Nikki Blonski: ‘Hollywood is getting REAL – a lot of America doesn’t wear a size 2’

Nikki Blonski: 'Hollywood is getting REAL - a lot of America doesn’t wear a size 2' 1

Hairspray and Huge star Nikki Blonsky recently opened up about one of her professional experiences and what it meant in the body-focused Hollywood world.

“I’ve recently had an experience, where I’ve been given a complete ray of light, and I have a film coming out called Waiting for Forever. When I auditioned for it, it was a role written for a young married mom, and I auditioned for it and they gave it to me. It wasn’t a role written for a plus sized girl. I was like wow! I got a role that wasn’t for a plus sized girl.

“These men who directed and produced the film gave me that hope. For a while I was like will I always be the cute sidekick? But these men showed me that I can do whatever I want in film. It’s up to the studios, the people, and the directors.

“If there was a movie that I had to lose 80 lbs to do, I would absolutely lose those 80 lbs but that’s just because I love my job. I love what I do. I think it’s up to me and it’s up to everybody else out there in Hollywood to not be afraid of hiring plus-sized girls, we don’t bite. I can do everything skinny girls can do, trust me.

I honestly think Hollywood is getting real. They’re saying ‘hey this is what a lot of America looks like,’ a lot of America doesn’t wear a size 2. I think the studios and the media are starting to realize that overweight people want something they can relate to, so let’s give it to them.”

… says Nikki.

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182 thoughts on “Nikki Blonski: ‘Hollywood is getting REAL – a lot of America doesn’t wear a size 2’”

  1. sure, she’s right. most of america doesnt wear a size two. ofcourse, there’s nothing wrong with wrong you are at watever size. but being this overweight is not a good example. what makes me upset, is that she defends how unhealthily overweight she is. she’s prolly even classified as morbidly obese. make an effort to lose weight and become healthier. sure, most of america doesnt wear a size two; but damn right, you shouldnt look like that.

    • ditto. just because the majority of our population is overweight doesn’t make it okay.

      i know she isn’t advocating for people to be obese, but i still think it sets a bad example. i’m not saying she should even be a size 6 or 8, but i do think she’ll live a longer, healthier life if she took care of herself better

      • Not to turn this into a rant about nationalism, but sometimes it irks me when people act as if America = the world.

        Sure, most of America is not a size two. Despite the spread (heh) of obesity, there are plenty of non-American countries that don’t have a weight problem.

          • Absolutely. Every day, there’s a zillion articles in the paper about how we’re catching up with the US in terms of weight problems, or are on par. But based on what I see, I don’t see a lot of huge people. Chubby, maybe, like someone else said, but at least these people can walk.

    • I agree that it isn’t the best example, nobody should promote obesity, same as anorexia… But she’s not promoting anything, she’s an actress, not a model/spokesperson, her job is to be good at what she does, whatever size she is.
      She could lose weight if she wanted to for HER OWN sake and health, but not for the sake of the audience. I like the fact that she is hired for talent, not size. There should be actors of all shapes, sizes and looks, cos people in real life are different.

      I think it’s quite sensible what she said. Particularly cos she didn’t argue that she’s healthy, or bashing skinny girls, she simply said size shouldn’t be the issue.
      And i’m gonna say it again… seeing fat girls isn’t gonna make people want to be fat. There’s no need to be scared that suddenly everybody wants to be obese. Skinny is still the ideal 🙂

      • @Nikki – Agree 100%. I think the comments above show that actors are expected to be examples of “the ideal”. This woman is not selling herself as a role model of any kind, just as a good actor.

      • I agree 100% Nikki!
        I don’t know why people seem to be afraid that because there are overweight celebs who are not being portrayed as hideous anymore, that everyone is suddenly going to see them as ideal and want to put on weight! Or that they will start thinking that it’s perfectly okay to be fat and it’s actually quite sexy – no one thinks that, even if they might say it publicly! When you’re overweight you know you are not ideal and a lot of people actually find you unattractive – being thin is unquestionably the ideal.
        However it’s not as easy as ‘just lose weight’ – only people who have never been fat say that! So it’s always a good thing to see overweight people being able to do their jobs and not being discriminated against – no one is celebrating her weight, they are celebrating her talent!

        Maybe some people will accept their size a little more when they see celebs like Nikki being accepted by the mainstream, and that may not be the healthiest thing – but it certainly isn’t going to make slim people think it’s okay to get fat!

        • I think Roseanne was the best role model for that. People like Nikki or the stars of Mike and Molly are basing their career on their weight, by choice or not. That’s why there’s so much backlash when a fat celeb slims down, like with Crystal Renn. Especially for her, since she is a model and spoke out about the pressures of the industry.

          • its so funny that people were bashing Crystal Renn and then go on this post and speak about how evil being fat is

            *rolls eyes*

        • Only people who have never been fat think it’s possible to lose weight?
          Lies from a lazy person. I’ve been there and done that, and as a personal trainer I’ve helped a ton of people who are there, do that. Don’t give us this nonsense about how OMG IT’S SOOOO HARD TO LOSE WEIGHT GUYS because it’s all about choosing to be a useful, assertive, self-loving individual rather than a lazy lump on the couch.

          • Alexa- you are lucky you have the self esteem to see things that way. As a personal trainer, and someone who has ‘been there and done that’ I would have thought you would have more of an understanding regarding the emotional issues that go along with weight/ food. It’s exactly the same as being anorexic. What a self absorbed comment. You are welcome to your opinion, but it would be nice if you could express it without being so rude and judgemental. You don’t know the commenter from a bar of soap. So calling her a liar and lazy is not exactly called for imo. If overweight people who find it hard to lose weight due to emotional issues, lack of confidence etc are ‘lazy and liars’ then what are anorexics? Weak? People who are self absorbed for only thinking of getting a skinny body? What are drug addicts and alcoholics? Weak minded and weak willed? (BTW, anyone that reads this- I am not saying that’s what I think of anorexics or overweight people or people with addiction issues. I’m just stating a point.) It’s not our place to be so judgemental, ESPECIALLY towards commenters on here who weren’t even saying anything horrible themselves, just merely stating a pov.

          • Solaxia, that was a stellar comment! I didn’t even know where to begin in response to what Alexa wrote. It was just so outrageous on so many levels.

        • Erica- very well said. I agree, thin will always be and always has been an ideal. Overweight never has been. So, i think people need to loosen up about discriminating against thin people. Thats not really ever going to happen. I mean, for goodness sake, then ‘ideal’ image in the media is still getting thinner- look at the VS models now in comparison to the past. BUT now, not only should you be as thin as possible, you shouldn’t have muscle and you should definately have huge b❆❆bs (not everyone realised how pushed up, padded and or airbrushed the b❆❆bs are on these models).

          I dont think Nikki is trying to say ‘real women’ are big and skinny women are nott real etc. I think she is just saying MOST women dont look like VS models (…even the VS models dont with all the airbrushing etc =p) so now, she feels America is looking at talent of a woman and not just the way she looks.

          I’m sure she is aware she is not the ideal (and you are right, if you have never had an issue with weight you have no idea with how hard it can be to lose it…it’s also the same for ppl with anorexia/bulemia). Having said that, she is not going to shout out ‘hell yeah, I’m ugly. but now im hot because im big and was accepted for a role’ (not that i think she is ugly btw but we know she isnt the mainstream ideal). I think she is just saying…finally! Women who dont fit the Hollywood ideal are getting noticed!

      • Nikki, normally I agree with you. It seems that everytime an overweight girl is published in a magazine, everyone flips out how they are “encouraging” others to be overweight. I mean, yes, there is a possibility that someone is overweight and will look at someone overweight in a magazine and use that as an excuse to maintain unhealthy habits, but at that point, it’s denial and rationalization, not the actual magazine or overweight actress’ fault.

        However, in this particular case it definitely sounds like Nikki is selling herself as a role model. She states “a lot of of America wears a size 2,” but does not state the negative version of that statement, which is “a lot of America is overweight and unhealthy,” in which case it does sound like she is at least to a certain extent encouraging or normalizing the overweight and obesity epidemics.

    • Being a size two when you’re six foot seven isn’t healthy either. Photoshopping and airbushing women, making our little girls think the impossible standard is possible through diet, exercise, and products IS SICK! But everyone seems to be comfortable enough with that, because it sells, sells, sells!!!

      I’d say 99% of women in Hollywood are underweight. Do you have a problem with that? Talk about bad example. Give me a break folks.

      • I agree Kate. And I think what Nikki was trying to say was that overweight people watch TV/ film just like everyone else… why not have some characters that they can relate to? It’s not an instance where they take a role in order to promote their weight, it’s a character in a story. Overweight people exist, and she does have a point: not everyone in America is a size 2.

        I watched the show she starred in this past summer, “Huge”. And I can honestly say it wasn’t trying to promote obesity in the slightest. What it did do was show that overweight teens have some of the same problems as any other teen- love issues, bad parenting, struggles with sexuality, etc. I liked it, personally.

        • May I just ask, what is this, “relating to?” that everyone talks about? This is a genuine question, what does that mean?

          Do people actually “relate to” actresses? Do people go, “Oh she is skinny/fat like me, I can totally picture myself as her and her character more now that I know her body looks like my body.” Do people actually find some connection with an otherwise stranger who lives a totally different life simply because their body is similar to their’s?

          I guess the celebrity with the closest body to mine would be Rosie, but, I don’t know. I don’t “relate” at all to her, because quite frankly, I don’t know her and both her life and personality seem drastically different than mine. It seems to me that forming some kind of deep connection with a stranger simply because they look like you is defensive and a bit shallow. But maybe I’m not interpreting “relating” the same as everyone else.

          • I think its more a case of relating to the character, I think thats what people mean. I dont know if we are using techinically the right word for it, but I know for example, when I read a book I “relate” to each character in the book in some way or another, being able to “relate” to them makes their character more real and vivid. I can feel the story more as if its “real”, get lost in it, that way.

            Same with a good movie, being able to “relate” on some level or other to a character helps draw you in and makes the whole thing more engaging. and maybe even its not a case of “relating” yourself to the character but “relating” them to someone else you know in real life. Its harder for the characters to seem totally real when they dont look like a real group of people, with the normal variatons in size/weight/height/attractiveness.

            I might be wrong and maybe nothing I said makes sense, but I think that is the thing people are talking about.

          • Look. How many overweight people do you see on TV in comparison to skinny gals? All I’m saying is, I think if I were an overweight teen, I’d take solace in the fact knowing that girls with a bit more meat on them can land roles too. And not just roles, but like in the show “Huge” that I mentioned- the actors and actresses portrayed normal teens that have everyday problems.

            I guess what I was trying to say is that I don’t think it’s an instance where these actresses deliberately promote their obesity. I’m not attacking your opinion, maybe you watch shows and movies completely detached from the characters and don’t care to draw comparisons between yourself and them. Personally, I find myself comparing myself with characters sometimes because like snoops said, it draws me in and makes the story more interesting. I’m just trying to think if I were an overweight teen: I think a show like Huge could be a really cool thing. Maybe I’m wrong, that’s just how I see it.

          • I soooo agree. There are SO many comments about how people like certain models/celebs and not others because they can relate to them, and I don’t see why at all. I’m just going to paste a comment I left on a post ages ago:

            Also, I see often on posts about models, plus size or not, about people preferring model bodies that they see as ‘attainable’, ‘relatable’ and similar to their own. Why? To me, the point of a model is to make the clothes look good and to be perfectly honest I think these clothes would have looked better on a straight-sized model. Models are generally the especially attractive people, they don’t need to look like everybody else that somewhat defeats the point. I see my body every day, I don’t want to see it in a magazine. Long skinny limbs are much more attractive and they make the clothes look better, I’d much rather look at girls like that than ones that look like me.

          • Relating means that you can see yourself represented. If a movie is well done you should be able to relate to the character regardless, HOWEVER it’s nice to feel represented. If you replace the word overweight with any other minority group you can understand how it feels. As an african american I can watch shows like How I Met Your Mother and Friends, and understand the situations but its still exclusive. I can laugh at lots of things like Ross’ too dark tan but it never really applies to me. It’d be nice to see the things I live with be included in a show that isnt contained to one race, group, or network. Its quite rare that I walk around all day without encountering another race or any heavy people, like they do for episodes. Its not strange for people to want to have the tv/movies reflect the world we live in which sometimes seems not to be good enough to incorporate into the “hollywood ideal.” No one seems to realize that addressing issues related to these people can open up new avenues. You’d be suprised what people learn from tv, even though we swear its just for entertainment. But placing these minorities on tv in a regular capacity, we can teach our children and individuals who aren’t usually exposed to them of some issues they face. I want a “modern family-esque” show that reflects my life where being a plus size girls don’t means she has to date a big boy because I know plenty girls with hot, slim bf’s or an interracial couple that isnt an asian girl and white guy. It not uncommon for plain, chubby guys to get hot leading ladies so why not the women. Unattractive, overweight men get to be represented in nearly everything movie and show. I also can’t think of any shows that feature a black/white interracial storyline for more than an episode or two.

      • 99% are underweight? definetly not maybe if you have a warped perception of what thin is as do many in america. anyway there are myriad less health dangers that accompany being too thin than that accompany being too fat, extreme EDs aside.

        • In fact, you are wrong. Study after study has PROVEN that having an extra 10 pounds is far healthier than being 10 pounds under weight. Are you insinuating that 99% of Hollywood actresses aren’t underweight? Maybe YOU are the one with the warped perception.

          • 1 study has found that and it has not been replicated which means it doesn’t have much statistical value. Not that studies are the tell-all of health…in any study there are exceptions.

            But I’m pretty sure you can’t deny the mountains of studies that have indicated that a large portion of Western countries are overweight and that it is negatively affecting their health, right?

            Why not aim for an average, healthy, middle? It’s not all underweight or overweight..there is something in between.

            In both of your comments you sound incredibly defensive. I have no idea what you look like, but if you are indeed overweight, I only urge you to reconsider whether it is right for your body or not. It may be, but it certainly isn’t for a large portion of people that are dying from it.

          • Actually that’s incorrect. Study after study has not proven that it is healthier to be ten pounds heavier than ten pounds lighter. It has been shown that there is a trade off to the health problems. People underweight will have a different set and people overweight will have a different set. It’s a trade off. No, 99% of the Hollywood actresses are not underweight. Yes, there are a few that look underweight, but it is unreasonable to say that 99% are underweight. There are a few underweight, a few overweight, and then a variety in between.

      • 99% of women in Hollywood are not underweight. 99% of women in haute and high fashion are not underweight, so I have no idea how you got that perception.

        Most women in Hollywood are around 5’6 and a size 4, which is healthy. There are only a few size 0 actress. Should there be more actresses that are size 10? Maybe. I think that’s what you were getting at, but your point would have been more clearly communicated had you not masked it with wrong generalizations like the 99% statement.

    • Totally agree! People need to stop thinking in black and white terms. There is a middle ground between anorexic and obese. She is clinically obese- this is simply the truth from a medical perspective. She is not healthy. I am all for accepting how we look/who we are, but we also must be pro-healthy and she is not healthy.

      • Agreed. She’s pro fat. A lot of so-called body acceptance advocates ignore that middle ground because they’re not in it. You’d be amazed at the amount of people who act as if striving for being slim (not skinny and of shape) is unattainable or wrong.

    • we portray teenage girls having sex with an entire football team in a comedy- Glee
      experimenting with drugs, underage drinking, smoking- ONe tree hill, the o.c etc.
      parents tieing their kids up and sticking them in the corner to stand for hours for more laughs – malcolm in the middle
      heroes getting away with murder and arson- desperate housewives
      – and you worry about an overweight girl being a bad influence?

      • Hey it’s all relative!! Besides just because there are worse examples elsewhere doesn’t mean having a healthy body and addressing the issue of obesity is no less valid.

        • I think Amazon was making that point that just because it’s being shown on TV doesn’t mean it’s encouraging people to be like that.

  2. Good for her! I’m glad to hear that she is finding success because she is a very talented girl.

    What I am sick of, is the industry standard that says beauty comes before talent. Seeing all of these actors and actresses get by and have huge careers based solely on the fact that they are really really good-looking, because they sure can’t act! I remember Jessica Biel talking about how hard it was for her to get hired for jobs because she is too beautiful. Imagine if she had her acting ability and she was Nikki’s size: she would never have made it in the first place.

    So say what you want about her weight; I know there will be hundreds of comments about how she is obese and she needs to lose weight for her health, etc etc. That’s not really my business what she wants to do about her weight. I’m just glad to see the industry cast based on ability rather than looks, for once.

    • Very well put – I too think it’s awful how the industry often puts looks before talent. I’m certain there have been plenty of actresses perfect for certain roles who have missed out because they don’t have ‘the right look’.

    • I agree with your sentiment, but unfortunately casting in the film industry, and consequently the industry itself, is not about talent, but about having the right look. There are some talented film actresses out there, but very few of them got roles based on their talent and were instead first cast because they looked right. Only after using their looks to get into the industry did they ever get a chance to show their acting chops. Nikki Blonsky, and many other plus sized actresses, would probably find more steady and lasting success in live theatre if they’re hoping to be cast based on ability and not looks.

    • yes well at the end of the day,,, if you got talent youll stay, looks can only take you so far, and it doesnt feel nice hearing oh shes only in hollywood cuz shes pretty she has no talent (like magen fox)

    • Amen. I can relate to her comment. Everyone one wants to debate weight and that she’s snarking on size two. What if the comment came from someone else? Say an african american on all white casts. Or gay actors on all characters being straight? Are we still offended or is it just the weight issue you all disagree with? I think its because people dislike the percieved rebellion of not changing to meet someone’s elses standard. It’s hard to get work when you aren’t the “ideal”. People always have the Megan Fox’s in mind. As a black actress, I find it hard to get acting gigs when someone has a white character in mind. The script doesn’t necessarily call for one but its like the only thing people want. Isn’t that the same thing? I’ve seen alot of people on here say they want to see people who are skinny and therefore more beautiful for two hours because its a fantasy. It bothers me if that’s the perception. If what you see everyday isn’t good enough, then how do any of us (esp. the actors) stand a chance? Does that mean you’d rather see a lovely white actress than a lovely black, asian, or latin one? Or hot tall one than a hot short one? These are the very same people who complain about being held to higher standard of beauty by men when we ourselves are clearly setting standards for each other by being catty and saying that being normal or different isnt good enough.

  3. what a stupid excuse to be overweight and definitely not healthy ! <,< man americans are absolutely not size 2…. they are the most overweight nationality in the world… so it's time they stopped cuz it's not only not an attractive view,but really dangerous for your health!

  4. Why does there have to be these extremes, super skinny or obese? Are most of america really her size? Why do all actors have to have weight issues, can’t they set a normal/median example. If she is average size then that is very worrying.

    • According to my experience, most of them are her size and over. And I went to California, which is believed to be full with slim and beautiful people. I think when I was visiting Hollywood pretties were hiding somewhere 🙂

      • It really does depend on where you go. And I think the average in some areas tilts the scales against the average in other areas.

        For example, NYC is probably one of the slimmest parts of the country because it’s a walking city. It’s very rare to see an obese person half the size of the sideway walking down the street. Hollywood (LA, I’m assuming you went to) is a driving city. Most likely, besides the actors and actresses, it’s a bit overweight.

        But honestly, most of the people I see are about a size 4 – 10. I do live on a college campus, but I can literally count the morbidly obese people I’ve seen on one hand.

        • I can attest to that. I go to college in NYC and I almost NEVER see anyone who is overweight. Chubby maybe. But many people are chubby, not just in america. America may have an obesity issue, but please don’t generalize that all americans are overweight. It is far from the truth and I’m sure many of us who write on this site are proof of that

      • that’s true, but i’ve still never been to places where a majority of people are obese either… and my parent’s come from the backwoods rural type place that everyone says is filled with obesity. I mean people are overweight, but it’snot like 90% of who you see is 500 pounds, or even 300 for that matter

  5. Of course a lot of America does not wear size 2. This place horrified me a lot when I was visiting last year. People eat 24/7, huge portions, and the food is so not-healthy. It is not good to be obese. Of course, there are always people who are big or super skinny because of medical reasons. But for the rest healthy smart eating and regular exercises can do wonders. And it is not only about the look, but also about your health, how you feel yourself. I do not believe in the US this standart as well as super skinny one should be set up.

    • I don’t usually defend the US, but what are you talking about?! Did you just visit the part of California where all the tourists are? Have you visited different states outside of the tourist areas????
      You make it seem as though every American is obese and sits around eating fast food all day long. Having lived in NYC and other cities on the east and west coast, the majority of the people I know are slim, active, and eat pretty healthy….this includes friends, family, colleagues, and my clients. It has a lot to do with class, education, and region. The US has over 300 million people living across thousands of miles with varied cultural backgrounds, so it’s simply silly to make any statement about “Americans.”

    • I can’t really agree with you, Eve. Maybe you just saw the worst side of America, I’m not really sure. All of my friends are slim, they may not have flawless bodies but they’re definitely not overweight. It’s very possible here in America, if people put in effort, to eat healthy, great foods that will benefit them tremendously. I know that I exercise at least 30 minutes per day, and that 98% of all food I eat is extremely healthy and organic. I just wanted to put it out there that not ALL Americans are unhealthy, and I see so many people that aren’t overweight, although there are people that are, of course.

    • I agree with Nay. It sucks that people rag on the U.S. all the time. The citizens, the government, the appearance, our “culture.” (Even I admit we have basically none of the last one.) If you visit it, you don’t actually know what it’s like living there. There are other countries with an obesity problem: ours is just the largest.

      Almost everyone I know takes good care of themselves. Most of them watch what they eat and almost all of them get some form of exercise. My 85 year old grandmother goes to the gym three times a week. You can’t make a general statement about one group of people.

        • You need to realise that first link you provide is ridiculously skewed. The first seven countries on that list are actually of a hugely different build to your average American. Genetically speaking, people from the Pacific Islands have much broader structures, much denser bones and are much bigger. When measured using the BMI scale, they register as obese, even though it is actually their normal and healthy size.

          In the same way that Asian countries require a different BMI scale to register their small builds, Pacific nations need a different scale to register their larger builds. Yes, of course some lifestyle factors exacerbate these genetic predispositions (and the diet that predominates in these areas doesn’t help matters), but my point remains that the chart is skewed and unfair.

          If you looked at purely at Caucasian body types, America will always have the highest obesity rates of any country in the world. Of course, I agree with your general comment, though, that obesity is a world-wide problem. But there is a reason that America is held up as the main example of the “obesity epidemic”.

          Moreover, there’s no genetic reason why most overweight Americans should be so overweight – most American weight issues are solely down to lifestyle. The first seven countries on that list (and New Zealand further down, which has a high proportion of pacific people) have a genetic explanation for their high rates of obesity. America does not.

          • Your comment doesn’t even make sense. What do you mean by “Caucasian?” Caucasian includes Asian people. If you mean people of European descent, that still only amounts to 65% of the American population. There’s a variety of different people in the United States…

            As far as your Pacific Islander argument, you’ve got your causation all wrong. While it appears true that PIs are affected differently by the negative health impacts of obesity, HOW they become obese has nothing to do with race. It’s about lifestyle choices.

    • I totally disagree with Eve, but with all the shows showing the crazy concotions in some restaurants I sort of understand. The fact that our media only shows the extremes of everything is part of the reason we get a bad rap. Everyone’s either super skinny or obese. They’re either eating twigs and berries or triple decker burgers with lard fries. At least according to what shows in mags and tv. The average person is probably a few pounds overweight, many are normal, but the fact that we do have some that are morbidly obese put’s the percentage out of whack. I wish people would just start showing the real “average” american. But, I guess that’s too boring.

    • I’d like to know what country your from Eve. Europe is catching up really fast to America weight wise. Mexico has surpassed America and Australia might in the next 10 years.

  6. I agree with her, getting a role should be about talent over looks. Personally I love movies that have more everyday looking people in them, its more believeable when in the movie there are some gorgeous characters,but majority average looking, rather than the whole movie being filled with hollywood clones with fake blonde hair fake b❆❆bs fake teeth etc etc.

    I dont think acting is about being some kind of healthy-living role model, its about being believable in the part you play, whether you are fat, skinny, or somewhere in the middle.

    • I agree. How annoying is it when every character in a movie seems to be super-attractive, super-successful and super- rich!? Hollywood makes movies about itself most of the time and it’s always nice to see more ‘normality’ represented. This of course includes ‘normal’ looking people – and the fact of the matter is, that most people are not a size 2 (even the perfectly healthy sized ones).
      I have to say though, that I would like to see in-between people represented too. Most actresses seem to be either ‘Hollywood-sized’ (very thin and toned) or really quite overweight! Where are the healthily normal size 6-12 women!? You don’t seem to see them much!

  7. I think she is right. She doesn’t have to promote anything, be an example/role model to anyone.
    Movies are a representation of reality, if the movie is in USA it is reasonable to have fat people, simply because real USA have fat people.
    Pretending that fat people doesn’t exist will not make them disappear.

  8. She’s right. If she’s happy being the weight she is and she’s getting the jobs she wants, getting roles where fat isn’t the main description of her character, then more power to her.

  9. I’m not really sure if I should feel happy for her because she is talented or sad because she doesn’t do anything for her health. It might sound harsh and mean, but I do believe that if you are young like her and you do nothing about your morbid obesity then either you have serious issues or you think “oh well, it’s not going to happen to me”.
    Statements like “most americans are overweight” really get on my nerves! And I think it’s because of these statements obesity is still a problem in America. Thank God I wasn’t born in a country where french fries are considered a healthy snack.

  10. The whole fat acceptance movement really upsets me. In our culture a person is judged if they just don’t feel like eating that meal or order a kid’s meal because of the ridiculous portions. They hold up the worst examples of aneorexia but expect us all to accept obesity because “everybody’s doing it”. This generation is the first to have a lower life expectancy than their parents, largely related to obesity. It is just waste of a life. Even if you have all the doors opened for you, and all the acceptance in the world, how happy is the average obese person when they struggle to tie their shoes every single day? I learned my lesson through the example of close family, moderation will literally save your life.

  11. PS- if we’re getting “real” let’s talk about being too thin and your organs shutting down or not having good nutrition no matter your size and having fertility problems. Let’s talk about osteoporosis, or skin sores, pressure sores on your feet just from walking, untreated diabetes because people decide they’re fine the way they are. I can’t accept people harming themselves as a good thing.

  12. ‘I can do everything skinny girls can do, trust me.’ – I’d like to see her run a marathon with me. Seriously. C’mon. Yes, the biggest half of America is overweight but is that really something to encourage?

    • “I’d like to see her run a marathon with me”
      Maybe she can how would you know? Fat people can exercise too.
      – Here is a gallery of fat athletes :
      – Another gallery of fat athletes,dancers, yoga lovers:
      – Ballet company with fat ballerinas:
      – Forums and articles about fat athletes:

      • wow you sure went through a lot of **** to prove me wrong. Probably don’t have much of a life do you? well anyway I am aware that there are people in the world that are fat despite doing sports. However you didn’t prove anything – I did not see a fat marathon runner in any of your links. Plus I seriously doubt she’s an athlete of any kind, to me she just looks like a fat chick trying to kid everyone, herself included.

        • “wow you sure went through a lot of ****”
          Googling “fat athletes” wasn’t that hard, actually.
          Also, there is no need to be rude. My comment bellow is about a triathlon athlete, it does require a lot of hard work.

        • You seem to ignore the fact that lots of skinny / thin people cannot run a marathon either.
          I am thin and so are my friends but we never do sports.

          There’s no way we can totally judge someone’s health on their weight or physical appearance.

        • Anorexic people cannot run a marathon either, the body needs food to have energy to run.

          And I don’t Know her or the role she played in Hairspray, but when I saw the musical play Hairspray on theater I few years ago, I was impressed with the main caracther, the fat girl. The actress singed and danced in a very energetic way, for the whole play that was more than 2 hours long. Even though i’m much thinner, I felt tired just watching. She even did a perfect espacate.

          So, if that was her role in Hairspray, I believe she can indeed to everything a thin girl does.

        • In fact, the first link actually did provide a picture of a “fat” marathon runner. There is a man in there completing an Iron Man challenge; part of that involves running a marathon.

    • @Newsweek. com article about fat athletes:
      – Adam
      “I may be six feet, 230 pounds, with a BMI of almost 32, but I had no problem finishing my first Ironman triathlon well ahead of many of my skinnier competitors.”

        • Yeah, you are prob. right about the muscles. (but let’s remember he identifies himself as fat, that’s the reason he is the article) .Again you don’t need to be so rude. Anyway, I showed plenty of fat people who can exercise.
          Also, why do you think she is encouraging obesity? She didn’t say she wanted everybody to be fat, she simply exists is fat and doesn’t apologize for who she is.

          • You know what? I’m sorry to anyone I might have offended fat people just anger me for some reason. That probably links to a problem in my own psyche, but oh well. (I’m not anorexic or anything if that’s what you were thinking) I just think it’s pathetic and disrespectful towards yourself

          • Nika:

            I think it’s pathetic and disrespectful to judge another person purely on their appearance.

            Your comment “I’m sorry to anyone I might have offended” followed by the outrageous statement that “fat people just anger me” is no less offensive than people who say things like “I’m not racist but I can’t stand black people” or “I’m not homophobic, I just don’t like those damn queers”. Or whatever.

            Another person’s fatness doesn’t hurt you and intrudes on your life in absolutely no way. Your anger is irrational, misplaced and offensive (when verbalised) – not to mention based on ignorant stereotypes.

            Prefacing an offensive statement with “sorry for the offense” doesn’t make your comment any less offensive; arguably it makes it more so.

            Everyone has the right to exist and be free from prejudice and hassle. And, yes, that includes fat people.

    • Well, not all skinny girls can run marathons, can they? In fact, most healthy people don’t run marathons either, so it’s really neither here nor there.
      She really is talking about acting and that’s her job – it’s not her job to tell people how to eat or live their lives.

      • just look around you. everyone in this USA is overweight. it doesnt take a rhodes scholar to diagnose that we are a lazy and obese nation, and people like nikki are not helping our cause. there are organizations out there that promote fat acceptance. can you think of anything more absurd???? we worry about terrorist in this country, but in reality we should be worried about how as a nation, we are driving ourselves to an early grave by eating poorly and not exercising.

        • @Tina – I wasn’t clear enough before. What did the young lady above say in this quote that made her come to that conclusion.

          Statements like this:
          “everyone in this USA is overweight”
          are simply absurd and serve to promote paranoia. Do a little research and use a percentage of the population instead of saying everyone. There is a problem, but not to the level that you are portraying.

  13. First, i think that a heavy woman cannot do everything that a thin woman can, so i won’t approve her on that, and second, hollywood movies aren’t about real world , if you want t see real world in movies, watch european films, they show reality. Hollywood isn’t advertising plus size women, and plus weight will never be in fashion nor HEALTHY. This girl shouldn;t be happy with how she is, she should look deeper into things and realize how much troubles weight will cause her with years passing. With time she will end up trying everything to lose the plus weight, they all do that, look at Cystal Renn
    I am sure she isn’t as happy as she wants to show, her comments makes me see only how much she dislikes her look.

    • Let me start that saying I’ll agree with your statement about a heavy women not being able to to everything a thin woman can, because of physical limitations . . . But I’m pretty sure that was not what she was talking about.

      And how do you know that for sure. Just because you wouldn’t be okay at her size doesn’t mean that she is.

      Sure, Hollywood is never about real life, but isn’t it nice every once in a while to see a figure that reminds you of yourself?

      Plus weight will never be in style or healthy. I think we can all agree to that. But being thin isn’t healthy either. Even if said person is at a healthy weight, lots of people I know don’t have healthy attitudes towards their bodies.

      I think what I’m saying is why can’t we just let bygones be bygones? Would she be healthier with less weight? Most certainly. Would some of the thinner stars be helather with more weight? Yes. But they have their own lives and should be able to conduct them how they please, not to the whim of a public they don’t even know.

      • I agree with Alex. I know nothing about Nikki Blonski or her lifestyle – but she really was talking about being able to do anything a thin woman can in terms of acting. Even so who is saying all thin women are healthy? Being thin does not always equal being healthy – just as being fat does not always equal being unhealthy. There are plenty of thin women who have just as much trouble walking up a flight of stairs as a fat woman might – and plenty of fat people who can bound up a flight of stairs like a thin woman might! We need to stop generalising so much!

        • give me a break…sounds like you’re just trying to defend being fat. every fat person who’s ever lost weight is always going on about how much less limited they feel now that they are thin. being thin is 100 times better than being fat: you get less tired walking around, you have more energy, it’s better for your joints, you fit into seats and chairs, clothes fit better, you can wear more stylish clothes, it’s better for your health, it lowers your risk of cancer, you’re more flexible and less self-conscious in bed, you feel more in control of your life, your figure is actually visible and so is your facial structure, you sleep better at night and don’t suffer from sleep apnea, you don’t sweat as much, you smell better…etc etc etc. There are SO many reasons thin is better than being fat.

          • I’m thin, but I have to disagree with some of this.

            Some of my friends are skinny but eat crap and can’t even get up a flight of stairs without stopping. They act like it’s sooo funny that they’re sooo lazy, but they’re harming themselves. Yet, some people might look at them and think they’re okay because they’re not fat. They might get cancer from eating all that fried food. Their posture might suck, making even the nicest clothes look bad. A girl from my gym is in physio for her bad knees because she had never worked out before that.
            So yeah, being thinner can be healthier, but it isn’t a get out of jail free card.

          • Calm yourself. Erica never said that fat people were healthy, only that skinny people aren’t necessarily healthy. Just like many other girls on the website I know plenty of girls that are thinner than me that eat worse.

            And what about boys? I don’t know if you’re ever watched an extremely thin 16-20 year old boy eat like they’re an obese person.

            Yes, perhaps all the advantages you gave to being thin are true. And I agree, I would rather be healthy and slim than dangerously overweight, but being fat is not the worst thing that a person could be.

            It’s a shame that lots of people can’t understand that more importantly than being fat or skinny, or pretty of ugly, is to be a good person.

          • Jane, I have lost over 22kg (50lbs) in recent years and I do indeed feel healthier than I did before – so you kind of missed what I was trying to say.
            I’m not defending being fat, I’m just saying that only people who have never been fat and never lost weight seem to say ‘just lose weight’ as if it’s an easy thing to do. If you have never had a weight problem, have always been active and have always had a healthy diet – good for you. I can’t really imagine what that must be like and I doubt you can really imagine what it’s like to be overweight and to struggle to get it down. When people say ‘why don’t you just lose weight’ it’s like saying to an anorexic ‘why don’t you just eat a burger’. It may sound simple to most of us, but it’s not. It takes time and dedication – try growing some compassion!
            And no one in their right mind truly believes that all thin people are healthier than all fat people – that’s just illogical!

          • Erica – I would ignore the detractors. Your comments always shine through as the most sensible and well thought-out 🙂

    • yes i do think shes insecure, because she uses comments like you dont have to be a size two, or this is what real people look like, shes so drastic with the “size 2” it makes me think that shes mad at the world and knows shell never be super skinny so shes trying to make herself feel better

  14. This idea of rebounding from the super skinny craze with another extreme screams nothing but ignorance. Take a couple steps outside, look at the world and define ‘reality’ for you and yourself only. It’s absolutely pitiful to make a trend out of your health and well-being.

    In any case, hollywood isn’t a role model for anybody.

  15. Guys, I think that we should all read the quotes above at least twice before commenting. Trust me, it helps to keep things in perspective. For example, “I can do everything skinny girls can do…” has nothing to do with physical activity in this context. It’s all about the acting.

    Nikki is by no means a great example to anyone in terms of how she is taking care of herself. It’s obvious that she can do better. So we don’t need to harp on that.

    Lets look past what she could/should/is doing in her personal life, and focus on the context of her quote, which is about an overweight person getting a role that did not specifically call for that body type. Definitely something positive that should be praised.

    • The only problem I have with what you said is the very last paragraph. “an overweight person getting a role that did not specifically call for that body type. Definitely something positive that should be praised” I think when people stop putting a size or a body type to these dramatic roles in scripts it will be something to praise. While I get that if you’re doing a cheerleading movie it’s not likely to star Nikki Blonski (it just doesn’t happen in real life), but a drama shouldn’t be based on size. Anyone at any size can relate to tragedies, triumphs and happiness. I would have watched “Must Love Dogs” and the “Kids are Alright” even if the actors were larger. Still good movies and I probably wouldn’t have paid much attention to the actresses size.

      • I think we are on the same page. Me saying “an overweight person getting a role that did not specifically call for that body type.” is the same as your statement “I think when people stop putting a size or a body type to these dramatic roles in scripts it will be something to praise.”

  16. haha no duh “alot of america isnt a size 2”

    70% of this country is overweight or obese. i agree that we dont need to be a size 2, but clearly her size is far too large/unhealthy. she will wind up with type 2 diabetes by 30 years old if she doesnt lose weight

  17. she is grossly overweight and setting a terrible example of having unhealthy eating and exercise habits….. so what if america looks like this? obesity is one of our country’s biggest concerns. so no we dont support nikki or think she is a role model….are you kidding? she needs to put down the fork and hit the gym. god

  18. plus size girls can do anything skinny girls can? how about appeal to a general audience in a bikini? I mean i totally agree acting and talent wise, but she isn’t going to be a bond girl

    i don’t care if she is unhealthy or wants to get healthy. TBH her choices don’t effect me past an entertainment level. kudos for her for not only playing characters that are written as fatties who eat handful of cheetohs and only problems in life are that they are fat. i am tired of seeing overweight people only having one typical personality in the media.

    Sure, there are limitations due to weight (i can’t see a big girl being a ballerina, or like a ninja) but that doesn’t mean she can’t be something else totally cool.

    • also, even though i don’t wanna see a fat girl strutting up the beach in a bikini in slowmo… doesn’t mean girls her size can’t play sexy characters.

      Sexy can be a personality and i know tons of big girls who have it, and although not every guy falls under their charismatic charm, they definetely make themselves appear attractive through the way they carry themselves

      sorry, i am ranting 🙁

  19. I’m glad she is putting big girls out there, just like handicapped ppl (ie. Avatar’s Jake sully) overweight ppl r either underrepresented or not present at all in Hollywood.

    I kno this walks a fine line between bein healthy but look at it this way, morbidly obese folks don’t overeat just because, they overeat because of some deep emotional issue or any type of issue as a matter of fact. Instead of ignoring them, atleast she’s putting it out there that u r MORE than wat u look and u r MORE than just a fat girl.

  20. Sometimes, when I read what people say about being overweight, I wonder whether all of them practice a healthy sport (excessive sport is not healthy and lots of them can damage your body), never drink alcohol, never smoke, only eat healthy food without chemical products in/on it, etc.

    I know an overweight woman who is a vegan and practice some sports (dance), no it isn’t only muscle and yes she eats healthily.
    Of course, one may say that she is an exception and that we can always find one, but we can also find thin people who look healthy, have an hourglass body (my roomate is like that) and smoke, drink alcohol till they are sick and eat nutella all the time.

    You cannot judge her health, you cannot claim that she is going to have diabete, not all overweight people have diabete as they get older like not all smoker have a cancer !

    • Best comment I’ve read all day. Best comment I’ve read in a while, actually. I think most people have been programmed to think that for a person to be overweight automatically means they stuff their face with fried food every day, never work out, and generally “don’t give a crap” about the way they look. That is definitely not an over-arching rule. I know many girls who are considered “overweight” or “chubby” that work really hard in terms of working out and eating. Of course, they don’t deprive themselves- I’ve seen them eat the occasional ice cream or cheeseburger. But it’s not like they’ve totally given up on their bodies and resigned themselves to a lifetime of couch-potato-like behaviors. You can’t judge health on appearance alone!

  21. I just like people to be healthy. I can definitely say that I’m healthier now than I was in high school. I was super thin and had muscle tone in high school but I was pathetic at running and flexibility.

  22. I am not American but I have lived in a few different cities in the US. Most people in NYC are indeed thin. In other cities, there is a spectrum of weights. There are of course morbidly obese people but really not that many. The average person probably has a normal or slightly overweight BMI. When traveling to England and Australia, the population looked similar to that of the states. As for Nikki blonsky’s “not everyone’s a 2” comment, not all Americans are a size 22 either. Also, Nikki got her break in Hairspray, a role designed for a plus sized character. Therefore, much like other actresses, her weight was a vehicle for her success.

  23. There is just so much wrong with her statement. And don’t people NOT want relatability when they go to the movies? they like the escapism? The majority of people, overweight or not, would rather look at natalie portman than nikki blonsky for two hours.

  24. “I think the studios and the media are starting to realize that overweight people want something they can relate to, so let’s give it to them.”
    To me this statement negates everything she said. It sounds as though they didn’t give her the part based on her talent but on using her size as a gimmick to appeal to a larger percent of the population.

  25. Hate to brake it to you Nikki, but most of America is overweight. Just because you look like the “majority” of America doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

  26. I really don’t think she should have said ” I will just lose 80 pounds if I have to.” As obese as she is don’t you think she has tried many times to lose weight and failed.

  27. Firstly, I dislike this girl so much after seeing how much of a fuycking psycho her and her family were when she got into a physical fight with that model at an airport, its just disgusting, arrogant behaviour.

    Onwards with the weight talk; I would be all for her statements if I knew she was a HEALTHY girl at her size. Its great when overweight women/men feel confident with their size, because honestly I am half Nikki’s size but still feel too big, so I really respect when people of a bigger weight have that must self confidence. My problem is that girls like this who are naturally larger or maybe its just because they don’t eat well or exercise, are giving other possibly younger girls out there an excuse to stay fat, and thats just wrong. If youre gonna lose weight, lose it for your health and how it makes you feel, not because youre gonna look skinnier necessarily. Its sad that America as a country knows they have this obesity problem BECAUSE of the food and the food portions etc etc, WHY isnt the government/society in general doing anything about it? Anyway, if Nikki is healthy at this weight and truly happy looking at herself in the mirror every day, then I’m all for her confidence, but I hope this doesnt encourage others to stay big and unhealthy.

    • I really think that all this ‘size 2′ stuff she always spouts links back to her and that model. She seems to have a deep seated hatred for thin women. Like.. Seriously… She keeps isolating a whole group of people! I’m 5’ 5″ and a size 2 naturally and find her unappealing because she says so many negative things about people my size! Its like reverse discrimination! I’m never like o morbidly obese people, you really should look more like me. Sucks to be you. I find her so off putting! Lol

  28. One thing that drives me insane is implying that according to bmi and weight..height within normal range makes one healthy. Many people within normal “healthy” desirable range live awful lifestyles.

  29. I don’t believe for one second that she could lose 80 lbs for a role. And if she could, then what is her excuse for remaining this fat? it’s terrible for her health — any cardiologist will tell her that — and it’s terrible for her career (she herself admits that roles are not written for her). So, I don’t believe she truly could lose the weight if she wanted to; otherwise she’d have already lost it.

    For the record, I think Nikky Blonsky is extremely unattractive, and I would not want to see her, or people who look like her, in movies. Just like I would not want to see unattractive guys in the lead role of a movie (just imagine Steve Buscemi cast as the “hot sexy guy” in a romantic movie in place of someone like Ashton Kutcher — would you want to see that?), I wouldn’t want to see overweight, unattractive women in leads either.

    • I completely agree. She’s basically just saying “well if I WANTED to I could lose weight, but I love being fat”.
      Cut the bullsh*t, no one likes being fat and if every fat person could lose weight easily they would.

    • I’d rather see a movie with Steve Buscemi in the lead role, actually. Particularly over the adult-child that is Ashton Kuther. But that’s because I like to watch movies with talented actors/actresses rather than a “pretty” face with no substance (a la Ashton).

  30. what she says really bothers me. yes it it true that most of hollywood is very thin however, out side of holly in america the majority of people are obese. America has one of the biggest problems with obesity. Obesity is not health nor it is “normal”. nikki should not be promoting obesity!

  31. she looks very unhealthy to me. just like “a lot of America”. i’m so sick of my tax dollars going footing the bill for people that can’t control how much food they shovel into their mouths that inevitably have heart attacks or something totally obesity related.

    • What about people who smoke? People who engage in dangerous sport for fun?

      I don’t know if you’ve ever seen what our tax dollars go to, but paying for overweight peoples’ health problems are the least of your worries. And for the record, until recently, health care was at least partially privatized, so only certain overweight, obese people would require you footing the bill.

      Live and let live.

      • yep. And don’t forget alcohol related injuries and deaths. Pretty sure it’s the 2nd biggest area in regards to swallowing up tax payers money in Aus
        (dont quote me on the 2nd part- i just know its well and truly up there with smoking, and skin cancers from the sun)

      • Being obese cares the same mortality and morbidity rates as smoking — did you know that? It’s kind of scary that an excess of food will kill you just as quickly and surely as a pack a day. The vast majority of diseases that people die from — heart disease, stroke, cancer — are linked just as strongly to obesity as they are to smoking.

        Dangerous sports account for probably, what, 0.01% of deaths in this country? I don’t think we need to worry about them. Nor do they lead to chronic illness that we have to manage with 27 different drugs (literally!! I have literally seen patients on that many drugs!) at a cost of billions per year.

  32. Hollywood is full of shapes. I’m sure they know all of America isn’t a size 2, but they aren’t overweight. I can’t say Nikki is ‘plus-sized’…the fact that she seem rather short makes her big and I don’t think it’s healthy. She might be, but it looks like she’s sending the wrong message. It’s either “be scary skinny” or “be overweight”
    Maybe if Nikki lost a couple of pounds she’d be sending the right message, now it just seems like “eat whatever you want and you’ll get into Hollywood”

  33. How does an overweight person being on TV and not wanting to be skinny translate into “OMG everyone should be teh fatttzzzz”. She is who she is. She is amazing and talented and has a pretty freaking fantastic voice. I think a lot of people just have fat phobia and can’t understand that BMI’s are lies and your weight does not always determine your health. If you want to lose weight you should do it for yourself, and not for anyone else.

    Oh and obesity does not always equal an eating disorder. When anorexia itself becomes genetic, then we’ll compare.

    • You get mad cool points for including “teh fatzzzz”, I loled =].

      But more importantly, excellent comment! Lose weight for YOU because YOU want to!

      • Thank you! I picked up “teh fattzzz” on another body blog and I had to use it.

        But if you read the comments on here, everyone is freaking out. I bet ALL of the people freaking out have no. f&&&&g. clue. what it’s like to be that big.

        I’ve said this story before, but my roommates are all overweight, yet they are very healthy. They eat well and go to the gym 3-4 days a week for at least an hour at a time. Yet they are still overweight. Weight is not a sum of “just put down the fork and go to the gym”. People who say that are just ignorant.

        • Here here. I have a good friend who is a little on the bigger side, and I KNOW that she tries to do something about it. She exercises at least 5 times a week and eats a pretty good diet. But it’s harder for her to lose weight, and I can tell it really gets to her. I’m so glad someone else understands that just because someone is overweight doesn’t automatically mean they’re lazy and don’t care! =]

        • actually no. Not quite. While I do believe that there are naturally, people who are overweight and go to the gym and are healthy, nutrition is 80 percent and exercise is only 20 percent. Any health aficionado knows this. So going to the gym will definitely make u more fit, but unless u change the way you eat, you could be be fat and unhealthy re internal fat. I am tired of people proclaiming that you can be grossly overweight and healthy because u work out six times a day. That may be true (working out part) but it is only 20 percent of what constitutes healthy living. Sure not everyone can be a healthy size re size 2 to even a 12 depending on height. But unless u have a really overt medical condition, there is no excuse for being morbidly obese. In other words you can never go wrong with A sensible clean diet with NO restriction. Miss me with the other BS

          • Well, I did say that they eat well. Which means that they actually eat very healthy. They’ve lost a little weight, maybe 10 pounds a piece, but it’s been stable for months. They try to work even harder and it makes me sad. Especially because most people are incredibly fat phobic and act as if just looking at a fat person will kill them.

    • Exactly! Its her attitude that really bothers me ‘I don’t want to just be the cute friend.’ I don’t think she’s cute at all. Not because she’s obese, but because she’s the sassiest most self absorbed seeming person. I hate being judge mental, but I’m totally doing it today. She seems like the such a b*tch. The feeling some people get from lea michelle, I completely get from her. She seems so condescending.

      • I agree with you!! I can’t stand her personality — I had to stop watching Hairspray. She’s probably compensating for being fat, though.

  34. This is awesome, plain and simple.

    Fat people exist. And the fact that a big girl got a part in a movie as a regular person doesn’t mean that it’s trying to push viewers into thinking that it’s okay to be overweight. It’s a representation of reality.

  35. i started laughing when i saw her. it is not healthy to be that big, stop trying to make money off this. she is fat, not curvy. curvy women have curves in the right places. she has them everywhere. in the long run, people want to see slim beautiful people on tv. this trend for ‘real women’ is not going to last. women who look like her can’t sell cosmetics or clothes. sorry

    • shes not trying to seel cosmetics or clothes, but yes i agree with you, but it doesnt bother me because its not like niki is ganna be seen as some sex symbol, shes just trying to get everybody off her back

  36. She is very fat and let’s face it makes unhealthy choices in food EVERYDAY even for all her 5 meals. I’m not 93lbs through eating chips everyday, most people aren’t naturally skinny, it takes effort. Lots of fat people have a warped perception of what skinny is, i.e. a person average weight is skinny. 93lbs obviously isn’t healthy, I’d like to see not starving actresses or super obese ones but healthy actors. The truth is she eats all day everyday and is in denial, how is that acceptable? It is pure greed, think of people in developing countries, they don’t want fried food 3 times a day, they just want food to survive, and she’s eating it all.

    • I agree, fat people always say I’m anorexic and are trying to feed me even though I’m a size 5 or 7. Yesterday I was getting lunch (a vegetable and hummus wrap) at my school cafeteria and this fat girl in front of me got a whole tray of fries, extra large soda, 3 ketchups (???) and some other stuff, too. I couldn’t tell because I was desperately trying not to make a weird face looking at her with all this food.

  37. I don’t know her as an actress.. Haven’t seen any of the shows/movies she’s been in..
    However, some of the comments label her as a talented actress… If that’s the case then I’m glad she got that role that wasn’t a “meant to be” plus-size role.. Nevertheless.. Her quote goes from “yey I got this role because of my talent” to “wow Hollywood’s getting real cuz now they realise there are obese people in this country”….

    I gotta say the last part could and should be cut out of this quote.. I mean.. yeah.. it’s great that she’s being valued for her talents.. But I don’t think she should deffend her obesity… I don’t think she’s got any medical reason to be this large. She even says she could drop 80lbs if it was a need for a role… But why can’t she drop some of those pounds just beacuse it’s a NEED for her HEALTH?? Hollywood’s not getting real.. And what she says makes me believe she’s not that down to earth… Because changing for a role.. but not for your health.. well that’s not normal.. at least for me..

  38. I also think it’s stupid to be willing to lose 80 lbs for a role, but not for the sake of health. Sure, there is a possibility she can do everything a skinny girl can do – walk, rollerblade, dance, whatever. But I’m 100% sure her internal organs aren’t very happy being squeezed between all that visceral fat.

    • And every other country must be oh-so smart about food choices and every single person eats 100% healthy for every meal. Give me a break. I am SO tired of seeing all these ignorant comments that assume America is the only country where people eat these processed, fat foods. America may be the poster child for unhealthy eating, but other countries are starting to pick up the trend.

      • LOL you’ve obviously never even been outside the US. Otherwise you’d know it’s not “ignorance,” it’s the truth. People generally eat fresh food that is labeled as health food here. I’m not saying there’s no junk food, but it’s not a meal. Even the snacks and candy do not have 1/2 the chemicals as here in America (many of them are actually illegal to use in food and cosmetics in Europe, for example – but not in the US!)

        • LOL, well, I have been outside the U.S. So thanks for making false assumptions. Someone else mentioned this above, but obesity isn’t just limited to the U.S. And not every country can boast that all of their citizens eat fresh health food 24/7 for their meals. I get what you’re trying to say, but not everyone here in America considers the junk food you listed as a certifiable meal.

        • I don’t agree with your first statement, but I do agree with your statements about the chemicals and processed food here. There is a severe lack of connection to healthy, chemical-free food. There are 13 slaughterhouses in this country. They wash the meat with ammonia to kill bacteria. We don’t even known where our food comes from.

          I tried to buy bread that was made with without anything that sounded like it could be a component of some inorganic compound. In a whole aisle, I managed to find ONE that didn’t have high fructose corn syrup, and it still had a bunch of other stuff I didn’t want.

          In Italy, you go to a farmer, ask for a chicken, and he comes out with something he just plucked. It shouldn’t be so difficult for us as Americans to find food like that.

          To find food that is truly good for us is expensive. Can you blame everyone for their obesity when it’s cheaper to buy a burger and fries than a head of broccoli?

  39. I’m so sick of all of this America bashing. Most of the people bashing America don’t even seem to be from here. Perhaps you see a characterization of Americans that has been fed to you by your (sometimes government run) media. For the Americans here who are claiming that the United States is full of obese people who eat Dorito’s, doughnuts and M&Ms for a meal, I have one question- WHAT AMERICA ARE YOU LIVING IN!?! I haven’t been to this fantasy land. On a typical day out and about, I most definitely see more thin people than fat people. And this is coming from a woman who lives in a state that produces the most pork in the world! Now, I suppose if you go into some of the more disadvantaged parts of American cities, you might find a disproportionate amount of obese people. They lack education and self-esteem in a lot of cases, and only have access to cheap, unhealthy (and addictive) food. But that really doesn’t reflect our entire nation as a whole.

    And, I would like to say that the quote “Dieting is one of the fast ways to become obese” is absolutely brilliant.

    • YEAHHH I am also sick of the America bashing. I understand most countries aren’t the biggest fan, but there’s something called overgeneralization. While it is true that we have an obesity epidemic here, that does not make it okay to automatically assume that EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN is obese.

      It also doesn’t mean that we all make routine stops through McDonald’s or consider Doritos a glorified meal. I myself make a point of avoiding processed foods every time I go to the grocery store and opt for things such as carrots or bananas for snacks.

      What makes me even more mad is that these fast food places (and a whole lot of processed foods) aren’t limited to America. Other countries have these things as well.

      Honestly, there are times when I’m jealous of people who grew up somewhere where they provided for themselves. It would have been nice to grow up on a farm, growing my own food, instead of being introduced to sugary juices and crackers and cakes at such an early age. But I live where I live. And just because all of this crap surrounds every American doesn’t mean we all give into it.

      • I seriously HATE when people do this!
        I grew up in a farm town. Fresh food was right there. Free-range beef and eggs were right there. My dad had a large vegetable garden. And I live in America. It’s like people don’t believe that there non-obese Americans. Well hello, I’m one of them *waves*.

        It also depends on where you are. Any area populated with college kids tends to have a higher population of thinner people (athletics, genetics, etc.)

      • “While it is true that we have an obesity epidemic here, that does not make it okay to automatically assume that EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN is obese.”

        Honestly, I haven’t seen any comment here which said or implied that every single American was obese. They all addressed the correct notion that a large (majority) portion of America is overweight and that it is mostly due to certain lifestyle factors and that they didn’t want the epidemic exacerbated by encouragement of overweight people to continue to be overweight.

        I think you’re finding attacks where there aren’t any. And pointing the finger and saying other people do it doesn’t make our situation any better.

        And honestly, no matter where I go, whether to a richer area like Malibu, or a poorer area like South Central, McDonald’s is always crowded. It is one of our country’s problems that so many people choose to eat such high calorie, high sodium food over something fresh and home-cooked. That’s how it is. Pretending like it doesn’t exist when it obviously does, does nothing to help fix the issue.

        • I’m not pretending anything doesn’t exist. I never once stated that I didn’t think obesity was an issue. I’m just saying that not every American is obese, like I stated in the quote you decided to pick out from my comment.

          And actually, there are quite a few comments on this thread that state that “all of America is fat”. Just to sample:

          -“just look around you. everyone in this USA is overweight.”

          -“Yes America lets all got FAT! So now people Dont want to lose weight anymore because fat is oke now??”

          And even Alex’s comment up there about the junk food, while not implying that everyone in America was obese, singled out the U.S. as the only country that enjoys junk food as “meals”.

          I’d like to know how you got to the conclusion that I think the obesity problem doesn’t exist.

    • Leah, I live in America. LA, even. And it is definetly true that most people are overweight to some degree.

      It really depends on where you live. If you live in an upper middle class area or higher, you are going to see more slim/average people. But I find that a lot of people who are used to the upper middle class life think that their life is the representation for the majority of America. It’s not, in any way, and that includes weight and health wise.

      The majority of Americans ARE overweight. Diet and lack of activity are the biggest factors. Is America the only country? No. But what’s with this pointing the finger and saying, “They do it too!” Sadly, just because England/France/whatever has the same epidemic doesn’t make ours any more justified or better. Doesn’t make any less people die in our country from an otherwise preventable death.

      • I’m not sure it’s pointing the finger so much as defense. As a healthy, intelligent American, I get infuriated when people who aren’t from him (or people who are from here) insist that we’re a country full of overweight imbeciles.

        It’s like when I used to tell my mother “But my friends do it!” And then she would say, “If they jumped off a bridge would you do it to?”

        Let’s say for example it were true. They were going to jump off a bridge and I wanted to jump with them. It’s not like saying them jumping off and dying would make me any less dead, only that I wasn’t the only one stupid enough to do it.

    • So, for the record — and this is a medical statistic — 67% of Americans are overweight (the majority, in other words) — and 33% are obese. This statistic is from this year.
      Also, what looks normal to you looks fat to Europeans. If you’re from a country where every young person is a size 0 or 2, or a 4 at most, then sizes 8 and 10 look fat to you. That’s how most Eastern European countries are, and until recently, that’s how most continental European countries were.

  40. I wonder how many of the America bashers have ever been here. Sure, I’ve never been to Europe, but it doesn’t mean I’m ignorant. There are sure a lot of snobby Europeans who think they’re smarter than the rest of the world. That might be a generalization, but it’s hard for me to see it any other way with some of the comments on here. I guess if they think all of us are fat and unhealthy, I can think that of them. *rolls eyes, and stuffs face with chocolate cake and corn dogs*

  41. At first I was rolling my eyes, but when I got to the end I realized she was admitting she was overweight. And that makes me respect her. She isn’t hiding behind the veneer of “curvy” or getting defensive or attacking anyone. Good girl! I do hope she gets a role that requires her to lose weight, for her own health, but I like her attitude.

  42. I ABSOLUTELY CAN’T STAND NIKKI BLONSKY!!! She is such a hypocrit! She goes on and on about how everyone is so unhealthy for wanting to be thin; yet our nation’s weight issues do not stem from anorexia. In fact, 65% of American adults are overweight or obese because of compulsive overeating. Nikki tells people to be proud off of being fat, but when she has to start dealing with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and knee/ankle problems because of her weight she might be singing a different tune.
    Some PLEASE stop her before she talk even more people into becoming overweight!

  43. *Sigh* I don’t want people to force themselves to be stick skinny or be happy/proud about being fat & unhealthy. Why can’t countries like America and parts of Europe just try harder to just be more health & exercise conscious? Its’s all a matter of how much one is willing to put the effort to exercise and change their eating habits. Also people should seriously start being more willing to try different types of food, like Korean or Japanese which is healthy & delicious.

  44. i dont think shes promoting obesity i think shes just sick of the weight issue with celebrities and shes speaking out about it-good on her-even though she looks happy and comfortable i think deep down shes really not-but shes not going to starve and exercise herself to exhaustion to be a stick-i tihnk shes finding her blalance and learning to like who she is-its all good!!

  45. there is a fine fine line between overweight and fat or chubby or even healthy i think in celebrity land the meaning of fat has become so distorted its hard to get a grip on reality

  46. a lot in ameica as well as in the world are not wearing size 2 but more, ok. Is i a reason to promote oversize ? No for sure. Health must be promote,…

    A lot of people are smoking for example, it’s not a reason to yell “hey dude, smoke, we are a lot doing this, no way it’s dangerous!” (taht was made in pat decades in fact… and we all see the point now).

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