Lena Dunham: “I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit”

159313703_10 - Lena Dunham: "I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit"

Check out this story from Us Weekly featuring Girls star Lena Dunham, who is famous for her ‘I don’t care if I am not skinny like the rest of Hollywood’ attitude:

Typically brash Howard Stern surprised both fans and critics alike by issuing a public apology to Lena Dunham on his radio show Monday, Jan. 14, so the Girls creator did what any gracious Hollywood starlet would do: She called in.

The 26-year-old director/actress/writer dropped a line during Stern’s SiriusXM Radio show Wednesday, Jan. 16, to reassure Stern that his comments were water under the bridge — and call him out on one comment in particular.

“I don’t even know where to begin with all of this,” an apologetic Stern began. “The reason I felt so awful was because when Perez Hilton wrote his article, he told half the story. …I started to compare you to Woody Allen … the whole thing came together for me.”

The shock jock, 59, continued with a declaration: “I realize: Not only am I addicted, but I totally get you… I’m in love with you and your character… I guess I just wanted to tell you I love you and I think you’re terrific.”

On Monday, Jan. 7, Stern caused an angry buzz online after he slammed both Dunham and her hit HBO show Girls.

“It’s a little fat girl who kinda looks like Jonah Hill and she keeps taking her clothes off and it kind of feels like rape. She seems — it’s like — I don’t want to see that,” he scoffed at the time.

Dunham admitted Wednesday that she first learned of his cruel comments after castmate Jemima Kirke, who is a huge fan of Stern’s show, tipped her off that the radio host was comparing her to the Superbad actor.

“I thought that was a good line, actually,” Stern chuckled, trying to make light of the situation. Dunham responded gamely, but made sure to still get her point across.

But Stern wouldn’t take back his weight comments. “It’s not about apologizing, although I want to say I’m a fan of yours,”

“I’m not that fat, Howard,” she said. “I don’t mean to take major issue with you about this. I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit.”

Stern agreed, explaining that he just meant that she often played up the “fat angle” on the show.

“You’re not obese or anything,” he allowed.

“Thank you. Another thing for my gravestone,” Dunham laughed, referring to comments she made on the Late Show last Thursday, Jan. 10. “Howard Stern says, ‘You’re not obese or anything.’”

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159215571_10 - Lena Dunham: "I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit" 159215575_10 - Lena Dunham: "I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit" 159215579_10 - Lena Dunham: "I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit" 159217386_10 - Lena Dunham: "I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit" 159217402_10 - Lena Dunham: "I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit" 159313673_10 - Lena Dunham: "I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit"  159316404_10 - Lena Dunham: "I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit" 159318448_10 - Lena Dunham: "I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit" 159318450_10 - Lena Dunham: "I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit" 159427387_10 - Lena Dunham: "I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit" 159430276_10 - Lena Dunham: "I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit" 159433009_10 - Lena Dunham: "I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit" 159435366_10 - Lena Dunham: "I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit" 159435401_10 - Lena Dunham: "I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit" 159436592_10 - Lena Dunham: "I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit" 159458249_10 - Lena Dunham: "I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit" 159458253_10 - Lena Dunham: "I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit" 159462667_10 - Lena Dunham: "I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit" 159463023_10 - Lena Dunham: "I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit"
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191 thoughts on “Lena Dunham: “I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit””

    • She was definitely perpetuating a stereotype with that comment. A high percentage of People of Color (especially black people) live in Detroit.

      the stereotype that black men love fat white chicks and big booty hoes. lol or that black women are fat.

      she should’ve said she was thin enough for the “real world” or something. lol

      • It’s odd she didn’t say somewhere in the south for her comment, where there is the big stereotype of a lot of obese people. So her comment doesn’t make much sense. Ugh I am so over her and never liked her show. It’s crappy. I love Tina Fey’s zinger at her at the Golden Globes though. Also with all this new money she is getting she could get her teeth whitened, or something.

    • lol if shes thin then i must be a skeleton.. lol. I dont like lena at all, nor do i like ”girls” at all.. she uses stereotypical racism in her show and her tweets ugh.

      • Lol. It’s funny how jealous you all are. She may be plain, she may be overweight but she’s successful and that’s something you are probably not. So keep the horrible comments coming. Your snipey comments are laughable

          • ohh… jealousy of her show girls? lol. There is nothing good about that show. It simply sucks.. a 20 something year old brat who is Boring. Whose friends are Boring and the whole cast look average. I couldnt bare to finish the whole first episode because they make me feel ashamed at being a female.

    • I’m from Detroit. I live in Detroit. She’d be considered fat, even in Detroit. I’m 5’1″, 130 lbs and I’m considered fat. I’m working on it though. 🙂

      • Also when people say “Detroit”, they usually mean the Detroit Metro area which includes Macomb, Wayne, and Oakland counties. I don’t think her comments were racially motivated.

        • @Tina and @Sia if you bothered to read my comment completely you’d see that I wrote people are jealous of her success, hence the verbal bashing of Lena. I never wrote that we are jealous of ‘Girls’ but jealous of her success. Of course you are. She’s just won two Golden Globes and numerous other awards so clearly she can’t be THAT bag.

  1. I actually don’t care if she’s a little thicker than most. She looks HORRIBLE. She needs to learn how to dress her body. -She actually has the potential to look decently good.

    • I actually think she looks okay, maybe even ‘nice’ in the golden globes pics but her teeth are gross!! Surely she’s made enough money from her crap show to get them bleached…

      • Lena comes from a very wealthy family. She has mentioned that growing up, Zac Posen (the designer) used to babysit her because her family is well-connected in the art world (Judd Apatow, who produced Girls, is another family friend). She has been in the top 1% of wealth all her life. But she prefers to have brown teeth because she probably thinks it gives her an air of rugged toughness or something lol – like oooh, what a non-conformist, she drinks lots of coffee and doesn’t brush 😉

      • I agree that Lena does always seem to look kind of….rough and for someone who has always been wealthy, she tends to look cheap – but I don’t mind her teeth! I do not get the American obsession with blindingly white teeth! Hers are not brown or yellow – they look to be a natural off-white colour to me. I think they are a little crooked, but I certainly don’t think she has to go out and get them bleached.

  2. Sorry, I did not feel like reading the whole text, way to long haha. But what I get from it, Lena is proud of her body. She has absolutely the right to do so. I believe people can be beautifull at any weight, not just the ‘skinny way’.

    I have to say I’m not a fan of Lena though.. I don’t like her style, her tattoos, her coarseness…

    • Exactly! I don’t find her pretty at all but I don’t give a f*ck about her weight. If this is how she feels good then that’s totally fine for me. People really act as if she’s obese.

    • everyone’s so disgusted by her. i’m on the other side. i find Howard Stern disgusting. he’s been saying tacky b.s. for years and yet everyone on this thread is jumping on Lena?!?! Howard’s the idiot. and the fact he is judging Lena is sad. Lena can lose weight. Howard is an ugly man & he will never be able to change that.

    • Um, because she’s a brilliant writer and actress? Being “famous” isn’t always about being a vapid, rail-thin airhead, honey. I honestly pity you if that is what you think everyone should be “famous” for. God forbid we have women “famous” for real s— like, I don’t know, changing the world through politics and science and literature. Ugh. How dare they be famous and not look above average. Losers.

      • What about her or her writing is so brilliant? I’m genuinely interested, because all I’ve read from is vapid, casually racist crap, hidden behind this artsy façade of a women who got most of credentials by having a famous artist as a mother.
        Also: Annie didn’t write anything about not liking Dunham because she looks the way she does. If you want to talk about people because of what they do and not about how they look, you’re at the wrong site.
        Lastly, calling someone “honey” in response to this person expressing an opinion you don’t like, comes off condescending and makes you look like a douche.

        • “casually racist crap” WHERE, bloody where??
          I’m tired of paranoia. I watched all the episodes of Girls and didn’t find racism anywhere.
          But maybe you call it racist because there was no black guy or girl in the main and secondary characters. Well, if that is racist…..I assume she should have hired a girl/guy just because of his/her colour instead of simply hiring actors she likes?? o0

          • I’m actually not sure if responding to you is not a waste of time, but whatever, I’ve got a couple of minutes.
            First of all, she wrote a show called “Girls”, that aims to speak for an entire generation of women in their 20’s, the series is set in New York. Every main character in this show is white and affluent. That is in so many ways not an accurate depiction of women in New York, it’s ridiculous. How is that brilliant and not simply the result of bad writing? Secondly, she didn’t just “pick actors she liked”, what an awful excuse by the way, she wrote white characters, because she “doesn’t know how to write people of colour” (source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/07/lena-dunham-fresh-air-girls_n_1496780.html), because she is simply that good of a writer. She also could have just hired women of colour to write well developed characters, but let’s be real here, she doesn’t care.
            Thirdly: “I assume she should have hired a girl/guy just because of his/her colour “- after she got heavily criticised, she did exactly that: in the second season of “Girls” you can see Donald Glover as the token black guy. But actually she (and the producers) didn’t really have problems hiring POC before- there were explicit casting calls for black women and Latinas as nannies and “sassy” secretaries. Do I have to tell you what’s wrong with that? Race matters, representation matters.

            This is way too long already, so I refer you to this excellent post about all the racist crap Dunham pulled so far: http://feministfilm.tumblr.com/post/32929108603/i-didnt-wanna-contribute-to-anymore-of-this

            I know this is probably not the place to write something like this (in terms that not a lot of people will care), but I’m sick and tired of all this praise Lena Dunham gets because she dares not to be conventionally pretty while labelling herself a feminist. I don’t care how big the thighs that you show on your TV show are, throwing other women under the bus, does not a feminist make.

          • Great comment Helena! I guess the bar for “brilliant” has really been lowered lol. She plays herself in a semi-autobiographical show that she landed through her extremely wealthy family, but people act like she just pooped out the cure for cancer. That said, her weight is irrelevant and Stern is an a– for even pointing it out. Whether Lena is a size 0 or a size 20, she should not have to defend her body to anyone.

          • Uhhh I think what she said above is a fine example of her casual racism…”I’m thin for, like, Detroit”. Detroit has a high population of poor people of color, the majority of who are overweight or obese because they live in food deserts with no grocery stores and only 7/11s/fast food chains and hardly any money.

            Soo yeah that comment kinda reeked of racism to me.

          • THANK YOU, I am so beyond sick of people calling her show racist. How about Sex & The City… was that show racist? Just because the main characters are white, does NOT mean it’s racist. That is such crap, I can’t stand it. Why are we picking on her show out of all of television? She never claimed her show represented ALL of NYC. It’s about a certain type of young, white, privileged girls in the city. People really need to relax and quitting getting their panties all in a bunch over this kind of thing.

          • Nobsnob – I think I understand what you mean. Like, you just aren’t focussed on the racial side of things because it’s not something that is really a prominent issue where you are/ to you? I am aware (and against) racism…however, I think maybe I am just not tuned in to things which aren’t ‘smack me in the face obvious’ racist. It could just be because I am lucky enough not to endure that kind of prejudice, though as a person is society I do endure some prejudice in other areas. (Note: before anyone reads into my comment that I am saying I am ‘lucky’ for not being a different race to what I am…that’s not what I mean. I just mean that I am lucky in the sense that I don’t get targetted…though I truly believe no one should…I find diversity really interesting).

            Anyway, Lena may have meant her comment differently. Some people just aren’t so eloquent, especially on topics that are raw for a lot of people. Maybe she isn’t meant to be racist because she is not focussed on it? Like, she doesn’t think about what impact her comments may have on others (while this is obviously not a particularly great trait to have, it’s still fairly common for people).

            However, maybe my opinion is null and void because I don’t live in America, and have no idea what Detroit is like.

            But… why jump on someone just because she thinks someone is ‘Brilliant’ at writing. That IS an opinion…she is entitled to it! I can’t stand Taylor Swifts writing…however some people out there think she is fantastic. I don’t see it. They do. Difference of opinions.

            Also, I do understand her…she is probably writing more from her POV. She is a white woman, so that makes sense to me. Like, she is writing for entertainment…not for educational purposes.

            I think what she says, from what I have read, a lot of the time is sarcastic, and not well thought through. I have no opinion of whether or not I like her…I don’t even know her and usually don’t open posts about her because she doesn’t interest me (superficial I know).

            I have been called on by someone, for asking my friends who are different cultures to me, questions about their country and culture. They thought I was being racist because I was ‘singleing’ those particular people out. It wasn’t like that, I was just generally interested because I personally think that Australia doesn’t have much of a culture…not in comparision to others. I just love hearing about other’s backgrounds! So sometimes, it can be really hard to sound the way you want to sound…without some people taking it the wrong way. It kind of makes you more on edge…when it’s not something you wanted to make a big deal out of anyway. Like, I never thought being a different culture was ‘bad’, that’s why i didn’t think twice about acknowledging my lack of knowledge on different cultures, but also my keen interest. Just because something or someone is ‘different’ doesn’t mean it’s bad. I think it’s important to celebrate differences…but it can make it so hard when people jump on you.

          • Love your comment Helena. Sums up my thoughts on her and the show exactly.

            She’s not really doing anything groundbreaking – she’s just ambitious and very well connected. I’m not saying she is devoid of talent – but she’s nothing truly remarkable, as far as I can tell. I watched most of the first season of Girls and then I just couldn’t keep going – I felt bad watching it because all the characters seemed completely self-absorbed, at times perverted and frankly quite hateful. It actually kind of makes me sad that so many young women do actually find Girls relateable and worthy of praise – what a cruel and narcissistic social circle to grow up in!

          • I can think of a zillion shows and movies by specific directors that dont feature a multi-cultural cast. it’s confusing to me why everyone is so against this show for its lack of multi-culturism. if we pick on this one, we should be picking on all the others, but somehow i don’t think that will happen. it seems like Lena inspires a lot of hate. it’s too bad, because she actually does have talent imo.

        • If I could like your comment Helena I would. Many people in Hollyweird are not the most attractive but this girl only got her job because of nepotism and good connections. Girls is crap tv and Ms. Dunham gives actual feminists a bad name because she comes off as out of touch and just plain bitter

        • @Helena (why no reply button btn?) Your answer wasn’t a waste of time, actually those links you provided were informative. Indeed the fact there is a lack of black girl/guy among the main cast never even propped in my head. But I’m not American and though obv I know NY is a multi-ethnic city, it just doesn’t click. It’s a question of mentality. I personnally couldn’t care less about the colour and origins of the characters. We are a lot more casual on that subject.
          In fact I’m always surprised how American medias are so touchy upon some themes such as racism, pedophilia. Not a bad thing but it is just unsual in here, to the point where the American medias have the reputation of being paranoid in here.

          • @Nobsnob – it’s not just about not having black people on the show (btw NYC is less than 50% white). It’s also that Lena said she’s white and can only write white characters – does that sound like a brilliant writer to you? I’m not a professional writer but if I were writing a film, show, play, etc I could easily write characters that are different from me. Also the show is semi-autobiographical: she plays herself so she can’t be called an actress. So if she’s not an actress and can’t write outside her own limited perspective, where does the talent lie? Her film “Tiny Furniture” was the same too.

          • The show has a lack of diversity period. Diversity doesn’t equal just adding in more Black people… She could just try to portray NY and women more realistically

          • @Nobsnob: Though I’m not sure if Lena is racially insensitive or not, I don’t think her all-white cast is racist at all, so I agree with you that aspect of it was blown out of proportion. The show is based on HER LIFE, which obviously included a certain group of privileged people, so the cast is simply a reflection of that. Why bother to diversify if it’s not true to the story? And I care nothing for her or her show; both are overrated IMO.

          • 1/3 of the ppl in nyc are white. Also, i dont live in the us either but i do admire and like the fact that the racial question is up and they have come far in it.

      • “God forbid we have women “famous” for real s— like, I don’t know, changing the world through politics and science and literature.”

        I didn’t realize she was changing the world through politics, science or literature.

        Seriously though, just because someone dresses/acts in the hipsterish style doesn’t mean they are more deserving of fame than any “rail-thin airhead.”

        I think she contributes the same as the majority of celebrities and thus should be evaluated by the same standards.

  3. It was a weird interview. Lens came off intelligent in try-hard kind of way. Who cares if Stern said how he felt in a blunt manner, that is why i love him.

    Also, he has a fat “thing”. He hates fatness and says so all the time, to both men and women.

  4. I think she has a cute smile and she is actually one of the few celebrities with real teeth and no surgery. This gives her a refreashing authenticity, IMO. Of course she can’t compete with the beauty ideals in hollywood and she could probably lose 10lbs – but fortunately her career is actually build on talent and not only on looks. There are not a lot of powerful women in the TV-Industry and I love that she made her way and writes for us a show that doesn’t consist of extremely beautiful skinny singles that face pseudo-problems in their stylish appartements (I actually like those too sometimes though :-)). And I think it’s kind of sad that she has to defend herself ALL THE TIME for her weight and looks. It’s like one of the things she gets asked constantly about it, no wonder she gets defensive about it.

    This girl has a lot more to offer than being pretty and people should give her a break…”It’s not like she is obese or anything…” 😀

  5. I kinda like her. I wonder why no one on this site likes her? She’s different from other people on TV. Her TV show is pretty good too, it just seems real to me somehow.

    I actually think it’s good that there’s people who look like her on television because actors in american tv shows are just way to good looking. For me the perfect example is “Desperate Housewives”: the actresses don’t exactly look like the average housewive. Also the fact that you see them waking up in the morning and they have full make-up on… Way to project a healthy body/beauty image!

    • What about Desperate Housewives made you think they wanted to project the average suburban neighborhood or people? That show was filled with ridiculous. Perhaps its best of people learn to look elsewhere for their body image

    • totally agree. also the way people criticize her here for not looking more polished (i.e. Hollywood-Ish) just shows that this whole “oh, celebs are all so beautiful,thin,fake blinding-white teeth, perfect hair etc, there are some awful standarts that make a lot of people have low self-esteem,”i just want to see someone more like average weight/heigh, or make up-less” seem totally fake. a lot of gals here say they want to see more “realness” (i.e. relatable to non glamour life) people in the entertainment industry and yet end up critisizing the latters to not looking like the formers.

  6. She is the writer and main character in the HBO show girls- I think it’s a great show and she just won two Golden Globe Awards for it, which is why she is famous. I love that show and how honest it is- and also that she doesn’t have a perfect body and yet still is confident. Yes, she is a bit overweight but that makes the show that more realistic because let’s face it not everyone has a Hollywood perfect body. I wish there was more body diversity in both TV and movies. This is not to say that her body is the ideal, but does it matter?

  7. I haven’t seen Girls, but now I want to. She seems authentic in a “i don’t give a f**k” kind of way, which can be really funny. And come on, she’s right, she really isn’t that fat. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was actually within a healthy weight range within the BMI spectrum. I looked about like her when I was at the top of the BMI range. I have slightly chub pale arms too haha and I find it somewhat amusing to see her waving them around like she doesn’t care. I’m not so brave!

    • Sorry to always double comment but I wanted to mention that I used to live in Houston and I was pretty skinny there even at the top of my BMI range so I know what she means about being skinny for Detriot, ha! Once I moved to a “healthy” town I realized I was nottt skinny or healthy

  8. I’ve never seen her show but from what I’ve heard it’s similar to Sex and the City. I don’t find Lena Dunham pretty but still prettier than Sarah Jessica Parker. SJP has never been bashed like this though. Probably people “tolerated” her not-so-beautiful face (I know it sounds mean but that’s how I see her) on TV because of her skinny and athletic body. This shows perfectly how our society thinks.

    • People bash Lena because she has a “I’m heavy so I’m better than you because you’re THIN” complex. Not BECAUSE she is thin. And people DID bash SJP, thin or not! She got named like, the “Unsexiest Woman Alive” by Maxim once, and she said it really hurt her feelings.

      • wtf.
        I didn’t ever have respect for Maxim but any respect I could have had just flew out the window. What a horrible thing to do. And while I am not a huge SJP fan and do not find her very much attractive, she is DEFINITELY not the unsexiest woman. Walk into your local wal-mart or grocery store and I am sure you will find someone less sexy than she.

        They also put Sandra Oh on that list and she is hilarious on Grey’s and while she’s not exactly facially gorgeous there is something about her that is sexy imo.

        obviously this is all very beside the point but that makes me mad. wtf maxim why dont we rate the looks of your founder; a chubby middle aged man. yuck. all the unsexy women on his list could do much better than him.

        stuff like this just makes me so mad.

      • Yeah, I remember that list and that SJP was at the top which is a horrible thing (I fully agree with you MissMarilyn). But I bet that Lena Dunham will hit that list as well (do they choose the ‘unsexiest woman alive’ every year?).

      • Agreed Ic. I think Lena’s attitude about her body sucks. Also, I always felt bad for SJP about that – it’s so mean! She had a great figure and her face was not ugly at all, in my book. Plus her personality just makes her attractive to me. Maxim was really cruel – there just shouldn’t be a category for ‘unsexiest’! I never agree with their ‘sexiest’ list either, mind you!

      • wow, after reading all the comments on this thread, i’m really surprised by all the hate.
        and this isn’t one of those situations where “we all just have different opinions”. i’m not even saying i love Lena or her show/movies, but i can’t believe how many posts are filled with nasty hate toward her about her physical looks and her personality and her talent, etc. i seriously need to go interact with my coworkers and have some Friday morning laughs to shake out of this negativity!

      • whoops – sorry lc, i did not mean to reply to your comment. this was just a general thought after reading the thread’s comments in general. don’t know how i did that!!

  9. She is obviously very talented as a writer and actress. But less face it, having a professional hairstylist, make up artist and clothes stylist does wonders for this girl.

    I find these actresses that try to build a brand or an image by saying, “I’m not one of those skinny actresses”, to be obnoxious. Honey, let you talent speak for you. You don’t need to define yourself based on your body image. It would be more classy to stay quiet when people comment on your weight. I don’t think she’s as immune to the comments as she likes to put on…

    • I like your comment and I agree, it would be more classy. I think though, people who have that attitude, really don’t think they are better than thin people. I think, I mean…lets be realistic…she is going to have a hard time in the industry just because of her weight! People think there is the same amount of fat bashing and skinny bashing but there isn’t. 99% of women in Hollywood are super thin, and probably generally not naturally. So I can see it’s going to be super hard for someone like her.

      She probably gets hurt and offended and then lashes out with a comment like that, which she is scrutinised for again.

      I definately don’t think that she should say comment slike that, I just can understand where they come from. Someone that isn’t super secure would have a hard time dealing with it…just as Miley Cyrus did when people called her on her ‘weight gain’. It’s natural for people to jump in and get offended. It must hurt!

      I know that skinny people would get this too…I;m just saying, that for every person that a thin person may have attack her…she will have another 10 that love her…in Hollywood in particular.

  10. You know what?? I’ve had enough with the hate this girl gets.
    A lot of people on here hate on her because though she’s not a beauty, she’s got BALLS and success. Yes I already said it but I’m tired of reading lame-ass excuses about her “lack of talent”, “racist show” (WTF??) etc. She would NEVER get the amount of hate she gets if she had the appearance of, say, Candice Swanepoel.
    People are hypocrite they won’t confess why they don’t like her bc it’s not politically correct so more or less conciously they find excuses to bring her down.
    Yeah I’m pulling a Natalia on that point but common! Have some intellectual honesty.

    • I agree. And the people who don’t like her and don’t agree with her show, opinions, looks and so on should at least respect her for being authentic and staying true to herself (which is a rare quality nowadays).

    • hmm…i find it interesting that you say that because i think she owes a lot of her success to the way she looks! there’s obvious backlash (mostly because of her arrogance and apparent superiority complex against thin, appearance-conscious women), but there’s also a lot of people jumping on her bandwagon for being “real”. let’s face it, if Lena looked like Candice i truly doubt people would be as eager to heap praise upon her like they do. beautiful women are always more heavily critiqued when they pursue more “intellectual” interests. half the women praising Lena for her brilliance and her show’s realism would probably be calling her a vapid, self-absorbed, air-headed bimbo (in regards to her persona and her show) if she looked like Candice.

      • Well Winnie, most “beautiful women” in hollywood are self absorbed, air headed bimbos, i think we’ve all noticed it when the VS angels talk. and also when a women in Hollywood is constantly being criticized for being too big, do you expect her to just laugh at it, NO! of course she’s going to have superiority complex against thin women, which is likely to happen with any women who gets criticized for being too heavy, when she’s not even that fat.

        • being defensive about being called fat and attacking thinner women in order to defend yourself just reeks of insecurity. you can defend yourself without putting others down. her stupid comments about women envying her for eating cake all the time were laughable. imo, there’s nothing enviable about eating cake 24/7 if the result is looking like her. i don’t relate to her show. the only thing i find “realistic” about it is the fact that the characters aren’t conventionally attractive like the majority of Hollywood casts. she is just as self-absorbed as the rest of them, she just doesn’t look the part. you just don’t say anything because she’s bashed for being unattractive and for some reason that compels you to stick up for her. anyway, like i originally said (which you so blatantly chose to ignore), if Lena looked like a model, her show would be dismissed as just another try-hard, piece of generic hipster trash and no one would take her seriously. but because she’s an overweight broad with a bad–sorry–“bold” attitude, and has the “nerve” to make fun of thin girls, who obviously had to starve themselves to get that way (*rolls eyes*), she gets a pass.

          • Totally agree too Winnie! Saying that we don’t like her because she’s unattractive (and she seems to try hard to make herself unattractive) is stupid – it’s the same as the people who tell us we’re jealous of VS models if we don’t like them – it’s a lazy defense for someone who doesn’t understand another’s POV.

          • @lc thanks! we don’t agree often, but when we do we strongly agree 😉

            @Erica, exactly. people here are assuming certain posters don’t like Lena because of the way she looks and in a lot of cases ignoring the fact that she just doesn’t seem likeable to a lot of people

        • Well, the thinnest person in Hollywood is Angelina Jolie. She does humanitarian work, political work, has directed a movie and raises 7 kids.
          Stop dividing people into thin/fat and making assumptions about their intelligence based on that.

        • Ana – I get what you are saying. Like, she is always called on being ‘fat’…so of course she will get defensive and say things about being thin and fat. I mean, it’s pretty natural. Sure, it may not be the best thing in the world, and she could say it better…but we are not all perfect. Especially when we are hurt! She shouldn’t bash skinny people…however, I’ve said it a million times before – although skinny people get verbally ‘bashed’ at times…it’s not as often as larger people. Anyone who thinks that is lying to themselves and crying victim. EVERYONE gets verbally bashed at some point in their lives for something.

          Being skinny though…or being fat? Hmmm, honestly which would most prefer?! I’ve never seen a fat and famous swimsuit model, clothes model, or actress in the ‘hottest’ lists.

          Winnie – I don’t know this woman, so I am defending her with no background…but I personally defend women whether they are hot or not…if I think they seem genuine. Like, Jessica Simpson in her day was hot as (of course, it’s subjective still) but she was portrayed as a hotty. She was an airhead and was always saying stupid things…but people thought that made her opinions invalid. I didn’t agree, and I stuck up for her saying I don’t think she was as airheaded as she seemed. Same with Britney, who was hot in her day, I stuck up for her.

          I stuck up from Mila Kunis (major stunner!) when she made that comment about ‘people who say they can’t lose weight actually can. your body can do anything.’ or whatever it was. Many people called her on that, but I think once again, people just read into things way too much. I stuck up for Miley Cyrus when people called her ‘fat’ and she wasn’t. I stuck up for Adriana Lima when she made that comment about barely eating for the VS show.

          I won’t stick up for Candice because I don’t like what I see of her personality. Maybe she is a nice person, but she doesn’t come across like that to me. Same with Megan Fox.

          • i stuck up for Lena when i first saw her on this site, after the no-pants debacle and the criticism she got. but the more i read about her and the more i see of her personality with her stupid quotes, the more unattractive i find her. which i didn’t originally, although she still looks the same now. she just comes across as an entitled, judgemental, ignorant, snobby, self-obsessed person and that is unattractive to me. she comes across as being pompous and self-important, yet insecure and catty. i hate her brand of “feminism”. the judgemental ones who write you off as vapid and unintelligent if they notice that you pay special attention to your body, and how you look. or love wearing make-up or dressing up. they give the feminists who fought for equality and a women’s right to have a CHOICE of who they want to be in this life, a bad name.

    • I so agree with you Nobsnob. If she looked like Candice, she’d be in an whole other place. It just shows how stupid our society is.

    • Your comment is very broad, people don’t “hate her because she’s not a beauty”, she’s unlikable.

      My impression of her is that she’s pretentious, crass (unnecessary so), not witty, and fabricated in her” I don’t care about my size, and I am better than everyone who’s skinny because I get to eat and be on TV, and I am so totally self-made what with daddy’s $ and connections” and all that bulls—.

      Her writing is not clever or ground-breaking. Yea she’s casting a not so attractive cast, but a lot of shows do that, especially HBO, Showtime, etc. She’s not the only unattractive female in the industry or overweight.

      I think she gets so much “hate” because her unattractive essence (personality) shines through, and reflects on her looks. Adelle is overweight but attractive, so is that redhead funny girl from Gilmore Girls. They are freakin’ pleasant you know.

      Of course, we don’t know her and this is just my opinion and she could be a totally great person. However, from her interviews and what not….she just grates on my nerves.

      And her comment about Detroit is prejudiced.

      Annnnd I can’t believe she won a GG, Julie (Seinfeld, Veep, New Adventures….) should’ve won that. I love that chick. =p

    • Wrong. She could look like Helen of Troy for all I care and would still find her obnoxious, with a lousy personality, and moderately talented at best. That is why i dont care for her, plain and simple. She is one of the few lucky ugly people who have somehwat made it in hollywood, so good for her. , Doesn’t mean she isnt going to get backlash for being an obnoxious attention seeker, the same way Megan Fox or any other celeb would.

    • You are wrong NobSnob. She could look like Adriana Lima, imo the most gorgeous woman ever, but if she had this same stank attitude, I would STILL dislike her. She is a pretentious, classless, crass hipster-ditz with a superiority complex because she is heavier than most of Hollywood. Not likable, not likable at ALL. Sorry.

  11. This girl is growing on me. She has personality and is actually funny and she isn’t obese just a little untoned probably within the healthy range for her height. Society is so f miserable that they act as if this girl murdered someone for standing up for her size.

  12. She’s definitely not obese! Who gives a s*** what size she is?!!! There’s much, much more pressing issues in the world than someone in Hollywood having a little extra weight. Actors, to me, are supposed to look like normal, regular folk, and be talented and provide entertainment. Time to take a break from this site for awhile. 🙁

    • Agreed Pixie. She is not very fat at all – and anyone with a healthy brain knows that. She is, however, hard to like for other reasons – I truly don’t think many on here dislike her because she’s not thin.
      Actors should be from all points on the spectrum, just like humanity – you’re completely right. Weight has nothing to do with talent.

    • Omg I totally agree. I hate that guy.

      And his comment about “rape” is such crap. Turn off the freaking TV or change the channel if you don’t want to see her naked, problem solved.

      I hate rape jokes because tape is a very real and very disgusting/horrifying thing that happens all the time. I know Howard is insensitive but….. Really?!???

      • Honesty, everything about his comment bothers me: the rap thing AND the fact that he called her fat. I think he should getting a lot more flack than Lena is getting for this whole exchange. The kind of attitude that he is articulating is SO much more damaging to women than Lena will ever be, and no one seems bothered by it.

        • I think people just kind of expect it from him, seeing as he’s made his livelihood off of saying messed up things about woman (ironic, because he is very physically unattatractive… I feel like his standards should not be so high/he should not be so critical since he’s pretty freaking ugly himself)

          • Yes, it is ironic given his unfortunate mug. I think it says a lot about our society that we worship shock jocks, but can’t stand it when a slightly overweight woman says she is comfortable with herself. Which one is more offensive, really?

      • Yes I agree! Being British, I’m not too familiar with Howard Stern…from what I do know he’s made a career out of talking s— about people and just being vulgar right? Tbh I’m genuinely surprised more people haven’t said anything about the “rape” comment…

        • I know!!! Me too; everyone is going on about how she’s average and stuff but its like… you guys… Howard Stern’s comment… omg. Yet people idolize him and he’s become very successful. Whyyyy????!?! It’s not hard to pick women apart, people do it on this site every day. And it’s also not hard to say demeaning things about women. Plenty of people do that every day. So why why why is Howard successful?

          I honestly think if I were in a room alone with him I would like not even be able to control my rage and would kick him.

          I have the same last name as him as well and so that kind of sucks. So ashamed to share a name with this asshead.

          • I know…I’m not familiar with him either, but I can’t get over the comments that I have read of his. Far more politically incorrect and just arrogant and chauvanistic.

            Mia- well said. Double standards between men and women are still around regardless of what people try to tell themselves.

        • True. I don’t know much about Howard Stern, but I do not understand his fame or relevance at all. He seems like a pervy, ugly, ignorant, mean old man to me!

  13. I don’t care about her weight and I think she looks fine, but I just find her really obnoxious. I wish people would stop asking her about her size so she’d stop talking about it.

  14. I give ZERO f about her weigh, looks ect. She’s hilarious, clever, unique and most importantly – not afraid to be her authentic self in a world where everyone tells you you have to fit into the cookie-cutter frame all the time. It’s like she just doesn’t care. She just really doesn’t define herself by her looks and i love that about her. THE WORLD NEEDS MORE GIRLS LIKE LENA!!!!!!

    • I have the opposite impression of her – she is very cookie-cutter, both looks-wise (very average in the sense that you can see 7 Lena lookalikes at the drugstore) and personality-wise (e.g every other rich hipster I meet in NYC). In Hollywood she does stand out though.

  15. Both her and Stern are annoying as f*. I won’t even bother…it has all been said.

    But I’ve been wondering…do you people really think she’s that unattractive? I mean, I’ve never watched her show, so I may be wrong, but I don’t think her face is bad – kind of reminds me of a far less pretty, but still semi-attractive Winona Ryder.

    • No. I personally don’t think she is unattractive. To me she is the epitome of average looking – not unattractive, and not super attractive, either. If anything, she has really nice skin and pretty eyes, and I like her haircut.

    • You need to watch the show. SUPER unattractive on it. She doesn’t wear any makeup and is honestly hard to look at. Way below average.

  16. I hate her tattoos but i love that her show doesn’t have gorgeous/model type people. She’s more confident than like 80% of the female population. or maybe she’s just pretending to be. I don’t know. I love that she’s not thin and get naked. Not everyone has a perfect body. But I do agree she’s a little obnoxious.

  17. Lena is thick not fat. Also her weight is not the problem. She is just plain unattractive. I think that Rebel Wilson is very overweight but she still has a cute face. Also Lena is big with no curves. Christina Hendricks is a thick girl but she has a beautiful face and wonderful curves. This Lena girl just isnt cute.

    • Oh crap I got mixed btn Rebel Wilson’s name and Ruth Wilson and was all: WTF last time I saw her she was not the least overweight o0 ^^

    • Plus Rebel Wilson is pretty funny and has good comedic timing, and Christina Hendricks is a good actress (at least based on Mad Men). Lena plays a slightly-more-clueless version of herself on TV. She’s not a real actress. But her weight should not be the target of criticism.

    • I actually like Rebel Wilson and Adele. They have talent and are likable; I don’t care what they weigh. That definitely disproves your silly theory, Nobsnob.

  18. Why is it that looks and intelligence can’t both be admired. All academic women I meet are so snobby and talk about how unimportant looks are yet the Greeks and other cultures before us valued beauty way more than we do. There is no shame in admiring beauty.

    • I agree!
      They are intertwined…read Camille Paglia’s “Sexual Personae” for an amazing history of art, culture, beauty, celebrity, intelligence, myth…

  19. I don’t like Lena Dunham. It irks me that she’s a rich girl whose family connections (Judd Apatow) landed her a TV show when there are far superior writers/actresses struggling out there, and it bothers me that she’s made clueless comments about racial issues. But it is ridiculous that she is being picked on for being fat and has to come out and defend her body like this – and Howard Stern is being a d!ck here, plus his rape comment was very odd. Lena is not a model, she is an actress who plays an autobiographical character so it’s ok for her to be chubby!

  20. I have no idea who this lady is but it seems she is very self concious and covers it by making jokes and putting other people down. Not a fan

  21. I have no idea who this lady is but it seems to me that she is ver self concious of her weight and she makes jokes and puts other people down to make herself appear funny and like she doesnt care. Not a fan of her at all.

  22. I saw an episode of her show and I thought it was funny. But every time I’ve watch one since, I’ve found them less funny and just… gross. Lena is a VERY unattractive girl (no makeup on the show) and her body is very unfit and dumpy for someone her age. And I know this because she is naked in every episode. What’s the point of that?

  23. what stern said is despicable … We need more ” fat little girls” taking off their clothes on tv …YES WE DO!! because the standard of beauty is f ridiculous and dangerous.. Stern makes my stomach turn he is disgusting. I don’t mind seeing different body types on tv i think it makes for a refreshing change to the usual monotonous anorexic/bulimic standard to look up to. Look at Emma stone, 3 years ago she was vivacious and sexy with a normal body now she is just bones.. And to stern I would say ” Have you looked in the mirror lately”?

  24. Honestly, when I think of Lena Dunham I think of the annoying hipster who thinks they are slightly intellectually above everyone and on a new “cool” wavelength when in actuality they are just a rich kid playing a role that they can quit anytime. I watch the show on and off and it seems like it is only mostly HER character that is always exposing herself. Like geez cover it up sometimes Lena, we get it you are proud of your body, but the pointless nudity is so unnecessary like the latest expose where she took her dress off and exposed her bum just to climb on the guy’s bed and the guy wasn’t in the scene anymore…like really…unnecessary. So I can see why people find her pretentious and annoying.

    • There is plenty of pointless nudity in film/tv etc. with attractive thin women. I think people on unnerved because she isn’t standardly attractive or thin so people assume she shouldn’t be comfortable being nude on film. But I like that. She is annoying at times though.

      • True, but I don’t like pointless nudity REGARDless if the person in thin and deem “attractive” by society standards or fuller or “unattractive” by society standards to me that doesn’t make the show. There is a running joke that you see more of her nipples on the show than people of color so there is a point where it is a bit excessive for no reason.

  25. Just because the majority of Americans are obese doesn’t change what obesity is. There are far too many fat women nowadays who think they’re what’s real just because there’s a large number of them and that they’re at appropriate weights. Frankly, most of these women who think they’re not fat and just average passed average 50+lbs ago. And Lena, by all realistic and clinical definitions, is obese/fat. She isn’t morbidly obese, but obese nonetheless.

    By pushing against society’s harsh standard for all women to be unhealthily skinny (not to say all women who are uber thin are unhealthy, just that few women have that body without brutal means), women have met the other side. Now, they’re promoting unhealthy weight on the other end of the spectrum. I personally wish that everyone would stop obsessing over and talking about weight – everyone would probably be a lot happier. It’s the fact that we put such an emphasis on weight that these issues exist to begin with. Everyone should just strive to be healthy and happy. Of all the characteristics a person has, weight is probably one one of the least important.

  26. Well you can be pleasantly plump and beautiful. The few popular names that fit this would be Christina Hendricks, Adele,Beyonce, Kate Winslet, Rob Lowey etc…but is only plump and nt beautiful/cute. She does not carry it well with tatoos, stained set of teeth which are nt str and short hair.

  27. WWWHOOOO CAREESSS about her body size?! She’s friggen hilarious and “Girls” is an awesome show.
    I love her and that’s that.

    • Agree, her show is one of my favorites too! Love it, love the characters and their authenticity. And it is probably the opposite of shows like gossip girl. But I understand why it is so controversial discussed, it is really unusual in many ways.

  28. I was going to say something about her comments but then I saw the close-ups of her eyes and forgot. HOLY HELL THEY ARE THE MOST AMAZING SHADE OF BROWN!

  29. mais qu’est ce qu’on s’en branle qu’elle soit grosse et moche.
    I’m french and when she talks about detroit i just assumed there were fat people there not black nor anything.
    I see certain persons talking about accepting yourself about the way you look, the way you are blah blah. ANd just because she’s not the proportion you dreamed she’s ugly.
    Pfff, i’m happy with my body, i do look better than her, but i’m not gonna say she’s ugly ’cause she’s not, she is always smiling, nice eyes nice haircut, nice welcoming face. She is “charmante”. But i guess it is what differentiate french women and american women, the charm and not plain simple beauty.

    Sur ce salut!

    • I SO agree!! I am italian and I guess fro this point of view italians and french people are similar! Being charming is so much more important than just having pretty features. A pretty face with no personality does nothing to me, while an interesting face, even if technically less cute, can stay in my mind for days!

      Thumbs up for charming ladies!

  30. I think she was just trying to be humorous in her comment about detroit. While it was probably not right, I think she was trying to say that even if Stern did call her fat, that she isn’t fat. I live in an area where I see many, many bigger people than her and so in her comment, yes she is right about being ‘thin’ for some areas.

  31. First of all I’m from the midwest and have been to Detroit and I would not think of her as thin from my area or from Detroit. Secondly, even if she WAS considered thin in Detroit, it’s really not a fair comparison. Many working-class people who don’t have the time/money to worry about their weight when they are just trying to provide for themselves, much less money to hire a trainer and nutritionist. She could be thin if she wanted, she’s just lazy.

  32. I am going to sound really mean and like haterish, but I am just speaking my mind right now.

    This girl is just SO annoying. She is like obsessed with talking about her weight and how she just doesnt care and eats all she cans. STOP IT ALREADY.
    She sounds so unhealthy FIRST OF ALL. She has just such an ugly face, ugly figure, shes very vulgar and shes just trying to be edgy and different just to get some attention. SHE SUDDENLY CAME FROM UNDER THE GROUND AND IS SO COOL, wtf?
    At the golden globes I was just like so annoyed when she couldnt walk in her shoes, like OMG.

  33. This girl is seriously the most unattractive, obnoxious, annoying creature I can ever imagine… She’s not obese, true, but I swear ALL the female celebrities out there who are heavier, even much heavier than her have a better body shape.. most of them also knows how to dress her figure. But this…. this……. can she just go away?

  34. I dont like the vibe/attitude she gives off – trying to rebel / be all IDGAF since she doesnt fit the typical mold. That being said, I do think it is ridiculous that men can be average or below average looking and not have their appearance made a big deal of but if a woman is like Lena for example… it is a HUGE deal. OMG, a female that is famous who isnt attractive and actually became famous for something other then appearance?

    • true! there are so many male actors who are fat and they suck but nobody gives a sh**t, but when its about woman..lets throw stones on that imperfect b*tch cause she dares to be happy !

  35. when it is like :”i like my body”, “this is my show”, “i refuse to let myself be under the pressure of losing weight”, “i can go naked as much as the skinny girls and there’s no shame in it” it was good.
    but lena,you are not thin. i don’t care about people of detroit because is not by using comparisons that you can change a fact. you are overweight,not obese but not in your good shape. you can say that and keep living and doing and being happy as usual. but you are not thin at all. the sad part is not being fat but not to have a rational mind

  36. I like the show Girls. I really do. I don’t think it’s some ingenious show full of revelations about youth today but in my opinion it is entertaining, even though I can’t really relate to a bunch of broke young women living in new york. It is funny and it is entertaining (although a little bit icky at some times, and sometimes I feel like the characters are too extreme).

    The other 3 main characters I think are absolutely stunning. They also have AMAZING figures. (@Versus, do you think you could do a post on any of them??)

    And I never ever ever call a body type unfortunate, but before I even read comments about unfortunate body types on SkinnyVsCurvy I remember watching Girls and thinking “wow, Lena has a really unfortunate body type” and imo she still does. She carries her weight oddly; she’s like a mixture of an apple and a pear who also has really really small breasts. It seems like mostly all of her weight is in her stomach or her legs and it does look a little odd to me when she is naked on screen.

    Still, I like Lena; she seems clever and funny and I like that she is proud of herself and not in a mess because others dislike her figure.

    I do not always like her quotes about weight though; it’s not good to put thin body types down. But overall I like her confidence and that she knows that there are much more important things in life than beauty.

    Also I can’t stop watching Girls now because Donald Glover is on the show and there is a good chance I’ll see him naked and ahahfdiushguaishdasufhasifjasfuhasifajsfidGHDUGSHG i love him

  37. I love her!
    I find her so smart, adorable, charming, and naturally herself. The show is brilliant and the most refreshing show on television.

  38. She needs a professional plastic surgeon.

    She looks like she is trying too hard to be edgy, immature and cute.

    Her look doesn’t match.

    It seems incongruous.

    She needs to be a women and stop acting like a child

  39. i wached her show and i think its very good and i can very much relate to it although i live in europe and my parents are not so wealthy. i loved her boyfriend in 1 season it really reminds me of my 1st love and i can find similarities in her friends too and the fun we had in our early 20s. i think when it comes to look not very attractive but i dont care cause i also think she is talented.

  40. Ol’ attention seeker. I see what she did there, she made a comment that would be considered racially motivated so Blacks would give her a negative backlash and she’d get even more attention. I’m not from Detroit but my parents moved from there and my grandparents still live there and I visit them all the time and she’d be considered fat there as well because she doesn’t have a shape, ass, or breast so she’s not “thick”.

    • She’s one of those overweight women who justify it by claiming at least they have an a– when actually they have none. Some “skinny” girls actually have more ass, like Candice, for example.

  41. Holy hell, she’s only 26 but looks around 46 to me. Being overweight is even more aging than being too thin. She’s not an unattractive girl, but she might look younger if she lost 30lb (and lazered off those dreadful tattoos).

  42. I wonder if she’s ever actually been to Detroit? I’m from Detroit and not everyone here is overweight. It’s disappointing Detroit is always being thrown under the bus. It may not be the best place, but its not an armpit as another user commented, and she’d be considered overweight here, too. And of more important note, she’d be considered rude and annoying.

  43. Pretty girl, in my opinion, especially her eyes and hair style. She may be a little overweight but she doesn’t strike me as particularly unhealthy, and she certainly rocks what she has. No fat shaming from me!

  44. I’m not from Detroit, but I AM from Milwaukee, which gets a lot of fat jokes too.

    Honey, you’d be fat here too. It’s not that there is a “Milwaukee thin” or a “Detroit thin,” we just have more obese people walking around. (Err, scooting around.) But the hot chicks are still slender.

    She doesn’t have to be bone thin, but I think she could stand to work out. And I’m sorry, but she has Rumer Willis syndrome. Super unattractive, but mommy bought her a career.

    And even if you want to stay fat, MY GOD GIRL, tweeze your brows and get a better stylist!

  45. She’s just another pretentious hipster who shoves her “I don’t care about the mainstream” views in everyone’s face.
    I’m betting that if she could be skinny she would be, hence the reason she keeps forcing everyone to believe she’s okay with being overweight.

  46. Ok… seriously this is not meant to be offensive, but is she maybe a lesbian? I’m just wondering because she seems to go out of her way to look really unattractive and even sometimes masculine. She definitely is not wearing the dress at the GG – it’s wearing her. There are plenty of overweight women – in Hollywood and worldwide – who still are very attractive. They just know how to dress and style their hair/makeup. Her pixie cut does NOTHING for her! You don’t have to be obsessed with looks and only flaunt your looks in order to understand the value of looking reasonably attractive and well-dressed in an outfit that works for your body type in public! What would people think if lawyers came to court looking all schlumpy and disheveled in ill-fitting clothes?

  47. I’m a bit late joining this conversation, but I really want to put this out there. It’s funny to me that everyone is always posting snarky comments about Lena Dunham’s physical appearance and never acknowledges her success. At 26, she has established a career people twice her age would be envious of. Writing, directing and starring in a hit television show and doing the same with various films is a stupendous feat! (And I think her sense of humor is golden! Let’s stop the hypocrisy for just a minute people, how many of you have NEVER made a joke like the one above? Exactly.) As a fourteen year-old girl who is force fed “celebrities” like the Kardashians and drowned in the idea that my goal in life should be to look like a Victoria’s Secret model, it is refreshing to see someone like Lena Dunham (who is adorable and NOT fat btw) setting a positive example by encouraging me, and so many other girls, to be comfortable in our own skin.

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  50. It’s too bad so much is made of Lena’s weight. Does anyone point out that even with all of his plastic surgery Howard Stern is a very homely guy? Does it matter to his career? At least on the show Girls the characters look as real people do, not the Hollywood ideal of how people should look. Get over it, she’s created a great show that obviously people are loving.

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