Models of Different Sizes, Ages and Colors in Harper’s Bazaar

Karl Lagerfeld (this time, as a photographer) and fashion editor Carine Roitfeld created an interesting spread in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, where we can admire various models (including actresses) of all different shapes and sizes, ethnicities and ages.

How do you all like the spread?

Browse though the gallery and share your thoughts!

9 thoughts on “Models of Different Sizes, Ages and Colors in Harper’s Bazaar”

  1. most look good, i prefer lily donaldson and liya kedebe. precious doesnt do it for me however. idk who the 6th girl even is? Oh i like carmen too.

  2. i don’t like the pictures at all, its like they thought that the fact that its a sort of a “diverse” spread the rest is not important, cos i personally don’t like anything in these pics – clothes, make up, some poses, nothing memorable or interesting.
    On a side note, don’t know is it just me or ScarJo has been looking plain,boring and blah in most of magazine pics of her i’ve seen lately…i know that she’s lost some “umph” factor after the weight loss, but its like along with it she also lost some beauty or glow, i guess with age she just changed inside like lots of people and it always shows on the outside…anyway now she’s a total snoozefest, imo

    • I agree about ScarJo but I think the ‘diversity’ is lacking and find it hilarious that the front cover is, as always, a skinny white girl -__- This entire shoot lacks imagination and the styling of Gabourey Sidibe is awful! They literally just threw a cloth over her…

  3. I’d prefer for this spread to be more usual (?) and the models to be the only unusual thing in it . On a side note I really like Scarlett here , I used to love her then not so much after the weight loss but lately she seems
    much better . This is a good idea for a fashion spread but the execution lacks.

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