New Mom Ali Fedotowsky: “Don’t Believe What You See on Instagram!”

New Mom Ali Fedotowsky: "Don't Believe What You See on Instagram!" 1

Bechelorette / TV personality Ali Fedotowsky (33), who gave birth to her second child 2 months ago, recently showed off her new mom figure on Instagram and on her personal blog, in order to make a statement against the edited social media images.

This might be my most vulnerable post on Instagram ever. I’ve gone back-and-forth 1 million times in my head on whether not I wanted to post it. But at the end of the day, I know it’s important to be open and honest about my postpartum body in hopes that it helps even one person out there who is struggling with their own body image.’

I’m 15lbs heavier than I used to be, and my cup size has grown quite significantly. I bounced back pretty quickly after I gave birth to Molly. But things are different this time and I’m OK with that.

I’m learning to love my body and embrace how it’s changed. I hope I get back to my pre-pregnancy shape one day, but that may never happen. And if it doesn’t, that’s OK. I’m sitting so you can see what’s really going with me. I have all this loose skin around my mid-section. And as you can see, my chest, my very very veiny chest from breast feeding, has gotten so much bigger. This is a 34 DD, I was a very small 34C before.

New Mom Ali Fedotowsky: "Don't Believe What You See on Instagram!" 2

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New Mom Ali Fedotowsky: "Don't Believe What You See on Instagram!" 3 New Mom Ali Fedotowsky: "Don't Believe What You See on Instagram!" 4   New Mom Ali Fedotowsky: "Don't Believe What You See on Instagram!" 5New Mom Ali Fedotowsky: "Don't Believe What You See on Instagram!" 6 New Mom Ali Fedotowsky: "Don't Believe What You See on Instagram!" 7

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16 thoughts on “New Mom Ali Fedotowsky: “Don’t Believe What You See on Instagram!””

  1. hmmm.. i can see her quibble.. her skin is quite loose around her middle. But given the many candids of her on the beach in bikinis, looking quite tanned, I suspect sun has had a hand in the skin as well.

    Its a seemingly positive message, and im glad she’s happy

  2. Personally I’m childfree but I think this is a good message to mothers AND those who are thinking about becoming one. The effects of pregnancy on the body (not just loose skin) are often sugarcoated because society wants people to have children. I’ve seen a woman on IG who has a sixpack and loose skin from two kids at the same time so clearly even the most active and healthy women aren’t “safe” from those changes.

    • i never felt that pregnancy was sugar coated at all, but i’m from Canada, so maybe its a cultural thing.
      Every body is different (clichéed, but true); Your body goes through some physical changes, but for some people they’re temporary, for others they’re more longer lasting. its not even a matter of age, class, or ethnic background. There are people who come out mostly unscathed, while others have a lot more wear and tear. I was 36 when I had my first child, and I came out mostly unscathed, save for a scar from a emergency c section. But in all honesty, playing 10+ years of rep soccer and basketball did more to my body than childbirth did – i only have a 4″ scar and a faint trace around my bellybutton of something (but im very very fair). I honestly thought and prepared myself for my body to be utterly ravaged – losing bladder control, a huge tummy, stretch marks… but none of that.

      Now, the baby… uh.. thats going to be around for quite some time… giving up the DINK lifestyle is definitely an eye opener..

    • Are you serious with this comment? Yes, please consider the impact on your body when deciding to have a kid. I can’t roll my eyes any harder. You know you’ll get old and ugly and wrinkly one day, right? Jesus Christ.

      • Yes, please carefully consider all aspects before you bring a human into a world with 7.6 billion others. Please make an informed and thoroughly well thought out decision that has been considered, debated, and weighed from every possible angle.

        • sorry on my mobile i thought your comment was directed at me;
          im going to ask versus to delet my reply to you since there isnt an edit function/

        • I’m assuming Altra’s comment was directed at someone else? MY comment was to promote thoughtful reproduction by understanding that it’s dangerous, inconsiderate, and selfish to simply think “I want a baby, everything else will work itself out somehow”.

  3. So if this is the natural result of a pregnancy, how is that Ale Ambrosio, Jessica Alba and all these celebrities have a perfect tummy even though they’ve had children as well? Do they get a liposuction along with a c-section or something like that? I’m lost and I don’t know what’s real and what’s not, lol. P.D: I’m 27 and childfree.

    • You can’t have lipo or a tummy tuck along with a delivery of a child, genetics play a big part and there are tons of cosmetic procedures (non invasive) that help models and celebrities bounce back, like lasers, machines that massage the skin etc.

    • It’s genetics or surgery. Don’t have a kid if you’re so selfish and shallow that you only worry about it’s affect on your body.

      • lol how judgemental.
        growing kids requires an incredible amount of intelligent altruism and persistence, plus all the exhaustion in the first three years (if you don’t have a nanny).
        but you should always come from a place of partial selfishness to start with.
        having kids to feel like mother Theresa is gonna be a delusion.

        people have kids for different reasons and don’t have kids for different reasons too.

        What disgusts me is people having kids without considering the child or the impact of their choices. comes to mind the jenners (actually having a kid while not even being mentally an adult yourself), or some procedures gay couples use instead of considering adopting a child first, or even when gay couples undermine the importance of an opposite-sex positive presence in the closest family unit, for the growth of the child. All of this is of course debatable.

        The lady here is stating a fact, interrogating herself, and she clearly doesn’t seem interested or ready to become a parent. I see nothing evil with that. Evil would be to put a child in the world expecting it to be a pretty empty doll to get constant validation from, while solving the tummy dilemma with plastic surgery and then say oh I’m a mum.

        or even have kids just because it seems right and then be depressed and let yourself go blaming the children and being a self-destructive parent (which is actually a delicate and potentially dangerous scenario, where the mom needs help and compassion).

  4. Good. The photoshop is out of control these days. Not just on celebrity accounts, its trickled down into becoming a mainstream thing to do by everyone, easily accessible by apps.

  5. Glad to see this and while I do want to be a mom one day I am not ready to look like that now. I want to get to live feeling like I’m at my best before it all goes down hill to where some things will never be the same. While I hope I’ll get lucky and my stomach won’t look too different I’m not going to expect it so I have to be ready to be selfless. I’m wondering if it’s age, lifestyle choices, or simply all in the genetics. I rather have a round tummy afterwards than have loose skin. She’s a good person for posting this as a normal girl instead of having everyone just seeing what celebrities look like after spending millions to appear a certain way.

    • I don’t see that loose skin as so dramatic.
      I surely am not gonna have kids, but the tummy thing is not among my reasons.
      I think she provides a cheerful and candid example and a good attitude for new mums.

  6. Well, i am sure many are like her but many aren’t also. I am a mother of one child and many of my friends are having 2 kids and they don’t look like her, but like on the unreal instagram she’s saying. Plus, they put no effort into looking that way.
    I believe everyone should feel good into their skin, no matter their weight, but i don’t like how she believes and tries to make everyone think that mothers look like her. Some do, many don’t.

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