Niecy Nash Likes Her “Jiggly Parts & Curves”

Niecy Nash Likes Her “Jiggly Parts & Curves” 1

Reno 911 star Niecy Nash (40) loves her “wobbly” parts:

“I like my jiggly parts.  I like my body like it is.”

“I like my curves – I don’t have a problem with any of it, and my boyfriend doesn’t either! It’s more about the inner transformation for me. I want to become better and stronger and more fulfilled as a person, and I can do that with a little wobble in my booty, honey!”

… says Niecy.

Niecy Nash Likes Her “Jiggly Parts & Curves” 2

Do you guys like your jiggly parts (in case you have any)? 🙂

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Niecy Nash Likes Her “Jiggly Parts & Curves” 3

Niecy Nash Likes Her “Jiggly Parts & Curves” 4

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38 thoughts on “Niecy Nash Likes Her “Jiggly Parts & Curves””

  1. ugh i hate my jiggly parts. don’t get me wrong i don’t want to be hard as a rock or 99% fat free. i’d rather be a kelly brook than a miranda kerr or a cameron diaz but there’s a couple of extra “squishy” llbs i could do with out. not enough to give up chocolate for sit ups though. 🙂

  2. Lol Hmm, do I like my jiggly parts? Let’s dissect that interesting question lol. At 5 ‘7.5″ I’m carrying 34Ds which is a size I’m very comfortable with. I’ve got a tiny waist, maybe like 24 or so on a good day, 25 or so on a bloated day. I like my booty, very round at the back, and so does my man, so I’d never want to lose that. But I’m a skinny pear-shaped girl, so I’ve got paper thin arms, skinny legs, but my long legs will like flare out high thigh round the booty zone like an ice-cream cone. That’s just one aspect that makes it VERY annoying to find jeans that fit JUST RIGHT. I have a short torso and longer legs, so finding jeans that aren’t TOO short, and at the same time hug my skinny legs and don’t do that flared out fabric thing at the waist of the jeans on my booty is annoying. I’m wearing a Guess size 26 right now and it has that annoying little space thing at the top yet fits my skinny legs just right. My weight fluctuates between 115 to 120. I’ve been working out and toning my legs more, so whatever jiggly that’ll be left over will hopefully be a jiggly I want! lol But as for Mrs. Nash, I love her. I don’t want her to change save just get healthier for her body and prove to herself that she can tackle the Dances with the Stars challenge. 😀 Go Niecy!

  3. Finally! A woman is saying that she wants to better something other than her body. Her statement is a great reminder that more important than the physical appearance of our bodies are our minds and our hearts. I’m healthy, I’m active, and I take care of myself. In fact, the only unhealthy thing I do is obsess about the reality that I’m not as skinny as other people. Comparison really is the root of all unhappiness.

  4. Good for her! Awesome attitude; I wish that I could emulate it. And I have to say that I kind of want those shoes .. hahaha.

  5. I bet most people in Hollywood think “inner transformation” = shaping underwear. LOL
    At the same time I agree with her. Since women are so obsessed with their looks, men yeah they care about it too but they are not able to notice +/- 10 pounds on you, say the difference between C or D cups, 26 or 24 inches waists. Actually they do not care about looks in the end (if you are super b—y and stupid your look never helps) so jiggling parts are okay if you feel okay with it and you are self-confident. It is only your own business.
    I work out a lot, I like when my body is super tight but I do it because it makes me feel great and I do it only for myself not for my BF or men.

    • I have to disagree about men not noticing the weight. It differs with ever guy. I know my man would notice a ten pound weight gain but that is just because he is attracted to extremley slender, petite women. He loves that I’m stick thin (though I don’t) and even though he wouldn’t admit it, he would much prefer me to stay my size instead of gaining weight like I want to. Don’t get me wrong he will still love me ten pound from now but attraction is physical and if I gained say 40 pounds I’m sure he would still love me but I doubt he would physically want me the way that he does now.

  6. I always find comments like these hard to believe because they sound like rationalizations of unwanted pounds.

    It’s kind of how Nicole Eggart went on about how she loves her “softer” body after she did that Baywatch comedy skit, but look at her now. She lost all the weight.

    I have a feeling if this woman (don’t know who she is) could lose the extra weight, she would.

    Btw, a little jiggle is good. I feel like when a woman loses all her jiggle, she becomes very masculine. See Alessandra…she’s just too stringy/harsh now.

  7. “Do you guys like your jiggly parts (in case you have any)?”
    Answer: I love my jiggly parts! I love my natural 32E breasts. On a bad or bloated day they are 32F. But once they reduce back to size they are awesome! I have a very small bum, recently with squats my rump has beginning to get the rounder shape to them . Which took a *really long time* for my 5’5″, 115 frame .So I am beginning to love my bum, its more existant now:P

    My thighs always have to keep muscle tone because my calves are extremely smaller than my thighs. so in order to keep my legs in proportion,I tend to keep my tone.

  8. well i like her jiggly parts! She isn’t a slim lady (nor is she huge either though) but she has great proportions and toned looking calves, i think she looks good

  9. I love my body! It’s perfect!! You know why? It gets up in the morning, it remembers how to ride a bike, it lets me duck and weave through passersby on the street when I run like a Nike commercial, it allows me to jump backwards when I see a spider, it goes really low when Ludacris “Go Low” comes on the radio, and it balances me when I straddle the tub to reach the razor I forgot on the side of the sink when I’m showering. Perfection.

  10. I’m 5’5-5’6 and I weight about 140lbs. I’m 18 years old and I must say that while I can appreciate different body types, I believe that I look my best when I’m slim and curvy, but not too slim like a was a few years back in cross country. Funny thing is even during cross country, when I was in the best shape of my life, I didn’t have much music tone, esp in my thigh area which I hated so much. But now I realize that my body is naturally “fat” no matter how thin I get. I have a soft body, but well proportioned and I love it 😀

  11. I’m about 137-138 at 5’4″. I was about 160 before I started eating clean/mainly organic since January. I’ve been working out almost daily since then as well, and I feel like a different person in many aspects. I was on an extremely strict diet and work-out program in high school, and I was way too thin and unhappy. Eventually, I burned myself out, gave up, started binging on junk food, not exercising and went up to where I settled at 160. I was overweight, but not obese by any stretch, but I didn’t feel good about myself in any aspect. Most of my body image issues have stemmed from my grandma and her criticism of my body/weight starting when I was 9. Finally, at the end of last year, I decided to focus on my health (and to be fair, my looks in at least a smaller aspect), and so I completely overhauled my fitness and nutrition. I’m still not as thin as I’d like to be, but I’m not beating myself up about getting there. That’s why I totally agree with Niecy here. She’s not “skinny” by any standards, but I truly believe she’s one of those people that wouldn’t look good with too much weight loss. Her body type isn’t set up for it. Versus, what would you call it? She looks healthy and happy, though. I’m an hourglass figure. My shoulders will always be broader than I like, and no matter what, I’ll never have a 6-pack, but I no longer want one. My stomach is toned, but it’s still feminine and soft. Some women look amazing with a 6-pack, but I don’t think I would. I’m learning to love myself anyway. I have great, natural D-cup boobs, a waist that curves in, and a fantastic butt. But, I’ll never be happy with my thighs. But I’m not perfect, and I’m finally learning to work with what I have. It’s what we all need to do as women, especially those of us are just entering adulthood like me. (I’m 21). I don’t want my future daughters to struggle like I did. I want them to feel good about their natural body from the time they’re young children, complete with healthy eating and a good attitude towards exercise. We’d all be better off if we took Niecy’s advice here.

    • I think she is a cello – it’s like an hourglass, only with a wider bone structure (wider shoulders, not so small waist, etc). They carry the weight well.

  12. Thank you! I love your site. It’s a great to see a place that celebrates all types of women. By the way, awhile back I was reading a comment you made somewhere where you linked to a website that gave great descriptions of all the body shapes. Is there any way you still have that? Thanks again!

  13. Thanks a lot! It’s nice to be able to see all these descriptions written out in one place with a lot of detail. You’re the best!

  14. Being 5’4″ and 180 pounds was not fun. I got down to 160, and I felt great and looked great. I have a figure that doesn’t look that bad with extra weight, very similar to Niecy’s. I gained it back in the last few months, which sucks, but hopefully once I get back down (because I will!), I’ll have learned that maintenance requires discipline as well, lol. Ideally I’d be 140, but it’s okay. It’s nice to see people acknowledging women who can carry their weight well, because we do exist!

  15. I came across this website by accident… but I’m glad I did.

    I’m a man and have always found Niecy beautiful. I hope she knows that many others like her jiggly parts and curves, too, hehe… She’s gorgeous.

    I’ve always loved and been attracted to women who are thicker and more voluptuous… that’s the sexiest thing in the world… and this world needs more women like that, like some of you, like Niecy. Sometimes, I don’t think women understand how much men love to have more to hold onto, if you know what I mean.

    If you’re not already, be encouraged about your curves. More booty, thicker legs, rounder hips, bigger boobs. We’re not expecting perfection. Men like me love it all… and there are many of us out there. Niecy has the right attitude… celebrate that beautifully curvy body!

  16. I love Niecy Nash and her body. If you’re a man looking at a woman with a body like her’s and don’t think “SEX,” then you’re either gay or impotent or a combination thereof.

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