Kim Kardashian’s 14 Year-Old Sister Kendall Poses in a Bikini

Kim-Kardashians-14-Year-Old-sister-Kendall-Poses-in-a-Bikini - Kim Kardashian's 14 Year-Old Sister Kendall Poses in a Bikini

Kim Kardashian’s little half-sister Kendall Jenner (who is just 14 years old) is the star of a bikini photo-shoot by the beach (reason unknown). And her famous-for-her-curves sister Kim is super proud:

Here are the final shots from Kendall’s beach photo shoot the other day with Nick Saglimbeni!!
They turned out sooo gorgeous!! I am so proud of Kendall. She’s going to take over the modeling world… you just watch! 🙂

… says Kim.

This post does not serve the purpose of commenting on Kendall’s underage figure. Instead, let’s talk: isn’t 14 too young for such a shoot in minimal ‘outfits’?

Kim-Kardashians-14-Year-Old-sister-Kendall-Poses-in-a-Bikini-2 - Kim Kardashian's 14 Year-Old Sister Kendall Poses in a Bikini

See the rest of the shoot after the jump!

Kim-Kardashians-14-Year-Old-sister-Kendall-Poses-in-a-Bikini-6 - Kim Kardashian's 14 Year-Old Sister Kendall Poses in a Bikini

Kim-Kardashians-14-Year-Old-sister-Kendall-Poses-in-a-Bikini-4 - Kim Kardashian's 14 Year-Old Sister Kendall Poses in a Bikini

Kim-Kardashians-14-Year-Old-sister-Kendall-Poses-in-a-Bikini-3 - Kim Kardashian's 14 Year-Old Sister Kendall Poses in a Bikini

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161 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian’s 14 Year-Old Sister Kendall Poses in a Bikini”

    • if you take it as ‘she’s modeling’-you just need to be thin and tall-age doesnt matter-remember brooke sheilds modeling at 10..IF we see her as a ‘person’ or a ‘personality’ in sexy shots, clothes and poses-then she is absolutely too young

          • There is only one shot that is a little bit of a stretch for a fourteen year old, but it isn’t on this website. Dlisted had a link, and it was the only one that made my eyes pop out of my was honestly very racy, and yes, I’m aware models start young, but it was borderline inappropriate.

    • well she is just a girl in a bikini, is not as if she is showing off her b❆❆bs or something.They definetly want to make her look older, but is not vulgar or anything

    • A LOT of high fashion models start around 14yrs old. You just wouldn’t know it from their photos and they aren’t celebrities so it’s not dwelled upon. Hence the ever-popular waif image which no WOMAN should aspire to.

    • I agree. And it really isn’t so unusual for a girl her age to model in a swimsuit. A lot of professional models start off when they’re well under 18, and the poses aren’t provocative or anything.

  1. i think kendall isnt too young, but i dont think shes pretty or even beautiful. of course she isnt ugly- she has a nice body and her face looks appealing….but if she really wants to become a model, her name will make her famous- not her talent. the make up and the natural pose will turn every girl this fine…
    after all the pictures are OK, but nothing special. if you compare a natasha poly or a freja beha erichsen … well … i just keep smiling!

    • There’s a difference between modeling for like high end runway at 14 and wearing fishnet thigh highs and bikinis at 14. Most models start runway at 14 because they fit the clothes best and haven’t ‘filled out’ yet.

      • I don’t know a single 14 year old that wears a one piece. I mean, I’m sure there are, but wearing a bikini at that age isn’t exactly crazy. And yes these pictures might be a little sexy for her age, but you don’t see her out and about acting inappropriately like some other young stars. -And that’s what matters in my opinion; how a person truly acts, not they put off.

  2. way to risque for a 14 yr old. smokey eyes, toussled hair, fishnets, tiny bikinis-if she was my daughter, i’d flip my lid. seriously. and i’m 21, but i’m a nanny. this is vastly inappropriate. My niece is 8 and if in 4-6 years she started doing this there would be intervention. Little girls even if they have a womans body and womans clothes are still inside just a little girls. Paraphrase from ‘hard candy.’

      • haha but all jokes a side, is disguisting the way her mom push her girl to lose clothes so she can be manager (remember when she make kim pose for playboy) even that the 3 sister are really fame w—s, let a 14 year girl posing is a bikini is really bad when you think that she is probably is going to lose all clothes in a couple of year just like her sister.
        America society is a little bit sick for my taste. Not because the fame w—s (there are a lot of them in my own country) but the way is glamourais the facy that parents push the sexuality of her own kids to make money.

        (sorry for the bad spell, i know very little english)

    • LOL!!!
      my thoughts exactly. theyre all such camera w—s its sickening, famous for nothing. just didnt realise they started this young ha!

      • They already are….she is modeling for KMart right now :). GOTTA LOVE THAT KARDASHIAN PIMP TRAIN. Poor Bruce Jenner.

  3. her body is very nice, she’s long and lean and skinny, and modelesque (this term is actually my linguistic crush from skinny vs. curvy hihi)…but promoting such a sexy image on a 14 year-old girl is too much and very wrong…it’s a posture fit for a woman, not for a girl, she’s not mature enough to assume all this glammed-up sexiness, psychologically speaking ( cause physically it’s obvious she is!). i, as a woman, can see this in her attitude…it may sound weird, but every time i see these young girls trying to look like grown-up women, i don’t even have the courage to admire them, cause it would make me feel almost like a pedophile. well, this sounded creepy…but the point is girls should not try to look older than they are, there’s no rush, we’ll all get old without working for it!
    but still, she is nice!

    • i don’t wanna be rude, but we should all care, cause we all are building the society we live in and the raw models young girls look up too! so if we built up for them a wrong perception upon life, beauty and self-image, we are kinda guilty for what they will turn into! lots of moms out there wouldn’t agree with their daughters trying to pose in grown-up women when they are not, disregarding of these photos! no offense really….

  4. Yeah, the outfits are minimal, but she’s also kind of covered up. None of the shots show her chest really, or her full undercovered bikini body. They really aren’t that bad!

    • i agree! shes not blatantly displaying her body. wasnt brooke sheilds 15 in blue lagoon where she was naked? these pics are fine, ive seen girls her age on myspace with more risque photos than this… i’m not saying shes beautiful, or a great model, but these are not a bd.

    • No, she isn’t showing her body, but she’s posing in a “sexy” way, like she is trying to encourage guys. It isn’t really appropriate for a 14 year old – they’re not fully mature physically or psychologically and not ready to handle sex. I’m 16, and my parents would never let me pose like that; in fact, i would not want to cheapen myself by posing like that. This girl is 14 and she isn’t mature enough to decide what she wants to with her body – that’s her parents’ call. They’re practically selling their daughter. Any other regular photo shoot, you know, where the girl was smiling and just posing naturally, would’ve been fine. It’s wrong to sexualise children (yes, 14 is still a child) – it’s encouraging paedophiles. Any sane man would not want to look at such a young girl in that way.

      • Thank you, Shell. You may be one of the last teenagers with a good head on their shoulders. I know I started modeling at 15 and my mother would have never allowed this shoot. Now, 23, I can’t imagine doing a shoot like this at 14. She looks 25! No way should she be promoting all this sexuality when she should be enjoying her teenage years and the adolescent look. Kendall you have your whole life to act like your trash sisters…Kris should be ashamed of herself.

  5. So what was Kris , Bruce and that whole family thinking? And then some people today wonder why there’s no faith in our generation or why kids are going up too fast . I’m not mad at Kendall even though I wonder if she felt weird or uncomfortable throughout this shoot. And the sad part about it is that versus didn’t even put up the worst photo which is on Kim’s blog. Thus you should see how nonchalant her attitude towards these photo’s were. This basically confirms to me that Kris is just looking for another client. And please don’t come at me with ohhh so many girls that age nonsense cause alot people I knew around that age weren’t taking these types of pics.

  6. as long as she stay’s away from the drugs and alcohol… let her model…beside her last name ( ok they’re all famous cuz of kim, which is famous cuz her sex tape… and so on) she’s got potencial, sure, and she’s not too young, this is a job, let’s not compare this with real young girls wanna be s—s in 14… sorry for the grammar, i’m italian

  7. it’s not the clothes, it’s the poses that are too mature. you can look through any sears catalog and see 14 year old girls modelling bikinis, but they stand in a more childish way. This photoshoot puts her in poses appropriate for a 20 year old, not an early adolescent.

    • People in the entertainment/fashion industry pretend to be different ages all the time – 25-year-old actors playing high school kids, 14-year-old models walking the runway alongside 21-year-olds…
      All that this chatter does is objectify the girl even more.

  8. I orginally reacted to this by thinking: ‘eww that’s too young,’ but then I realized that 14 isn’t a crazy age to get into modelling (sadly).
    Karlie Kloss began doing huge commercial work when she was 15, including posing in lingerie (for Lagerfeld?) when she was 16.
    It’s all strange but maybe this girl’s fam is being, erm, realistic.

  9. modeling industry is all about young girls with stick thin bodies, I don’t agree with it but it’s what we see everyday, so I’m not surprised this one is already doing this shoot. They tried to make her look older and that’s creepy, if you want a woman hire one not a girl!!

  10. I’ve been modeling since I gt scouted at 14, however I never did his sort of thing! They try to keep you fresh faced, if I was in a bikini it looked like a Kohl’s or Macy’s Ad, not like I was trying to be 20. While she has a nice body, she does not have a pretty face, and considering how large all her sisters are, I suspsect she’s going to fill out alot which will make modeling very difficult for her.

    • i really don’t think she’s gonna fill out and have a similar figure to her sisters.
      kourtney, kim and khloe get their curvaceousness from their fathers amanian side

      • That could be true. Still she doesn’t have a very pretty or striking face. I actually think the other little sister (I don’t klnow if she’s older or younger than this one) would make a much better model.

        • I agree, I think her younger sister Kylie is prettier, but she’s only 12(13 in August I think). I think she’d make a lovely model, but she would be just as lovely if she waited until she was a bit older(goes for both these sisters).

  11. I think it’s pretty cute and not sexy imho.. but I do think 14 is too young for modeling in general. I wish it all just started at 16

  12. if i’d be 14 years old i would not want the whole world to see me half naked! i’d feel very uncomfortable with it. just imagine all those ugly a– weirdo men who will jack off to this…

  13. I don’t think she could ever be a real model. Not because she’s not beautiful or something. She can’t pose – look at these pictures, and these are the best ones of the whole photo shoot! She looks tensed and unnatural. Well, maybe she could learn how to pose for the camera, she’s very young.

  14. Wow, how many of them are there ? 4, 5 or more ? I kind of lost count.

    She’s young but the pictures don’t go too far, they show her legs and that’s it. So I guess I could overlook the age issue.
    She’s cute and damn those are some really long legs.

    • There are more pictures on Kim K’s blog. One of them has Kendall in a pose exposing her upper body in just a bikini top and laying down.

  15. she obviously looks WAY older than 14, so why is it such a huge deal. She is a model, and these shots are in a bathingsuit. So what. She isn’t naked, she isn’t in provocative poses, and these aren’t for a men’s magazine. She and her parents made the choice for her to model, and obviously made the decision that this was appropriate. To each their own.

  16. She’s really pretty but she looks wayy older than fourteen. I’m fourteeenn and she lookks like she 6 yrss older than mee… But I don’t think she’s too youngg. It’s not like she’s naked. Like, I go to the beach all the time n a bikini like that and my family takes sum pics… Really not a bigg deaalll!

  17. She’s tall and lean, like Bruce, not short like other sisters, and she does look like Khole.I’m sure everyone commenting is a perfect 10

  18. I don’t think she is too young. As someone said, if she was in really provacative poses, then it would be inappropriate. But, 14 year olds wear swimsuits every day to the beach, around the beach…etc. And 14 years olds wear make up and do their hair. So nothing shocking there.

    I don’t see how we can pick and choose when it’s okay and when it’s not okay to do the above things. It’s appropriate as long as you don’t get photographed?That doesn’t make sense.

    So as long as it’s appropriate for 14 year olds to wear makeup and bikinis, it’s appropriate for them to do likewise photoshoots.

    • i agree on that. yeah she is young but what 14 year old girl isn’t wearing a bikini or make up? i thought it would as bad as everyone make it out to be, like what miley cyrus did with the camera pictures. now if her legs were wide open or doing sexual acts then i will see if it’s inappropriate. now i don’t condone girls being sexual at a young age because it seems society think it’s okay for young girls to be s—s. but because she’s in a bikini doesn’t mean oh she’s a s— or growing up too fast.

  19. you really can’t see a lot of her body in these pictures. they are covered by shirts and her hair. i think she looks pretty and the photos are tasteful…there is nothing sexual about them. in real life, girls younger than 14 are wearing bikinis so isn’t this just an accurate description of real life? (other than the professional makeup and fake tan lol)

  20. i know we r not supossed 2 comment on her figure..but she looks GREAT! i think shes beautifull more than her sisters!

    she might b too young 4 bikini pics but i think these dont look tacky or anything she doesnt look too sexy i think the pics were made the right way…

    now im jealous of a 14 yr old!

  21. since her dream is to pursue modeling, i don’t find it weird at all. models usually start at the age 14/15. not a fan of the pictures though in terms of the style and photography.

  22. She is a beautiful girl, but that’s exactly what she is a GIRL. I think she is too young to be modeling in this type of shoot. I think the photos could have definitely been more age-appropriate.

  23. She looks good but the shoot is far too provocative for a 14 year old girl. She’s not an adult, her body is not fully grown yet and it’s a bit unnerving that she’s flaunting herself like this…. I mean, peadophiles on the internet are bad enough, and shots like this are just encouraging them. I don’t like sl$tty photo shoots anyway (well, this one isn’t exactly sl$tty, but it is too sexy for a 14 year old), but at least when you’re an adult (18?) you’re an adult and it’s your right to do whatever you wish to your body. At 14 though, it’s down to your parents.

  24. she’s a little too chubby and ugly to be a model. no offense, but those girls are like 5 feet tall and not exactly model material. not to mention the fact that she is still a child and these are tasteless and disgusting. she’s just as trashy as her sisters i guess.

  25. its not minimal outfits, its called a bikini. and models today are very young, so stop making closeminded comments.

  26. 14 isnt too young to start modeling. Thats when most models start and unfortunately by the time they are in their 20s they are considered already “old” for the modeling world. Pretty girl.

  27. it doesn’t seem too over the top for a 14 year old. there are plenty of teenagers at the beach that wear less. she has a gorgeous face. she seems kind of awkward in pictures but i think her looks and her height would make her an awesome model after some practice.

  28. it isnt too young infact most models start out at that age, anyone who thinks it is too young probably feels insecure about themselves. she looks good much older than she is but still good.

  29. i don’t think it’s too young, shes not being oversexualized or anything. the pictures with her entire body she does have little clothing but at least a cover up on.. think it’s find and she’s quite pretty

  30. i really dislike children in the limelight, and this does have a slightly sexual tinge to it, but then the family has been in the media glare for years. I still wish however they held off putting her forward like this.
    young models I know are quite common but while I don’t agree with banning size zero models, as I beleiev every adult has the right to chose their own weight and lifestyle, I do disagree with anyone under 18 being in the industy, unless modelling childrens clothes obviously! let them grow up first, then they can make their own choices. plus, womans bodies and girls bodies are very different. you design for women and yet most of it only looks good on pre adolescent models. It’s a cheat, like airbrushing.

  31. IMO she is too young to be doing this sort of thing and I def see a resemblance to Khloe in the face, which wasn’t there before when she was a bit younger.

  32. She is too young for this stuff.. But whatever, do we really expect this girl to be any different from the useless nobodies like paris hilton or miley cyrus?

  33. She is too young for this kind of exposure.

    That being said, WOW, she is SOO much prettier and has a MUCH better figure than Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe.

  34. I’m trying to think back to when I was 14, and what I would have felt like if I had seen these photos then…. and I can tell you that I would have IMMEDIATELY tried to emulate the look. I’m not trying to speak for all the 14-year olds out there…no doubt she’s beautiful, but she’s sending the wrong message to younger teens. I picture this look on 18 year-olds and up!

  35. wow you people are so judgemental! she looks good, i dont think she looks too “risque”..i dont see any fishnet stocking or stripper heels. you dont even see any full on body shot..she looks beautiful and just because she’s 14 doesnt mean shes too young and this is innatppropriate, people grow up

  36. While she looks good and I think she’s very pretty, I think 14 is too young for modeling like this. She doesn’t look 14, and in my opinion, that’s messed up. If she has to dress that way and wear that makkup in order to model, maybe she should wait till she’s older?

  37. Odd that none of the photos show her straight on. You actually can’t tell very much about her body from these photos at all. And her face looks photoshopped. This won’t end well.

  38. way too sexy for her age. I get that it starts earlier, but she looks about 23 here, the makeup ages her, unless she looks older without makeup. it’s just weird looking at a eighth grader in these ads

  39. It’s a young girl in a bikini.
    Hmm..where have I seen that before?
    Oh! I think at the public pool..
    Ooh, and the beach..
    How risque.

    She looks a lot like Khloe in the third picture.

  40. Actually this are not all the pictures. I saw the rest of them and she’s not as cover as in this ones. In my opinion shes too young.

  41. she does look older than 14. I remember when reading teen magazines a few years ago when I was in high school, all the summer swimwear editorials looked like this. They aren’t provocative and like i said, she looks older. If I didnt know who it was I would guess anywhere from 16-20. And it’s not just the make up/styling that makes her look older, i googled her, she looks older in candid photos, about 16 (apart from the thinness which is normal for a 14 y/o but i think they edited these shots to make her bigger/she’s filled out a bit since this picture)

    I mean, how is it bad? She has a cover up on in 4/5 pics and in the bikini shot you can’t see anything. I have holiday snaps from when I was about her age in similar poses.

  42. I think pretty much every 14/15 year old girl is going to wear a bikini, experiment with makeup, etc. I don’t think her poses are blatantly provocative, but they do give off that vibe. I don’t know, but she seems to be following in her sisters’ footsteps. Her choices, though, I guess.

  43. Wow she looks so much like Khloe in the face! I don’t think it’s that weird, most models are discovered at about 14 so really if they want to make a big deal about her being 14 and overly sexy, shouldn’t they be concerned about all the 14 year old models currently doing the same thing?

  44. Quote: “Instead, let’s talk: isn’t 14 too young for such a shoot in minimal ‘outfits’?”
    I think yes. But … she really doesn’t like a 14 years old girl. I think this is the new generation of youngsters. They look more mature then other generations.
    Also i is not very minimal this outfit. But the readers (tenegers), they will know she is 14 and they will want to act like a 14 model. 🙁

  45. In no way are these pictures way too sexy in a Lot of them she is covered up it’s not like her chest is hanging out and her legs are spread ! I mean come on are u guys trying to say 14 yr olds aren’t allowed to go to the beach in a Bikini cuz that’s where we could all see the same thing!

  46. her face reminds me of Lohan’s sister…forgot her name..
    she looks sooo much older for 14 y.o. girl…personally i don’t see anything special in her face or attitude on pics, and there is alw this “smth” in models (here is just a young girl on beach in some outfits in usual poses-there are tons of such girls and such pics)…but maybe she’ll show some attitude or character in future…anyway if she wants to be a model than good luck to her

  47. i don’t think she’s too young. the photos aren’t obscene or terribly sexual, and as many have already said, most models start around 14. that said, she isn’t terribly pretty…. unfortunately she looks more like chloe than kim…

  48. Even though I think that 14 is a bit young to start modeling, REGARDLESS of industry norms, in Los Angeles (born and raised) a 14 year old wearing a bikini and eye makeup is quite normal.

  49. I think people focus on the wrong things. It’s not that 14-year-old girls are these asexual children that are being sexualized before their time. Far from it. When I was 14, I remember vividly just how sexual I already was. Most girls get their period before 14 in this day and age, and that means that they also get breasts and hips — physiologically and hormonally, they’re women.

    I think the problem with modeling at that age is that you don’t yet have enough strength and confidence to protect yourself from others, and you’re vulnerable to being taken advantage of. You just don’t know enough about what’s what and what kind of boundaries there ought to be in life.

    [That’s also why it’s a bad idea to start having sex at 14, even if your body feels ready for it.]

    This girl comes from a rich and famous family with plenty of older sisters to give her advice, so she’ll be fine. It’s the no-name models from poor families who feel like they’ll do anything for their one shot at success that are the ones we should worry about.

  50. do you guys thinks she could spare to lose about 5 pounds. I am not saying she be fat but she could so afford to to look better.

  51. Awww furrr real bro its sooo fat as in it not a chick or a guy somewhere in the grey area in between. Plus i totally heard that she can do a handstand for like 6 minutes? I don’t need to confirm or deny because thats just plain impressive!

  52. You guys are terrible. She is a young girl. Treat her as so. Imagine her as a little sister. i Doub tu would talke s— about black chix then

  53. These are only some of the pics. Search Google for the full shoot. Some photos are even more suggestive.

    BTW… is it just me or does she look like khloe. Especially in the third pic?( one with the watch and one knee up)

  54. yeah she is pretty hot but not model material i think. and i have to agree with some people, she does NOT look 14 or 15 at all! she looks sike she is in her 20’s

  55. 1. It’s sick. It just shows the lack of moral and increased sexualization of younger and younger women. When you see a 14 yr old in these poses, you arent supposed to justify it or downplay it because “well she has the body to model”
    2. “Most models start this young” isnt something that should be said to downplay these photos, what is wrong with us as a society that we are allowing young women this young ( well more like 16-19) to be the hangers on which designers drape clothes……and then later when they develop eating disorders,etc…we wanna blame fashion critics…we are part of the problem right here when we say “well, its not too bad”
    3. The Kardasian mom, is pimpin out her daughter one at a time….its really sad

  56. she looks cute, i think the make-up is what make her look a bit gorwn. her poses sre not over the top and the bathing guits are cute.

  57. What I can’t get past is the fact that people who aren’t her family and friends even care. It’s not like it was Playboy let alone something less than that extreme like Victoria’s Secret.

    It’s her life. Leave it alone. If she’s pulling in cash at that young an age, the most I (17 & broke) am is jealous.

    Just because she’s half-related to the Kardashian Girls doesn’t mean she’s trying to be some sex object like them. I think that she’s trying to build a professional career. Let her do that and leave her alone.

  58. when i saw the first pic i was like “whoa, did khloe lose weight?” :)).they really look a like. anyways , i don’t think it’s such a big deal. i’m 15 and i know tons of 14 year old girls that take pics of themselves in bikinis or lingerie and post them on facebook,hi5,whatever.Not saying it’s a good thing or normal , but at least kendall is kinda covered up and the pics look more artistic than s—ty or provocative.[sorry , i know my english sucks]

  59. i really dislike her nose and i dont think she is model material..i think in order to be a successfull model she would have to wear alot of make up as she doesnt appear to have those natural model features.

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