Robyn Lawley: “People are surprised when I turn up on a shoot and I can model”

article-2500484-02D448A000000514-824_634x887 - Robyn Lawley: "People are surprised when I turn up on a shoot and I can model"

On plus-size modeling:

‘Being a plus-size model in an industry where there aren’t many means there are some opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise. But there are also less jobs available, particularly in mainstream and high-end fashion. I know a lot of stunning girls who are not working because being a size 8 to 14 you are in no man’s land even though you have a normal, healthy body.’

People are surprised when I turn up on a shoot and I can model. But why shouldn’t I be able to do it just because I’m a size 16 (UK)? It’s disappointing as I love catwalk modelling, it’s more exciting than being on a shoot so it sucks not to be included. Plus-size models are being used more in magazines and in the media but not on the runway and not by high-end designers like Prada. I’d love them to use more curvy girls but it’s like a taboo and I don’t know why. It screams lack of diversity. It doesn’t send out a good message to teenager girls who are impressionable. They’re not coat hangers, they’re girls and it’s bad for them to only see skinny frames on the catwalk. I hope I can be a strong role model for them but there’s not enough of us plus-size models.’

… says Robyn in an interview with Mail Online.


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48 thoughts on “Robyn Lawley: “People are surprised when I turn up on a shoot and I can model””

  1. Why can’t models like her just be called “normal” or “in-between” models? Like, in-between size 0 and plus size (the actual bigger women) models? This is sending women the wrong message: being this size means you are large, plus-sized. It doesnt make any sense!

    • Size 16 falls in between size 0 and size 32. So size 32 would be the plus-sized model according to you, is that the range you had in mind?

      • I’m not talking about any particular dress sizes. Take note that Robyn is a tall woman, a size 16 on her is very different than on a 5’0″ woman. On her it’s not plus size, on the latter it definitely is. So you can be size 16 and “normal” sized, or size 16 and largely obese.

          • My mistake. “Size 0” is so commonly used these days I hardly think of it as a size, more like a word to describe really skinny models.

    • I just had to chuckle on the “size 0 models called “mini” or “stick”” 🙂 I can’t help it but I’d love to see the outrage on something like that happening, especially because I see no “plus” size in most of the so-called models. “Plus” maybe in comparison to the warped fashion industry standard. It’s interesting what an effect terms can have!

    • I do not think her waist is a size is a 16 but I would believe her hips are… she has an hour glass figure (just a note I know we are not talking a US size 16)

      • Yeah, she’s most probably only a size 16 in her hips and likely a size 14 on top. Now her being 6ft2, that’s about the equivalent of an average height (5ft4) woman being a size 10 on top and 12 on the bottom.

  2. ‘I know a lot of stunning girls who are not working because being a size 8 to 14 you are in no man’s land even though you have a normal, healthy body.’ .. Then these pretty girls might start using something else than their looks and get another job. Stop whining.
    I’ve said this before, she’s really good looking and a good model as well, but her comments annoy me.

    • It’s very limiting to say they shouldn’t try to model just because they’re neither straight size nor plus size. I think in a few years, there’ll be an industry for them, too.

      • What do you think they should be called? Mid-sized models? tyra Banks suggested “Regular sized models” but that of course implies the others are irregular or something. I could get behind “mid-sized” for the term

  3. she looks like a normal, every day girl with a pretty face.. i saw surfer girls on the beach looking like this she is not fat.

  4. She’s not that big for her height at all – but obviously a size 16 UK on a ‘normal’ girl (about 9 inches shorter) is different. I think she’s a good model, but I don’t find her absolutely stunning – but it would be nicer to see women her size more often in modelling. I mean, she’s not plus size for her height in the ‘real world’ and most models are not a lot shorter than her – but compared to the models we see most often, she is indeed plus size.
    I like diversity, so I would like to see not only bigger tall models, but also shorter models of any size.

    Her quotes are always very plus-size-centric, as you’d expect – nothing groundbreaking, but I don’t think she’s saying anything offensive. Seeing models her size on the catwalk for brands that are not plus-size specific would be nice.

  5. The idea of featuring plus-sized models in the fashion industry is to appeal to a wider variety of women- but Robyn is not a good example of a plus-sized woman. In fact, I think she is less relatable than most mainstream models; there are plenty of naturally thin and lean ladies in America, but I don’t see many 6’2″ women strolling around the city(at least not in the US, I know some countries have a taller average height)

    • I know what you mean, but I think just the fact that she’s “bigger” (hate to use that term bc she’s not actually big) still would make her more relatable to “bigger” (also not necessarily that big) people, regardless of her height.

  6. I understand her point, but I thought high fashions reasoning was ‘ minimal fabric, minimal tailoring ‘ and the more area, the more perspective tailoring.
    She’s a pretty girl but her head always looks SO small. i can never look at how small her head looks.
    Personally, i would love more models in the 4-8 range. Even though people think Bar is really average, i like her and i like her body. That’s probably why i like her, her ‘average’-ness.

    • I agree, I thought I was the only one who ever noticed how small her head was. She’s like Kim K., her head looks too small for her body. Someone said on a Robyn Lawley post a few years back, one where she was modeling swimsuits, that she had “green pea head syndrome” lol.

    • I’ve said lots of times how small her head is and that it distracts me, but it feels a bit mean to bring it up every time I comment on her! But yeah, it is small – and it distracts me 😛

      I agree that more size 4-8 models would be good – and Bar has a great figure in that range, I just don’t find her face very pretty.

    • a Lot of skinnies neither. as well saying fatties looks bad,as “fatties” are all the people above bmi 18, is so dumb. I know a lot of not skinny people,and even some “fattie”, who looks great.

    • Looking good in pictures (for normal people) is about knowing how to pose to look great. I know many tall, pretty, skinny girls who photograph bad and many fat, short not-so-pretty girls who photograph amazing and I also know the oposite. I am average everything and can look great in pictures now, but years ago that was not the case. Is a skill people can learn.

    • I think that in some photos and campaigns, they do photo tricks to make her look bigger. She’s not that big in candids, paparazzi, or selfie pics. I think they want her to look bigger to appeal to bigger people.

  7. I like her modeling work but to be honest, I’m finding her relentless comments about herself very annoying in an attention seeking way. For every time Robyn complains about the modeling jobs she can’t book, there are women who are turned down for jobs not revolving around their looks on reasons merely based on gender roles. We get it Robyn, you want to book jobs like Gisele Bundchen. So talk to your booker and stop whining.

  8. She has to bash skinny models every time she speaks. I don’t find her attractive and I don’t think she is a good model, and I find her obnoxious as well.

    • I don’t think she was bashing skinny models at all here in this quote (though in some past quotes maybe a little). I think by “coat hangers” she just meant the attitude that some people have in fashion that the actual models are completely irrelevant and the only thing that matters is the clothes.

    • I DEFINITELY thought she was bashing thinner girls in the last quote from her posted on this site, but in this one less so. It is bad for young girls to only see one type of body depicted as beautiful imo. And she refers to slim models as girls instead of coat hangers which is GOOD IMO BECAUSE I’M SICK OF READING “oh yeah thin models r thin because they’re just clothes hangers”
      they’re still people. like yeah i understand the concept but thin people =/= objects

      • I think she was, just a *little*, maybe less so than her last one. Like Kelly Brook or Jennifer Lawrence, nearly every time they speak they have to at least *subtly* if not outright, put down skinny women/models. Just the undertone of the quotes is that feeling I get with the way she words things. But maybe I did misinterpret her this time, who knows.

  9. Her comments are really off-putting, it’s like she has some sort of superiority complex going on, either that or she’s really buying into her own hype. Regardless, her personality isn’t her best asset

  10. I fail to see how at 6ft tall and a size 16 uk she can relate to women who are the same dress size as her but 5f 4. that size is going to look completely different on her than it is on a much shorter woman. I also wish she wouldn’t keep making these daft comments about skinny models. I makes her look bitter.

  11. Sorry, but the point of runway models is to highlight the clothing they are modeling and skinny models do it better. Curvier and/or bigger girls distract from the clothing (ie. a lot of the outfits Kim Kardashian wears, look ridiculous on her, but look great on the runway on a thin model). The point of modeling isn’t to give every girl a chance to achieve her dreams. By that notion, we should have short models too, bc there are many gorgeous women under 5’6″ that I’m sure would love to model, too. I’m tired of “plus sized” models complaining about how hard it is for them in the industry, if it were easy every girl in the world would be a model.

  12. people are surprised she can model? um isn’t that what she gets hired to do? I don’t walk into McDonald’s and marvel at the fact that someone can slap a burger together….it’s their job…way to try to make yourself seem important lady….

  13. I like her a lot but I’m tired of this conversation about plus size. What annoys me is that you should have models with all races, sizes and ages because even though a few years ago people wanted to look to images of make believe, this days, woman search for things that they want to relate to.

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