Meghan Trainor: “I like Ariana Grande’s nice thigh-gap; she’s got good legs”


From Cosmo:

On Body Image: “I wrote the song as a ‘Wow, I really wish I felt like this’ … now I go out there and I’m like, ‘It’s all about this bass.’ It has helped a lot.”

On Dieting and Working Out: “I ate pizza yesterday and I am eating Chinese food later today. It’s gonna be great. But so far people have actually told me I look like I’ve lost weight. I think it’s because I’ve been standing all day or dancing.”

Playing “Bass or Treble,” a game in which she decides if something is bass, meaning she’s all about it, or treble, meaning she’s not into it: “I like Ariana Grande’s nice thigh-gap; she’s got good legs.”

… says 20 year-old Meghan.

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29 thoughts on “Meghan Trainor: “I like Ariana Grande’s nice thigh-gap; she’s got good legs””

  1. It’s sad she feels this way. To be honest, I don’t get the hype around this thigh gap. It has nothing to do with how attractive a woman is imo, or even whether or not someone has nice legs. It’s just another way for society to keep women down, focused on their looks and therefore underachieving in other areas of life. It’s bogus. Not to mention, it has very little to do with how healthy one is.

  2. So sad .. Arianna does have a nice pair of legs. .yes they’re on the slim side , but they’re quite nice, mostly because she’s a slim pear.
    It’s sad that one healthy feature of hers have been connected with the thigh gap. The thigh gap seems unhealthy but it really isn’t when it’s naturally present. You either have it or you don’t, you can be skinny and not have it or be heavy and still have it.
    Meghan trainor looks very old to me , I’m surprised she’s only 20

  3. Clearly the new way of getting attention is preaching body acceptance while bashing another type of body, then backtracking by saying even more stupid things and contradicting yourself even more…

  4. um ok gross
    so first with the incredibly stupid/annoying sexist song
    which is at LEAST supposed to be complimentary to bigger girls (although certainly not in the correct way)
    and now she’s admiring a “thigh gap”??? goodness either she is dumb as hell or just doesn’t give a sh*t. Ok so not only are thigh gaps THE eating disorder inspiration and that they’re stupid to promote because many people can’t even get them because it’s ALL ABOUT HOW WIDE YOUR HIPS ARE/bone strcuture.
    Literally whenever I hear anyone talk about thigh gaps it immediately makes me think of ED forums/thinspo pictures.

    can I like this woman less? is she racist too???

  5. I really wanted to like her but she’s got a case of what I call the “Rihanna or the Ariana Grande” where every time she opens her mouth, stupid comes out.

    I wish they would stop interviewing her.

  6. She’s only 20 or something, so I guess i can dismiss her idiotic, hypocritical statements. She prob just wants to be famous and hasn’t had been schooled by a good publicist on what to say/how to build a persona or brand. Like most of you, I do wish she would stop talking. And singing…I haven’t even heard her bass song but it sounds silly and annoying. Like most pop crap that wins awards for cluttering airwaves.

  7. Oh, I’ve had a thigh gap at 165 lbs( Taller than 6 ft) and I’ve had it at 140 lbs. Beyonce has a thigh gap, alot of it is to do with body structure. Of course, if you’re 300 lbs you won’t have one and if you’re 100 lbs and normal height you probably will. But really, this one is so full of it. I knew her song was insincere, these body acceptance women always are.

  8. I follow Alyssa’s theory here, the quotes are almost always taken out of context: “I think that quote was taken out of context, like they were asking her something like “in your song, you say something about skinny b—es. do you think being skinny is bad?” where she would say something overcompensating and bringing up a slender celebrityit just seems so odd to say randomly”

    • I’ve noticed this, usually people who “brag” about their junk food eating are skinny and hiding something( the typical hollywood response of I just ate a huge plate of fries before this interview) and trying to seem all relaxed, or are actively trying to lose weight and use the excuse of I don’t know how this happened- I’ve been eating fast food and I loved my curves. These women can’t just be straightfoward/

    • it’s super weird. maybe its supposed to make celebrities more personable? I EAT PIZZA I AM NORMAL HAHAHA JUST LIKE U
      but yeah idk it seems like a lot of celebrities talk about how unhealthy they eat. it’s awkward though/does anybody care if you ate pizza/chinese food/etc. today?

  9. I can see why people would hate her, but I really like her song and she seems like a sweetiepie. And I loooove chinese takeaway so plus points on that.

  10. In the interview (it’s on youtube if you care to see) she was pretty much playing a game of hot or not. They specifically asked if thigh gaps were hot or not (treble or base). That was her response. Bringing up ariana grande’s legs.

  11. Surprised to see a woman say a compliment about someone who is thinner than herself. Shows that she isn’t insecure (unlike many people on the internet).

  12. Nevermind, after reading more about her (had no idea who she is) turns out she IS somewhat insecure…

    On a different note, I think thigh gaps are really attractive and (some) women can be perfectly healthy and still have them.

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