Lane Bryant’s ‘This Body Is Meant to Shine!’ Campaign Includes Messages from Haters


Ashley Graham, Danielle Brooks, Gaboury Sidibe, Candice Huffine and Alessandra Garcia joined forces and showed off their figures in Lane Bryant’s latest campaign: This Body Is Meant to Shine! The models and actresses also made sure to reply to some of their worst haters, who posted comments such as: ‘How did you get through the door?’ / ‘No one should be comfortable at a size 14’ – check the commercial to see their comebacks!

Check out the video and share your thoughts!

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17 thoughts on “Lane Bryant’s ‘This Body Is Meant to Shine!’ Campaign Includes Messages from Haters”

  1. Um, can my body type be shown? I’m not a 00 nor am I a size 18, I’m just athletic, with a healthy build, 6 when I’m fit, and 8 after thanksgiving 🙂

    • Exactly! The ‘average’ girl today seems to have gained a lot of weight suddenly, skipping the normal, healthy bodies like yours.

    • Well I get what you’re saying. but thats where most actresses/singers lay, and actresses are definitely more influential than models. Personally for me, models are just people who are nice to look at(sometimes) and clothes hangers. I don’t care if a model looks like me or not. It doesnt change how I look.

    • Me too so I can’t really relate all that much with either really small or really big models (in terms of when I see them advertising clothes I have no idea whether that skirt/dress/whatever will look good on me, and that would be cool). But there are a few “in between” models already, and some have been featured here. I’m not good with names but I remember it! Either way I like to see a wide range of sizes as long as they represent healthy ideals.

    • How would this have to change to be body positive instead of fat accepting to you? And if you happen to be fat, how’s it even possible to feel body positive/self love without accepting yourself?

      • fat acceptance doesnt mean saying, I’m fat and i accept that now I’m gonna try to get healthier. the fat acceptance movement is a movement that makes excuses for obesity. its not about accepting yourself. the body positivity movement is about self love, which I’m all for.

  2. This video is way too defensive. I don’t think we should insult another human being for no reason, but stating your preference is NOT the same as being a hater! People really do get offended too easily these days. Sure I believe these women were insulted, but they probably see every opinion that says “not my preference” as an insult as well.

    Anyway, I like Candice and Alessandra’s bodies. Even Ashley. And Gaboury, while I think she’s still at a dangerous weight, already lost a good deal so good for her. But I have to agree, big is not always beautiful! The line for me is when it looks like it would be hard to bend over to tie your shoes, or just get out of bed (like it would take multiple tries). Like Tess Holiday or Gaboury before the weight loss. That’s not beautiful and that should not be celebrated. Should those people be shamed? No way. But they shouldn’t be encouraged either. It’s unhealthy and quite frankly it’s uncomfortable to look at.

  3. I like this video indeed. I’m not plus size but I get their point. I’ve been a size 6 (pear shaped) most of my life and I’ve always felt the pressure of being thinner, this pressure coming from myself and from society (media, family, guys, etc). All the media telling you the thinner the better, wow it’s too much too handle, now I’m stronger but with 15 years old you are really influenciable. So I can imagine these women that are bigger sizes than me what they have to handle, so if we can include different body types in media and being less judgemental with bodies that are not “perfect” we could live much happier.

  4. That first woman’s body is only “meant” for heart disease. Heart disease should not be a “shining” example. I hope she gets healthy :/

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