Rebel Wilson: “As long as I look like this, I’m going to make fat jokes”


On making fat jokes:

“As long as I look like this, I’m going to make fat jokes. You have to use what you’re given to make yourself: if you’re super short, super tall, super skinny, have a super big nose- you’ve got to use that. I like making fun of myself, because it gives me license to make fun of other people; otherwise you just come off way too mean. We have a saying in Australia: if you ‘pay out’ on yourself, you can ‘pay out’ on everyone else. It gives you room to move. I like spreading the message that you can be beautiful and confident whatever shape or size you have.”

… says 27 year-old actress and comedian Rebel Wilson.

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74 thoughts on “Rebel Wilson: “As long as I look like this, I’m going to make fat jokes””

  1. I’m glad she’s comfortable in her own skin, but man her face is gorgeous, and if she was a healthy size she would really be a knockout. Not only that, but she’s should really be concerned for her health.

    • “she should be really concerned for her health” – are you her doctor? is there something wrong with her heart, blood pressure, cholesterol values?

      • are you kidding me? at that size i’m sure there is sth wrong with her heart, blood preasure, etc. and i don’t have to be a doctor to know that. why do you think obesity is such a strong word? you think it s just about the fat? no, it s about all the damage it brings to your body!!!

        • it might sound unexepected but there are obese women who are healthy as long they are still able to keep an acitve lifestyle (and dont smoke).

          • No. Being obese itselfs is not healthy. There is no obese people who are healthy. If that person who is obese and have an active lifestyle, it means he/is trying to be healthy, not healthy just yet.

            And yes, i am a doctor.

          • I know there are healthy overweight people; not so sure about healthy obese ones though. Just the excess weight itself would be detrimental to joint health . .

          • I’m a doctor, I see about 20 new patients a day, and while the majority of obese people aren’t healthy, there are LOTS of them who have healthy BP, cholesterol and blood glucose values. Obesity is only a risk factor for metabolic diseases.

          • Thanks lola – voice of reason here!

            There are studies showing that, surprisingly, many people who are ‘obese’ according to BMI are as fit and healthy as some people with an ideal BMI.

            You can lead a very unhealthy lifestyle but look thin and ‘healthy – just look at the many female celebs and models who have admitted to suffering from anorexia or bulimia at the height of their fame or those who smoked and drank a lot, they still looked ‘ideal’ but health-wise they were far from it. Trying to say that it is *impossible* for someone to look fat but be healthy is illogical. And many overweight people who are trying to lose weight actually take better care of their health than slim people who have never battled with their weight. As lola says, obesity is a (major) risk factor for many different diseases – but a ‘risk factor’ is not a fact or certainty.

          • Of course Obesity is not healthy. Having a normal blood pressure/cholesterol is not enough. To be healthy you must be physically fit and eat a nutritious diet. Having excessive visceral body fat surrounding your organs and excess weight for your skeleton to support is not healthy. If an obese person is eating a normal amount of calories, nutritious food, exercising, and is STILL obese, then clearly there is an underlying health issue – again, not healthy. That doctors are arguing otherwise is scary!

          • She has a beautiful face. If I got to keep her face, I’d take the extra 150 lbs too.

            You can always lose weight i suppose, but having good bone structure and remarkable features are something you’re born with.

      • Lol im sorry but you dont need a medical degree to deduce that this woman is morbidly obese..not 10 or 15 pounds overweight but >100. when carrying that amount of fat how do you NOT have high bp and cholesterol? She is young, so hopefully she will get it under control, but there is no way any doctor would say this woman is healthy.

        • I work in a health care center and we offer different programs concerning health and psychological issues. without any doubts the healthiest weight is a BMI between 18,5-25 or abdominal measurement less than 80cm for women. but there are a lot of prejudice against heavier people.
          we accompany overweight women for two years in their weight loss progress and I just want to say that our doctors realized that there were lot obese but active women with better results then slightly overweight women who didn’t move at all.

  2. hahaha, love her. Paying out on someone is such an Australian thing. Other cultures might think we are cruel to one another, though it is an inherent part of Australian culture to payout on yourself and your friends.

    • I think it’s a pretty lame part of Australian culture. I’m Australian and honestly a lot of the time I tire of the incessant paying each other out that goes on in convo, especially amongst blokes. I find real and true comedy is based on something other than criticizing each other

  3. She is so incredibly unfunny. Watching her is cringe-worthy – I still remember her Australian phone ads way back when and how I’d have to change the channel. If she didn’t look the way she looked, she never would have made it – making fun of her weight is her shtick, and I actually think it gives an unfair stereotype of the ‘young, fat girl’ as overtly jovial and sexually desperate.

    • I find her comedy utterly distasteful. The language, vulgarity, horrendous! What ever happened to good clean humour, just feel I have to wash my ears out if I hear something vulgar.

    • this. i don’t find her funny at all. the fat chick gimmick is so played out, she needs some new material. and it bothers me that she and Mo’nique make a living out of slandering “skinny b*tches” yet if a thin and ideally attractive female comedienne made fun of fat women, people would give her hell for it.

      • So much agreement. She is distasteful. Her and Melinda McCarthy cash in on their weight by promoting unflattering stereotypes of obese women. It’s sad, and they don’t circulate positive body image like they sometimes seem to think, they promote the idea that it is socially acceptable to laugh at fat people.

        • At least Melissa McCarthy had an acting career for quite a while before playing the “fat card”. She was on Gilmore Girls for its entire run. Her character was a little cute and quirky, but it was all personality. They almost never mentioned her weight. She was a chef. There were plenty of opportunities because of that. The few times they did mention her weight, it wasn’t a joke, just her character acknowledging she was overweight. Her character was meant to be a bit uncomfortable with her weight and the topic. I think it was mentioned after she gained weight with her first child. Her weight was also mentioned when her character acknowledged she and her new husband were both on the heavy side.

    • Yes! I so agree! Her sexual comments (“jokes”) are ridiculous. You’re right. Desperate is the right word. It just makes her look pathetic. I find zero humor in any or her work, especially the sexual remarks.

      She’s crass. She’s crude. She can’t pull that off. Some can. She can’t. I think it’s because she lacks the confidence of some other comedian/actors.

      This girl has gotten where she is because of political correctness. It’s not that I think most people are afraid to criticize her, though I’m sure plenty are. I think most people delude themselves into thinking she’s really funny and talented because we’ve been taught not to judge people on their weight, so somehow that translates into “You can’t judge morbidly obese people harshly on any qualities at all.”

      She is not funny at all.

      I’ve read so many articles claiming she’s talented and she doesn’t present herself as “the fat girl”. Yes she does! That’s all she does. She uses it as a crutch, even when she’s not overtly making fat jokes, she knows that her doing anything at all is going to be interpreted as daring, simply because she’s a big girl in hollywood. So she over-acts. She puts emphasis on weird things or tries to make boring things interesting. It’s not funny or interesting but it catches people attention because of her size.

  4. She just doesn’t look healthy…Compared to like Kelly Osbourne, Kelly’s a Nicole Richie. Similarly to how super skinny girls don’t look well, Rebel doesn’t in my eye either.

    • agreed, but at least she’s out there -trying- to exercise. I’ve seen a lot of people her size who’ve just completely given up and dont even try to walk outside/gym at all

      • absolutely. i give her a lot of credit for putting herself out there rather than hiding. hopefully she will get her weight under control.

  5. I think Rebel is super talented and very funny. But there’s a difference between being overweight and being morbidly obese. Being chunky doesn’t really affect overall health as long as your habits are moderately good. If she lost about 70 pounds, she’d still get to make fat jokes but be in a lot better shape physically.

  6. She’s probably the only overweight celebrity who I believe when she says she’s comfortable with her weight.

    I think she’s hilarious and super talented… Unfortunately, a lot of her humor is heavily dependant on her weight and I’m not sure if there would still be a niche for her if she lost weight.

    It’s kind of sad because she probably knows that, and has (or one day will) probably have to make a decision between her health/appearance and having a successful career.

    • She may be all loud and yelling that she’s comfortable, but I don’t buy it. You can see it in her eyes and body language, she isn’t comfortable in her own skin. She puts on this over the top act to try to hide her discomfort.

  7. i hate how people feel the need to be politically correct/polite and nasty at the same time so if someone is fat they pull the health card instead of just saying i find fat disgusting/ im superficial and dont even want to look at that ugly fat muthaf*cker and even give them a chance as a human being/ i think i am fat and i disgust myself too and i would kill myself if i look like this fat as*hole so i wish her death too. why do we even have problem with fat people? i think it always says more about the hater than about that fat one. like you care about her health lol you aint fooling annyone.

    • I find fat disgusting, I am superficial and don’t even want to look at that ugly fat mutaf*cker or give them a chance as a human being. I think I am fat and disgusting too (which doesn’t make sense because I am superficial and I hate fat people… ? ) I would kill myself if I looked like this fat as*hole (which I must look like her because in my previous sentence I said I was fat and disgusting as well… where is that shot gun when you need it…I could opt for pills, less messy… or a good ol’ hanging… back to the point) I wish her death too… I do not care for her health…

      Well there someone said it for you… because no one in the world could care that people being over weight really does have serious health concerns and does cause them… and if she keeps this up she will not have a long career in comedy because it will be cut short… No let her continue to gain and gain weight, because it appears she has, then she will become sick and may perhaps die and then we will no longer enjoy her comedy… You get one body, enjoy it, take care of it…. and have respect for it… Most people, almost all people do not hate fat people or obese people… they feel sad for them, sorry for them and what ever in their life has led them down a path that made them feel they have no reason to care for their own well being…

  8. They made a joke on 30 Rock once how in Hollywood you either have to be slim and sexy or like 250 lbs, no in between. If Rebel lost weight there would be another chubbster in the wings waiting to make millions. Did you guys think she was going to read your comments and then go low-carb or something? Girl ain’t selling exercise equipment.

    Sure, it carries enormous health risk but so does smoking crack like half of hollywood or even the smoking-and-starving diet many models do. These people are in Hollywood to make $$$ not because they give a hoot about ‘health’.

    • Love how matter-of-fact you are! I agree! Rebel would most likely disappear from the limelight if she lost a lot of weight. She seems to be quite active, but I don’t really believe she is trying extremely hard to lose weight – she knows that would be a big blow to her career.

      Most people in Hollywood put maintaining their fame and bank accounts way above their health, whatever they say. That’s why all the diet and exercise tips we get from celebs are usually kind of extreme – many hours of workouts and kale juice for breakfast! It may be quite healthy, but the main goal is to stay thin and fit those sample size dresses! And I’m sure many of them are not as healthy as they seem…

  9. I do not know if she is genuinely comfortable with herself, or just using her gift of comedy to lay off criticism from the public due to her being overweight? She is more obese than a little overweight, which could be detrimental to her health in the long run. She seems fun and loveable in any respect.

  10. I wouldn’t be able to comment on her health just by looking at her size, a few ppl in my family are 200+ lbs but technically still healthy. However, I do think inactivity/poor eating habits + excess weight over time is definitely a potential time bomb when it comes to health later on. She has a very beautiful face, but i dont know about her comedy because i havent seen any of her work outside of Bridesmaids.

  11. I don’t get all the comments flipping out over how unhealthy she must be. At least she looks like she’s not afraid to put herself out there, and doing more than just sitting on the sofa all day, in fact it looks like she does get active in these pictures. Clearly she’s probably not eating the healthiest diet, and not going to the gym twice a day, but you never know. I know people who work out more than me, and are way bigger than me, and around Rebel’s size. I don’t know for sure, so not going to judge. Also I think she’s pretty funny, and seems like a nice girl.

    • “At least she looks like she’s not afraid to put herself out there, and doing more than just sitting on the sofa all day…” I think this is something everyone seems to be missing on. The people who are so ‘worried’ about her health or her suitability as a ‘role model’ are ignoring the fact that she is a young, successful woman who works hard and puts herself out there!
      Is her weight really the only thing about her that matters? She’s not attractive, therefore she shouldn’t be in a magazine or on-screen? The Kardashians are much worse role models in my eyes – even though they are not fat. They encourage many different negative behaviours and mindsets.

      Simply being obese doesn’t make someone some kind of bad person who shouldn’t be out there. It’s as if a woman’s job is first and foremost to be as attractive as possible – then she can go about her education/career and putting her personality and passion into whatever it is she does! If she doesn’t look ‘healthy’ (read: ‘attractive’) then she’s not worthy of attention (or worse still, she’s a harm to society!). It makes me sad that so many people seem to feel that way.

  12. ‘As long as I am like this, I am going to make fat jokes????’ Implying, when shes not fat, she’ll stop. Her jokes then dont reflect how she genuinely feels about herself, like she’s covering something up, her obesity. I am the crude vulgar type, say it like it is, this chick aint happy at all!

  13. I dot think its okay for anyone to be that large, obesity IS a disease. Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol…etc. in my opinion, these are topics we should not be making light of or excusing.
    I get there are factors that cannot be helped but whatever. Fat acceptance seems so wrong to me.

  14. I’m not trying to be mean, but I’ve always wondered how do yo become that fat? Unless you have some kind of condition, you must be doing some heavy eating to gain that much weight. Seriously, I wonder at what point they say to themselves, “My weight has gotten out of control…”

    • A lot of obese people have been big their whole lives and come from families where obesity is common. Plus a lot of obese people are poor and live in areas where obesity is common, so their friends and neighbors are large too. These people have adapted to eating and living a certain way. Often they want to change but don’t know how (they try fad diets with no long-term lifestyle change) or they don’t feel genuinely motivated until they get a wake-up call (often a health scare).

      I don’t think Rebel falls into that category. She’s well-off and has the means to change, but not the motivation, and Hollywood has put her into a niche role (the funny fat girl).

    • I think a lot of them doesn’t realize how big they are. Anyway, it’s tragic to see people obese. But at the same time I find it hard to respect them. Everybody knows that if you eat lots of food and sit on your butt all day you probably will get fat. There is no self-respect when you have to have two seats on the flight or someone to wipe your ass.

  15. I bet she’s near 300 lbs. There’s no way she’s healthy – maybe she is now but it will certainly catch up to her if she doesn’t lose weight. Not attractive either

  16. Actually you CAN be obese and still healthy. A lot of you make it sound like she’s at the edge of death, which I doubt. There a looot of very overweight people who do not have serious heart problems etc.

    • No. They’re arenit “alot” of obese healthy people and anyone who says otherwise is delusional. Either it’s a medical condition or your eating alot. The number of people who look like rebel and eat salads is very very low. Certainly not all the near 30 percent of obese Americans. Excess is not good as a general rule, of anything. Excess weight, excess food are not healthy. Even if they are naturally that big it’s likely caused by a health problem. MOST people will fall into normal with a moderate diet. Maybe 2 percent will fall underweight naturally and a few percent overweight.

    • Obese and healthy? Yeah, ok. That can happen. You really don’t have to be that big to qualify as obese, especially if you happen to be quite muscular. Could one be morbidly obese, like Rebel, and healthy? No.

      I don’t care if she has a normal blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol, blood sugar. “Health” can not always be measured. There are abnormal things happening in her body as a consequence of her size, there’s no doubt about that. Her heart has to work much harder than it otherwise would, and not in a good way, not similar to exercise. This is stressing her heart, her blood vessels. She’s young. The damage may not show up until later in life.

      If she’s eating crap or way too much, and there is a good chance of that. I know not all overweight people eat terribly or a ton of food, but again, she’s morbidly obese. She’s likely eating a lot and making poor choices. That will have an effect on her pancreas and insulin sensitivity. There’s a good chance she’s got “pre-type 2 diabetes” or will develop it eventually.

      The sheer weight of her subcutaneous body fat is putting a tremendous amount of stress on her joints. That stress causes inflammation, not necessarily just locally, her inflammatory factors in her blood are likely higher than they would be otherwise. That isn’t ideal.

      Someone her size likely has too much “brown fat” too — the stuff that’s hidden within the abdominal cavity, not the “chub” you see under her skin. That type of fat can be unhealthy in excess. Her hormones are likely “off” because of her weight too. That’s also not a good thing. The concept of “healthy and morbidly obese” is ridiculous.

      At that size, her weight is not simply a risk factor, it’s absolutely causing slow damage and abnormal occurrences now. She’s undoubtedly unhealthy at this moment, regardless of BP, cholesterol, etc. (Which we don’t know of. Her numbers could very well be abnormal.) Saying you can be morbidly obese and healthy is like saying you can regularly smoke cigarettes and be healthy. Both are wrong.

      • I 100% agree with you. There is no way you can be obese and healthy. I have heard fat people say “But I eat healthy and exercise regularly”. Ok, if you eat healthy and exercise, why are you storing excessive fat? Clearly there is something wrong with the body causing it to store excess fat, such as a metabolic or glandular disorder. Thus by default, obesity can’t be healthy. Just because someone doesn’t have diabetes or heart disease doesn’t make them healthy. As you said, not everything is quantifiable. Excessive weight puts enormous pressure on the skeleton and organs, particularly the heart, to function.

  17. rebel is da bomb!! love her comedy. shes not healthy but. her weight will lead to shortness of breath, angina, fatigue. how can that be healthy? stupid people who say overweight people are healthy.doesnt mean they can move, they healthy, hello!!LOL!

  18. I love Rebel, so funny. I really admire her for not being sensitive about her weight, and that she takes advantage of it. I love love love her personality. We all know being overweight is unhealthy, so I feel no need to rant about how she needs to be into weight loss.

  19. Who is facing the death sooner, Lindsay Lohan or Rebel Wilson? To what some of you guys are implying, there’s no emphasis on one’s activity, eating habits, drug use… Based on some of your comments, Lohan will live longer and healthier, because she’s skinny but Rebel is overweight. What the f*ck. It’s the INACTIVITY that makes you unhealthy, you don’t know what’s her fitness like. My aunt is “overweight” but she’s one of the most active people I’ve ever met. She walks her dogs several hours a day, does a physical job and eats well, maybe a larger quantity than what most, but it’s never garbage. She has no blood pressure problems, no cholesterol problem, no nothing. Educated people talking nonsense here smh.

  20. Good she feels comfortable in he skin but I am sorry, she can’t speak for everyone. Fat jokes will always be mean in he while situation and will always make fat phobia last stronger, even if it’s told by a fat person.

  21. How so many people can be “concerned” about the health of someone they don’t know personally–and whose health history they know next to nothing about–eludes me.

    concern-trolling at its best.

  22. I had no idea she was the same age as me! For some reason I always thought she was in her late thirties. And having done some quick self-analysis as to why this shocked me so much… I think it’s because I kind of expect older people to be fat?! How odd that I think that way.

    I like Rebel and think she is genuinely funny and has major balls (in a good way), but her weight does make me sad because I know I would be desperately unhappy at that size, at this age. Obviously she is not me and will have different feelings about weight, but I just worry for her not in terms of health so much as psyche.

  23. I’m sorry, but I cannot find anyone attractive at this weight. I also don’t get how anyone can claim she’s healthy. Sure, sure, maybe all her vitals/stats check out right now, but carrying that much excess weight (especially around the gut/areas surrounding major organs) puts you at an incredibly high risk for a multitude of diseases. Can’t speak to her lifestyle as I know nothing about it, so maybe she is active, idk, but there’s absolutely no way she has good eating habits (not necessarily saying she eats {a lot of} unhealthy/bad foods). I’m no doctor (far from it), but I don’t see how there’s any way someone can get this large unless they’re greatly exceeding what a healthy caloric intake would be for their age, height, gender, etc.

    I guess you can argue that it’s “refreshing” to see someone who can make fun of themselves/appear to be accepting of their appearance, but eh…could also argue that she’s just deflecting.

    I guess she might also be alright looking if she was at a normal weight, but I don’t find anything particularly “striking” about her face.

    I’ve seen a few movies that she was in and also saw her on Jimmy Fallon, and idk. She’s alright I suppose, quite funny at times even, but she’s not really my cup of tea. As others have said, a bit OTT with the vulgarity.

    (on another note, I have her shoes from the first pic….interesting.)

  24. Huh? I live in Australia and I’ve never heard that saying before? I know for me personally, I sometimes say “don’t dish it out, if you can’t take it back” … but I don’t put that on all Australians, and when I say that I am trying to REDUCE people being mean to others…not give a ‘license for it’. I don’t know who she is (have heard of her but don’t actually know what she does). This comment annoys me though…or maybe I am just totally out of touch! I usually don’t like Aussie humour anyway because it is usually just people ‘paying out’ on others. Gimme some British humour any day of the week!

  25. I’m not going to be a hypocrite here. I believe you don’t have to be a size 2 to be attractive. I’ve seen women who are more than just a few pounds (meaning maybe 30-50 pounds) overweight who carry it well, have confidence, look amazing and make feel stupid for being so insecure for being a size 8. But when it comes to the point where you have abdominal fat hanging over/covering your private parts, like Rebel does, that’s just too much, not attractive at all, and yes, the word disgusting comes to mind. Personal opinion of course, but that amount of fat distorts the body and there’s not really any balance or proportion anymore.

  26. Why would ANYTHING and especially her fat a– give her right to be mean to other people? They have FEELINGS, and you don’t get to mess with other people’s feelings just because you have learned how to be numb to these kind of jokes.
    It’s sad to see that there are still people like her (who are bitter and take down on other’s because they’re unhappy with themselves) She’s not comfortable with herself if she feels the need to take down on other people.
    Good people, who love themselves, are nice to others. She’s pathetic.

  27. Skinny, its boring.

    Curvy is fun.

    A positive body image is sexy, no matter the size of the individual.

    I love Rebels attitude about body image.

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