Lena Dunham Talks Body Image and Fashion


On being told by a stylist that sample sized women were easier to dress:

“I’m like, ’Don’t say that to me.’ I mean, I have a fine sense of self esteem so I’ll be OK, but if you say that to another girl, she’ll literally go throw herself in front of a car. (Worrying about my body) is not, like, my area. Sometimes I will be like, ‘I feel bloated or outside myself today.’ But it’s so funny; sometimes I’ll see a picture of myself and be like, ’Oh, that’s not my best angle,’ but I just carry on.’’

On the fact that she loves fashion:

“I’m not saying I am a great candidate for the cover of a fashion magazine. But I do love clothes. People are always surprised to hear that – they think I walk around in a washcloth or something. I do think it takes fashion magazines a minute to be comfortable with variations of any kind. Adele is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but every time I see her on the cover, it’s like a crop of her face and it’s just so boring at this point. It’s such a boring conversation.’’

… says 27 year-old Lena.

Remember when Lena said that looking like a VS model ‘must be a burden’?

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88 thoughts on “Lena Dunham Talks Body Image and Fashion”

  1. Not a fan of Lena, her writing, acting, figure, or fashion.

    Also surprised to hear she loves fashion. Often she looks frumpy. She’s good friends with designer Zac Posen, maybe she should ask for tips. The best I’ve seen her look was in a Posen gown on the red carpet.

  2. Urgh. Can’t stand her. She’s full of herself and her “style” is an insult to anyone who actually cares for fashion. She doesn’t style anything, she just throws sth on and (in 99% of the cases) looks awful and it’s just really unflattering.
    My aunt is like twice her size and still manages to dress her age, be stylish and have fun variations and find stuff that flatters her figure.
    Lena just looks like a cheap (sorry) trailer park girl who found some expensive stuff and put it on, because you know, it fit – kinda – and why not and hey let’s show the world how cool I can be!
    (And the tattoo screams trash!)

    • Wow, you have a lot of hate inside of you!

      I actually think it’s very refreshing to hear someone like Lena, instead of all the size 0 propaganda.

      • Call it hate, call it jealousy – as soon as you utter criticism, it’s anything, just not what it’s supposed to be: an obersavtion.
        I don’t hate her, why should I? I don’t know the woman. True, I don’t like her, but hate would be too much.
        I also think the size 0 hype has to stop and apparently you didn’t get my point: Confidence and being bigger are good.
        But Lena bashes anyone below her size, always points out how happy and awesome she is and in this interview talks about how she likes fashion. Well, I don’t see it. She doesn’t dress well.
        Objectively speaking (well, that is as objectively as a person can speak), she’s neither stylish nor respectful towards girls who actually are slimmer by nature. To her, size 0 is not acceptable. To me any size is respectable, but ignorance and arrogance aren’t.

        • Every woman should feel good about herself! We should uplift and celebrate all body shapes and sizes, but it you read all of Lena’s comments concerned thinner women than herself (or anyone who happens to care/put effort into their appearance) they’re all full of backhanded compliments and condescending “pity”…it’s very unbecoming and turned me from a potential fan to a so-called “hater”. She is obnoxious and patronizing. Both not very becoming traits

          • This. Exactly. “Don’t say that to me. I mean, I’m confident and strong, shop I can take it, but any other woman would look herself because no one else is as strong and confident as me.”

            I’m not sure how I would’ve felt about her looks if I’d never heard her comments or the hype about her show before I’d seen her, but she is so ugly to me. Not necessarily body wise, but in the face. I find nothing redeeming about her. I wonder if her attitude was like that before all of the success and praise.

        • I’m really wondering what your references are on Lena Dunham. If it’s this site: yeah of course then all you read about her is about her size and confidence. That’s what this site is about.
          Honestly I also don’t really see the style thingy, but I’ve seen worse than how she’s dressed. If she says she likes clothes and dressing herself up I believe her. It’s just not my taste.

        • Why is a size 0 seen as “unrealistically small” anyway? It isn’t as if it calls for a 22″ waist. No, it merely calls for a 24-25″ waist depending on the manufacturer – and nope, not a vanity-sized zero. A zero. From Neiman Marcus to Old Navy … 0s just aren’t that tiny.

          To put things into perspective, a size 0 is what a size 6 was into the late ’80s – and no one had a PC problem with a size 6 being too tiny then. I think people just knee-jerk a terrified reaction to the 2013 size number itself, rather than the attainable dimensions the 0 actually calls for.

          Stop giving it power. It isn’t all that to begin with.

      • I really agree with you sanne!it shouldnt be the exception that someone whi is not a size 0-4 walks around comfortably and shows that you don’t have to be ashamed to show your body and wear the styles you wanna wear!it’s refreshing and she shouldn’t be slated for it!people should look up to that!

    • And Angelina jolie, Gwyneth paltrow, Adam Levine, Penelope Cruz, Charlie sheen, ed sheeran, Darren criss, and on and on. Just because someone is wealthy doesn’t mean they aren’t talented. And for every celeb who started famous, there’s one who started poor. And, no, they aren’t all talented. Sure we have the Kardashians, but we also have honey boo boo.

      • Didn’t say they weren’t talented, but talent doesn’t negate that their parents’ money got them where they are. Jolie, Sheen, Paltrow are products of nepotism since they had parents in the industry. I don’t know about Levine or Criss. Many of these people wouldn’t have gotten their big breaks or careers without money or nepotism, like the Willis girls as models or Emma Roberts as an actress.

    • And Dakota Johnson…soon to appear in Fifty Shades of Gray.
      Nepotism is now a crata on the highway to success for aspiring and truely talented ‘ordinary’ people.It’s appalling and extremely unfair,cos there are abundant of talents out there waiting to be tapped.Yet all we get are rich kids desperately grabbing onto the legendary legacy of their parents for attention and ‘progress’.Whether they be competent or not,it doesn’t matter.

      • There is so much better fresher talent out there, but it will be tossed aside for some mediocre talent who has mommy and daddy pulling strings in the industry. I think the Willis girls are great examples, I’ve seen Rumor’s acting…it’s cold fish at best. The idea that both Rumor and Scout model is ridiculous, if they were not Hollywood offspring I’m certain their dreams of modeling would have ended at the starting line.

  3. I think it is refreshing that she has good self-esteem… her parents really did something right. Its kind of ironic that she seems to love herself more that supermodels and people that have the “perfect body”. She is just happy how she is and I find that inspiring.

    I know a lot of people dont like her, but I love her! 🙂

  4. Her image us carefully crafted. She’s under contract not to lose weight yet, this is her shtick. Every body knows Lena Dunham is not beatiful or even close to it. If she was secure she wouldn’t say it so often.

      • you’re right, i wasn’t thinking. I was just typing. I was trying to talk about what Tracy Anderson said about her, that she’s not allowed to get fit YET.

    • I doubt she’s under contract to not lose weight (she’s the producer/director). More likely she’s simply capitalizing on a niche role (chubby awkward white girl). She gets more attention this way and she knows it.

  5. the point is this one: I would like not to care about my appereance or being ugly and just enjoy clothes and other stuff,but I don’t want to look like Lena in any way! and she says here she’s feeling that way. I also can’t stand lena’s personality as it is shown in her work.

    I will always thank miley cyrus for showing me how the uncomfortable-disgust-shamely feeling can come from a skinny girl(and actually from one with a very amazing fit model-like body)’s appereance just as well.
    lena and miley are giving me the same kind of vibes, and I’m scared of look like them both. thank you miley for demonstrating is not just a fat thing.thank u.

  6. I haven’t seen her show and I’ve never seen her in interviews so I have no idea if she’s talented or not. But these quotes indicate that she’s very insecure about the way she looks. I find it hard to believe she’s really into fashion. She makes poor choices when it comes to clothes and dressing for her body type.

  7. I have very conflicting thoughts about Lena. I can’t quite decide if what she says is a meaningful, true statement from her, if it’s sarcasm, or if it’s a PC answer that has been crafted by herself (or her team) to seem “relatable” to the everyday, slightly frumpy, sorta overweight women of America that are increasing in numbers as we blog. She can say, do, wear, whatever, I don’t care…just make GIRLS entertaining again, and make Marnie show her t—-s, hahaha.

  8. I don’t know her or have any particular opinion on her, but from most of the quotes I’ve seen of hers I actually like them. So what if she has confidence beaming out of her. Just because she is not the ideal body at this point in time in the media, doesn’t mean she can’t love herself and think she is hot s—. Miranda Kerr is as smug as they come and loves her self to pieces it seems, yet that’s ok because she is ‘ideal’ at the moment? That’s insane and such a double standard over something so superficial that people have not much control over, except if they resort to some serious surgery. This isn’t just a weight loss thing.

    Also, I agree that there should be more variation. The only variations in the fashion industry seem to be: tall and very thin -HF, tall and still very thin (bust slightly less shockingly thin and with big pushed up breasts) – VS/ SI, tall and more plump than the average woman – Plus size. … that’s it. That’s all the women that have ever crossed the face of the Earth’s body types covered lol.

    Also, just because Lena may not wear what is ‘fashionable’ doesn’t mean she doesn’t likes clothes?! Where do people get these ideas? I LOVE clothes…but I am in no way fashionable, nor would my body look good in half the fashions out there. Plus, it doesn’t interest me when every girl is walking around the city in the same clothes. Only to buy the same wardrobe as each other the next season. Nothing against people into fashion, but c’mon, just because it’s hot one minute doesn’t mean that people not wearing it don’t love clothes too. Just different clothes.

    • I agree solaxia. I don’t like Lena’s show at all and I think she can come across as very out of touch and entitled, but I tend to agree with her quotes about self esteem and body image.

      She seems to have a healthy opinion of herself, even though she knows she’s not the ideal and has probably heard a million times that she’s a bit fat and frumpy! I’m sue she’s had many compliments too – she’s not ugly, imo! Why should she hang her head and feel bad about herself or constantly talk about the body parts she doesn’t like and would change (like so many much more conventionally attractive celeb women do)?

      We seem to encourage false-modesty in women – to the point where I know women who *cannot* accept a compliment of any sort, even just about their clothes. Me: “That’s a pretty blouse – really suits you!” Friend: “Oh, this blouse is okay, but my b❆❆bs are too low and my arms are flabby”. You literally can’t tell them anything positive without them throwing a negative in there! I think that’s sad! A couple of times a stranger has said to me “you’re really pretty” and I’ve said “thanks!” – and blushed….a lot! But it made me feel good and why should I not accept their opinion? I have plenty of flaws and I am in no way conceited about my appearance, but if someone wants to say something nice to me without getting anything out of it – I’m going to take that for the rare gem it is! When women have to go into specifics to refute a compliment, they look insecure – and kind of dishonest, imo.

      Anyway, Lena is far from ugly, imo, but her fashion sense generally sucks! I mean, for her body type and colouring this dress is bad – it’s a nice dress and could look stunning on someone else, but it’s not for her. I can totally believe she loves clothes, but loving clothes and knowing what suits you are two different things!

    • “Miranda Kerr is as smug as they come and loves her self to pieces”

      You really just hate Miranda Kerr don’t you? any chance you get you bad mouth her. But to say she is “smug” is stupid how on earth can you say she is “smug” just from looking at her pictures? It doesn’t surprise me that erica agrees with you either. It’s funny how the pair of you find models so “unattractive” yet think Lena is “attractive”. Nobody in their right mind would think that. You both sound bitter and insecure. Putting down obviously attractive women like Miranda Kerr and praising obviously unattractive women like Lena says a lot about you two. Erica seems to think she is better looking than everyone. but if she and you were so secure you wouldn’t bash hot women every day of the week. You prefer Lena because she is non-threatening, while Miranda and women like her makes you feel bad about yourself, so you bad mouth them to make yourselves feel better.

      • I think Miranda Kerr is beautiful – as evidenced by the fact that on most posts about her I point out how attractive I think she is! I think there was one time when I thought she looked too straight up and down for a particular dress and you probably took exception to that and will not forget it.
        You try so hard to put me in a box – but I just don’t fit like you want!

        I don’t think Lena is attractive – I just don’t think she’s ugly, they’re different things! I just think it’s good that she doesn’t hate herself because she doesn’t look like a VS model. Miranda Kerr has every right to think she is beautiful – she’d be one of those women I think are insecure and dishonest if she went around putting herself down. It can come across as smug, but no more so than how Lena talks about herself – it’s positive to have healthy self esteem, whether others think you’re hot or not.
        Thank goodness I have some self esteem and can’t be knocked down by the likes of you and your constant stalking/bullying of my comments! 🙂

  9. Yes, Lena. We know. You love yourself. You are so awesome and existential, and there’s no one else like you in the whole entire universe, you beautiful snowflake, you. The rest of the world is simply humbled by your contributions.

    The more I read words that have haphazardly fallen out of her mouth, the more I dislike her.

    • Amen! You put words to exactly why I don’t like her and why I’m not interested in her show. She’s just another UNIQUE hipster kid that crams their ONE-OF-A-KINDness down your throat. I live in a university artsy-fartsy town, I see this schtick every day. I’m close in age to a lot of these girls (25) but can’t really relate to any of itthus ‘Girls’ isn’t my cup o’ tea.a and neither is Lena (who, btw, I don’t consider to be monstrously talented anyways). a

    • Thank you! I live in Portland, OR, so… Portlandia. I see ‘her’ every darn day. The super special, talented, self important hipster kid and I are old foils.

  10. Not to be cruel or anything but whenever I see a photo of Lena,I can’t help but think her body has a potential to look really better.If only she could lose some weight.
    And to be honest i find her pretty and feel she isn’t making the most of her natural beauty.
    Although sometimes she comes across as concieted,she seems like a friendly person.

  11. Just too weird, white trash. I thought I was watching Jerry Springer the other day, with her on this show. Public likes watching weird things, thats why shes famous

    • I ask this out of genuine curiosity- i’ve heard people say that they don’t relate to her show- its weird etc. What do you prefer to watch. :/ I’m not looking to start any argument i just want to know.:)

  12. If she loves fashion she should dress a bit sharper. Also her hair is of a middle aged woman who’s bitter and disappointed in her life. Dunham talks always about the same stuff. I don’t like her personality at all. Looks even less.

  13. i love her show, so refreshing! its my early 20s literally, and my parents werent close to ritch and i live in europe.. and what would we supposed to watch instead.. mean girls or gossip girls.. lol, my iq is stil bit higher than that, tnx..
    as for her looks, i dont care, i dont think actresses are supposed to look like models, its so stupid and boring.

    • Okay, so my IQ is low because I watch Gossip Girl, 90210 etc? Oh well, I beg to differ..

      As for Lena. Can’t stand her. It’s cool that she’s confident or whatever, but she should stop reminding us about it. In my opinion, she’s below average and she seems awfully arrogant.

    • I’m I’m my mid twenties. Just because I have a v—- does not obligate me to watch shows that consist of others who also have the same anatomical parts as me facing the struggles I and the producers/writers imagine myself facing. I don’t watch girls. I don’t watch gossip girl, and don’t think bears on intelligence. But, I don’t find it intrinsically necessary to ‘relate’ to my protagonists, unless it’s on an intellectual level. I like: The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Archer, The Venture Bros., and, when I need my ‘female problems’ fix, I’ll watch Korean Dramas. There are some very good ones that are more intelligent, though, like Iris and the more melodramatic City Hunter.
      As per Lena: she is the most self indulgent, narcissistic, hipster that has ironically pranced herself out of New York in a long time. I deal with too many people just like her on a day to day basis to ever find her unique or talented. She is every single art student raised by pseudo liberal, pseudo intellectual, supportive helicopter parents that I’ve encountered growing up in Portlandia and have neither the time or patience for her shtick, or her voice of a generation need to relate to every white woman under 30.
      Maybe elsewhere, she’s really something, but where I’m from, she’s just one of the homogenous throng, neither unique or talented. I dislike her for these reasons, not because she’s unattractive and over weight but has a ‘healthy’ *cough narcissist* self-esteem. That’s also why I find her contrived as opposed to smart.

    • Have to agree with most of your comment. I did however find myself watching shows like GG,90210 and the works when i had a lot of work stress in my life and needed some form of distraction from all of it. Of course when i watch such shows now that my brains not already swamped- i want to break my TV. O_O

  14. I love Lena. I think she gets such unfair hate on this site. She is an average sized girl who is very happy with herself, is in a healthy relationship, and just happens to be very successful.

    Whether or not her parents helped her get where she is besides the point, I am sure most of our parents helped paid for college, but we are still the ones who went to class.. everyone’s parents help them out, don’t be mad because hers are way richer than yours.

    All these people saying her show sucks and she is annoying, lets see you write a hit show, even if you had her parents, I bet you couldn’t.

    Truthfully, I see a lot of jealousy instead of true criticism. Its like we are so mad that someone we consider uglier or heavier than us can actually be successful and like herself.

    I thinks she is great. Would I rather look like Blake Lively, sure, but I think Lena Dunham is genuine, and I actually think she is happy with her size and doesn’t want to change herself, and that is rare in this world. I wish I could stop wanting to look different than I do, and for that, I am jealous of Lena, because I actually think she has no interest in being anyone other than herself, and that is what makes her original.

    • You know, I couldn’t. My problems aren’t ‘will my mom or dad finance my living even after graduation?’ or ‘does the hott guy want to have sex with me?’ Beyond the ‘oops, am I pregnant?’ (who hasn’t?) my concerns are a bit less marketable, and I’m more than okay with that. I’m not jealous of her success, but I find the praise unwarranted. She’s not uniquely talented, and I stand by that.

        • It didn’t sound snarky 🙂 Very intelligent. We will have to agree to disagree.

          I too, know the type you are talking about. I lived in a fine arts dorm in college, and I was surrounded by girls in their cat eye glasses who were vegan for a week and shopped at thrift stores because it was the “cool” thing to do, and went to poetry readings and saw bands at coffee shops. But, there were also some genuinely interesting and smart people who did those things not because it was a shtick, but because those things actually appealed to them, and I feel like Lena is one of those… It is possible to be hipster art student without being contrived.

          For the record, I love both Girls and Gossip Girl, but Game of Thrones is right up top for me.

          I am a thirty year old married University instructor, but in Girls, I felt the problems and experiences, I could relate to or have faced.. I think a lot of women in their twenties face the same problems Hannah does in Girls, given she is a caricature and greatly exaggerated.. I still think almost all of us can say we have been unemployed, or stabbed a friend in the back, or slept with a guy who demeaned you because you wanted him to like you, and while it isn’t necessary to relate to the protagonists, I think it is fun to be able to. Luckily, we haven’t all worn rompers on a daily basis that go straight up our butt cracks.

          • To me, she is those vegan girls at your former dorm; I don’t feel like she is genuine as Lena herself, her characters, as you said, are relate-able as they are broad caricatures of people and archetypes we recognize. I will concede that. It’s funny that we both know the ‘type’ that we are talking about, but disagree on whether or not she is the real deal, or that ‘type.’ Just the way she phrases things makes it hard for me to find her genuine; maybe she has foot in mouth syndrome, but it comes off as arrogant and narcissistic to me rather than self-actualized. I’m glad she likes herself, it’s good to have people in the media that like themselves and can assert their strong points, but I feel like she doesn’t think she has any faults, and that she truly sees herself as the voice of the generation. Maybe it’s that lack of humility that I can’t accept, or that I like my generational voices reclusive, locked away in their tortured artist tower where all of the stones were forged from self loathing and disdain for the world. Maybe Lena is too perky for me. Haha. I’ll actually have to examine that aspect of it.

      • I agree with you MH. Yes Lena has a hit show, but the Kardashians have like 3; Americans love watching dumb train wrecks (Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lo). Not that Lena is a train wreck by any means, but it’s disingenuous to pretend she’s huge talented. She admits her characters in Girls/Tiny Furniture are based on herself so she’s not really acting. Her writing is a very narrow range (rich white urban hipsters, aka herself) and most college kids could write as well as her. I think Tina F. is a better example of a female writer/actress who produced her own show. Of course producing her own show at 26 makes her unique. But I find her persona tiresome. Not sure if she’s genuine or capitalizing on it for publicity.

        • I’m certain it’s ‘genuine’ in the sense that she has artist / writer parents that worked to make her feel special and more creative and insightful than those around her, which imo created a self involved arrogance and grandiose illusions about her own voice and world experience that we may have missed out on, if, say, she had been on the swim team or in horticulture club too, to be more grounded. I don’t think encouraging creativity is wrong at all. I’m dating a artist. But I feel it can breed feelings of superiority over fellow man to push to instill it, which I take a point with. And that’s the vibe I get from her, that she is supposed to be creative because her family is and she’s been told she’s creative and has a unique tone and voice and perspective.
          So, I think she’s as genuine as a kid who was told she’s a special little snow flake can be in her idea of self. I disagree that she’s creative and talented.
          That was convoluted, haha. Sorry, Serena!

          • I dont know who you are but I am loving your comments! Lena reminds me of a girl I used to study with doing drama it was obvious that her parents had told her she was a little star and the best actress to the point were she felt she didn’t have to rehearse she was just that good needless to say she was never as good as she thought. I am trying to get through the first series of girls but all I can see is spoiled children trying to act like adults maybe its because I’ve grown up skint,that your parents can’t always pay for you and that as soon as you hit 18 your a responsible adult and you have to act like it. Sorry rant over! On a side note she needs to learn to dress herself.

    • Again, the thing I like most about Lena isn’t her show or her personality, and I don’t the greatest thing about her is her talent.

      I think it is refreshing that she likes herself, and I don’t think she is being insincere in how much she likes herself.

      In all honesty, most people on the street would say I am a fair bit more attractive than Lena, but I still spend tons of time focusing on how I could look better or be more attractive, or what plastic surgery I would get if I could afford it, so I find it great that she seems to not care about that stuff, even in the face of thousands of people who don’t know her giving her suggestions on weight loss or saying she needs breast implants. If I had her money, I can’t say I wouldn’t have given in by now, and dressed the way all the women on this site seem to think she should, lost the weight, grown out the hair.

  15. I never get why some women try so hard to look unattractive. That’s what Lena does… she wears the most unflattering clothes for her body type and gives herself a boy haircut. She has the money, so I don’t get why she doesn’t try to make herself as attractive as possible. Get a trainer and lose 30 lbs. She would look so much better. Her b❆❆bs also don’t match her frame..they would like fine if she was skinny. If she’s going to stay this size, I think she should get implants.

    • A little harsh with the implant suggestion, lol. Though I would get them myself.

      It’s funny how the people rolling in dough are usually the ones who turn up to events looking like they rolled in the dumpster before getting there. I understand not flaunting your wealth, but at least brush your damn hair. I’ve been to fancy gatherings where you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at some of them that they were well-heeled. No makeup, sloppy clothes… I don’t get it.

      • Okay, maybe the implant comment was a bit harsh but I was just being honest lol. I really would love implants myself. But if she was thinner, I wouldn’t have suggested implants. It’s just that her small b❆❆bs look so disproportionate to her body.

    • Her small b❆❆bs are one of the few things I like about her. As I struggled through the season, the only nice thing I had to say was ‘she has perky small boobs.’
      Other than that, I think the broader stroke of your sentiment resides in this hypothesis my sister has about hipsters. She thinks they try to be unattractive so they can say they did it in purpose, but that they were unattractive to begin with. I don’t agree with her on the ‘to begin with’ clause, but definitely believe it’s supposed to be an ironic anti-establishment scene steal move sometimes to garner attention for their ‘point’ or ‘message.’ A message you’ll only receive if they decide you’re cool enough, which most of us won’t be, because we’re so third dimension, and they’re soooo meta.

      • I’m certain she’s always had enough money to make herself ‘conventionally’ attractive if she had wanted to (i personally disagree with the notion that she should feel she has to be prettier just because she is a woman or a figure head), but I’m also certain she has parents who ‘worked to foster her creative spirit’ as well. Meaning she’s been told she is perfect just the way she is and that she is very very very special her entire life. Not that encouraging self efficacy is bad, but too much creates a self involved, narcissistic monster with a superiority complex imho.

  16. Why you have a problem with her…? 😀 I think she is beautiful in her own way! I respect her self esteem and I wish I would be more confident (like her for example)! But… I’m not… I was raised watching perfect, skinny & toned Britney and beautiful actresses (again, all very skinny…) and I can get rid of thinking that ‘skinny’ is beautiful… For me is skinny still a beauty standard. 🙁 So, why not for a change say ‘Go girl, you are bautiful! Thank you for showing us that we are also perfectly ok, just the way we are!’…?

    I’m not a fan of her dressing style, but I would never say ‘She would look better If she had 15lbs less’ or even worse, ‘she should get implants’!!

    (And I apologize for grammar mistakes… My first language is Slovene 😉

  17. I’m so jealous of her self-confidence… At this point I don’t know who I envy more, flawless models or Lena Dunham. She is probably happier than most people simply because she accepts herself the way she is.

  18. I like what she represents, but I dont like her. She’s a little too narcissistic, arrogant and full of herself, personality wise. But I like that she represents diversity in Hollywood, especially for women.

  19. I love this woman., Watching her tv show show’s character makes me feel like i should be more confident about myself. I love her personality in interviews! She’s just corky naturally as opposed to Zoey Deschanoel (so?) who tries too hard. (in my opinion)

  20. Haha, thank you. I’m just a girl with the flu this week. I feel like we’ve all encountered the pseudo intellectual/artist at some point, but I live in Portland where a show has been made just to mock how many hipsters and pseudo intellectual creative posers with whatever the latest food allergy tend is that we have here. I feel in my element critiquing the mediocrity of her talent because I see people like her doing the things she’s doing every day, whether I actively seek out or not. The girl in theatre with you seems insufferable but I’m not surprised I’m the least, honestly. I really believe the special snow flake parenting method has a lot do with it. It makes me fear parenthood haha.

  21. I am shocked by how much stupid hatred this woman gets. She’s not writing for all women under 30; she’s writing about a particular kind of experience. She’s funny, has sharp observations, what? Just because she’s drawing from her life doesn’t mean she’s ‘not acting’ or writing, lol. That’s all any artist can do, is transform what they see and feel. It sucks that just because she’s female, she has to take crap like this (from other women). As for arrogance, ha. It’s a good thing. No one made anything interesting happen through humility.

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