Megyn Kelly: “Some of us want to be fat shamed!”

megyn-kelly-at-vanity-fair-oscar-2017-party-in-los-angeles-10 - Megyn Kelly: “Some of us want to be fat shamed!"

On how fat-shaming works when trying to stay fit:

“Some of us want to be shamed! When I was in law school, I was gaining weight, I said to my stepfather, ‘If you see me going into that kitchen one more time, you say, ‘Where you going, fat ass?’ And it works!”

… says the 47 year-old NBC News host.

Watch the full segment, including fit mom’s comeback below:

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megyn-kelly-on-the-set-of-extra-in-los-angeles-09-19-2017_1 - Megyn Kelly: “Some of us want to be fat shamed!"


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11 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly: “Some of us want to be fat shamed!””

  1. I loved the messages years ago and I love it now? Was horrible how much hate Maria got, she seems genuinely really sweet and she cares about the health crisis!

    Megyn is funny! And gorgeous.. she must downplay how much she does! Or perhaps less wine then she’s leading on.

  2. I cringed when the fit mom started talking about how her husband will shame her. I guess different strokes for different folks but that would not be motivating to me.

    • I can’t imagine receiving that kind of “encouragement”. The bottom line is there is a health *range* of BMI, from 18.5 to 24.9 that people can be in, and the difference in weight between those two posts for the average 5’6″ person is a full 40 lbs difference,

      If someone were telling me that I had given up/made excuses because I didn’t have washboard abs, a low body fat % BUT say I was healthy with a 22 BMI, and with ample energy… what’s their motive? They wouldn’t be concerned about my health; they are concerned about my “attractiveness”.

      Maria runs a business that is probably centered more about attractiveness merits of fitness rather than health level of fitness; she didn’t care too much if she was endorsing society’s “either you’re sexy or you’re not trying” trope that is so tiresome . She did what she did for money and business promo.

  3. Tbh I think this method kinda works for me, too. I don’t have anyone actively calling me FAT, but it really puts things into perspective when you refer to yourself as “chunky”, “chubby”, “plus-size” etc. & no one disagrees lol.

    • I don’t like watching talkshows, so I didn’t see the clip and my comment only applies to the written quote.

      I can’t imagine motivating my partner with talking them down. If my boyfriend got fat, I’d offer exercising, shopping for food and cooking together, leading by example. But I know he wouldn’t get fat because he’s lazy, there would have to be a bigger problem behind it. And I think he’d rather have me a bit too soft than call me names, out of respect. Then again we’re both physically healthy and simply feel much better when we eat relatively well and stay active, even if we don’t look perfect. He’d sometimes ask what I think of his chicken arms, but I really don’t care that he isn’t that buff.. He’s good at pretty much every sport and enjoys them, and that’s what matters, not appearance.

    • I kinda get it too. Encouraging someone to fat-shame you is just cruel (to yourself), but I used to complain about my weight and people would say that I was fine, that I wasn’t fat. When they started to remain silent I was sure that I really needed to lose some and it wasn’t just in my head anymore. Of course the desire to change has to come from you, but it gave me a bit of a boost, honestly. But I would never fat shame someone and I’m not particularly fond of any of these women, to be honest.

  4. While I don’t believe in fat shaming overweight people, I do think that it’s a problem that we have normalized obesity in Western culture. There should maybe be some happy medium where we’re not harassing overweight people, but we acknowledge that the extra lbs are unhealthy and encourage better habits.

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