Melissa McCarthy on Weight Criticism: “I am in such a happy spot”


The full story from NY Times:

“Identity Thief” became another box-office hit in February, but a particularly scathing review of the film drew national attention. Writing about the movie for The New York Observer, Rex Reed described Ms. McCarthy as “tractor-sized” and called her “a gimmick comedian who has devoted her short career to being obese and obnoxious with equal success.” Though this review was widely pilloried for its excessive cruelty, Ms. McCarthy did not immediately respond to it.

When Ms. McCarthy was asked about the review over lunch in April, her characteristically cheerful tone evaporated. In a softer voice, she said her initial reaction to reading it had been “Really?” and then, she said, “Why would someone O.K. that?”

Without mentioning the name of its author, Ms. McCarthy said: “I felt really bad for someone who is swimming in so much hate. I just thought, that’s someone who’s in a really bad spot, and I am in such a happy spot. I laugh my head off every day with my husband and my kids who are mooning me and singing me songs.”

Had this occurred when she was 20, Ms. McCarthy said, “it may have crushed me.” But now, as a mother raising two young daughters in “a strange epidemic of body image and body dysmorphia,” she said articles like that “just add to all those younger girls, that are not in a place in their life where they can say, ‘That doesn’t reflect on me.’ ”

“That makes it more true,” she said. “It means you don’t actually look good enough.”

Ms. McCarthy was about to say more when the restaurant began a long and very loud test of its fire alarm.

“I imagine that’s my publicist,” she said after a tension-breaking laugh. “The gods didn’t want us discussing this.”

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63 thoughts on “Melissa McCarthy on Weight Criticism: “I am in such a happy spot””

  1. Pretty mean review. Yeah, she’s big, but she’s seems like she’s happy and comfortable with herself, which I like. Don’t get why a review about a movie involves so much body hate. Anyway, I loved “Bridesmaids”.

    • agree. plus it’s not just the happiness. Quite a while ago she was posted on svc, and she said that tbh, she doesn’t know why she’s fat, cause she never drinks soda and eats very healthy food, and that it’s just always been that she is big and that she didn’t have enough time to change in a day, even if she wanted to (and she already stated that she ate healthily and walked a lot etc).
      Tbh I don’t see the point in that man making that article… the only reason it was made was in the hope that it would hurt her feelings. Just really nasty and immature too. Tbh who cares how she looks, she is happy and healthy and you can tell because she always looks radiant.

    • It is absolutely BRILLIANT that she is happy and comfortable with herself at any weight, I absolutely agree. Yet it does concern me that she may not be happy forever. No doubt she must eat an inordinate amount of sugar and unhealthy fats for her to have reached this weight. The health issues of obesity are catastrophic. I sincerely hope she gets herself healthy for her own sake. I love that she is so forgiving and accepting of herself, but at the same time, I worry that she isn’t being hard enough on herself. I feel like she should be pushing herself and striving to be healthier, so that she doesn’t end up a sad old woman, bedbound, with complex health issues and depression. She is such a beautiful, kind woman who deserves the best. 🙂

  2. I LOVE Melissa Mccarthy and although the movie Identity Theif did suck, she was still hilarious in it, it’s only saving grace. The review which centered on her and her looks sounds like it was written by some bitter old man who thinks women’s only role in the spotlight is to look good and supply material for his personal spank bank. Eff him. Melissa is HILARIOUS and she would be at any size.

  3. I mean, we focus on looks here because thats the purpose, but when I see her in a movie I’m not sitting there thinking about her appearance. I really don’t notice unless they are exceptionally beautiful or like precious when its part of the role.

  4. A couple years back in “Gilmore Girls” she was at least 5 sizes smaller, it’s not like she’s been obese all her career. Funny lady.

  5. “a gimmick comedian who has devoted her short career to being obese and obnoxious with equal success.”

    Sums her up perfectly

    • Wrong. If he doesn’t like her acting or think she is a good comedian, he should say so without bringing her weight into it, as that has no relevance. Its just an easy excuse to be hateful towards a fat person. Its a low class and despicable thing to say imo, and I am advocate for people living an overweight lifestyle.

    • She’s actually been acting for quite awhile, at least since 2000 when Gilmore Girls began. Yes, she is obese but this critic is supposed to critique movies, not the actresses’ bodies. The only time a critic can get away with commenting on an actor’s or actress’ appearance would be if the movie is based on a book and the person playing the role does not match the description. Even then, to make fun of a person’s weight is downright cruel.

      • And that is why it’s sooooo easy to hate critics. Who the hell are these critics who sit at a desk, typing their opinions about all the artists out there (actors, musicians, authors, visual artists, etc.) who are actually using their life to create something for all of us to enjoy? What talent does a critic have? That they can rip someone else apart if they want to? Grrrr……I’ve just always had a little bit of anger towards critics and I don’t really take anything they say seriously since their opinion usually never seems to represent my own anyway.

        Melissa McCarthy rules. She cracks me up so bad in anything I’ve watched her in. The fact that she was probably the funniest host of SNL I’ve seen in years pretty much proves that she really is a good comedian/actor, since most actors go on SNL and flop.

    • i don’t think so. if the comment was about Rebel Wilson, i might be tempted to agree, but Melissa is actually funny. i don’t think she uses her weight as a gimmick. and while she’s always been heavy, she hasn’t always been this big

    • Rubbish. Male comedians/comic actors are allowed to be any weight they want, look at jack black to name just one. If she were a man she wouldn’t be accussed of using her weight as a gimmick and she sure as hell wouldn’t be called obnoxious. So men are allowed to play crass, loud, or “larger than life” comic parts but women are just being obnoxious? No.

  6. I mean, obviously she knows she is overweight. So pointing it out and bashing her for it is pointless and cruel IMO.

  7. That Identity Thief movie was so incredibly awful. i only watched it for Bateman, but not even he could save it. I had to stop half way through because it was so painful to watch! I don’t care about McCarthys weight, but I also don’t care for her as an actress.

  8. To insult her for her weight is not ok. And it’s true – male comedians can be fat and nobody cares.
    Her response, however, I find silly.

    At her weight to claim she’s at a happy spot is nonsense. She is obese. Not just a little chubby. You don’t weigh that much without experiencing symptoms – rainging from health problems to discomfort.

    Somebody else has pointed out that she has been gaining weight steadily over the years. Obviously what she thinks of as a “healthy” diet doesn’t do much for her.
    Imo she better get some help.
    Especially as a mother she should set a better example. Trying ot make girls believe being obese is no problem (when it so obviously is) is silly.

  9. The faux concerns about overweight female celebrities’ health and the bad example they are setting – so lame.
    Health is not a moral issue and not something overweight people *owe* the world. Not being in good shape does not justify harsh jugdement.
    If losing weight, for whatever reasons, is not her top priority, or if she just *can’t* lose the weight right now (it’s not so easily done for everyone), that’s her business. I really doubt that a fat comedienne will make girls believe that obesity is not unhealthy, with so much fat-shaming going on. I mean, people refuse to believe that the thin-ideal presented by the media is promoting anorexia, but they think that a couple of obese women accepting their overweight bodies are going to foster the obesity epidemic? Sounds a bit paranoid.

    • being obese does not feel good. being in shape even when a little chubby feels way better for the person,it allows you to enjoy the things in your life more.
      that said, we just need variety in the showbiz,so that Young people (and adult ones also) are abled to not became obsessed with a certain idea feeling like ‘success’ is possible by a Group of physical features they maybe don’t have all. variety allows us to be more relaxed and focus on deeper things like health,talent,attitude,beauty as a wide gift is given by nature in a lot of forms..and that’s true,not hypocrite as well as not limitating for the human brain!
      are we gonna asking for celebrities to be all like madre teresa or nobel prizes? those might be models, in some way it would be intelligent and interesting to celebrate those kind of valuable people more..but for the showiz,all sparkels and beauty and silly stuff, i don’t expect everybody to be an example for everybody. melissa can be an example for me regarding her joyful looks-makeup-attitude, as well as she can be for an aspiring comedian, a– well as she can be for a very big person who doesn’t want to be scared of the social life and his own talents and freedom.

      • “being obese does not feel good. being in shape even when a little chubby feels way better for the person,it allows you to enjoy the things in your life more.”
        Of course, but it’s really not some critic’s (or our) business if a celebrity could feel better if they made what we consider healthier choices. People do things that aren’t good for them all the time, but society gets extra-judgemental about them when they result in obesity. There are SO many issues causing people to be stressed, unhappy and unhealthy, but many of them are never spoken about or taken seriously. For some reason someone’s diet seems to be everyone’s business these days and it sucks.

        I agree with your last sentence! Not every celebrity needs to be setting an example for health, fitness or superficial beauty…

        • I 100% agree Mara. I’m an athlete and would hate to be fat for both aesthetic and health reasons. But I’m not going to sit here and pretend I really give a fig about Melissa’s health. Her body, her choice…she knows she’s a large lady and seems ok with it so why dwell on it? She doesn’t owe us anything. Funny how so many skinny celebs smoke cigarettes and no one says anything about them.

    • I love this comment Mara! You are absolutely right. Health is not a moral issue and it’s a very personal one.

      As far as I can tell, the people who are so ‘concerned’ about her weight are more concerned with an ideal that fat should not be ‘ok’ in any way – if you’re fat, you basically cannot be praised for any of your talents or virtues because that might ‘encourage’ other people to be fat or be happy with being fat. Your weight should be your number one priority (notice I didn’t say health, because they are not one and the same in every case). You should not be in the public eye, if possible, until you have lost weight or at least seem to be making a big effort (which is paying off fast). If you’re a woman, all of this is even more important, because women are supposed to be physically attractive first and foremost and if you’re fat you obviously are unhappy and have no pride in your appearance. You should make more of an effort – don’t you want to be a good example to your children and fans? Etc, etc.

      She may have gained slowly over the years and that makes it harder to keep track of it’s effects. Likely she is not fit at all and is at higher risk for health problems than she was when she was thinner. But, this is not our concern. She says she is happy and I believe her. She certainly comes across that way. She is an entertainer who entertains most people I know – she gives great interviews and seems like a good person. Her weight has nothing to do with it and making fun of it is abhorrent – just as abhorrent as calling a thin actress ‘an ironing board with a face’ (Jeremy Clarkson said this about Keira Knightley), etc. People are entitled to their opinions, but the lines blur when things are said that are just meant to cut deep.

      Should Melissa do something about her weight? Probably, but everyone has weaknesses and many wouldn’t be able to handle the other pressures she faces in life – her job, motherhood, etc, or be such a gifted comedienne. People are so quick to judge someone’s weight because it exposes some sort of weakness in an obvious way – other weaknesses are easier to cover up, but are they any less damaging? She doesn’t advocate being obese – she does even less so than a very, very thin model advocates being dangerously underweight because she is not glamourised for her size in any way. Who wants to be something some people find it okay to be so cruel about, when it comes down to it?
      This story fat-shames perfectly – and there are many who believe fat-shaming will get results, unfortunately.

      • Nobody said that being fat means you can’t be praised for your talents.. In Reed’s opinion she’s clearly not talented and I agree with him that she’s not talented or funny.. Not because of her weight. Agreed that weight and health are not the same thing but come on.. There’s a limit and obviously McCarthy is way passed a weight where she can be considered healthy. Not pretending to care about her health but her comments are really ignorant.

      • Well being obese is kind of immoral imo… I mean there are people starving in the world and then there are people who eat for two? How is that ok? (And I’m talking about really overweight people here, not chubby people just to be clear)

        • Is this a joke? If you want to look at the ethical implications of the western diet/lifestyle and its effect on impoverished countries then look in the mirror and see what changes you can make. do you eat meat? do you buy locally sourced instead of going to large supermarkets? Do you go to restaurants? Do you ever throw food out because it has expired? Do you know how much perfectly good food supermarkets, restaurants, cafes etc throw out every day? Come on don’t try and blame an overweight person for starving people in africa.

          • Agreed snoops – fat people are not necessarily any more to blame for the evils of western society food consumption/wastage than thin people! Look at Kim K spraying windex on perfectly good food to stop herself from eating it! I’ve seen a lot of people where I live leave half their meals behind because they order too much food – wasting food is a huge, huge problem, much bigger than the extra consumption caused by obese people! I also know a triathlete who eats 4000+ calories a day – certainly more than your average fat person does (I’m fat and I eat about 1800 a day!) – but you wouldn’t accuse him of ‘eating for two’ with quite the same malice, would you, Melendez?

          • The problem is not the lack of food but the distribution of it. Folks aren’t starving in developing countries because fat Americans are eating too much, it has to do with the inept governments and poor infrastructure and environmental disasters like drought in their nations…I mean I’m not promoting obesity but idk how people can pin starvation on overweight people.

          • No, I don’t eat meat and I try to buy as much organic food as I can. I agree with you, there is a lot to the western lifestyle that is “bad”. But when I throw away expired food I get a really bad conscience. So if I were obese I’dhave a bad conscience too… And I’m really just saying what many people are thinking. (And yes kim k is the personification of everything that’s wrong with western culture but that’s yet another story)

          • @erica: the triathlete: I guess one can always question the purpose/sense in competing in triathlons… But since with his active lifestyle he needs all these calories I would say it is different than a person who eats more than they burn. Excess fat is after all too many calories which are stored as reserve.
            I’m pretty sure if you eat only 1800 calories you are not fat! Maybe a little chubby. Which even is kind of strange… Have you ever consulted a dietician or doctor to see if you have some kind of health issue? But I have actually read that people who have a bmi of around 27 get sick less often than others… I’m just trying to point out that I think health is important and that some fat is good. But in my opinion being obese is something completly different and just not okay. (Note again this is just my opinion)

          • Melendez you took my comment far too literally. I was merely pointing out that the food excess vs food shortage problem is far too political to blame overweight people. If you do those things good for you but there will be many overweight people that do the same and thin people that do not. Read serenas comment and do some research whether or not someone is overweight is not the issue.

          • Also your comment to Erica was rather insensitive her health is her business the point she is making is you can’t tell how many calories someone consumes by looking at them. Also its a strange logic that in your opinion it is “okay” for an athelete to eat enough for 4 or 5 people but morally reprehensible for someone to eat extra calories for another reason. Being an athlete is a choice no one is forced to do it. What about body builders where do they sit with you? Their whole goal is to stuff as many cals in as they can every single day. A lot of overweight people on the other hand are not actively chosing to consume extra or be overweight, it’s not like they go “ooh you know what would be fun? Being obese and being judged and mocked by strangers! Even having health issues down the line, like diabetes that looks like a blast!” it is much less a choice for them than it is for the athelete or bodybuilder. At the end of the day none of these people are stealing food from a starving persons plate in order that they may “eat for two” and there is PLENTY food to go around enough for everyone including fat people, athletes and body builders. The problem as serena pointed out is the distribution of food. Not the amount. Just say what you really want to say why don’t you which is that clearly you think you are morally superior to fat people and you don’t have a good reason why. You are just being judgemental.

          • @Melendez – not that it’s your business, but yes, I do have some health problems that contribute to my weight (I have lost a lot, however, over the years – I used to eat more!). And what you also point out is true – there are studies which suggest being overweight is actually healthier than being ‘ideal’ weight. There are also obese people who are fit, active and healthy ( – they might be vegetarians who grow their own veggies and donate food to shelters, for all you know!
            So where does that sit with you? Is someone’s health, happiness and longevity a worthy reason to eat more calories than they need (whether intentional or not)? I get the feeling you are open to different ideas and I hope you will soften your view a little regarding fat people as you gather more information.

            @snoops – great comment! You make some very good points about excess calorie consumption that many people choose to do – and are celebrated for! Being fat is not a simple ‘choice’, as you say – it’s more complex than that. As you point out – no one actually says to themselves ‘I want to be big, uncomfortable, potentially unhealthy and the butt of jokes (and have people believe I am morally inferior)!’
            You are also right that there is plenty of food to feed the world – the reasons for food shortages are complex – and have nothing whatsoever to do with fat people eating too much!

        • I don’t know wether I want to laugh or cry reading this comment…thanks snoops for your comment. It sums up my opinion very well.

    • In a way, health is a moral issue. I do not mean that obese are in any way evil or anything like that. I mean in an economic sense. Overweight and obese people do have more health issues which drive up health care costs. From the CDC: “In 2008, medical costs associated with obesity were estimated at $147 billion; the medical costs for people who are obese were $1,429 higher than those of normal weight.”

      Please note that I am not trying to say that overweight and obese people are in any way immoral.

      • Do you who costs the health systems the most? Fat people? Nope. Smokers? Nope. Its old people. Old people in their final years of life cost more than anyone else, more than obese people (who die younger) or smokers (who die younger) infact its all those who live to be 75+ that cost the most. So if not burdening the health system is the thing we should all be worried about then we should perhaps all gain lots of weight, smoke like chimenys, drink like fish and die at 50. What I am getting at is you cant make health a moral issue, it doesnt work.

        • What is your source?

          I’d expect that the elderly would drive up costs. However aging is something that is naturally occurring and unpreventable. Obesity can be prevented.



            I would have thought it was fairly common knowledge, I’ve heard it before from the NHS (uk) but here are a couple links to provide you with the info. Note in the first one where it says that the elderly are the most likely to be in the % of the population recieving care for chronic illness and costing the health care system the most.

            Ageing is inevitable growing to be 65 + ( the cut off age in the second link) is not. Its a priviledge and something a lot of poor people especially poorer men won’t even experience. The average life expectancy for men in the poorest area of my city is just 54.

            Also your argument about obesity being basicly a choice is still moot. I’m saying even if its a choice it doesn’t matter because it is a FACT that these people on average live for less time so their care does not cost more if you look at total cost over life. So where is the moral issue? There is none.

            I’m not having a go at you I once thought the same as you, years ago, but a closer look at the facts disproves your argument so perhaps you would like to also reconsider your view point?

            Also this is not at you but just in general I agree with Mara, Erica etc that the moral brigade against fat is mostly just people’s thinly vieled disgust or fear of significantly overweight people.

          • Snoops, I’m not changing my view point and I’m not getting your argument here. How is obesity not a choice? Yes, in some cases people have illnesses or disorders that can slow their metabolisms. But most of us can make the choice to eat healthily and exercise, or in the case of those who live in areas where fast food is the main source of food, not overeat. Like I said aging is not a choice. Obesity costs are, for the most, part preventable. Obesity is costing the healthcare system (at least within the US) billions.

          • Lex you are right you are not getting my point at all. I didn’t bother to talk about whether or not obesity it a choice – because as I actually said with regards to the health system/moral issue you are trying to make, it doesn’t matter, its totally irrelevent- because choice or not obese people are not the demographic that cost the health system to most. I provided sources, as requested, to prove this. Feel free to ignore the facts all you like, like they say you can lead a horse to water.

          • Snoops, you are not getting my point. Let’s say that the obese do cost less to the healthcare system than the elderly. So you’re saying that since the cost of obesity contributes a smaller amount to the system, that cost is irrelevant? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
            Snoops, I’m an economist. I deal with facts every day in my job and I have a very good understanding what facts mean. Saying that because the cost of obesity means that it does not matter as it has less of an impact to the healthcare system is complete nonsense.

            I brought up the subject of choice as you said choice is moot in this case, which it is not.

          • I disagree about it being moot to your argument because your argument was that obese people are immorral because they cost the health system too much. Infact thinner/healthier people who live to be very old cost much more. I could debate with you about the nature of choice (which I also don’t think you understand) but its irrelevent to your original argument. You keep trying to bring up different issues like choice and then “oh well obese people don’t actually cost more than the rest of us if you look at overall life cost (due to early mortality rates) but they still cost money and that is still wrong!” /facepalm

            I literally could not make the point any clearer some people just don’t like to be proven wrong and will argue just for the sake of it. I got that impression from you in your last post so I don’t know why I bothered explaining anyway. I think the majority of people deal with facts in their jobs by the way, but I guess it doesn’t mean you can handle them. There is zero point in further discussion and besides I’m 4 months pregnant and off work sick to take it easy for a couple weeks and this is a waste of that time.

      • You also have to remember that there are still tremendous numbers of people in the US who have no health insurance and therefore aren’t a drain to the system. I’m, one of them,btw, my family lost our insurance when I was 14 and I haven’t been to a doctor since then. Luckily I’m healthy and a normal weight, but many of the uninsured are poor and the poor are much more likely to be obese.

  10. “a gimmick comedian who has devoted her short career to being obese and obnoxious with equal success.”
    no..i mean..REALLY??????
    I watched the movie it was hilarious and that was made possible by melissa’s acting as a comedian that is great!!!! she is really good, i mean,it’s clear is not standing there being fat…? I can’t understand why a critic would say that on her career, and how it is possible that a comment like that has been published on a proper magazine! how in the world can you feel allowed to express a (very unhonest) opinion on an actress adressing her that way? geez he is crazy..I dare they can find decent journalists at their table. he sounds like a true weirdo.
    about melissa..she is fat, she would have a lifestyle-improvement by eating a bit less or exercise a bit more. however,she is a very pretty fat girl,she knows how to dress to be elegant,her face is eye catching and she just sparkels.

  11. Her body looked way better when she was in Gilmore Girls. In the beginning. OFC that was in 2000 and she has gotten bigger and bigger since. But as long as she’s happy.. That’s the only thing that matters. Lover her hair here though.

  12. I seriously LOVE Melissa McCarthy – she makes whatever movie she’s in better. Bridesmaids, This is 40, Identity Thief….she’s a scene stealer for sure.

    Do I think she’s at a healthy weight? No. But that’s also not my business. As long as she’s doing her job well (and she is), why is anyone talking about her weight?

  13. To be honest, I agree that she is “a gimmick comedian who has devoted her short career to being obese and obnoxious.” I don’t think she’s talented or funny but I also think Reed was excessively harsh and I sort of feel sorry for her.. Don’t think she deserves that sort of criticism to be said in that way. It’s so irritating that she assumes he’s not happy with his life just because he criticised her.. She is fat (fact) and not talented in his opinion.. He could have worded it differently but it doesn’t show anything about him being any less happy than her. Can’t stand that sort of defence to criticism.

    • Regardless of whether or not you find her talented, bringing her weight into the matter is irrelevant…Im sure you have plenty of imperfections, and if someone pointed them out in conjunction with a talent you lack, you would be offended and find it uncalled for. He could have simply said “a gimmick comedian who devoted her career to being obnoxious” without using obese, since her career does not depend on her being obese…I doubt she devotes her time to eating like a pig and aiming to look that way….clearly his comment is an easy way to attack her weight, which is cruel and unnecessary. He may be happy, but he comes across as cruel and mean spirited, and most people like that are not in fact happy with themselves.

      • Like I said, Reed was being excessively harsh.. I see that. What I don’t get is why it’s such an outrage.. He stated his opinion, he obviously doesn’t like her and yeah he attacked her weight as well. It’s not like it hasn’t happened to others before. I don’t like her response either.

  14. I agree in a way. I sort of like Melissa, she seems like a really sweet person. I’ve liked her in some roles, others not so much. That guy was harsh and the wording was wrong, but he’s still entitled to his opinion (of not finding her funny). For some reason, it always irks me when people defend themselves from criticism by accusing others of not being “in a happy place” or being “sad people”. Maybe it’s true maybe not but I would’ve preferred if she just mentioned how happy she is without saying the rest. We all criticize people, I wouldn’t be as mean as this guy (what’s the point?) and he definitely knew it would hurt her to read that. I just don’t like that defense, it’s too condescending, “Oh, I feel sorry for him, he must be such a sad person”. It just bugs me, I think she would have sounded more genuine if she had just told him to eff off.

  15. ” But now, as a mother raising two young daughters in “a strange epidemic of body image and body dysmorphia,””

    Epidemic of obesity perhaps. Body dysmorphia works both ways – it’s not only thinking you’re fat when you’re normal sized, it’s also thinking you’re normal sized when you’re obese.

    That critic who called her names is a jerk, he shouldn’t have brought up her size in a movie review, but her answer doesn’t paint her as a nice person either, that “he must be such a sad person” sounds like “his opinion is different from mine, so he’s such a sad person because I’m right and he’s not”.

  16. I really like her as an actor. I usually find her somewhere from absolutely hilarious to kinda funny. She has some mannerisms and maybe seems somewhat similar in some of her roles, but that is true about almost every comedic actor. That “review” was disgusting, and if nothing else, i don’t think she’s a gimmick actress… I mean i don’t see it, at all… I don’t even know why he’d say that. And if he meant the gimmick was her being fat.. i mean sure, in a lot of her roles they address her weight in some way, throw in some jokes about it, but it’s hardly the main point.

  17. i really liked her in bridesmaids, identity thief was just ok. i think she’s a funny woman who has a positive outlook on life. i can’t say that i support her being overweight, but i can imagine how hard it is in an industry where looks are so important and to still be successful based off your talent alone

  18. Melissa needs a (new) stylist ASAP. Octavia Spencer is a close friend of hers, also plus sized (though different body type and smaller), and looked so great during last year’s award season. Why is she not helping her friend out. Melissa wears the most unflattering clothes.

  19. I don’t think anybody here understood that critic. He called her a gimmick comedian. Meaning that her gimmick is being fat and making fun of being fat. So it was crucial for him to bring her weight into it. Was it kind of mean? Maybe. But he is absolutely right. Her whole comedy thing is just her weight, she’s not clever nor observative nor anything. It’s just: It’s funny cause she’s faaaaat. So boring. That’s not comedy.

  20. I think she’s hilarious in all her movies etc. Who cares what weight she is? No one criticises all the male comedians who are overweight or male actors in general who are overweight!

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