Melissa McCarthy Gets Called ‘Tractor-Sized’, ‘Female Hippo’ by Movie Critic

FFN_g_51007653 - Melissa McCarthy Gets Called 'Tractor-Sized', 'Female Hippo' by Movie Critic

At high request, here’s a story regarding comedy actress Melissa McCarthy, who recently was the target of some cruel weight-related ‘jokes’ coming from a movie critic. The full story from Yahoo:

Comedic actress Melissa McCarthy’s new movie “Identity Thief” earned the biggest ever film opening so far this year when it raked in more than $36 million at the box office.

That may be ironic given that the movie was roundly panned by veteran film critic Rex Reed. Not only was Reed critical of the movie, he also went after McCarthy for her weight. In his Feb. 5 review in The New York Observer, Reed delivered insult after insult about the overweight actress, referring to her as “tractor-sized,” “a humongous creep” and a “female hippo.” But the scathing critique is earning Reed a strong backlash from the industry, as some of Hollywood’s biggest stars are rushing to McCarthy’s defense.

“Turns out, Rex Reed didn’t die sad and alone 10 years ago. Nope. He’s alive and starving for attention, so lets give him some,” “Modern Family” star Eric Stonestreet, who also appears in “Identity Thief,” wrote Friday on Twitter.

Actor Chad Lowe seconded the sentiment with this tweet: “Film critic sideshow #RexReed’s personal attack on actress Melissa McCarthy is vile & unacceptable. The @NewYorkObserver should fire him.”

And comedienne Roseanne Barr, who once famously used her weight as comic relief, added her voice to McCarthy’s supporters, tweeting: “you are a great comedian-your body is your instrument-you play it expertly.”

While neither Reed nor McCarthy would comment to ABC News, McCarthy has been open about her weight struggles. In November she told CNN anchor Anderson Cooper that she was never going to be a stick-thin starlet.

I think two kids and 41, it just … there’s so many other things to worry about,” she told Cooper. “I think the kids are healthy, I’ve got a great husband and I go to work every day and do what I want. I’ll keep working on the other. I just can’t put any time to worrying about it.”

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FFN_g_50915800 - Melissa McCarthy Gets Called 'Tractor-Sized', 'Female Hippo' by Movie Critic FFN_g_50915809 - Melissa McCarthy Gets Called 'Tractor-Sized', 'Female Hippo' by Movie Critic FFN_g_50966368 - Melissa McCarthy Gets Called 'Tractor-Sized', 'Female Hippo' by Movie Critic FFN_g_50966372 - Melissa McCarthy Gets Called 'Tractor-Sized', 'Female Hippo' by Movie Critic FFN_g_50970522 - Melissa McCarthy Gets Called 'Tractor-Sized', 'Female Hippo' by Movie Critic FFN_g_51003934 - Melissa McCarthy Gets Called 'Tractor-Sized', 'Female Hippo' by Movie Critic  FFN_g_51007657 - Melissa McCarthy Gets Called 'Tractor-Sized', 'Female Hippo' by Movie Critic

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113 thoughts on “Melissa McCarthy Gets Called ‘Tractor-Sized’, ‘Female Hippo’ by Movie Critic”

  1. Ugh some people are just disgusting. I think she seems rather beautiful and vivaceous. At least she is not a nasty shrivelled up self important toad.

  2. Wow, now that’s some vicious and utterly disgraceful language to describe another human being. And I just googled this Rex Reed character and he’s no oil painting either.
    -_-…Misogynistic turd…go fall down a well or something kmt!

    Melissa is talented, well respected actress and has a happy family life, good for her, that’s more than some people could hope for.

    And yes, she’s fat but don’t you think she knows that? Yes she’s fat but does that justify shaming her beyond belief and basically painting her as something subhuman and utterly disgusting? Wow…I’m curious to see how the comments here will turn out tbh…

    • And while we’re at it, this douchebag is supposed to be a movie critic…then I guess he isn’t doing his f!cking job then, review the film at hand and keep your f(at-phobic) personal insults out of it. >=0

    • @Misscheeks…spot on!
      Annnnd ~he aint exactly an pil painting himself~ love it! You really have a way with words…pls tell me you`re a writer of some sort
      And regarding Rex, since reviewing some tidbits of his bio and other reviews he`s written…he sounds like a sad angry man whom at one point wanted to be an actor and when he failed to impress critics himself turned to critiquing others…harshly.
      One thing`s for sure…she`s a beautiful person that brings laughter and happiness to the lives of others while he appears to have been and will always be an ugly, classes person bringing negativity into the lives of those he critiques and sadly others.

  3. If we want to attack the fact that she is unhealty, agreed, but it would still be her personal problem. She is not harming or annoying anybody with her weight, thats her own issue whether she wants to live longer and healtier or not.
    People attacking others regards weight are those who have nothing better to worry in their pathetic lives.

  4. It’s her body, she can do what she likes with it! My mother is 44, 2 kids and is a UK8 because she’s active and her metabolism must be incredible (which I didn’t inherit, boo!). It’s all relative to what you want. I know my mum wouldn’t allow herself to get to that size and I know I wouldn’t either.
    I think it’s unnecessary to comment on her weight when you are commenting on a film and her weight is not a main part of it!

  5. wow….reading that actually made me really upset. i don’t understand people who go out of their way to insult others like this unless the person’s done something terrible, that’s just malicious. this is disgusting and i’m glad she’s not paying him any mind.

      • *I* personally try not to do it as much anymore. I reserve my “meaner” comments to the person’s personality or character vs. how they look. and when i REALLY don’t like the way someone looks i try not to comment at all. also, we visit this site in our spare/down time, “protected” by the anonymity of the internet. this man was on the job and went on a tangent/rant about this woman’s weight when it has no bearing on her acting ability or her role in this movie. his comments are just plain mean, not to mention humiliating because this is getting a lot of press, and as nice as it is for people to defend her, there are probably at lot of others who are laughing at her as well.

      • Not all of us do it. I do think Melissa is overweight… but I would never use insults like “hippo” and “tractor” to describe someone

      • I totally agree. People on this site do this all the time to people who are wayy slimmer than Melissa. they are much more insulting to them than Rex was to Melissa. If you want to see horrible comments about people’s weight just go on a Beyonce, Alicia Keyes and Kelly Brooks photo. Rex is an amaeteur compared to you people

  6. Reed is supposed to be review movies, that’s it. Melissa McCarthy is aware (as she has said in interviews) that she is obese. She doesn’t deserve to be made fun of by some pr*ck.

  7. She’s very overweight, yes. But why does he feel the need to insult her? I’ve never heard/read such things about male actors. Disgusting!

    • I completely agree, loved her in that movie, a “critic” is supposed to critique the movie, not express their personal “feelings” about fat people. A far as her acting, I love her, she uses her body incredibly to make the funniest characters.

  8. if perfectly normal thin models are told to gain weight or eat more, than this woman should be told to lose weight. O but I forgot you cant say that about her, cuss she’s “sassy” “funny” and o so “talented”.

    • There is a difference between expressing concern over someones weight from a health perspective (whether you are a medical professional or an observer) and making nasty, insulting comments. Too fat or too skinny, it’s still incredibly rude and unacceptable.

    • being thin is a part of a model’s job.

      but that is not part of an actress’s job.

      I’m sure many have criticized Melissa McCarthy on her weight, and yes, she does look heavy and would look better if she lost weight. But while that’s true, its not okay to bully someone and to call them a “tractor” or a “hippo” because of their weight. That’s rude and immature…. not to mention not at all part of a movie critic’s job.

    • *rolls eyes* Your arm must really be tired from all that reaching Samra, and this is coming from someone who’s been called “too skinny” in the past. It’s one thing to tell someone they need to lose/gain weight (frankly it’s nobody’s business imo, I’ve found that people especially women can be very tactless when it comes to addressing other people’s weight imo) but to describe them using animalistic (“hippo”) and demeannig sub-human terms (“tractor sized”) is totally wrong, whoever it’s been directed at: fat, skinny or inbetween, This douche (who btw is supposed to be doing his *job* as a *film critic* not making mean-spirited comments) needs a swift kick in the balls smh.

      • O please if Melissa had been stick thin, the reactions woul have been totally different.Thats a FACT. But becaue she fat its not allowed to criticise her. People feel less sympathie for stick thin people it seems. It so cool to defend overweight people.

        • Mmm not really, if someone had come out and called a thin woman the equivalent of “tractor-sized” and “female hippo”, they’d be criticised too. And like I said before, it’s not this idiot’s job to insult people’s bodies, it’s his job to *review films*, point, blank, period. You must see everything in context and in this context, he’s using journalism as his excuse to be a mean-spirited bigot and that’s a fact whether you acknowledge it or not.

        • Moreover the “if she was stick thin” argument is a moot point. In Hollywood as in the west, thinness is something that is by and large valued and praised. Are you really saying that is Melissa looked like I don’t know like Alexa Chung she’d be criticised in the same way? She’d be called the equivalent of “hippo” and “tractor-sized” by a well-established film critic? I really don’t think so.

        • See, this is an example of coming from different ends of the spectrum and just seeing a completely different bias because of it. To me, skinny people get more sympathy than fat people. If they look so skinny people are concerned for their health – people are actually likely to say ‘poor thing’ or something with some compassion. Fat people get labelled horrible things and the assumption is that they are lazy, gluttonous and ignorant and that is why they are fat. They have no desire to move or do physical activity and no one should feel sorry for them because they brought it on themselves. In fact, many people take it as some kind of personal affront – fat people are destroying the environment and raising your health insurance, etc, etc. I’ve heard and read all those things said about fat people and also the scathing personal attack on Melissa here that is completely unrelated to her job – or his.
          Very skinny people tend to be seen as frail, innocent and misguided – people want to feed them up and help them out. People assume they have a mental or physical illness. Not so with fat people.

          I’m not saying skinny people don’t get called hurtful things or always get sympathy – but I certainly don’t think it’s fair to say that fat people get more sympathy. We all know in our society that thin is the ideal – most people would rather be told to ‘eat a burger’ than be called a ‘hippo’ or ‘tractor’. Lots of women actually like to be called skinny – no one likes to be called fat because of the social stigma attached to it.
          Sure, Melissa should lose weight – she’s clearly obese and unlikely to be in great health – but that has nothing to do with her job as an actress. And if Melissa was very skinny and this article was referring to her as a ‘bag of bones’ or a ‘stick insect’ then there would be just as many people coming to her defense and disgusted by this man’s inappropriate, boorish comments.

          • Amen to that, Erica. You would not believe how many times I’ve heard skinny girls mention someone said they were getting scary skinny, with a huge grin on their faces.Many people view the “eat a burger” comments as compliments. Tractor sized… Not so much. Being thin IS the ideal currently, and is in fact getting to the extreme of healthy people being bashed just because they’re not as thin as they “should” be. I’ve seen people who are definetely at a healthy weight (like a 21 BMI) being called fat or chubby. In fact it happened to me. Last Summer I was very hapy with my weight (125 lbs, 5’6) and someone made a comment about how I should lose at least 10 pounds. I feel people are in general much more accepting of thin, especially when it comes to the extremes. Too thin is much more accepted than too fat. In fact, it is even often glamourized.

        • Both sides receive lots of criticism but that doesn’t make it okay to criticize either weight. You can’t make the argument: Oh, thin people are criticized so its ok to criticize fat people as well. Criticizing EITHER body type is bad. It’s Melissa’s body, not yours, and she can do what she pleases with it.

          It’s one thing if someone said that she looks unhealthy because she does look overweight and being overweight usually comes with health issues. But 1) That is not Rex Reed’s job 2) that is not what was said. And criticism to the point where it’s bullying is never okay, no matter what you are ridiculing.

          • It’s considered ok to tell a skinny girl to eat a burger because many have the perception that calling someone thin is a compliment… I know I’ve heard people tell their skinny FRIENDS “omg you’re so tiny! Eat a burger!” Or stuff like that. People just don’t get that it’s equally rude.

          • This! But I am always puzzled when people think there is “war on skinny/thin” people. As mention, nobody is not denying that skinny people get their fair share of ribbing and ridicule but to compare it to an overweight’s person views is like apples and oranges. This guy was a tool. I’ am sure Melissa isn’t ignorant to how she looks. Besides, it is one thing to have an opinion on someone’s body but there is no need for harsh words especially if someone isn’t your esthetic regardless if they are fat, thin, have no waist, big boobs/little boobs, ,etc. I do hope Melissa do something with her weight (she doesn’t have to be skinny) but within a good range carrying around that excess of weight at her height isn’t healthy.

        • I agree with you in some parts. I think (from my experience) nowadays it is ok to bash skinny people for being too thin (I see often comments saying “she is too thin for me” or “she should gain 10 pounds”) but if you want to criticize people for being overweight or even chubby you have to be much more careful (even is this site I have had some comments removed for that reason). However, I think you can´t compare a model to an actress because a model works entirely with her image, while an actress doesn´t.

          • Daniela, you didn’t understand correctly: I said that comments that call a slim celebrity (by BMI standards in the normal range) FAT will be removed because we do not want to promote unhealthy perceptions. There is a big difference between what I said and how you interpreted it.

          • I understand why you removed the comment, and I respect your decision. I will chose my words more carefully next time. But I also think that some comments that are made here towards thin women can be equally hurtful for women that aren´t able (even if they want to) to gain weight. I just don´t think there should be a double standard.

          • There is no double standard – the site features both thinner and heavier women and I am trying to promote variety, so ‘double standard’ goes against my values. I moderate lots of comments that harshly criticize thin women too, but you don’t get to see them, since they never get to appear on the site.

    • I guess you missed the point. She is a comedian, not a model. Rex Reed is a movie critic, not a doctor. His job is to review movies, not peoples’ weight.

      • Well unfortunately, his review also attacked her acting ability. He said she is a “gimmick comedian who has devoted her short career to being obese and obnoxious with equal success.”
        This is total BS too. She is super talented and definitely NOT a gimmick comedian. Watch her when she hosted SNL (you can see in on Netflix Instant) and you will find that she plays every single skit to perfection. My husband & I agreed she was one of the best hosts in a long time. And everyone can admit that she was the shining star in Bridesmaids.

        • I actually don’t think she was the shining star of Bridesmaids. All of the ladies made me laugh just the same, though I didn’t even find the movie particularly hilarious anyway.

      • It’s not your job to pick our fault with women’s body shapes but you still do it on a regular basis. You and others on here so drop the hypocritical act. I am not even saying he is right for what he said, obviously he is out of order. The point I am making is people judging him for this are just as bad as he is.

  9. Wow, those were extremely mean comments. We can all see that she is hugely overweight and has an unhealthy weight but she is an actress, all he should be commenting on are her acting skills.

  10. She’s a good actor, not sure why her weight would be an issue at all. Who cares what size anyone is?!!! Some people are just soo miserable with their own lives and low self esteem that they have to take to insulting people they don’t even know, to make themselves feel better. Pathetic.

  11. This Rex guy is a huge douche bag. You don’t like the movie or her acting, fine. But to insult her weight which she clearly has struggled with all her life is just pathetic. Sounds like he just wanted an excuse to blast fat people.

  12. Is she funny? Yes. But she’s also a very unhealthy, fat cow who will raise her kids to be overweight. Why is it wrong to call out the obvious? She’s not healthy, she’s not teaching her kids about health – obvious by looking at her kids – and using the fact that she’s given birth is sick. If anything, she should be more in tune with her weight/health if she wants to see her kids become adults.

    • Your comment is unfair and offensive – calling her a cow? Come on!
      Her child looks at a normal weight to me – she’s hardly a fat kid. Just because Melissa is fat, doesn’t mean she is endangering her children’s health. She knows she’s fat – she’s said it plenty of times – calling her names and shaming her is not going to help that.

      • Well said Erica. Why do people feel it is ok to insult another person for being overweight? This is not critiising it is plain bullying and I don’t like bullies! Also, why do you think her children are going to be overweight too? Im sure she knows exactly how unhealthy and bad it is to be fat so maybe she especially tries to keep her children at a normal weight. As far as I’ve seen pics, they look completely normal to me. But yes, I think she should lose weight too.

    • the only thing that’s obvious when looking at her kids is they look like normal, healthy kids. you’re just as bad as rex reed. yeah there’s a fair chance that she is prone to health issues because she’s overweight but you are not her doctor and do not know. plus calling her a cow is completely out of line.

    • @Marie: using words like tractor, cow and hippo to describe a fat person isn’t “calling out the obvious”… it’s called “being rude”

  13. This man is sickening – what motivates people to write such hateful things about someone is beyond me. It’s like he’s taking her weight personally – like he’s offended – and I’ve heard a lot of fat-shamers do that. Seriously – what’s it got to do with you if someone is fat? How is that hurting you? And do you really think fat people don’t know they’re fat? It’s just cruel and completely unjustified. People need to have some compassion – we all have our struggles and fat people unfortunately can’t hide theirs very well!

    She’s not promoting her body size or telling anyone it’s good to be fat – so I don’t see where the vitriol comes from. Her daughter looks healthy and she sounds like someone who is aware of her problems. She’s clearly got issues with her weight, but she’s an incredibly funny, talented, personable actress and that’s all she needs to be judged on.

  14. This guy acts as if her weight is some kind of personal attack on him. Why does it bother him so much? I think it would be better for Melissa to lose some weight, health-wise. But does her weight annoy me? No, why should it? It’s her life and her body. There’s no excuse for such rude and rage-filled comments. At the end of the day she’s still a good actress, she’s funny and seems very likeable. Her weight does concern me, as I like her and would like her to be healthy. And unlike some slightly overweight (or not even overweight at all) celebs who are fat shamed on this site under the disguise of “health concerns”, she really is too big to be healthy. But she’s an actress, not a model. If her weight is not affecting her career, then there’s no reason (professionally) for her be slimmer. This movie critic would be better off running a gossip website or something.

    • he most certainly does, that’s probably what he’s so mad about lol. google him and you’ll see that facially, they look a lot alike. same eyes, nose and mouth. even the same dimples. the resemblance is actually quite uncanny.

  15. Of course she is overweight but his job is not to review peoples’ health, but movies. He is an idiot. Just curious: has he made comments regarding overweight male actors? Does anyone know?

  16. Seriously, why are movie critics such bitter people? Get off your high horse Mr. Reed, you don’t have half as much as her talent. Its none of your bussiness how much she weights unless you have a personal vendetta against her.

  17. Well, she is clearly overweight, but Reed was being unnecessarily harsh. To be honest I don’t really like McCarthy, she seems irritating. And also the ‘celebrity’ comments on what was said is annoying, insulting him because he insulted her is hardly any more mature than what Reed said in the first place.

  18. Yes his comments were totally uncalled for and he should apologize for his unprofessionalism… But I’m laughing at the people here who are suddenly pretending that similar comments aren’t made on this site all the time, not necessarily about people like her, but of the same concept.

    Shaming someone into healthy behaviour isn’t kind or helpful. I do think her attitude on her weight is lazy. She might be into the obese category and for herself and her kids she should make a healthy change. No one’s suggesting she be a size 2, that’s an excuse I’m really tired of hearing. It’s probably a defensive tactic or something, same when you sincerely advise someone on anything they’re in denial of. Her attitude is representative of a lot of Americans who just can’t be bothered to take care of themselves as long as they have accommodating people around them who won’t give them helpful advice.

  19. “But I’m laughing at the people here who are suddenly pretending that similar comments aren’t made on this site all the time…”

    True they are..all the time lol.

    And regarding Melissa, for all we know she could be making a physically “healthy change” (not that it’s really any of my business what she does with her body, “your body, your concern etc”)…real healthy, consistent and safe weight-loss especially for someone of her size could take years.

  20. Like J.K. Rowling said, “Is ‘fat’ really the worst thing a human being can be? Is ‘fat’ worse than ‘vindictive’, ‘jealous’, ‘shallow’, ‘vain’, ‘boring’ or ‘cruel’? Not to me.”

  21. The movie critic is a horrible, evil person to describe her that way. However, I’m concerned that she thinks “there’s so many other things to worry about”. She is going to have to change that mindset soon if she wants to have a long healthy life. Doctors say carrying extra weight in the midsection is the worst for your health. She needs to start eating right & exercising – not to fit to Hollywood’s crazy standards – rather, so she can be healthy.

  22. He must be some lousy film critic if he has to degrade actresses’s appearance when talking about her acting abilities.

    She’s a good actress and she seems to have a great personality, but I think such obese people are unhealthy and I can’t find her even remotely pretty. She’s obviously not “just slightly overweight”, she’s morbidly obese, and obesity is a disease. No amount of great personality can change that.

  23. She’s overweight and I’m sure she knows it. She’s not claiming to be fit or anything like that.

    As a result, I don’t understand why her weight is at-all relevant. Does he think she’s not funny? Fine, say that. The weight thing was just a low-jab.

    Critics are generally a little full of themselves anyway. I rarely go by what any critic of anything reviews…I have all 5 senses functioning and a brain capable of processing them…I don’t need pretentious jerks who think their subjective opinions are fact to tell me what to like.

    Sounds like this critic needs to get over himself.

  24. I don’t get why people feel the need to tell a fat person that they are fat, whether they’re mean about it or not. Usually, the person knows that they have a few unneeded pounds on them. It’s not like she’s trying to be a body role model or claimed that her body should be the ideal or something. No need for attacks…..

    • I agree but want to expand, I don’t understand why people feel the need to comment on anyone else’s weight or shape, especially a stranger on the street.

      I am on the thinner side of the spectrum naturally (45kg at 174cm) and am questioned, harassed and criticized for it. I am well aware that I am smaller than average, I don’t need to hear you muttering about anorexia to your friends or have a total stranger come up and grab my wrists.

      It is especially baffling to me how often very obese people are behind those comments, considering that they are often on the receiving end of similar hurtful remarks.

      On a visit to the US, I recently had a 90 kg woman on a scooter approach me totally unprompted with her very overweight child in the grocery store to scream at me that I should be ashamed of myself for all the damage I was doing to her daughter just by existing and trying to “rub how much better” I think I am in their faces by buying mostly fresh produce, as well as calling me an “anorexic c***” among other things. I was mortified and near tears. When the manager (also morbidly obese) came over to investigate what was going on, she merely shrugged, gave me a scathing look and said “Well, you could definitely use 20 lbs.” I was appalled, if the situation was reversed I know I would have been kicked out of there immediately.

      I have been physically grabbed many times by stranger to see if I’m wearing a corset, been sent desserts I didn’t order with shaking heads, been accused (loudly and publicly) of being anorexic and have been told my body is disgusting and I look like I’m about to die (all in the US, I’m considered pretty average where I come from). I’ve also had many more unnerving “compliments” like “God, you’re nothing but bones, I am so jealous!” or “I wish I had your will power, you look like you haven’t eaten for weeks!” Yet this is all supposed to be alright because thin is considered a societal ideal and I should be flattered?

      I’m not trying to suggest by any means that fat people receive the same treatment. I’m merely asking that we all be a little kinder to ourselves and one another. I would never make any sort of comment like that about someone else’s figure and am merely asking the same courtesy. What was said about Melissa McCarthy was cruel and totally irrelevant to her job as an actress, a women’s worth should not be evaluated solely by her looks and whether it’s atypical or not, a body is not yours to comment on because it doesn’t suit your tastes.

      Sorry for the novel length rant.

    • I was thinking that too kateuk. There is definitely a double standard when it comes to gender and body weight – fat male actors are not attacked like this, as far as I can tell. Although, I haven’t seen other fat actresses chewed out quite like this before either – Rebel Wilson and Gabourey Sidibe haven’t had quite this level of vitriol aimed at them, as far as I know – at least not so publicly.

      • Yep, it seems being an overweight male actor is far more tolerated than being an overweight female actress, even if the role they are playing has no relevance meeting certain appearance criteria, i.e. being slim. That is not to say that overweight male actors don’t receive negative criticism on their appearance, but it tends to be more tongue in cheek, and more just a passing comment, rather than the entire judgment of them as an actor.

  25. The critic should have stuck to reviewing the film rather than her weight. However, I have read comments just as mean on this site. Some people seem to believe that only women with model measurements are attractive and de-humanize women who aren’t close to these guidelines with demeaning comments like “fat whale” or “short and stumpy” etc. In this case it seems like the (male) writer only wants to see slender attractive actresses on the big screen and is upset that a plump woman like Melissa could make it in Hollywood.

    • Shaming someone about their weight is not going to make them magically healthy, just more insecure. Melissa is 42, she’s been overweight for a while, I doubt it’s something she hasn’t heard before. Calling someone a hippo in a public article is just cruel. Miley Cyrus dropped 20 lbs when people called her fat but she is very young and impressionable, and unlike Melissa her looks are a big part of her career.

    • “However, I have read comments just as mean on this site.”

      Agreed. There are people on this site saying how “mean” and “nasty” this man is yet those same people are looking down their nose at anyone who happens to have an apple shape or ruler shape etc.. (something they can’t help) and making snide, and rude comments about them. But when it’s directed at an overweight person all hell breaks loose. Double standards.

      • This is true. In regards to body shape you can’t even tell what shape Melissa is. She could be an hourglass, pear, apple, etc…but you can’t tell if someone is obese because it disfigures the natural shape.

        • Agreed Serena. I find that women like her always say they are “hourglass” even though like you said nobody can tell because she is very overweight. she would have to lose a lot of weight before anyone could say.

  26. So just because she’s 41 and has 2 kids, she’s decided that being fat is her fate and there’s nothing she can do about it? There are more important things in life? What’s more important than your health? Whether you agree with what that critic said or not, this woman is in complete denial about her weight. She’s obese, and yet thinks there are more important things in life to worry about. What else does she have to worry about? She makes millions, has apparently happy and healthy children, just what else is so pressing in her life that she can’t shed a few pounds? And I love how she’s says she doesn’t want to be a stick thin starlet? Uhhh you can lose weight without looking like a stick. What a ridiculous comment. And lets be realistic for a moment, if her husband started cheating on her with a thinner woman, would she then say that she has better things to worry about then her weight? Men are visual creatures whether women like it or not.

    • see this is my problem with her quote about her weight. If it were just about what the critic said it would be straightforward as IMO he was unprofessional, misogynistic and plain meanspirited. Two different matters but her weight quote warrants a serious discussion. She appears to be totally unconcerned about losing any weight as if it’s a trivial matter. Her attitude is why many people allowed themselves to get that fat and why many STAY that way. And she was much smaller than this back in her Gilmore Girls days…so she saw what was happening and just did nothing. Maybe she was even smaller than that too. I think she’s a very bad example for health awareness and I hope that support from incidents like this doesn’t let her maintain this irresponsible attitude toward her weight. Same goes for Gabourney Sidibe. Why tons of people didn’t tell that girl to lose weight when they became aware of her is beyond me.

      • Weight is such a complex issue that simply having someone, even a doctor, tell you you need to lose weight is not really enough to make someone do it – well not easily.

        I’ve been overweight since the age of 13-14 and I do wish someone had stopped me then – stopped me from developing the habits that are so hard to break and lead to more weight gain or an inability to lose weight. But, I can’t worry about that know – what’s done is done, there’s nothing to gain from playing the blame game. Once you have gained it’s very hard to lose it – and it often sneaks up on you. It’s almost like being a smoker or heavy drinker – once you become accustomed to something, both physically and emotionally, it’s very hard to stop the routine because you literally don’t think about it anymore. Changing your whole mindset is a very difficult and time-consuming process – that’s why people go to rehab for a month or two to detach themselves from their addictions away from all the distractions and pressures of their daily lives. When you work and have a busy social life with children, etc, it’s very hard to find the time to focus your attention on changing your basic habits. When your body is fighting against you, as it does with any addiction (and I see overeating/inactivity as a form of addiction) it only makes it that much harder to push through it and maintain a new lifestyle. So many people start on that path with the best intentions and utter commitment – only to have illness, injury or family/work crises that put them off course and they go back to their former ‘comfort’ habits.

        I don’t think she’s necessarily in denial about her weight – I think she probably feels a bit ashamed of it and doesn’t want to go into some deep, emotional discussion with a reporter about why she’s obese and how hard it is for her to change that. I don’t blame her – it’s not something that is easy to open up about to friends and family, let alone a reporter who is then going to repeat your words to the public. In our society it is definitely seen as shameful to be fat – who wants to go talking about that in the public arena when it really has nothing to do with your job? To me, her comments sound like a defensive deflection – ‘let’s talk about something that is actually related to my job, not about something that is personal and difficult’. That’s my take, anyway.

        • Erica I appreciate your take on this and I agree with you on how easy it can be to fall into bad habits and how difficult it is to come out of it. I can say that’s true of many other life and social issues. You cover some good points.

          With Melissa however I think Anastasia has a point that she really has little excuses. She heavily implies she COULD do something about it but she couldn’t bother because she’s comfortable with her current situation. She’s an actress who used to be much ligher, so I’m not sure your analogy applies to her. She has the means and the motives to lose even a bit of the weight but she didn’t and if her above quote is to be believed then she’s not in any hurry to change that. And that attitude is a very dangerous one IMO.

          Look at her before…if she put on that much from an already overweight size her habits couldn’t have gotten better.

  27. While I could say similar things about her, the fact that it’s a man reducing a woman to her looks, instead of doing his job & reviewing her acting, screw his unprofessionalism.

    But then she always goes on and loses me with the whole, “Oh well I’m morbidly obese & can’t really be bothered to do anything about it” attitude.

  28. I think shes great mom she’s not one of those starving once that are always in a bad mood she’s very talented actress and her job is to act not to be skinny like a runway model we don’t walk to the people in the streets calling them names because we think they are big she has mirror and she’s adult I think shes pretty inside and out.

  29. Calling an overweight person cow, hippo, tractor, etc is just wrong. That being said, it would be nice to see Melissa lose weight for the sake of being healthy, cuz being healthy doesn’t mean you have to be stick thin.

    Or maybe being overweight is just part of her schtick

  30. she IS TOO BIG, she should lose weight.
    but calling her hippo and tractor for is mean(i’d get it if she was also annoying or an attention wh*re like kim k).

  31. FACT: Overweight people are discriminated against all. the. time.

    Lots of people on here typically comment on the dangers of being overweight and take the “this-isn’t-healthy” route. Fine. Fair enough.

    But using metaphors in this way–calling her a “hippo”–dehumanizes her. It promotes stigmatization of overweight people because it strips them of their basic dignity as a PERSON. She’s no longer an overweight woman; now she’s a mere animal. This is the same process that rationalizes cruelty to others.

    Take away their dignity, reduce them to something less than human, and it’s a lot easier to do other things to them.

    This is just absolutely abominable.

  32. I’m sorry girls – but she is a tractor sized hippo. I’m sure any DR would say the same thing. Its obvious fact – anyone with two eyes can see that. Doesn’t mean she isnt a nice person or really funny (which she is!). I loved her in bridesmaids!

  33. i didnt even read the article but one thing about these heavy actresses that stinks is if they lost weight…i believe they wouldnt get these happy jolly fat girl roles..and i think they are pigeonholed for thes parts im sure that takes a tole mentally on their brains (inside they must feel well thats all i am to people)..thats my opnion anyway…that jason bateman movie for istance looked awful

  34. She shouldn’t have explained why her body is like that…she is who she is. Period. But i think is pretty ignorant to say she doesn’t have time to worry about her body and health. Anyone that says that is ignorant.

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