Lorde Talks About Her Struggles with Acne

wenn33641239 - Lorde Talks About Her Struggles with Acne

On her struggles with acne:

For real though, acne sucks. You know what also sucks? When you’ve had acne for years and years and years, done all the drugs, tried all the things, and people are still like, ‘You know what worked for me, is moisturizing!’

For everyone out there who’s got bad skin — and actual bad skin, not just the kind of bad skin you can just use a fancy cream for for a few days and it will get better — I feel your pain. We’ll get there; we will. I promise.

… says 21 year-old Lorde.

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20 thoughts on “Lorde Talks About Her Struggles with Acne”

  1. Her forehead actually looks really good, as does the skin on her shoulders.
    I used to have acne, too, also mostly on lower part of face, neck and very unclear skin on shoulders and upper back. I wouldn’t want to wear tank tops or bikinis. While creams and antibiotics didn’t work, hormones worked for me, but I can’t stand their side effects. Luckily my skin vastly improved once I wasn’t a teenager anymore (well… I was around 22 I guess). My mother had adult acne until she got pregnant with me at age 42. It sucks enough by itself, so I don’t understand why people (with nice skin) pay so much attention and offer advice. Just pretend it’s normal, please. We generally don’t go about and tell fat/skinny/bald/handicapped people in their face what we think will alleviate their problem, not if they don’t ask us. They’ve usually tried everything possible by themselves already. At least having acne usually isn’t life threatening 🙂

  2. I’m the same age as her and I understand as having one zit makes me want to hide inside until it goes away, but normally I’m blessed with clear skin. I don’t find the acne on her to be anywhere as displeasing or hard to look at as that hair above her lip in that one photo. Also I think she should clean her eyebrows up more, thick full eyebrows don’t look good on everyone, especially if it’s almost a unibrow. I don’t think acne is her biggest aesthetic problem at all, as it’s not extremely noticeable with makeup. I feel like she needs a makeover but maybe it’s also refreshing that she has stayed true to herself and hasn’t gone down the plastic surgery road. She must have good people around her. I think she needs to make her hair more exciting though and cut down on facial hair. Anyway she seems very nice!

    • You can’t see the hair unless you have your phone’s light bright enough. I don’t understand all the thumb downs. You guys rip apart attractive looking celebs but guard the ones who aren’t, as if their feelings matter more. You can take care of hair, too much feminism around here.

      • “too much feminism around here.”

        That statement makes no sense in this context.

        Other than that, yeah, she could look better, but I got the feeling it’s not a priority to her.

      • I agree with your whole comment Pixie, both of them.
        Women on sites like this can be terribly hypocritical: slamming models and traditionally pretty actresses yet screaming female empowerment and self love when a less attractive celeb gets slammed. I noticed her moustache immediately, and I think Lorde looks haggard for her age– acne or not.

  3. Well, i had acne for years and yes! Moisturizing worked for me!
    As crazy and simple as that sounds.. I used all sort of treatments and i always thought i had oily skin but all those treatments just dried my skin, burning the blemishes and making my skin produce even more oil.
    what cleared my face 50% were contraceptive pills , after that pregnancy had a huge effect and cleared my face completely during pregnancy though, 3 months post giving birth, my face looked bad again. I started using moisturizing and found the perfect one for me, with hyaluronic acid ( used this in the past but didn’t work then) and now i have baby smooth face. No acne marks at all.
    Find the perfect moisturizing for you and your face will look sooo much better..

  4. i understand her self consciousness about it (we all have focus-flaws) but i couldn’t care less about her acne because grrrl is talented–and talent + acne is far better than flawless skin + no talent (like so many in the music industry/public spotlight). she’s beautiful to look at and listen to anyhow.

      • if BC works for you and you’re less prone to the side effects then great…but anyone reading this, be aware. there are side effects and they SUCK. (I was put on BC at age 15 and it screwed up my menstrual cycles/hormones and exacerbated my depression, so be aware–google away, my friends).

        • Yeah and it is terrible for the libido. If at all possible, avoid BC pill. It can be terribly destructive for many women.

          Also, poor Lorde. It looks as though it is the kind of acne that will subside with age as the hormones balance. Good luck to her and her skin doesn’t look too bad , in any case

          • Haha my libido raised 😀 Anyway, im not gonna take them for too long, but i had none negative sideeffects for now. Only good ones. Im takeing Qlaira from Bayer.

          • Hmm true there are def girls that have issues with it that’s true .. I remember being very sensitive to things and I switched to a less estrogen birth control and those problems went away. I’ve had friends who went nuts.

            But I honestly can’t remember any change in libido. I’m sorry you had to deal with that ugh.

  5. I did it all also. Took a low dose course of accutane….best decision ever! Worst side effect was chapped lips. Not only did it clear up my skin, reduce excess oil, shrink pores, but it also helped smooth out my mild textural issues and slight wrinkles (I’m only 34).
    Looking at her face, the upper lip hair does suggest hormonal issues. Sometimes diet can address it – clear up the liver. But if drives me crazy when people suggest giving up dairy or gluten. Does nada. It’s more about getting the right things than giving up stuff. Getting vitamins basically. And often you need to do that in conjunction with something like accutane and good skin care products. She’s probably done accutane anyway…

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