Meghan Trainor: “There are those comments that are like, ‘Fat whale, go away,’ pretty brutal stuff”


On being a confidence role model:

“That never was a decision. It kind of just happened. I hate seeing when people blow up about a model because she has a little extra skin. I hate that it’s like I have to be a big diva, but I like that we’re talking about it, and those people are speaking up.”

On the term ‘plus-size’:

“I’ve always hated the word ‘plus-size.’ It bugs me. When I first signed up with FullBeauty, and I talked to them. I was like, ‘I don’t want to be labeled as this plus-sized girl coming in,’ and they said, ‘Absolutely not, we don’t like that term either.” Which is why we like to say ‘full beauty’ [and] why I was immediately excited to work with them. Everything Melissa said is completely accurate. [They’re] a big part of our society, women who are size 14, and how are you going to criticize us? The word ‘plus-sized’ should be gone.”

On being criticized for her weight:

“I’ll try not to read the comments, especially on YouTube – YouTube has the worst comments. On Instagram, I’ll scroll down and see what’s going on, and I have little warriors now: These little fans that are yelling at anyone who criticizes me. It’s cool because it’s not all hate, you know? But there are those comments that are like, ‘Fat whale, go away,’ pretty brutal stuff. I just try to not read [it] … and my family really helps me out whenever I’m feeling down about comments. My mom talks me out of being sad.”

… says Meghan.


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18 thoughts on “Meghan Trainor: “There are those comments that are like, ‘Fat whale, go away,’ pretty brutal stuff””

  1. It’s sad that people will be directly mean on a celebrity’s own social media account. Like, actively trying to reach them in a mean way. That’s so bizarre to me. Makes me wonder how they were raised

  2. I do think she’s fat, but who cares? Why would you actively go around trying to make her feel bad? I think her face is not attractive at all, so I’m surprised they’d go the weight angle. To me she looks like a dude, but shes got money and i dont…so i lose 🙁

  3. I get what she’s trying to convey, but her sentences are always so weirdly structured and inarticulate. Her weight doesn’t bother me, so I wonder why people comment on that instead of her horrible music.

  4. I first thought she isn’t even that big, she sometimes looks bigger and sometimes quite slim. For example, take the picture with the orange jacket and compare it to the one with the sequins dress. I don’t really get the hate she’s getting or has gotten in the past, I think it’s admirable that she’s very talented with instruments and does her own songs. She’s 22 yrs old and has succeeded this far by doing just as she pleases in the music industry (or that’s the impression I’ve gotten.)

  5. She’d look amazing if she lost a little weight. It would really go a long way in both her career and looks. She has a very unique look, I think she’d really have a great appear if she lost weight.

  6. Get over it. I hate when celebrities talk like this. You put yourself out there. What? You thought everyone was going to love you? Haha hell no. It’s real life, and this is the Internet.

  7. How if “fullbeauty” better than “plus size”? I don’t really see a difference…I’m glad we’re not hearing much from her to be honest.

  8. I strongly dislike her ”songs” Or should I say the noise she is associate with. Her face is really grotesque. her body is fine…

  9. I actually really like this girl. She seems authentic and down to earth, and I like that she dresses more conservatively than a lot of other celebs.

  10. Her crappy styling and HORRIBLE make-up offend me much worse than her weight. If she wore decent clothes and not cake face, she would so present herself so much better. WTF is the ice blue pleated mini? Yuck.

  11. yes, she’s not that big, but her face features look like she’s 50 years old. Those comments are cruel but she’s the one who chose to be a part of a shallow pop music world and be in this stupid videos when she’s a “men eater”, so of course people will judge her looks. No one cares how real musicians look like – Beck, Thom Yorke, Bjork, PJ Harvey.

  12. Ok, so people agree it’s wrong to criticize her about her weight and say it’s rude that people talk about that, but it’s ok for some of you to post about how she’s ugly, dresses bad, you hate her music. How’s that any better? If you don’t like her and don’t have something nice to say, don’t read an article about her and disguise your rude comments as supportive. Making negative comments about people, regardless of if you’re talking about clothes, size, weight, etc. isn’t right.

    Just one example “a” contributed to the comments:
    “Why would you actively go around trying to make her feel bad? I think her face is not attractive at all…”

    • posting a comment on her own social media page is different than posting it on a random forum she’ll probably never see… the first is *actively* trying to make her feel bad, while the latter is just expressing an anonymous opinion on the internet that will probably never affect her unless she is looking for it.

      • (i am not actually the same ‘a’ who wrote the comment you cited , there seem to be several people using the moniker, but my two cents)

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