Laura Prepon Got HCG Hormone Injections to Burn Body Fat


All the details from Radar:

After gaining weight and lacking energy while filming That ’70s Show in her 20′s, Prepon began her descent into dangerous dieting. “I’ve done just about every diet there is, from Atkins and South Beach to cabbage soup cleanses,” she writes. “Caveman diet? Been there, done that. Alkaline diet? Bulletproof coffee? Vegas? Atkins? Yup! I’ve done it all.”

On another diet, she could only eat six crackers her day in addition to tiny portions of weighed food. The 36-year-old ate her “dinner” in the bathroom of the Beverly Hilton during a black-tie event.

Going to extreme: Prepon received HCG hormone injections in order to burn body fat. “It’s just as crazy as it sounds, but I was willing to try anything,” she recalls. “When I stopped it, not only did I gain all the weight back, but my hormones were completely out of whack.”

Before shooting her first scene on Orange Is The New Black— a shower scene— Prepon says she starved herself for 40 hours: “My poor body was so confused it didn’t know what I was going to do to it next.”

Black magic: Practicing Scientologist Prepon also sought help from a “shaman-type” nutritionist who “shook maracas” and “cast some kind of spell” over her. But it didn’t help her lose weight.

Prepon admits she worked out “like a maniac.” “I used to do triple workout sessions in one day; first, a kickboxing class, then a run, and then I’d lift weights at night,” she writes.

The fitness extremes left her exhausted. “My body was so numb that it was literally giving up on me,” she confesses. “Every day became a struggle.”

In July 2012, Prepon found solace through New York nutritionist and healer Elizabeth Troy, who taught her to take care of two important organs in digestion: the gallbladder and liver. Now, she cooks twice a week and eats “healthy, simple meals” throughout the day. “The Stash Plan is going to do for you what it did for me,” she promises in the book.

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19 thoughts on “Laura Prepon Got HCG Hormone Injections to Burn Body Fat”

  1. First off can I just say she looks way younger than 36??
    On Orange is the new black, where actresses wore very minimal make up, I always pictured her character was around 25. Props to Laura.

  2. oh man, and all that in her late thirties… I’m truly sorry for her and hope she found a healthy way to nurture her body and soul.

  3. That’s so incredibly stupid. Hearing she’s a scientologist sort of explained it. It’s a shame (mostly) women go through this.

  4. Nevermind eating fruits, vegetables and lean meats and exercising………………….
    Why is everyone trying to find another way, it’s so simple and they make it so not.
    To me she never seemed like someone influenced by Hollywood, but I guess that was stupid thinking, I think every woman there is influenced to be perfect and skinny.

    • reading her history, she seems very gullible.
      I feel like this current “healer” is one in a long line many more people stars will hand money to

    • Probably because most people struggling with weight don’t have a healthy relationship with food or with their body. Some people don’t let themselves to succeed. Also dieting within normal weight can be hard.

  5. Sounds like she needs therapy, not a diet, considering her weight is perfectly healthy and attractive. Of course you’re low energy when you put yourself through that stress. And all for what? Vanity? I’ve had serious issues with food and eating and the best medicine is first fixing your mind and soul…

  6. Sad. Sounds like disordered eating and an unhealthy exercise relationship. She looks great now. I hope it’s from balance. She is beautiful and talented.

  7. She needs to lay the hell off the tweezers. Her eyebrows are insane and make her look mega weird. Very sad she went through all of that though.

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