Meghan Trainor: “Every inch of you is perfect”

meghan-101314-1_0 - Meghan Trainor: "Every inch of you is perfect"

On her hit song All About That Bass:

When I wrote it, the words flew out of my mouth—I had the lyrics down in about 45 minutes. I hope the song helps girls love themselves more, because they’re adorable. Women too. We should all have a big banner, or maybe a neon sign, in our bedrooms: Every inch of you is perfect.

On how she was the thicker one among her friends:

I grew up on Nantucket, in Massachusetts, and played football in school. My crowd was all the skinny, beautiful, popular girls and I was their, like, thicker friend. This one dude I was in love with told me in seventh grade, ‘You’d be so much hotter if you were 10 pounds lighter.’ It crushed me.

… says 20 year-old Meghan in Glamour.

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68 thoughts on “Meghan Trainor: “Every inch of you is perfect””

  1. Omg, people can be so harsh on each other (and themselves). Truly a sad world we live in….

    I love the song ‘all about that bass’ though! And she is only 20 (my age)??

    • Absolutely. I think that people that have a very round face like her tend to look bigger than they are. But she is a pretty girl and even tho she is “bigger” than what we’re used to seeing on mtv or whatever, she seems to have a nice shape. In our crazy society if you’re not stick-thin people act like you’re obese, there’s no in between anymore.

    • Whilst I admire her positive image, and ABTB is a cute and catchy song, the only person who is overweight in the ABTB video is the guy who does the splits. She and her dancers look around size 4-6. That being said, it seems anything above a size 2 is considered ‘fat’ nowadays, so there is that.

    • (Reposting because I’m a clutz sometimes and made a few silly typos.) Whilst I admire her positive image, and AATB is a cute and catchy song,
      the only person who is overweight in the AATB video is the guy who does
      the splits. She and her dancers look around size 4-6. That being said,
      it seems anything above a size 2 is considered ‘fat’ nowadays, so there
      is that.

    • When I was in high school I was the “bigger” friend. I was friends with all the guys but none of them wanted to date me because being a size 0 was the hot thing ( I had offers for private hook ups though…smh) I was a size 6/8. When I look at pictures of me from high school now I would give my left leg to be a size 6 again lol! We are way to hard on ourselves….

      • Hrhr, I had the same experience. I was always the girl that passed on messages from boys to their skinny friends. When I look at old pictures from my teen days, I simply see a healthy looking girl with a cute face – who was awfully shy. But then again, that girl was considered being chubby and would be considered fat today. :/ It’s depressing about how much body images influence us women to hate on each other and to hate ourselves. I did it for years, my stepmom always called me fat, even when I was bordering on anorexia after graduating from school. It’s dangerous and sad that a lot of women feel so much pressure to be like society wants us to be. And I personally love the variety – we have a Christina Hendricks but also Keira Knightley. Two women, so different bodywise but still both of them are beautiful in my opinion at least)…

    • THANK YOU. I find that a lot of the people who preach about ‘fat shaming’ and ‘thin privilege’ are actually nowhere near large enough to have truly had experience of the former, or to have been ostracised in society due to the latter. She doesn’t look any bigger than a UK size 14 to me, so while I appreciate her message of body acceptance, in terms of being an advocate for bigger women… I really think she should have a seat.

      • I think the fact that she isn’t that big is actually just the point. She is not in any way overweight but she was considered the fat girl and ugly. I’m the same size as her and as an 18 year old i’ve experienced the same type of things in the past, and I still do everyday. Living life as a “bigger girl” is tough too. I mean you’re not considered “hot” because you aren’t a size 2-4, and boys aren’t interested in you, and people make you feel horrible about yourself everyday for having an extra what? 20 lbs on? But if you ever feel bad about yourself, and except that well maybe the horrible things everyone is telling me are true, then you’re the bad guy. People have been calling me fat behind my back and implying it to my face my whole life, but the second i say i feel fat, i become the bad guy. People jump down my throat and wonder why i feel like this? Maybe because society tells everyone that if they aren’t less than a size 6 then they are fat. I think it is great that she is preaching body confidence because you can be a size 12 and feel fat, you can be a size 21 and feel fat, heck you can be a size 2 and feel fat. I don’t think that her size should affect if she is allowed to preach body acceptance or not.

      • I would say more so… my mother is the only person in the world who made me feel terrible about my body, she still does whenever she gets a chance… no guy has ever made me feel bad about my body… even if they tried to tell me I was fat or ugly… who cares… haha

  2. i understand she wants to make a statement, but, i’m getting al little sick of all curves are beautifull and thats kind sort of things, everyone is okay, some are skinny, some curvy, so not my favourite song to be onest

  3. One thing I don’t like about her song is that she says that it’s okay if you’re curvy *because* “Boys like a little more booty to hold at night.” Would it be not okay if ‘boys’ liked skinny girls (which some do)?

    Also she has this face shape that I personally don’t like… same with Kelly Osbourne. I think it’s the chin? Not saying they’re ugly because of it though, I just feel like… they would be cold people.

  4. I think it’s a catchy song but obnoxious to listen to. And sad when people fall in love with it because what else is out there is utter trash.

    I wish people could like their bodies just because it’s theirs, not because they need to be attractive for men. The song still says you need a cute body to have a man.

    That said, she seems like a nice girl. I do wonder how she will change if she continues to stay relevant as a pop star. But I wish her nothing but the best.

  5. Why is mainstream culture so banal right now? Never before would this average college girl get famous. Boring. I don’t care what she weighs- Aretha Franklin is 300 lbs and I would rather listen to her anyday of the week. Why should I care about this singers weight. Or her self esteem issues? I looked up her “song” on YouTube and was shocked, at how horrinbly hum drum and boring it was. All about that bass? It took 45 minutes to write that crap? I would have guessed 5 minutes.

  6. God, the p.c stuff is even extending into music now. Am I the only one that sees this as a cheap pr trick to get some attention to a substandard hum drum song. The only mainstream artist who is interesting to me is Beyonce right now. The rest pretty much suck.

    • Beyonce annoys the hell out of me. She’s constantly employing PR stunts and shady career management tactics to keep herself relevant. Remember the fake baby bump? The lie about co-writing ‘If I were a boy’? Then came the fake divorce/cheating rumours which she started at her concert, the photoshopping of instagram candids, and using Blue Ivy as a stage prop.

      • I don’t care about Beyonces personal life or any of the banal stuff that distracts from the music. The music on “Beyonce” was strong as heck, and all the work she put into the video concept. There’s a reason it was ranked the 4th best album last year. I’m talking about the music and the voice. She has the best voice in the mainstream right now.

  7. I have no idea who she is but good for her on spreading a nice message for girls and women. However, I can’t help but think that having a different mindset might help people with their insecurities a little more. I feel like maybe we should generally focus less on appearance, especially when it comes to us women. I think it’s way harder to look in the mirror, see any stretchmarks/cellulite/problems areas that you might have and think “wow I’m perfect”. Of course if you can reach that self-acceptance-that is so amazing! But I think it might be easier (and as healthy body image-wise) to think-well, I have some imperfections but it doesn’t really matter because every single human being on this planet has some and I don’t care. Just my two cents, hope it makes at least a little sense as I am super tired right now!

    • No, your missing the point. Music isn’t to spread “nice” P.C messages to people. This songs comes across as so cheap, inauthentic, and banal. Most importantly, it’s terrible. Adele is 200 lbs and not making songs about her problems(that nobody cares about). This is the musical equivalent of the Dove campaign a while back, pure oppurtinism.
      Next, not that is really matters, but nobody is listening to song and suddenly starting to have high self esteem because some boring whitebread girl is singing a song. I think of the mainstream artists and the last mainstream album I bought was Beyonce’s last album, which was great and interesting. Adele has a nice voice, music is okay but not great.

      • I said I have no idea who she was which is implying that I have not heard her song either. PR trick or not, it’s better to say this kind of stuff (although it’s pretty useless) than the other way around.

      • I think you made sorta similar points though. To not focus on looks so much. Instead of trying to come up with cheesy songs about body acceptance that usually end up ostracizing several groups of people anyway and in that just keeping the same mindset of having to be beautiful afloat, it would be nice to have pop singers sing about something other than a– and b❆❆bs for a change. That what annoys me in pop-feminism too, it’s all about “taking control” through your body expression. Sure sexual freedom and body acceptance is a huge thing but… at this point it’s feeling very redundant. Surely there are other things to be proud of too.

      • Music can be about whatever people want–music has been used to spread lots of different messages, and the fact that you single out this song as stupid or something because it talks about something you find pointless is your issue.

        • Music can be about anything, I can sing a song about the dog turd I saw outside my window. And the song would literally, be crap. The point is that this song is blatantly commercial and fake, like the Dove ads. There is good music and there is bad music, don’t give me the subjective crap. This song is atrocious. Compare it to the work of somebody like Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, PJ Harvey. It’s processed fast food, and even ignoring the words- the song sucks.
          The fact that I find this song stupid and boring shows that I have an iota of taste and perhaps a brain cell in my head.

  8. Her song isn’t even “body positive.” It’s actually putting thicker girls on a pedestal by telling “skinny b**ches” to “move along.” etc
    If she is trying to relay the message that everyone is beautiful, she wouldn’t have to put down thin girls to do it. Also, there’s the aggravating fact that the entire song is all about pleasing men….
    She is gorgeous and I get what she is attempting to do, but I think she went about it in a way that’s somewhat self-contradictory.

      • She also says that boys like more booty. I don’t care if it’s true or not (everyone has different preferences so there’s no way it is true), how is that not spreading a negative image of people with body types different than hers?

        • Okay so “boys like more booty” is offensive to you, i get that. But I mean look around you, supermodels are super skinny, actresses are super skinny, all of society tells people that you are not good enough if you aren’t super thin, so i get that that line may be offensive to you, but if thicker girls complained about everything they saw that implied they had to be skinny, then we would be complaining about everything. I think some thin girls are just offended by this song because they aren’t realizing the point of it, the point is to love your body no matter what.

      • go tell a cancer patient to just die cuz he will die anyway and he’s just wasting the insurance money… then say “i’m just plain”

        yup.. that is how i feel about it and i’m not even skinny

      • That one line certainly doesn’t change the general message that the song relays. The whole thing is about how men prefer thicker girls over “stick figures.”
        I like the idea of body positivity of all types, I just don’t get why one extreme always has to be put down in the process and why the male preference is emphasized so intensely.

      • and then she follows by saying “i know you think your fat” uh scuze u meghan trainor not every “skinny b—” has body dysmorphia also a) why does she even feel the need to call them b—es and b) if you watch the video you will see the skinny girl is being made fun of

  9. LOL, she is NOT size 4. Black is just very slimming…I have seen many pics of her and she is at least 30+ lbs overweight. Her clothes allow her to look slimmer than she actually is.

    Anyway, her music is generic and sucky.

    • Exactly ! In a couple years , once she gets an amazing fitness instructor that none of us regular folk can afford , she’s going to talk about her struggle with being “healthy” and how she got “fit, the right way, for both her body and soul”. She already looks healthy right now , I don’t think she’s unhealthy looking but she is quite chunky, and it’s not just in the “right places “. She’s fine , but she will find a way to look hotter and when she does , it’s suddenly okay to be a “skinny b—” as she puts it lol
      I have no problem with curvy / chunky women being proud of their bodies , good for them , but there always has to be a reference to skinny b—es , or how nobody wants skinny b—es.
      So many people think that songs like this and anaconda are spreading a positive , feminist message . But putting down one body type to glorify the other is just plain mean , negative , and definitely not feminist.

  10. “I hope the song helps girls love themselves more”

    Yet she includes lyrics like
    “Boys like a little more booty to hold at night.”
    “Go ahead and tell them skinny b—es…”
    “And all the right junk in all the right place” (implying that other girls have junk in “wrong” places?)

    Can’t take her seriously. Also find the song annoying, I’m not surprised she wrote it in 45 mins.

  11. I think she dresses her body so well.. she should give some notes to Kim kardashian and kelly brooke

    she appeared on Ellen and her outfit choices was on point

    there is a performance clip

    and another one with Gina Rodriguez dancing salsa

    both her outfits complimented her figure

  12. I think her song is cute and harmless. Seriously, guys? We’re getting butt-hurt because out of the thousands and thousands of video clips and songs glorifying thin people, there’s one that has the audacity to do the opposite?

    I’m technically underweight and I fully appreciate the need for some kick-back and if that means I get told that I’m the ‘yuck’ one for once, I’m okay with that, because I fully appreciate that bigger girls get that the other 99% of the time.

    It’s refreshing to see an alternative version of ‘sexy’ put forward.

  13. Hate this song. Maybe we do need more popular/mainstream body acceptance but this song is in NO way accomplishing it. I think the worst part is that the “acceptance” is 100% centered about boys liking bigger girls (who gives a ff— about boys, be happy with your own body for YOU. Liking yourself bc men find you attractive is not true confidence nor body acceptance) and also you shouldn’t need to put other body types down to lift yours up.

    But the sexism irritates me the most. Saying “boys like bigger girls” doesn’t solve the problem. Too much media feeds the idea to young girls that they need to look a certain way to please men.

  14. I like her song so much lmfao, it’s damn catchy just like Nicki’s “Anaconda” and J. Lo’s “Booty”. My anthems, literally haha. Anybody know Freelee the Banana girl? She literally went bananas when she heard about the “skinny b—es” part.

  15. Every inch of me isn’t perfect… and I’m ok with that… but hey if you want plastic surgery go for it.. just don’t lie about it… Oh yeah she will drop 20 lbs in the next six months and talk about how she transformed her relationship too food and will jump on the “I juice and eat dirt” bandwagon… lame… she has a decent voice, if it wasn’t for this overly processed pop crap she could really take a stance for women and push back against the man run machine known as Hollywood… oh well… Bring on Jack Off Jill…

  16. mmm, it’s good. But beyonce has amazing control to her voice and more ability. Arianna’s voice is a little weak and girly. Mariah Carey is(was) much better lol.

    • I dont get ariana grandes appeal…i think she probably is a good singer but dont think one of her songs is good or catchy. I dont know if its her producers or writers but her dongs arent listenable for me.Rather listen to taylor swift or beyonce or the real thing: mariah.

  17. Agree 100 percent, I’m surprised this is not the thing people are talking about here. I was expecting to see lots of comments about the fake message this terrible song tries to sell.

  18. I see your point, but I suppose my point is that I understand why the curves brigade feel insecure (and hence need to put others down to raise themselves up): it would be impossible not to feel insecure after the bombardment of cultural messages they’ve had telling them all kinds of awful things about themselves.

    I am not about to hold it against them. I think if you have a body that the world is telling you is okay, you should try to acknowledge that and be grateful – maybe show a little empathy to others who haven’t been so lucky with genes/ environment/ upbringing, etc. We have so much power already, does it really take that much away from you if one song dares to suggest that your body type is second best for once?

    • You obviously didn’t get my point then. Why should any body type have to be second best “for once”? Why would someone who is happy with their body feel the need to bring others down? We should be encouraging people to be happy with their bodies so they don’t feel the need to do so. It’s like I said, just because white people have been privileged in the past, does that make it ok to be racist to them? That attitude is just going to hold society back.

  19. Glorification need not be overt, and is in fact more pervasive when it’s not precisely because it can be so difficult to object to. More specifically, think of any video clip showing skinny girls writhing around in very little clothing, being portrayed as desireable. In other words, 99% of video clips. Nicki Minaj, J-Lo, Meghan T – these are very recent developments and represent a drop in the ocean. You cannot seriously argue that thin is not glorified in all of popular culture (including music).

    • I can agree with this, and a’s comment to some extent; however, in my experience even in videos where ‘skinny’ women are ‘starring’, it’s not really the fact that they’re at low weights that’s being showcased. Most of the close-up shots will be of their boobs/bums (and occasionally faces) as opposed to their ribs, for example.

      I don’t think it’s really a glorification of ‘skinny’ body types- it seems to be more just a glorification of… ‘feminine assets’ perhaps? Even with the popularity of Beyonce, Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj and J-Lo, the focus again is on celebrating their ‘curves’, not necessarily the fact that they weigh more. If Beyonce had ‘thick’ thighs, a big stomach, a flat bum and no waist, I don’t think she’d still be known as ‘Queen B’.

      Also, if such artists suddenly lost a lot of weight, I don’t think they’d increase in popularity, despite the constant argument that being ‘skinny’ is idealised in the performance industry.

      I personally think that the ideal (outside of the fashion industry) is more of a slim and curvy, as opposed to ‘skinny’ aesthetic.

  20. Ok, look at it this way: Have you ever seen ‘skinny’ women featured in music videos, who also happened to have ugly faces, flat chests and flat bums? Probably not, which again leads me to conclude that it’s not their weight that is being ‘glorified’, but certain aspects of their ‘femininity.’

    Also, I don’t know if our definitions of ‘skinny’ and ‘bigger’ are the same, because in my experience there are very few (if any) women who look underweight i.e. “unattractively thin”, which is after all the definition of ‘skinny’, who are featured in music videos. Most women seem to fit into the ‘slim with curves’ demographic, unless they are being ridiculed (like the ‘skinny’ girl in Meghan’s video).

    Women around, for example Adele’s size tend to film videos which feature very little nudity, while the likes of Iggy, Beyonce, Nicki etc. tend to wear next-to-nothing. You could argue that this is evidence of the glorification of thinness/slimness, but I don’t think this is the case. To me, the reasons for this are that a) these women are facially attractive, or have obvious feminine assets and b) they rely on these to disguise a lack of genuine musical talent.

    I’m not so sure that the issue here is as much body shaming as it is just general sexual objectification of women in the music industry.

  21. When I was a size 4/6, Guys would tell me that I was the perfect healthy size. It may have been a compliment but it was far from natural for me.

    I also hold weight to my stomach due to pcos. One guy actually had the nerve to tell me I looked 2-3 months pregnant!!!!

    I worked out intensely an hr a day (crossfits and boot camps) plus running 3 miles (about 5km). I also was eating waayy too little. Probably less than 1,000 calories a day. I just kept it up because people would constantly tell me how beautiful of a body I had, how healthy I was, and I couldn’t imagine losing that. Unless I was actually considered skinny.

    No one saw the inner struggle I was facing everyday to be “the perfect healthy” size or to actually be considered skinny. But these days 120 lbs or even 115 lbs is not skinny.

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