Meghan Trainor Talks Body Image


On Body Image:

“I definitely had issues with my body. I’d look at my butt in pants in the mirror and be upset, and my friends would comfort me and say, ‘You look great.’ But now I look at my butt in the mirror and go, ‘Yeahhhh I can work with this.’”

… says 21 year-old Meghan.

More photos of her next!


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11 thoughts on “Meghan Trainor Talks Body Image”

  1. They look those pictures at the top in the worst angle possible. I don’t find anythingreat special about her to be honest , she looks much older than her age.

  2. Honestly…I don’t see that many curves, she’s just a little bit bigger. I like the song, it’s catchy but I don’t think she’s pretty and she definitely looks much older than 21.

    • If she was attractive, would you find her more likable or something? Who cares if she’s not that good looking…if her looks were her worst trait, she might be more tolerable, lol. Unfortunately her real worst attribute is her god awful vacuous personality.

      • I didn’t write anything about liking or disliking her but whatever. I like the song, I don’t care about her and she’s not pretty to me, that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Looks have nothing to do with being likeable but okay, you read something I didn’t even write.

    • I know right, I’m 25 and assumed she was around 28 when I first saw her, never would have guessed she’s younger than me.

  3. I agree.
    I hope, for her own sake, that she fades into meaninglessness soon, because I’m not convinced she’s independent and confident enough to not be influenced by showbiz standards.

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