Kate Upton’s US Vogue Cover and Spread

upton3 - Kate Upton's US Vogue Cover and Spread

Kate Upton, who is famous for not having the typical skinny model figure, just got her first US Vogue cover together with a spread that shows off a slightly slimmer (photoshopped) Kate. From Vogue:

What makes the Kate Upton era so unlikely is that the things we love about her—those curves! that personality!—defy what the word model has come to mean, at least on the runway: a seemingly endless procession of lanky, expressionless wraiths. That is most certainly not Upton’s profile. (Descriptions of her figure tend to involve euphemisms for a single word: breasts.) And yet Upton’s body has sparked debate. This year’s Sports Illustrated cover—a shot of her in Antarctica, parka open to reveal a stunning breadth of cleavage—set off a fresh round of “Is she fat?” conversations across the Internet.

“It was hard at first,” she admits of hearing such rumblings. “You sit there and you’re like ‘Is something wrong with me?’ ” But she’s learned to ignore her critics—and come to regard her healthy body as a point of pride. “The things that they’re rejecting are things that I can’t change. I can’t change my bra size. They’re natural! I can work out and I can stay healthy and motivated, but I can’t change some things. I really just live my life. I love my body. It’s what God gave me! I feel confident with myself, and if that inspires other women to feel confident with their bodies, great.

… says Kate.

168193620_10 - Kate Upton's US Vogue Cover and Spread

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kate_upton_vogue_2013_5 - Kate Upton's US Vogue Cover and Spread kate_upton_vogue_2013_8 - Kate Upton's US Vogue Cover and Spread kate_upton_vogue_2013_10 - Kate Upton's US Vogue Cover and Spread

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136 thoughts on “Kate Upton’s US Vogue Cover and Spread”

  1. Awesome!! Good for her!! She looks amazing on the cover and in the shoot!! Hot, hot, hot!! 🙂 All the haters will start with their rants now, I suppose. Which doesn’t matter, because she still got the cover of Vogue!! 🙂


    • I kind of agree. I don’t find her extraordinary looking but I like how she drives many women mad lol.
      Some are just so close-minded that they can’t bear the idea of a non pear/hourglass shape being seen as attractive.
      Sure her waist is not tiny and her butt quite flat but she has large breasts and long slim limbs, so it’s not like she has 0 asset. Then, I can understand the appeal even though she’s not the sexiest out there

      • I know!
        I like her face, its so cute BUT i also wish I had her arms and legs.
        I think long limbs are nice and elegant.
        im tall, but my friend is shorter but her arms are so long and thin….

    • Thank you! I’m so glad someone agrees! Kate has really started to grow on me and I admire her for doing her thing. I think she’s a great model and a great role model for young women. Ok so she doesn’t have Candice Swanepoels perky bubble bum or Miranda Kerr’s waist but seriously guys why bash this woman for the way she looks? She is feminine and curvy and I guarantee most men find this more attractive – and frankly so do I. I find her much more intriguing and I’m not going to bash her for GOD FORBID being different?!?!?!

      If you’re bashing Kate for her body perhaps you’re actually taking out your own insecurities on her? Truly content and happy people don’t need to pick out the flaws in other people so perhaps you should just keep your negative opinions to yourself… and work on your own self improvement. Rant over.

  2. for someone whose job is to sell their body, her body shape isn’t that great. Besides the wide shape of her torso I feel like she doesn’t put in enough of the exercise necessary to be receiving as much praise as she does.

    her face is impeccable though.
    seriously beautiful girl

    • Sorry, but how would you know how much exercise she does?? I’m sure she does a hell of a lot. More gym time does not equal super-toned, thin body. Maybe for you, but not for everyone.

        • why sofia? because models have to look like YOUR version of perfection? Some people don’t like the ultra hard look, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be models…

          • sofia:
            Who makes more money right now as a model? You, or Kate? Answer: Kate. Her net worth right now is $2 M.

            She broke through, she’s famous. she’s rich, and she’ll probably get richer now that Anna Wintour is on her side.

            There are models out there that are what you and many consider “perfect”; But they dont have what sell, whatever the je ne said quoi is. That’s the difference.

            in Ukraine, Czech there are thousands of girls with perfect bodies, but the fact is they dont become super stars without the drive, the attitude, the sex appeal and the hard work.

        • Sofia, I am referring to your comment below about how models should at least look like they are in shape.
          In my opinion, that might true. it seems to be the case with bikini or Victoria’s Secret models. But what about runway models?
          Some of them (I do not want to put ‘many of them’) are far too thin to remind me of someone “in shape”. To me, they look like they eat too little. Not my idea of someone “in shape”.
          I find Kate Upton’s long and slim legs and nice skin more attractive. Although, I have to say, I was not a fan before, I’m warming to her.

          • Everyone can be a model as long as there is someone willing to take pictures of them. I hate that idea that there should be standards to be a model, to be worth of being published in a fashion magasine. No, a model doesn’t have to be in shape, doesn’t have to be tall, doesn’t even have to be beautiful.

          • @Elle: I wouldn’t call most runway models “in shape” either… a lot of them look like Holocaust victims. But I still think Kate is out of shape. IMO she looks like a mother of 2… and I think she’s only 20. She has potential if she just watches what she eats and does some strength training (and lightens up her eyebrows).

        • She shouldn’t be a model? Apparently she should because she is making a pretty penny and has landed arguably one of the most prestigious high fashion magazine covers that the majority of catwalk waifs can only dream about… Bearing in mind that the majority are lucky enough to get past 3 seasons in the fashion world before being made redundant.

  3. I love the shoot.. and that green dress! She looks wowza! I think she really rocks it… and she seems so sweet and sincere… I don’t care that she doesn’t have the perfect model body… who care… it’s all photo shopped anyway… love her!

      • Really? It is an accomplishment for her. Everything magazines do IS for sales. No one gets a vogue cover because vogue thinks they deserve it . People get vogue covers because vogue thinks they will appeal to buyers and sell that months issue. Following your reasoning then no one should be proud of their vogue cover. I find her really beautiful and refreshing. Good for her. Getting a vogue cover is a big deal for everyone.

      • Huh? If Adriana, Alessandra, Candice et al (who’ve been in the game longer) got these covers it won’t be an accomplishment either or is that exclusive to Kate?

  4. Photos are great! I don’ t think that everybody have to be masculine and fit like a rock! She is soft and gentle. Love different body shape, but I find her very natural looking girl who loves her body.

  5. not high fashion material in my opinion…cute but without the huge rack no one would be making a fuss over this girl

        • If you think she is fat, your prerogative. Same as comparing her to a puppet. However, likening a human being to an animal is going too far.

    • They would if she dieted herself down to a size 00.

      I genuinely believe that the majority of the women lauded for their beauty on this site receive that praise because they are incredibly thin and not because they are beautiful or have any stand-out feature.

      I think Kate Upton has a classically beautiful face and generally looks good in her photo shoots. Added to that, it’s nice to not see a woman contorting herself into strange shapes in order to give the impression of having the curves that they have worked so hard to get rid of.

  6. Not a fan. The shoot and cover look bad, and she is so completely airbrushed it’s ridiculous. No matter how many times they try to put her on Vogue and shove her down everyone’s throat, I still am not a fan.

  7. she has really grown on me. the shot with the thick rimmed glasses is stunning. she does have nice facial structure

  8. I like her in most of these pics, and I like the more healthy and realistic image that she represents compared to most models. But I have to wonder what she does for her workouts; her arms look like flabby little sticks. I don’t think that girl has ever done a proper push-up lol.

      • Oh good, I’m not the only one who thought that. Maybe she only used the elliptical. That’s all it looked like.

        • I think she could benefit from strength training. Her arms/legs are slim so if she did work out, we would see muscle tone there. It’s easy enough to photoshop a few pounds off her midsection but you can’t really add muscle tone to limbs without exercise.

  9. I think shes grown on me,
    shes gorgeous in my opinion,
    her stomach isn’t that great, but hey, whatever 😀

  10. love, love, love her. i find her so beautiful and approachable. i’m happy that so many doors are opening for her.go kate!

  11. She is definitely different from most models in the b❆❆b department – but the rest of her body is (shape-wise) not that different. She is tall; has long, thin arms and legs; quite narrow hips and little waist definition (in spite of how well they have photoshopped her in this!). If she toned up a lot and her b❆❆bs were smaller she’d fit right into the VS lineup. Her b❆❆bs look great to me (if a little disproportionate), but so many women don’t seem to like big boobs, so I get that they might make her less popular.
    I disagree with her being called ‘curvy’ – that word is much more liberally applied than I would like. She’s buxom and has more body fat than many models, but her waist and hips being so similar in width rules out curvy for me.

    Saying all that negativity 🙂 I think she’s attractive, looks sweet when she smiles, and it’s good to see a different body size (and bra size) in such a high profile model. I just don’t really see a big wow factor, personally, and in her photoshoots there is very little strength or charisma. I think there are much better models who break the mold out there.

    • Her body shape is indeed not that different.
      Kate is apple shaped. There are several beautiful women in public eye whom are apple shaped – Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis – but this does not diminish their beauty.
      Apple shaped girls become more like hourglass shap – Black Hair Media Forum – Page 1

      THE FITTING ROOM PROBLEM | Fashion Reflection | STYLES REVIEW | Finding Trends

      We can’t all be hourglass.
      Even the great Gisele is as straight as a ruler and has to contort herself like a snake dancer to provide the illusion of a waist. But she’s thin so thats OK.

      • I dont think she is an apple shape, she has a body type which doesnt fall into any of the 4 basic categories. She is an 8 shape. Her hips are high up on her torso due to her actual bone structure, and when she gains weight it goes straight to her high hips which create that “shelf/broad” appearance, and obvi to her b❆❆bs as well haha 🙂 i myself have this body type, but im a bit slimmer, nonetheless im so happy to see someone with my uncommon body type being quite successful in this industry 🙂

    • “I disagree with her being called ‘curvy’”

      Jesus there you go again telling us who is “curvy” and who isn’t. Christina Hendricks isn’t curvy yet you claim she is.
      Hendricks has a thick middle/tummy when not corsetted up.Same with Tara Lynn. Just because she doesn’t have the same body shape as you, you attack. I already knew exactly what you were going to say and again you said it. You can’t stand the fact that some people find her attractive. You say she isn’t “curvy” only to make yourself feel better. You are so insecure and spiteful. I don’t know why n atalia gets so much flack. you are a 100 times worse than her. According to you men don’t find Kate’s body shape attractive yet her main fanbase are hetrosexual men. People are either too skinny or the wrong body shape according to you. Yet when it’s about some obese person you defend it. So hypocritical.
      I would love to see how much better you would look on the cover of Vogue. Your comments are just plain laughable. You even find faults in people like Adriana Lima. and Miranda Kerr. which is even more laughable.
      All the comments you make are you making snide comments about body types that you don’t have and making positive comments about your own body type. that reaks of insecurity. It’s quite pitiful. you come to this site everyday to say nasty things about women. You are hateful and nasty. and yet nobody pulls you up on it. That isn’t fair imo. why do you get to dissect every part of this womans body and get away with it? Who are you to say “rules out being curvy” please get over yourself. You come across as very smug and arrogant. And you seem to think that because you put something “nice” at the end of your post that cancels out any negative things you have said, which is BS considering how insincere you are about it. and that is what makes you worse than posters like n-atalia.

      • and here comes the lol, ups, loser again. so you can say beyonce’s legs are fat but erica can’t say obvious things in a nice way about kate upton? she just said she isn’t curvy. she isn’t.

      • @lol What’s it to you what Erica thinks? Why are you so bothered that you disagree with her? It’s so interesting to see what trivial things people take up a cross about. Your weird rant is out of place. Its bizarre that some stranger’s difference in preference makes you write some essay about how mad you are about it

    • i don’t think she looks like the other models at all. she definitely has some “excess” fat on her upper body (nothing wrong with that but just saying) whereas other models are lean all over. her legs are tiny because she was just built like that. i know a few people who have belly pudge but their legs are “too thin”

    • Erica- I agree. Additionally, she gets jobs because of who her family is. I don’t like that vogue frames this obvious attempt to sell more magazines as embracing body diversity. She’s just popular this year.

    • Erica- I agree. Additionally, she gets jobs because of who her family is. I don’t like that vogue frames this obvious attempt to sell more magazines as embracing body diversity. She’s just popular this year.
      And holy photoshop…

      • it says that her mom was a state tennis champion, and her dad is an athletics teacher at some school, how would that help her get jobs? the only reason her parents helped her with getting jobs is because they blessed her with those boobs.

        • I think she is referring to the fact that Kate’s great grandfather was one of the founders of Whirlpool, which is a HUGE company, and her uncle is a congressman. not really sure what that has to do with the fashion industry though..

          • She got the vogue cover because she sells magazines.

            There are *plenty* of rich girls in modeling, and they don’t get US vogue covers.

            It all comes down to the obscene amounts of cash that US vogue is going to get from her cover.

          • That’s what I was referring to. Not the Vogue thing in particular, but just getting jobs/a really good agency and agent. Having money and connections goes a VERY long way.

    • i think she has a boyish figure if anyone stops thinking about her boobs,and those b❆❆bs are big but not toned.sorry to offend,i think she doesnt fit into the industry requirements and will not be there for long due to that.probably the bigger b❆❆bs giving her a little edge over other models,but to be honest i still feel Adriana Lima or Miranda Kerr have healthy looking skinny bodies with curves in the right places.i know the media is slammed a lot of times for promoting skinniness,but i think the skinny body the media portrays is the most attractive to look at.average people cannot attain this and its understandable,because every woman would choose and survive in the industry.its time that people outside this industry pay some respect and appreciate models and actresses instead of always criticizing them saying photoshopped,ugly without makeup,too skinny,etc . the list goes on forever.people should have respect for those who are more attractive than them.

  12. Something about her puts me off, I get irritated whenever I see her. However I can’t deny that she looked amazing at the met ball (that green dress was made for her) and she has long, slender limbs. I personally don’t really like apple shapes, which is what she is, but whatever. I like her better in clothes though, where smart styling can slim her down a little. She’s not runway skinny, but she’s definitely not fat either. She’s a slim model, nothing wrong with that.

  13. She is certainly not fat, and she is not unpleasant to look at, she is just far, far too ordinarly/typical looking for me to get excited about. I get that she is not typical for the fashion world, but I can’t help that I enjoy interesting/unique faces and features over typical/blends-into-the-crowd cuteness.

    Saying all that, girls like her have their place in modelling too coz it needs more diversity. She is a true “in betweener” aka not skinny but not plus size.

  14. While it refreshing to see someone with a different body type then lets say… Karlie Kloss on the cover of Vogue, I am personally not a fan of her. I can see her appeal, but I like an hourglass body. I like a tiny waist.

    However, she is a talented model. She manages to surprise me in every photo shoot she does. However, I can’t believe she is so young. I’m 25 and I look younger than her.

    Give her props because I haven’t seen her in the tabloids actin’ a fool yet, like other celebrities her age are doing.

  15. She looks great, very pretty. I like when she wears dresses that aren’t too tight at the midsection. Every model plays up their assets (legs, waist, face, whatever it is). Kate has amazing breasts, so of course she will play them up, no different than any other person whose job it is to look awesome.

    She’s a hot blond with awesome t–s. DEAL WITH IT. She doesn’t have the typical abs-bearing tummy that seems to be a *requirement* for models theses days. Most of you don’t either. So maybe we should say, “Good job kate! Stay on top as long as your boobies can!”

  16. she looked sexy as hell at the Met Gala, that green dress…damn. they made her eyebrows way too dark in the Vogue shoot, but she looks beautiful in it regardless. her face may not be everyone’s cup of tea (her bone structure is on the rounder side) but it’s so feminine and pretty to me. i also like here quote, i’m glad she’s not letting the mean-spirited criticism get to her. you go Kate!

    • Finally someone points out the too-dark eyebrows!!! That was all I could think of looking at the pictures – very distracting.
      Personally I think she can either look very pretty or very not pretty, as in this shoot where her face has a “piggy” look. But I won’t deny that sometimes she looks great too.
      Her body is meh. Like others have mentioned, would she even be a big deal without those big boobs?

      • probably not, but the way i see it, every model who makes it has that “thing” which makes them famous. Adriana has her eyes, Naomi has her legs, Cindy had her mole, etc. the backlash against Kate and the fact that her breasts are her “special thing” stems from the preferential treatment and constant over-sexualization of big boobs, and then there are the stigmas attached like people assuming you’re a hussy or something if you own them and are’t ashamed of them. Kate’s a pretty girl and she seems nice and down to earth, she has a realistic view about her body from what i can see. she’s endearing and she actually models clothes for her body-type pretty well. so even though i’m not her body’s biggest fan, i’m more open to seeing her enjoy her success than certain other obnoxious and overexposed models like Cara Delavigne

  17. Not a fan of Kate but I strongly agree with her quote. She’s hardly fat, just getting picked apart for appearing feminine and animated, rather than a frail walking hanger. At this point the fashion industry has become a bit of a joke, people used to tell pretty girls “you look like a model!” but recently I heard someone say to their girlfriend “you’re too skinny, you look like a damn model!” lol…I think Kate is a breath of fresh air for many people.

  18. I think she looks great, but the cover and some of he other photos look very 80’s or maybe early 90s to me. I still have some mags left from that era at my house and the cover would fit right in, except for the extra smooth (almost plastic looking) skin. It’s the brows but also the body i think, because it is a little rare to see a more meaty body on a cover these days. Then again plenty of not skinny celebs do mags without them looking vintage to me. *shrug* Anyway she looks pretty.

  19. Photoshop is this woman’s best friend. It’s kind of cool that the right make up artist can almost make her look like a cross between Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, and Anna Nicole Smith though.

  20. Nice cover and shoot. Though her body is not my personal ideal I think she is working with what she has and it is working in her favor so good for her. Besides I find her face interesting in some pics.

  21. She is pretty, but not out of this world beautiful. Her face is pretty average in most pics, and she needs a lot of makeup to make her face look the way it looks in those pics. her body is fantastic but her face is average.

  22. I think she is really beautiful and not ordinary at all!
    Maybe not “unique” enough for a high fashion model, but still better looking than the “average” person. I bet If she went out clubbing or something like that the guys would probably go crazy over her.(at least where I live) 😀

    Still not a big fan of her body.. I don’t really like big b❆❆bs on skinny girls.. and to be she is pretty thin and apart from the booby not curvy at all.

  23. On one hand her cover is miles better than any actress whose been on the cover( see beyonce), and I hope this means models will be on more frequently. Since 2010 only two covers have been models- Kate Moss and Gisele. I would rather see her than Beyonce or Michelle Obama or Gwenyth, just hoping the boring celebs get replaced with more models.

    • Completely, completely agree! I used to buy Cosmopolitan and loved it! But once they started putting the most ‘it’ celebrity on th cover, I stopped buying the magazine. I thought magazines like these were not meant to be for teenage girls who like everyone that’s currently popular… :/

  24. I’m sick of all this photoshop. In real life, she has a slight pooch for a tummy and is straight up and down, no waist, no WHR. But they photoshopped her here to look perfect. So we all have false expectations about what women look like.

  25. she’s not really my favorite model, but i can understand her appeal to the masses (meaning men… so yeah her boobs)
    i do like her honesty though, she doesn’t pretend to be an intellectual. she’s a model she doesn’t have to be a genius not saying models are dumb, but a few definitely try to appear smarter than they are. i do envy some of her curves, even if it’s a bit too much sometimes, but i’m not a fan of her legs at all because mine are quite frail and i prefer stronger toned ones (ones i wish i could have!)

  26. I don’t understand why some comments say she should not be a model. A model is someone who represents whatever the fashion editor wants them to represent. They could be skinny, lean, soft, chubby, fat, tall, short, young, old, white, black, yellow, green, blue… It’s all about perception. If a magazine decides they want to represent the American dream girl, booby, Hampton-like, etc. so why not use Kate as model?
    A lot of runaway models are slim because it’s easier to fit clothes on them. They are tall because they “hang” the clothes better. That’s it. You can search for philosophical or aesthetical reasons behind it, but there is a more pragmatic one. There is no REAL beauty behind it that will stay for ever. In one hundreds of years, people will laugh at the “beauties” that you admire.
    Really, girls, sometimes I’m sad to see that a lot of you aspire to an ideal of beauty as featured on runaway and by Victoria Secret and think “That’s It”. You should travel a bit, see the life outside, talk with people… I don’t know, it’s sad.

    • Agreed 100%! I saw a comment above where someone said that she’s not fat, but “too fat to be a model”, and that made me sad. Like, says who? Personally, I find it very refreshing to see Kate in Vogue, instead of the ultra-thin frames we’re constantly exposed to. It’s a step in the right direction!

      • No, she isn’t a step in the right direction. she is still thin, shapeless like most models only with unproportionate, huge boobs.

        • And since when is there a rule all big b❆❆bs are bad? Even for models? She is a model, millions love her, she is making tons of money and she has a great body no matter what people say.

  27. Couldn’t wait for this post to come up today. This girl can makes itsy bitsy b*tches like me look like a dime next to a 100 dollar bill, yo… Which would you rather have? Never gone queer, but if she asked, I might not say no. I cant even imagine what b❆❆bs like that feel like! Still hate her though. She could steal my boyfriend before I even have a chance to pull out the “but we’re committed” violin. Grrrr

  28. She looks great, both in shot and candids. Everybody in magazines are photoshopped nowadays, so who cares. Good with some variety, everybody can’t have a 22- inch waist.

  29. look how cheap she looks next to that actress in the 8th pic, who may also not even be my cup of tea in a bikini either but she has a nice torse, unlike kate. x_x

    they photoshopped her sooo much to make her have a waist, it’s ridiculous, especially in the last pic, they made her look like a hourglass. LOL

  30. I have a love/hate kind of thing with her photoshoots. Love this one, she looks beautiful and her body looks nice. Loved her in her SI rookie year, but hated the shoots in the years she got the covers. Loved that black and white shoot she did a while back, cant remember what it was for – shoes or something. I think it may be down to whether the shoots primary focus is on boobs?

    I read that she is 5’8, 130lbs, 34-25-36. does anyone think this is accurate? I think the weight seems accurate for her back in her 2011 SI spread, maybe +5/10lbs now. Bust and waist measurements seem a bit small also?

  31. I really like her face in the first picture, and the one with the lawn chair (is that what it’s called?), super cute! I’m not really a fan of her body though. I think, like others have already said, that it would look awesome with some strength training, it’s a bit of a waste IMO. (no pun intended)

    • buuuut she’s wildly successful anyway so she obviously doesn’t need too! I’m really just curious to know what she’d look like.

  32. So weird how sometimes Kate looks thin and sometimes she looks almost plus-size. Looking at that first photo (where she’s on the beach in a swimsuit), she looks SKINNY. Then the pics of her at the events in the gowns, she looks so much bigger.
    Especially in the one pic where she’s standing by Leslie Mann (I think that’s who that is), Leslie looks like more of a model than Kate.

  33. Gotta love how women hate on her because she hasn’t a typical bikini model body and has -gasp- a tummy!!
    Like there is a scale of things to absolutely not have as a woman, as having a tummy tops it all and is the worst “deformation” a body could have.
    You all complain about the pressure of all having to have an identical body but when an apple shape has some tummy and rocks it you all back up in disgust.
    Girls, either you praise all shapes or you praise only one, but you gotta make a decision.

    • Agree nobsnob. When someone apple shaped is on this site, it somehow brings out the meanest comments. Only hourglass or small pears are accepted.

    • Kate is hardly “rocking a tummy”. In the candids her midsection is straight in profile, I see no bulge. In the Vogue pictures they photoshopped her to have a smaller waist and definitely no pooch on her torso. Adriana Lima has a boxy torso and long thin arms/legs just like Kate and gets nothing but praise. If you want to defend a woman rocking extra pudge with a bulging tummy, try Kim K, she gets nothing but hate even though she’s 7 mo pregnant lol…oh and she’s pear-shaped, so there goes your theory. As is Beyonce who gets a ton of hate here.

      • Kate and Beyoncé get hated on for their media personas. a lot of people here (myself included) will rant and moan about their personalities but in the end begrudgingly say something like “but she looks nice here” or something. i rip on Beyoncé quite a lot, but i still admit she has (in my eyes) an enviable figure. others sometimes really DON’T like their figures, period. and there’s nothing wrong with that either. that being said, there is a bias against women with straighter figures on this site, particularly when they happen to be top-heavy and “softer”. there are exceptions, but it is true. besides Adriana is barely a fair comparison, she is lauded as a goddess everywhere. sometimes i wonder if people really do see her as perfect or if they’re just buying into the hype because she’s been “hot” for so long.

        • I can’t speak for everyone but I really find Adriana beautiful. Women who are slim, but not too skinny, with beautiful faces are praised most here (like Emily Didonato) regardless of body shape. Many apple-shaped beauties like Doutzen Kroes get much praise because they’re slim and fit, while pear shapes over size 6 get plenty of hateful comments, people even said Erin Heatherton’s legs were too big (not just Natalia lol). I think the hate toward Kate is partly because she’s ‘soft’, not the lean toned look we’ve come to expect from models. And of course some people just don’t like her face because it’s round/soft rather than a typical angular model face.

          • i personally think Erin’s thighs are big, not “too” big, but bigger than i would expect. she has that skinny kind of face, you know? the type you would assume belongs on a skinnier body. the only qualm i really have with her body is that i’d assume she has a bigger bum. i agree that pears over a certain size are ripped on though. but think of Nina Dobrev. when i saw her photos i though she’d be eaten alive here, but people were very kind to her. if she had a similar figure to Kate’s or a less curvy shape with the same amount of softness and lack of tone, i can bet the comments would have been way different.

            anyway, i agree that people dislike Kate’s softness, but at the same time, Kelly Brook has put on weight and people were a lot more forgiving. i still think the apple-shape thing is a valid reason for some of the harsher criticism against Kate

  34. I reckon her beautiful, she has memorable features and a lovely face. Her body has its pros and cons, but it just lamely said “makes her interesting” and “unique”. “Nobody wants to be perfect, perfect is boring”. But those things are true, at least for me. I like people with character, many models just aren’t interesting to me, but the few who are, are extraordinary to my eyes. Kate is not extraordinary but definitely not blank.

  35. I hate how women judge each other negatively, yet they themselves don’t want to be judged that way.
    I think she’s beautiful and we all have our preference but I think a lot of women are great as long as they are confident with themselves.

  36. great attitude to have. I like her look in this shoot! Photoshopped? Sure! Aren’t all magazine spreads though?! She looks fab in that green dress. Really vibrant, sophisticated and stunning.

  37. we all come on here and find interest in other women’s body’s and fitness and with the amount of pressure and attention of women’s weight we as women shouldn’t be sat at our screens typing negative things about another woman who feels just as much pressure (if not more) as us.

  38. She seems very egotistical in interviews. For instance I will never get over her saying ‘I’m bringing back the supermodel’, as if Gisele doesn’t exist. Anyway she also has done enough p—-ish videos and shoots where she’s lost a lot of my respect. I’ve seen tasteful shoots of models totally naked and they are elegant and artistic, whereas sometimes in Kate’s shoots she still has clothes on but she looks like she could be in some really low budget trashy p—. I guess it’s some combination of her ridiculous selfies she likes to post, her amateur expressions, her shape, and her previous work, that don’t garner much respect. Her facial expressions are so dull, she has about three pictures in this one shoot where her face looks almost exactly the same, slack jawed. She does not look good on the red carpet, although the close up of her in the black and white is the closest she’s ever gotten. But then I noticed in another pic of her in the black and white that her dress actually is a bit too tight and she has some bulges- not cute! She just comes off as a mess usually. Her hair and outfit for the met gala were not up to met gala standards. All that being said, for once I love her vogue shoot (besides her expressions of course). I like her clothes and the way they fit her and the shoot overall. Very nice. Overall I don’t think she’s pretty and don’t understand the hype but I do hope models start leaning more towards ‘healthy’ than ‘skinny’. She’s just a stick with b❆❆bs and a little tummy. I’d rather see someone with a seriously in shape stomach, whether she has a good WHR or not, and strong arms and legs with a BMI of 19-20 than her, but still hopefully she will encourage a shift towards bigger models. I’d also love some models who are not super tall

  39. Sex sells.This is a well known fact.
    I think many of Vogue readers are men so the need to please them by using someone relatable and who is an embodiment of their fantasy of girl-next-door-i’d’love-to-ff—.Men are very visual and less critical than women,when a man sees this picture of Kate(or any other),the only thing he sees is a cute girl with huge b❆❆bs and long legs and if truth be told some men are crazy about b❆❆bs and long legs just like some are about hips,a round butt and tiny waist.On the other hand what i as a woman(and many women) sees is her wide waist,no butt,thin limbs,pretty but genric face and a slim but untoned body.
    Moreover Kate is your average girl so she isn’t a threat to other women because her body is normal and relatable to many.This is why she is so popular atm.
    I believe we women are more competitive and critical than men,that’s why we dress to look good for ourselve and to impress our gender.So Kate isn’t regarded or seen as a challenge or ‘model'(someone to look up to bodily)to many women just like say Candice.
    I don’t know,perhaps it’s psychological or cos we don’t have a choice but no matter how insecure or imperfect we feel because of our bodies,we still love it any way.This is why often times we prefer a particular body type on celebs and guess what? That body type turns out to be same as ours,just a better or the best version of it!
    In all honesty i’ve always seen Kate’s b❆❆bs as being too BIG and always in our face! Still do.And i believe it’s cos am small-chested so i know that’s probably why some women are put off;They can relate.
    There is a 15lbs difference b/w her candids and the magazine photos…
    Anyway,i love this shoot,the pictures are so cool.Kate looks lovely in the lime green dress.

  40. The bitterness in here…!

    She looks very Marilyn in some of the pics, and she or her stylist has figured out how to dress her.

  41. WOW. SO wonderful to see all of the positive, uplifting comments about this beautiful woman. BRAVO Ladies for sticking together and never putting each day. Let’s give society a round of applause. Most of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  42. US vogue you are pathetic, kneecap doesn’t meet calf in 4th picture from the magazine spread. Sort your Photoshop out, yes ok us at uk vogue got her dress sizes wrong for her cover least we owned it and said so in the article.

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  44. Beautiful face for sure.
    Of course she is not fat. But I personally don’t like her body. No wasteline, no butt.
    Photo in blue dress: God, she looks like an old lady (look at her waistline!!).
    She is just pretty.

  45. Kate is the American dream: blonde with big boobs. Americans love big boobs. No butt. No problem. But I think there must be a balance between boobs/waist/butt.

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