s creators:

The magazine’s editor Sue Thomason explains:

We want our readers to know that they don’t need to change their appearance to ‘fit in’ or be truly happy. Most people only think they need to change because they’re constantly exposed to the message that they do – and shown images of impossibly skinny models that they’re told they “should” look like.

‘Appearance needs to be rethought and placed firmly back where it belongs – in the entertainment section of your life, along with fashion and make-up,’ she said. If you feel anxious about your looks instead of being relaxed, it’s a sure sign that you need to change your mind and not your body.’

Publisher Ronnie Ajoku says:

‘There will be no diet sections but we do have exercise tips. No model under size 14 will get into the magazine. We have normal interviews with women who happen to be size 14-16.

‘What we want to do is supply a magazine for women who don’t want to be made to feel bad about the way they look. We might have interviews from plus size celebrities like Ruth Jones but they are straightforward interviews and don’t concentrate on their size. The point of the magazine is not to make such a big deal about women’s figures like other magazines do. There are plenty of magazines out there which promote losing weight but our readers don’t want that. They want a magazine which is relevant to them while making them feel good about how they look.’

'Just As Beautiful' - A New Plus-Size Magazine 2

Looking forward to hearing what you guys think about this one!

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79 thoughts on “‘Just As Beautiful’ – A New Plus-Size Magazine”

  1. It strikes me every time how plus sized models can be so facially beautiful. I don’t support the concept though, because this is just using the whole ‘Size 0’ trend and reversing it! Epic fail.

    • Agree. The women that will buy this magazine will be mislead into thinking that the publishers really care about plus size women, but it’s just a trend. I don’t understand why society and media can’t just choose the middle way – they always go to the extremes?

    • I don’t understand all this plus-size fuzz. We don’t want models to be super unhealthy skinny, but why should we want them to be plus-size? I’ve got nothing against plus-size people and I love to see the variety in magazines, but it isn’t really variety, it’s just skinny or plus-size.
      The problem isn’t that it’s so dangerous that plus-size women want to lose weight, the problem is that there are completely normal-sized girls that feel like they are fat and need to lose weight. I say we make a magazine for the “normal” sized women!

      • Agreed! I wish that we could have REAL women in magazines an average size woman is a 12 not a 14 or above so why are we promoting this can we just give women of all shapes and sizes all magazines. I think if desiners could make clothes that looked good on everybody not just hangers (size 0) then they would make more money show me a woman my size (8) looking great in your outfit i will buy! Its not a revalation its good business!… at least it shouldnt be!

  2. It’s not healthy to be so big, looking at pictures of that will make others think it’s normal which is not a good thing. It’s similar to having an overweight best friend – it changes one’s perspective of what ‘thin’ is and many tend to gain weight too without realizing it. Not good.

    • Agreed. If they should do this, they should use middle weight girls, which the majority is, and not girls who weigh too much, because that’s promoting a health ideal just as bad as too skinny…
      Hate magazines like this. We have one in Denmark too, which is all about “love yourself and size, be proud of ur body”, and the other half is about surgery and diets… I mean come on, they’re just doing this coz it’s popular now to discredit the too skinny image…
      And i’m btw saying this as a “Plus-size” girl 🙂

      The only thing I like is how they don’t want this to be about weight, but “normal” interviews. But I don’t really buy that, I mean, they’re already promoting it with weight…

      • Right, I mean, if they don’t want it to be about size or weight, then what’s the point of using only size 14+ models? Why not use models of all sizes?

        • Exactly. It would be great with a magazine with all (healthy) sizes. That would be refreshing. Especially if they didn’t make it the only thing the magazine was about, but u know all kinds of things.

  3. Can’t really say anything about the magazine without having read it, i guess the consept might be ok, i think there is demand for a magazine like this, and it’s fine imo as long as they don’t promote being overweight, which i don’t think they do. The cover looks like an amateur artproject, made by a 10-year-old.

  4. I think its a great idea to have a magazine that doesnt focus on diet tips and weight loss, and which also doesnt constantly feature skinny models.
    The risk is that a magazine like this will go the other way, and promote being overweight.
    And the cover looks like that of a soft p— magazine…

  5. These girls aren’t average. They’re overweight.. Sigh.

    I’d be more impressed with a magazine that featured girls with bmis in the 19-25 range. You know, the HEALTHY range?

    and “b— fight”.. Great. More misogynistic language. “how to win an argument- learn his tactics”.. oh thank you for making it look like we females luuurve to argue needlessly and act passive-aggressive.

    what a pile of fecal matter this magazine is.

    • I completely agree. these models are not healthy- they are oveweight. over 2/3 of the american population is overweight and that number is increasing. this mag says its fine to be heavy. that is not so. people just need to realize they need to go back to basics, eat clean and exercise… like you said, it would be lovely to have a mag with normal, healthy active models.

  6. The cover is just…horrible. The pictures, the headlines, the colours, the ‘wacky’ fonts used…looks like something an overweight 10 year old would make to make themselves feel better! I think ‘bigger’ celebs such as christina hendricks, beyonce etc are extremely sexy as they are in a normal weight range and are still toned and healthy looking whereas this…well i just don’t think there’s anything sexy about being obese, its just as bad a message as size 0 gives out.

  7. They don’t want to ‘make such a big deal about women’s figures like other magazines do’ … yet they refuse to use any model under a certain size. Right then.

    • i know! and they’ll only interview plus-size celebs but won’t ask questions about their size…surely they know their readers may be able to piece things together and will realise why these big women are being interviewed!

      • I would like a magazine better where it wasn’t about size… a mix of skinny, middle and heavier girls (no extremes, they shouldn’t promote the unhealthy). Why does it have to be a fight between skinny and heavier (Don’t wanna say curvy, curvy girls can be skinny too).

    • Agree here. It sounds very controversial and stupid. Not a big deal about sizes but we ban all women smaller than 14. Yeah, size does not matter.

  8. To the BMI fanatics: being outside the BMI healthy range is not necessarily unhealthy! BMI is not the be all and end all of health! Many scientists now admit that BMI is actually not as good a measure of someone’s overall (and particularly cardiac) health as the hip-to-waist ratio. There have also been studies suggesting that having relatively thin thighs is a sign of increased health risks and that carrying extra weight on the hips and thighs is actually healthy for women!

    I don’t know how I feel about this magazine though. It’s a weird concept. How about the size 8-12 women who are not model-sized, but not really ‘big’ either? Where do they fit in? I think it’s just fueling people’s obsession with weight, not helping to quell it.

    And that cover looks horrid – not so much the model – but the headlines! As if we need more of this sort of talk! Why can’t we have some intelligent articles about life for ordinary women instead of this b—iness?

    • Would you apply that thinking to people who were classed as underweight? Really asking, because a lot of people bring this up when talking about plus size models.

  9. the concept and the styling is fantastic it shows that bigger women can be beautiful in clothing that is beleived only skinny women can look god in (why some people beleive that piles of bones with no chest and butt can possibly look good in that outfits is beyond me) being size 14 to 16 is not obese or unhealthy ask any doctor theese girls especially the one on the bottom r absolutely hot way more ******* than people like kate moss or freya beha ericssen i as a bisexual girl beleive so n most guys would agree with me too im not saying skinny women cannot be beautiful but 0 just isnt feauturing sizes like 6 8 n 10 would be great too though but definitely no more 0s its as gross as a woman with beth dittos size (n beleive me this isnt 14-16 its a much bigger size)

    • I agree, I rarely buy mags anymore that aren’t smut for airplane rides. But when i buy a fashion mag, it’s almost always the “how to dress any body type/size/age” type spreads that I’m attracted to about the magazine.

      it’s like: yes, please tell me how to balance out my flat chest against my pear-shaped bottom half, and then maybe my friend can look too and have it tell her how to create a waist or control “the girls”

  10. Ive seen plenty of gorgeous fuller figured women, but these two pictured here just dont do it for me. I dont find anything sexy about them. The idea is childish… why cater to one supposedly neglected demographic and isolate them from the rest? I would love to see a magazine which celebrates all types of bodies – and I dont mean only thin vs. fat, but also the more stocky frames, the natural waifs who can rock the androgynous style, tall exotic women, petites, the boobless and the emboobed, curvy ladies etc.

  11. This magazine is no different from Vogue or any other typical . Just like the latter they are catering to a niche market, in this case plus size women. Just like their competitors they claim to be celebrating women and fashion yet only promote one end of the scale. Just like their competitors they won’t have interviews that just talk about size yet they will only have interviewees of a certain size.

    So Susan Thomason: good for you that you are starting this new venture and making it a success, but get off your high horse because you’re no more accepting than any other woman’s magazine; you’re simply filling a gap in the market. The market for a magazine that embraces all sizes/shapes/races/etc is yet to be filled.

  12. omg….can the fat ladies who are plus sized get off their arses and sstop feeling sorry for themselves…im sorry but i firmly believe if you eat a healthy, portion appropriate diet and excericise…hell it doesnt even have to be that often….then you wont be overweight!
    these women are not average…they think they can call themselves that just because the standard for weight has changed with all these fatties only getting fatter.

    • If you want to say s— like that, a) do your research to substantiate your claims and b) check out this Marie Claire writer who got flamed for making the assumption that all overweight people need to just get off their asses and do some exercise and that will fix everything.

      Some people have genuine health problems that cause them to become overweight or are on medications for serious mental health issues such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, that are beyond their control.

      I have a friend who is writing a rebuttal argument for associated content. Read the replies she got to this post.


  13. It’s all money! They expect us to believe it’s, for some noble cause of helping women? BS. Most of America and the UK is overweight. Therefore, there is a new market to sell to that previously didn’t exist is such large numbers.

    They are advertisers and marketers the same as in the “skinny” magazines, they just have a new spin on it to make more money.

  14. Come on people. This magazine is just meant to make bigger girls feel a little better about themselves. Don’t be so harsh about it. And I prefer seeing a size 12-14 than a size 0. A little bit less depressing… But I’d even prefer seeing women more like a size 6 to 10. More average I guess. But these women are lovely anyway.

  15. Why does it always have to be one extreme or the other? It’s either a size zero with bones poking out, or a size 18 with 40% body fat.

    Yes we need to promote a healthy body image, but we also need to promote having a healthy body.

  16. at first i was like “ugh” but the title is respectable; “just AS beautiful”
    not more
    not less
    but I don’t find big bodies beautiful, personally, but the women shuld learn to ove their bodies

    • Respectable? No, it’s degrading. All this hype over plus size models is doing more damage than harm. If they had slowly and quietly been integrated into shows, then I’m sure slowly they would become an industry norm. But now with designers and tabloids screaming about it, it can never be normal to have plus size models in fashion. I feel as through they’re used as a fad, a way of making more money. And have a magazine where they actually ban women over size 14 is ridiclous. Because it’s hypocritical, they talk of the predudice against ‘Plus size’ and yet they are discriminating on under 14s.
      The title of the magazine suggests that people need to be told what is beautiful. When really, everyone should decide for themselves. ‘Just as beautiful’ suggests that there is major doubt, which there is, but there is no need to draw attention to it.
      And telling women that they need to ‘learn to love their bodies’ is tactless and upsetting. Just telling people that their bodies are beautiful will not make them believe it. I have experienced people telling me how I should love my body. It is never as simple as that, and people should mind their own buisness.

  17. same old, same old. I would love to see a women’s magazine that doesn’t touch on body image/weight/makeup/fashion with a 10 ft pole. I feel like as a woman there is so much more to me than my size, but that’s never reflected in any of these women’s magazines, is it??

  18. i do think plus size women should have their own magazines but i feel they’re doing the same thing as vogue and other magazines that cater to skinny women. no woman should have to change herself to feel beautiful but if it’s for health reason then women have no choice but to lose weight. i hate the whole “ban size 0” trend because it just makes girls who are naturally size 0 feel bad and next thing you they will promote obesity. why can’t it diverse? i don’t know.

  19. I think this magazine is stupid. They are no more healthy than anyone who is unnaturally thin. Just a way to make more money…convince these overweight women that they are “healthy” sized.

  20. im against the whole size zero craze but this is just going in the total opposite way. what happened to eating healthy and exercise im sorry but i think there unhealthy role models because its not healthy to weigh that much its bad for yr heart etc its just promoting hey we are over weight but we’re still pretty they maybe pretty but im sorry its not a healthy imagien to be sending to poeple wheres the happy medium.??????

  21. uuuuugh can’t we just get a magazine called “real women” or some s— like that? something that caters to women of EVERY FREAKING SIZE.

    oh, you’re naturally a size two, seem to have some muscle, and aren’t emaciated, let’s put you in the magazine! oh, you’re a size ten, but you look slender, healthy, and look like you could throw down if you need to. ps, you’re gorgeous, let’s put you in. oh, so you’re a pair with some cellulite and little cones, but you’re at a healthy bmi and have some muscle. killer face, you’re going in.

    oh, what size are you? well, you’re unbelievably stunning, regardless of being a size 8! let’s put you in! you swim every day, but are still a size 12? well, you’re looking good, let’s put you in!

    hell.. well i’m at it, it should include models of all ages, with no plastic surgery. i’m sorry, you can be beautiful and 45, but i dont understand trying to be the same type of beautiful you were at 25. it’s just not going to happen. beauty changes. you dont have to be any less beautiful as you age, just a different type. so i’m putting in that 39 year old woman with the stunning, slightly lined-face. she looks like she knows some s—, plus her eyes sparkle.

    time for something real. i’m sick of people advocating obesity and anorexia. can’t we just have normal, attractive women, of average sizes?

  22. As a “plus size” girl (though probably not considered big enough to buy the magazine since it has a strict 14 and over models rule..) I would be embarrassed to buy this magazine with that cover!
    The pink suspenders, bow tie necklace and dodgy hairstyle on the cover make it look like a mens mag featuring bigger girls.
    It’d be much more eye catching if they had the model in a relevant fashionable outfit that flattered her figure and with nice hair!

    There’s nothing wrong with the articles about loving yourself no matter what size, dressing to flatter your figure and featuring models of all sizes and I also like plus sized stores with trendy clothing which allows larger women to be able to dress fantastically.

    But having a separate magazine just for plus sized woman, well it just makes it a bigger deal than it. I know magazines typically feature 0-4 women, but there’s a lot more diversity these days in the magazines and imagine the uproar in a “4 and under only” magazine was issued, it would be called all sorts of names, it would be said it was promoting anorexia, never mind there are plenty of naturally thin girls out there.

    Its just the trendy thing at the moment, will be interesting to see if the mag lasts!

    • at first glace I thought this was a soft-p— magazine catering primarily to men. between the cheesy lettering, the woman in the lingerie and the word B— FIGHT sprawled across the cover how could it be anything but?? so yes, I agree, it would be a little emberassing to take this magazine to the cashier.

  23. Ah, yes. The old “because we feel excluded, we’re going to turn around and exclude other people.” That’s reasonable and mature… or not. If they wanted to take the focus off of size, they should really stop obsessing about it.

  24. Great, now they’re discriminating against anyone who’s under a size 14??? They’re no better than the other fashions mags that discriminate against anyone who’s over a size 4. Get a grip!

    How about we promote a healthy body? And yes, these women are overweight, no doubt about it.

    • i agree. sometimes i wonder why magazines can’t promote diversity, instead of having some kind of skinny vs plus size issue. they are discriminating against women who aren’t plus size and women who are under size 14.

  25. I think its very unhealthy to promote this type of life style being anorexic is unhealthy and this is too so i don’t think there should be an entire magazine devoted to plus size people. It would be like them having an entire magazine for anorexic girls. Why not just strive for healthy women to be shown more in fashion magazines not women that are going to die before the are 60 because they are either under or over weight. I just dont understand why it has to be so extreme.

  26. why do these magazine always have to look at either extreme? Either unhealthily large or far too thin. Where are the representatives of all the NORMAL size people? I don’t understand why the industry ignores the norm. I want to see people my size, not half my size, or three times my size.

    • Because you think that the two models shown here at the extrem ? which one ? They are far from overweight, only healthy beautiful women and I would be happy to see models with my body type, not obese but with thick thighs, or soft belly in any magazine

  27. I hate to sound like b— but they don’t look healthy I am all for curves but you can’t discriminate women in the middle range who our healthy and not to thin but not big either.

  28. No offence – but “just as beautiful” is kind of an odd title for the magazine. Anyone else agree?
    On another note – I wonder if they will include a section talking about all the bad health effects obesity has on your health. Or perhaps a section to remember all the woman who died when their hearts couldn’t take it anymore… hmmm…

    • Sorry, but the media’s definition of “plus-size” is far from obesity. Obesity is determined on your BMI, not your pant size. If a “plus-size” model is 5″11 and 180 pounds…that is faaaaar from obese.

  29. Just the title of the magazine ‘Just As Beautiful’ bugs me.
    That doesn’t sound like a person who’s confident.
    It’s more like they’re trying to make a point against the size 0s.
    Why’s it have to be extremes all the time? :/

  30. Just the first look at it, makes it look like a p*rn magazine, though I can not judge the inside literature, i have to say they could do WAY better than that lady on the cover, the picture at the end of this article would’ve actually been good.
    And yes, as for the ones who says its discriminating. Well, glamor, vogue, cosmo etc, where do you see even a normal let alone a plus sized model there? They portray stick then women, with photo shopped perfect boobs, and then show them as a “normal human being”.
    And a million girls out there are dying of anorexia, crying to be like THEM while all those editors do, is sit back and enjoy. I am not that fat, but i am not skinny either, i see a tall big boned woman when i look in the mirror but do i see loose fat? No. does the media do? Yes. and thanks to them i am now a chain smoker and a few days away from sniffing coke.so that.i.can.be.beautiful.
    Screw this sh*t we dont see men obsessing over weight. A woman is a woman, she will always have b❆❆bs and a butt. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SHAPE AND EVERY FORM AS LONG AS ITS NATURAL AND NOT FORCED. WHY DON’T WE ALL ACCEPT THAT AND SHUT UP. LET EVERYONE BE WHAT THEY WANT, TALL FAT SKINNY CURVY SHORT BROAD TINY DOES IT EVEN MATTER GUYS? have we fallen so low? do women really need to degrade themselves this much? I feel sorry for everyone including myself. this is sad.
    and yeah i am doing no coke. screw it. it doesn’t matter im happy the way i am

  31. I think everyone should stop putting labels on the way people look and magazines should portray every type of woman….and not call them “plus-size women,” or “skinny women,” etc. etc….

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