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Rachel Hunter: “I was very much considering plastic surgery”

GettyImages-503525504_master - Rachel Hunter: "I was very much considering plastic surgery"

The full story from Page Six and Fox News:

Rachel Hunter confesses she has considered plastic surgery after feeling “horrified” seeing photos of herself. The 46-year-old former Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model took to wearing scarves to hide her jowls.

In real life I was fairly happy with myself. In photos I was horrified,” she said Tuesday from the Television Critics Association winter meeting. “People were like, ‘Why don’t you get rid of those deep lines (around her mouth)?’”

Hunter, who has two grown children with ex-husband Rod Stewart, changed her opinion once she began working on her new Ovation series “Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty.” The 13-episode show debuting Jan. 17 takes viewers around the globe to discover indigenous beauty secrets and how beauty is defined in different cultures.

“I was very much considering plastic surgery, and then I had an amazing opportunity to go on this journey which really changed my view on the whole idea of it. That moment of beauty when a woman actually feels beautiful— it’s the synchronicity between internal and external that have to have this amazing harmony moment.”

“When I first started modeling, the idea of what beauty was– that certain look… After going on this journey and seeing other cultures away went that superficial idea of beauty… I think the ideas of beauty are old and need to be shattered and there is individuality and the importance of being joyful and happy and connected and self-acceptance is extremely important of the wellbeing of women and men.”

GettyImages-503477612_master - Rachel Hunter: "I was very much considering plastic surgery"

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GettyImages-478588880_master - Rachel Hunter: "I was very much considering plastic surgery" GettyImages-478588886_master - Rachel Hunter: "I was very much considering plastic surgery"  GettyImages-503497630_master - Rachel Hunter: "I was very much considering plastic surgery" GettyImages-503525468_master - Rachel Hunter: "I was very much considering plastic surgery"

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Claudia Moricca
Claudia Moricca

I get what she is saying. I also thought that beauty was only correlated with looks, but as soon as I started to become more of “my own person” and more confident, I also started feeling more beautiful and attractive on the outside.


She’s beautiful and the show sounds neat. I think Jessica Simpson did the same thing a few years ago.

It’s sad that she felt those pressures so strongly. I think if her whole livelihood hadn’t depended on her looks she might’ve had a healthier outlook from the beginning. Maybe.


Jessica’s was a complete joke. Made to look like some sort of a documentary when all she did was act like a fool…probably why it didn’t last.


She’s a lovely girl with a beautiful smile, but that hair is not flattering. It looks like a bad wig


I like her message and I’m glad that she shared it with everyone.