Plus Size Model Denise Bidot’s Unretouched Sports Illustrated Ad

denise-bidot-lane-bryant-si - Plus Size Model Denise Bidot's Unretouched Sports Illustrated Ad

Name: Denise Bidot

Age: 30

Nationality: American

Denise Bidot is one of the faces and bodies of Lane Bryant – and she surprised many when she appeared in a competely unretouched ad in the current issue of Sports Illustrated. Heres what she says about the experience:

It’s an honor to be in the @lanebryant ad featured in the pages of the 2017 @si_swimsuit , completely unretouched.
It’s amazing to be a part of the change thats helping women see once and for all that nobody is perfect. We can still be beautiful in spite of our imperfections. It’s time we celebrate each other and learn to love the skin we are in. ?? #NoWrongWay #LaneBryant #thisBody #changeishere #loveyourbody #bodypositive #SIswim #sowhatstretchmarks #selflove #bebold

See more photos of Denise inside!


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23 thoughts on “Plus Size Model Denise Bidot’s Unretouched Sports Illustrated Ad”

    • I believe that we all have that one or two bigger size friends, so when you look at them thats what you think ? Or you still go out with them do shopping,party , travel and have fun ? Not everyone was born skinny . Not everone likes being fit . And not everyone can be perfect . Ive got friends bigger then this girl ,and you know what they are awersome and active and very happy people ,and neven even once im my life myself thought that they are bed impact to world .

      • Well honestly, i dont think you are “born this way”, offcourse theres an impact from the mother on the fetus, meaning that if the mother to be is not healthy, that will impact the child to be born. But its also not about “being perfect”, the fact is if you see any animal, a cat, an elephant or even an insect, lets say ants, and imagine them to be “obece” the way some humanoids are today, you would clearly say “hey, that cat looks funny, its like literally sagging and has no clear bodydefinition”. Like imagine an elephant, its already a big animal, its supposed to be big, now imagine it being twice the weight its supposed to be (notice i didnt say twice the size, meaning its not about the length or muscle/skeletal weight, but pureley excessive fat), with the “saggy fat” effect obece people have, you know, where the excessive weight starts to look like molten lava, cuz the skin has to stretch out to “hold itself together”. If any human say an animal looking like that (think of belgian blue cows, where they were bigger because of musclegrowth, but to an extent where you can compare it to the effects of “unnatural” excessive weight), theere would be an outcry of mistreating the animal per say. Like how else would a body morph into a body buried in excessive fat if it wasnt for dietary and exercise related issues? And please dont take this the wrong way, im just curious as to how people think when they argue “some people are born this way”

      • Of course they can have a great impact on the world, but obviously not by showing their bodies in men’s magazines. I’m sure you appreciate them for other reasons than their appearance. Models get paid to show their bodies. Do you really think it makes sense for businesses to pay fat ladies to show off bodies they didn’t work for? Give me a break.

        • I don’t get it .she is not even that fat like you think .yes she is not fit .but who says if skinny girls can pose for magazine covers and you like that type of women. Well maybe there are people who like her figure and her size .and maybe she does inspire other women ,her size women to be more secure and comfident . So please don’t go about that beauty is only about being perfect and only if you’re figure is without cellulite or not saggy you can be inspiring and deserve on a magazine cover . I mean for sake I’m not saying she suppose to VS model .but it’s nice to see different size for SI magazine .
          I personally found her pretty .and I like what I see . And that just proves maybe i will be the only person to like it but we’ll that’s means there are someone who like it .
          And just to remind you .if you would remember renaissance age type womens .what was sexy ? Check all the paintings in museums of that age .all womens were chubby and that was sexy !!! ❤

  1. I like these pictures . Love the idea of unretouched pictures ,so we can see that all bodies are beautifull .and we need to embrace body, figure and size diferences ,to make people understand that not only being perfect is the target in life .

  2. I don’t necessarily see this as a problem because Lane Bryant is posting an ad in Sport Illustrated. It’s not Sports Illustrated sending a dangerous message to women saying is is sexy to be overweight and unhealthy. Lane Bryant sells clothes to plus size and overweight women, so promoting clothing for women who are already plus size isn’t really a problem in my eyes. Everyone needs to buy clothes!

    However, I think this is a big waste of money. Usually when you are overweight it is because you are inactive. Thus I doubt many of their customers are going to be buying Sports Illustrated magazines.

    • Well said and a good assessment. What I think it might be is men who are subscribed to SI that receive the swimsuit edition and their gf or wife looks through it?

      Also it obviously got the publicity they wanted, so a smart move for Lane Bryant.

  3. I really like Denise Bidot and I am glad she is finally featured on here. I like what she stands for and I think she is quite beautiful. I know she’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I like her figure and think she looks great! I prefer her over Ashley Graham any day.

  4. I’m disturbed by this site and the every increasing moderation– free speech is less and less tolerated. I cant call myself liberal anymore, you’re not even allowed to have an opinion. I’m worried we’re headed towards something bad.

  5. They should do unretouched photoshoots of “normal” models too. Why is it always a bigger person showing it’s okay to have stretch marks? It’s natural. Thin people have them too, even though it’s not always thought about. It would make the models appear more human, so to say. I think this photoshoot is great, made me feel good.

  6. This is ridiculous, just as watching Ashley Graham in videos with other real models. Ridiculous. It makes feminism look bad, like we are delusional. PC crap no one wants to look at.

  7. WOW she is so fat and unhealty! I can’t even look at her. She is no motivation for me at all. Need to loose some weight ASAP.
    Just go to the gym, get a trainer, eat healthy and see the difference in an year 🙂
    This is a wrong message to the women.

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