Robin Wright: “I’m trying to do the paleo diet. No carbs. I’ve got to get thin for the show”


Check out this story from People:

She’s starring on a hit television show. She’s planning her wedding to fiancé Ben Foster. She’s the proud mother of two. And somehow, in between it all, actress Robin Wright, 48, manages to stay in amazing shape. So, what’s her secret? “I have Spanx on,” Wright told PEOPLE at the Los Angeles Confidential party celebrating her cover issue this week in Hollywood. “Always! I have to wear them all the time!”

Yes, Wright uses Spanx “to hold the bakery in”, as she jokes, but (of course!) she doesn’t rely solely on the support garment. “I ran on the beach this morning,” Wright said. “Running gets everything done, doesn’t it? Covers it all.”

And with the new season of House of Cards getting ready to start filming and an upcoming wedding to plan, Wright is focusing on her figure more than ever. “I’m trying to do the paleo diet. No carbs. I’ve got to get thin for the show,” explained Wright.

But of course, the key to looking so radiant doesn’t lie entirely in supportive undergarments or a strict diet — being happy goes a long way. “I love my life,” Wright told PEOPLE. “What are you going to say? I love my life right now.”



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37 thoughts on “Robin Wright: “I’m trying to do the paleo diet. No carbs. I’ve got to get thin for the show””

    • I completely agree… she looks like a man. I have no idea what happened to her. when she was first introduced all those years ago in “Princess Bride” she was so feminine and pretty… and now she just looks masculine. I don’t get it.

      • She had lots of really long platinum blonde hair, so her look/image in that movie was very different. I really don’t think her face has changed.

  1. I watched her in Naomi Watts’ movie,it was like she wore tiny bikinis all the time and I thought she had a charisma and a banging body.

    • I just watched that same movie awhile ago, and was thinking the same thing. She really doesn’t need to lose any weight, she is in great shape 🙂

      • i agree with you both, she and Naomi Watts, both acted&looked great in Adore movie. But i do think that Robin looks much better in action on screen than in still photographs.

  2. I don’t know about this low carb lifestyle. It might work for lots of people but I find myself happier and leaner when I cut out all dairy and eat plant based carbs. But everyone’s different so there are lots of ways to get a great body.

    • …. and you’ve just described Paleo. No dairy, grains, or legumes – it’s just that they also cut out sugar & alcohol to boot. I’d say it’s healthy.

      • Yes, I cut out dairy AMONG other things which I didn’t list. I also try to avoid eggs, fish and meat most of the time which is clearly part of the Paleo diet and I try to follow a plant based diet with little animal products.

          • I’m 5’2 and I weigh 160-165 although I’ve already lost about 20 pounds since last year. When I stick to my healthy eating and exercise routine I lose the weight quite fast but I’m slacking too much. 🙁

          • Thank you for sharing! And yes I am lacking motivation here as well…. I gained like 30 pounds this year in college and lost, well, nothing so far :p Good luck to you and stay healthy!

    • I can’t cut carbs at all, I think that I feel better and look my best when I stop cutting thinks or following diets altogether, I’m an anxious person so as soon as I start cutting things from my diet those are the things I start craving! What works for me is eating small portions of everything, that’s what I’ve been doing for years and I feel really good!

  3. I adore her…but I don’t agree with diets like Paleo…they are short term, like everything, it’s not a way to live and take away key nutrients. Our bodies have changed since the days of paleo style eating, we need to nourish them with the plethora of other amazing nutrients out there. I find going gluten free is a great way to get me back on track and kick the packaged foods that are so very awful for my health, but only for that…it is not a sustainable lifestyle (unless you have the allergy). I know it’s cliche and hard for many (myself included) but moderation is key, and I hate that!!!!

    • I agree! I did try the paleo diet for a bit just to see (even though I don’t agree) and I found that I just did not have the energy I needed for my long runs…I def need my carbs and I personally can’t imagine myself running a marathon on paleo (I carb load like crazy the night before) While I love the aspect of lots of veggies and some fruits, I also don’t like anything that relies too heavily on meat. I believe in moderation and that too much of one thing can be a bad thing. I also teach my patients about balanced plates and food groups, moderate exercise, and avoiding processed foods.
      I also think its sad that if these are recent pictures, she thinks she needs to get thinner for her show, she looks very thin and toned to me. I think face wise she looks great, she seems to be one of those actresses who has aged gracefully and if she has done something to her face it’s been done very very well.

      • Agreed. I went vegetarian for 7 years cuz meat just weighs me down. I cannot imagine consuming that much meat and feeling light on your feet. But that is just me 🙂

        • ya me too. im veg. paleo= animal killing spree. and cavemen didn’t even eat it that much, as paleo suggests. they were lucky to eat every day/every two or three days due to actually having to hunt and kill animals.

          • I’m no saint, I wear leather and eat meat sometimes, but my reasons are purely selfish, eating red meat more than once or twice a month makes my physically ill. But I do love me some chicken and fish, but even that I eat maybe once a week.

    • A Paleo eating style is no more short-term than vegetarianism. As for what Paleo followers are taking away, it is foods essentially devoid of nutrients. Also, individuals who follow low-carb Paleo are pretty much gluten-free by default.

      • Are you KIDDING me? I can name 10 friends that have been vegetarian for 10-20 years or even since birth. Name one that has been Paleo for more than a year, it’s a fad, just like gluten free, atkins and all that other crap.

  4. I am so jealous of her. Ben Foster is so amazing, such a brilliant actor and he seems really funny, kind and unassuming in interviews. And so handsome. He was great in Kill Your Darlings and Alpha Dog. “I love my life right now” – yeah I’d be saying that too.

  5. wait she is marrying ben foster from Disney channel flash forward I love that kid….what a cute couple she looks great she has a consistently fit body and will always be the hot babe in princess bride come on robyn u look great

  6. She is already thin… I think she’s so fabulous on House of Cards. She’s truly talented, so beautiful, and in great shape!

  7. She has beautiful skin and a great body. And not being overly thin keeps the face youthful. I always tell myself that my lil bit of padding will pay off in 10 years when I’m over 40!

  8. I don’t get the whole thing about not eating carbs. I understand not stuffing yourself with potato chips and candy, but it’s okay to eat everything in moderation.

    I do agree with her on the running. Running really works, at least for me. I run (I prefer to be outside) 5 days a week and my legs are in really good shape. But that may be just my body type, which is similar to Robin’s.

  9. She is already thin and has always been so I’m not sure why she would need to lose more weight. That said I don’t think she looks unhealthy.
    It’s hard for me to be critical of her since I really think she is an amazing and mature actress, with minus the diva-attitude. Very underrated as an actress and she has aged amazingly well – by that I mean she does look her age but a healthy radiant version.
    On a side note – she has been subjected to considerable double standards since she is dating a man younger than her. And yet there is little comment on the same age difference between Sean Penn and charlize Theron.

    • agree, she’s in great shape&at a perfect weight for her frame. Agree about the last part, that happens with lots of older women celebs dating a younger guy, people&media judge them more harshly than when men date smn much younger, in a way it even became a sort of “normal/acceptable” for men, like it’s middle age crisis or the most stupid “men are sexual beings/visual”, yeah, so are women! I personally don’t think age matters at all, as long as both involved are attracted to each on all levels-personality,character, emotional, physical-it’s fine. I’m only judgy about any age relationship with gold-digger/trophy woman/man vibes, otherwise no.Also some people don’t realize in entertainment business young dating older can be a true relationship,they have a lot in common&understanding cos they work in the industry that practically requires one to be always up-to-date ab. everything – movies/awards/trends/fashion/music/internet, etc. Also, in defense of cougars (older women dating younger men) – more&more men (in real life too) in 40-50’s date women in 20’s, so what are women in 40-50’s are supposed to do if their age group dudes are all over the young? Of course they’re gonna jump in the youth fountain too!

  10. I’m surprised everybody’s praing her looks.
    Am I the only one who thinks she doesn’t look good?
    For my taste, her arms and shoulders are too muscular and those dresses (the first two) emphasize that. Very bad choice.
    I think she looks like a man and I don’t like that look.

  11. She’s not already thin enough? Now she has to push another fad diet so she can look ultra thin, or unreasonably underweight, to be accepted on a top billed tv show?

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