VS Model Bridget Malcolm Responds to ‘Skinny Shaming’ Comments

2F2F3D2B00000578-3351739-image-m-7_1449612170922 - VS Model Bridget Malcolm Responds to 'Skinny Shaming' Comments

On being criticized for being too thin:

Can we STOP with the skinny shaming please? I am extremely fit and healthy and am not in the slightest way anorexic. I have worked hard to look like this and am proud of my body. I may not be the curviest but I am a woman who has every right to look the way I do. Maybe today take a look inside yourself and wonder why you feel the need to shame strangers over the Internet about their bodies.

… says Bridget, who lammed unhealthy eaters a while back – click here to read the post!

2F2F564100000578-3351739-image-a-1_1449611941319 - VS Model Bridget Malcolm Responds to 'Skinny Shaming' Comments


2F08E77800000578-3351739-image-m-5_1449612068876 - VS Model Bridget Malcolm Responds to 'Skinny Shaming' Comments

48 thoughts on “VS Model Bridget Malcolm Responds to ‘Skinny Shaming’ Comments”

  1. i’m so tired of those “models” crying everyday about “skinny shaming” . they are paid thousands to be skinny, they are praised for being skinny, they are presented as “perfect body” by the whole fashion industry for being skinny. stop crying bcause you received a ff—g negative comment on your IG among a hundred of “omg you’re so beautiful” , just shut up already.

    • Yes, I think all this complaining is just for staying relevant. Otherwise, most of them don’t have anything interesting to say

      • jealous of her paycheck yeah certainly!!, of her body? nope thank you. i’m actually pretty average in the fat department but i like my body. i ran a 45miles race last sunday so i think this fat body i own is pretty healthy and fit .

    • She is amazingly beautiful! She’s probably referring to that she gets negative comments about being healthy and fit while unhealthy models get praised for being “confident with their body”.

      There certainly is a double standard where being healthy gets shamed upon for being anorexic, but it’s acceptable to be unhealthy and overweight which leads to heart disease and other ailments.

  2. I find that often when people get attacked on social media, it’s not because of how they look, but the personality that comes across. So if she wants to label all non-skinny people as being lazy and dumb, then in turn she gets comments from offended people calling her a.norexic. So it’s not fair, but social media is very childish. If she had maturity she would make her Instagram/FB private to family and friends only. But like many celebs/models she needs the 24/7 adoration and butt-kissing that comes with it.

    • Did she say all non-skinny people are lazy and dumb? Wow. Some people aren’t thin, not because they are lazy, but because they have 3 kids and are running a household, lack the time or the resources to eat a consistently clean diet, or are going through other hardships associated with not being rich and spoiled, and they can’t afford to dedicate all of their free time to fitness!

      • sorry, no, she didn’t *literally* say that – to me some of her comments have implied that she thinks that way. She’s a vegan who attacks people who eat differently, saying they’re blind to the harm on their bodies and this is why people gain weight and have disease. She seems to have a very black-and-white view of health, either you’re a 00 vegan or a chubby omnivore who deserves the diabeetus – nevermind her way of life is very privileged! She lectures non-vegans for harming the planet – meanwhile her way of life (non-stop consumption, fashion, flying around the world) is actually more harmful to the earth than your avg person. But I digress…

      • Me too – today in the library I overheard 2 tween girls scrolling through their phone and one goes “omg how goals is this?” I didn’t realize right away that they meant ‘goals’ as an adjective (as in #goals). kids look at screens all day and think ‘goals’ at pretty images

          • The discussion surrounding Instagram is actually sickening and shocking how sad and stupid it is. I’m part of that generation and I don’t get it at all it’s crazy.What caption? What filter? What’s the best time for most likes? My photo only got like 55 likes! Ugh

          • Which hashtags will get the most likes? How many shout outs and like for like can I offer?

            I don’t get it, either. I think it should be private only. Ick. It’s not good for our generation.

    • I don’t a get cunt-y one. Even though i dont think shes that skinny, looks normal and fit to me, but she is sooo agressive about vaganism it makes me want to stop being a vegan.

  3. Is she really that skinny, though? I looked like her back when I weighed 100 lbs. – I’m 5’5″. (I didn’t think I was anywhere close to being too skinny. I looked healthy.)

    • I mean at that weight personally I didn’t get my period (slightly taller than you) and your bmi would have been 16.6 which is technically underweight (Couldn’t work in a lot of countries as a model I think), so could be unhealthy, could be healthy. I do think its silly and mean to speculate about someone’s health

  4. Whoever came up with the word ‘Shaming’ in reference to interactions on social media needs to banished to a planet far far away. I mean the whole shaming thing on the Internet is just ridiculous and the ones who claim to be the victims of shamming either share too much of their life on social media, make comments about others and can’t take it when those people retaliate and make them look bad in turn or brag incessantly about how great their life is or how healthy they are. We are in the social media age now but people need to figure out that they don’t have to be on it all of the time. Even when it was just the tabloids there were certain stars always in them claiming they wanted to be left alone and then there were one’s like Jody Foster who you never heard anything about including her partners over the years. Point being if you don’t want to be shamed or bullied chances are if you ease up off the social media addiction those problems will disappear……..

  5. Her legs look a lot thinner on her Instagram than on the runway… She is very thin either way.

    I’m kind of sick of people “speaking out about shaming.” Especially a model. Like, you put your body on display all the time and make money from perpetuating the idea that you’re only as valuable as your looks. You don’t get to choose what people like.

  6. Ugh I hate this chick. She makes other ppl feel bad/guilty and about their looks and lifestyles but she can’t take the same. She’s not even that skinny tbh. Compared to her runway, she obviously poses in her selfies to make herself look skinner than she really is.

  7. Yes, you have a “right” to look that way (what does that even mean? we all have the right to look however we want?) and we have the “right” to express our opinion on your looks… it’s not shaming, it’s called an opinion. jeez get over yourself already.

  8. Okay, she is starting to get annoying, and I’m all on board with the “stop skinny shaming” movement. Hahaha at her flexing her “bicep” in the first pic!! There’s nothing there woman, lol.

    • Do people really get “skinny shamed” in real life, though? None of my super skinny friends have ever been put down for their weight. Surprisingly, they don’t receive a lot of compliments on their thinness, either. No one really comments on their weight at all. I can see why – I mean, I see skinny people in public all the time, and I don’t ever think anything of it, negatively or positively. Being skinny isn’t really remarkable one or the other. I only notice extremes, like a person who looks malnourished. (I wouldn’t notice this model if she were out in public, let alone bash her for her small size!) She looks totally normal to me.

      • Unfortunately people will ‘shame’ almost anyone, regardless of whether they’re at the higher or lower end of the weight spectrum. I don’t know if you’d necessarily classify it as ‘shaming’ but I’ve had people make comments like “oh, you’re so skinny- do you eat?”, despite the fact that my BMI is between 20 and 21. I’ve learnt to ignore it now, but when I was younger it was kind of irritating having people make ignorant assumptions about my health/eating habits based solely on my appearance.

        One thing I’ve noticed is that there does seem to be a double standard when it comes to body shaming. For example no one would say “oh you’re so fat- you must overeat” to an overweight person, but they also wouldn’t bat an eyelid at the reverse. It’s deemed perfectly acceptable to make statements like “real women have curves- only dogs like bones” on social media, but there would be uproar if similar comments were made about heavier women. I understand that especially within the fashion industry being thin is idealised, but I don’t think that’s any excuse to put down women who fit that ideal aesthetic; that’s simply adding fuel to the fire and at the end of the day, two wrongs don’t make a right.

      • I have had people yell after me and giggle if I had cancer, because what other reason would I have to be so skinny. I also often hear “eat, woman!” But I don’t go all dramatic over it and call it skinny shaming, there are idiots everywhere and will find something to comment about anybody. And the “eat something” comments are usually just naive, not malicious. For reference, I am 5’4 and 98-100 lbs and a low body fat (maybe 18%).

        • Interesting! Well, I don’t know where you’re from, I’m just saying no one really cares if you’re thin in my town! I live in VA, and no one commented on my weight back when I was 100 lbs. The only comment I remember one time getting was, “You’re so thin, you must be a size zero!” (The assumption didn’t bother me much, but they were incorrect – I was a size 4.)

          People in your town sound very rude! Maybe people in my town are just kinder and generally more polite, and that’s why people never harass super thin people where I live.

          • In high school/college I was 109 at 5’7 and no one ever called me too thin but now i’ve gained like 5 lbs and 2 people have told me that I look better and that I was ‘too thin’ before…so maybe people think rude comments but keep it to themselves out of politeness

          • Still, I’ve never had rude things yelled at me or met anyone who has!

            I live in America and people usually (this is just MY life experience – I’m 24 and I’ve lived all over the country) tend to mind their own business here, for the most part! I think unless you live in the deep south, people here are pretty civilized.

            Sorry you live in a hell hole, though!

      • I think it really depends where you live. In places/communities/subcultures where most people are overweight it is more socially acceptable to make comments about people who are thin, just like in places where most people are healthy-normal sized, it is more socially acceptable to comment about people who are fat. (not taking into account cultural behavioral factors, obviously). For example, it would be much more likely to happen somewhere like Texas than where I live (an extremely liberal state where the average person is very healthy and active). No one would make comments on someone being skinny here because it is relatively normal. Somewhere where the average person is overweight, a skinny person stands out more, is more noticeable, and therefore attracts more comments.

  9. Her and that Teighan character — are they in a competition to see who can complain about irrelevant trolls the most? Bleh. Add Gomez to the list.

  10. Is skinny shaming a real thing? In that, does it actually cause anyone to feel shame? I don’t mind it when people comment that I’m too skinny (maybe because I’m not- I’m 5’4″ and 115lb), I usually take it as a compliment.

  11. Pear maybe? Don’t know about my upper body but a pesr and have small b❆❆bs and 27-40 on the bottom… as pear u easily gain weight on ur lower body but u have small arms /shoulders and flat stomach

  12. i stil think she would be a bomb with few more pounds on her.. but she is pretty of course. she is young and a model so i cant take her seriously / her quotes.

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