Natalie Imbruglia: ‘I’m not going to apologize for being good looking’


On dealing with body dysmorphia in her 20s:

I was not in a good place. I was going through some sort of body dysmorphia and it wasn’t good. There was always so much focus on the way I looked. If I see photographs of myself in my 20s I can see in my eyes that I’m trying to look like I’m having a good time, but I was basically really conscious of having to step up. It was pretty confusing to have people always asking about your appearance. The assumption was that I was where I was because of my looks.

On how she feels these days about her looks:

But now I’m 40 I’m totally over that. I’m not going to apologize any more for being good-looking. My mum and dad are attractive people, that’s just how it is. All the focus on your looks just sends you insane.

… says Natalie.


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22 thoughts on “Natalie Imbruglia: ‘I’m not going to apologize for being good looking’”

  1. Yes, shame because she is such a talented musician. Its a shame how we treat such talented women who happen to be good looking. Jessica Alba, jessica Biel, Megan Fox- its time we look past the superficial and look at their talent! Oh wait, if we did that these women would be working at 7/11 asking if you’d like mustard with that hot dog. Stop complaining honey, youre no Bob Dylan, or Whitney Houston/ Whitney was very beautiful but the first thing that will come to mind when you think of her is her voice/

    • Lol at first I was like what? All of the women you mentioned can’t act. Then I finished reading…

      These famous women really are famous because of their looks first, if they were hideous they most likely wouldn’t be famous no matter how talented they are.

      • The fact is ugly people usually aren’t famous singers, but the talent should overshadow the beauty. Like I said Whitney was stunning, nobody is gonna ever assume she was famous because of her beauty first. People assume that about alba, biel, fox, imbruglia, etc. because it’s true.

        These women always complain their looks are focused on, but what else do they have to offer? In Natalie’s case, some mediocre alt pop songs and a substandard voice.

    • Actually yes I have to agree. I’ve always though natalie was insanely gorgeous. And I do agree with her quote and what she said, however I think it would pay her to acknowledge that her being stunning is why she is famous. Not that all stunning people become famous, or only stunning people do…but it’s a huge factor in why they are, and why they even managers to have the confidence to chase their dream. I can see how being attractive, and people concentrating on that can lead to bdd though. Happened when I was younger, and now that I’m not anywhere near as attractive as I used to be (through choice of not being bothered and also ageing and beauty standards increasing more) I struggled to look past flaws, and see what else I had to offer. I was worthless because I no longer had my looks (even though I knew they never made me happy anyway, and I didn’t necessarily want them back) but I had to learn to rise above. Sounds like natalie has done that but as you said, she wouldn’t be famous if not for her looks.

  2. She is really beautiful with an amazing voice.
    Beauty helps in life it’s the true, not only in the business but she was very talented, so I think that they shouldn’t focus on that.

    When a person is so good looking everyone think that is the only thing they have to offer, and that isn’t true. The opposite also true.

    • amazing voice? I think her voice is passable, at best. Whitney Houston has an amazing voice( and beauty), she was so talented her beauty was never the focus, Nobody would ever say she was famous just for her looks in a million years. Natalie sounds like Kylie Minogue, not a compliment.

    • Yes, she is stunning. I had no clue what she looked like after hearing that one really famous song hear and there for the past dozen years. A month ago I googled her video and saw her face and was blown away. I had no clue how stunning she was. And I see her photos here in her 40’s and I realize she looks a lot like my mother, which gives me something to talk about in my next therapy session. Haha.

  3. Who says you have to apologize…? She’s pretty, smart, and talented… At least she’s actually creating her own music and can sing

  4. Sha has amazing skin and the colour of her eyes is so unique. In my opion she is aging well and it seems that it will continue.

  5. She wouldn’t necessarily be ignored if she wasn’t attractive but it did help her get where she is today. The music industry is about a crafted image as well as talent which does often mean being attractive. There are thousands of people with amazing voices that we never hear of because they were not attractive enough and/or the music execs couldn’t craft an image for them that would resonate with the general public. Finding the right image and looks is difficult since what is considered beautiful varies from individuals to entire cultures as well………

    • I agree that there are many people who can’t make it in the music industry because of their looks. That is so sad. I remember I was reading forum about Adele. Some people wrote something like this “I don’t care that she can sing, she’s fat and ugly, so I’m not interested”. People like that are soooo immature it’s beyond me

  6. I actually think she has gotten better looking with age. Personally, I never thought she was attractive 10-15 years ago. To me, she looked a bit awkward.

  7. In high school I thought she was the most beautiful woman. She still looks lovely. I think I’ll go watch the “Torn” video and reminisce about my youth!

  8. it’s weird because in her ‘torn’ days i never thought she was pretty, quite the opposite actually. and i really don’t know why i thought that, she was and still is a gorgeous woman. i guess that means i appreciated her for her talent and not her looks.

    • Or perhaps over time your concept of beauty has transformed a lot…what you find conventionally beautiful as a child or teenager tends to alter a lot as you get older. It did for me anyhow 🙂

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