Rumer Willis Wants to Be a Body-Image Role Model

rumer-willis-wants-to-be-a-body-image-role-model - Rumer Willis Wants to Be a Body-Image Role Model

The 21 year-old actress told BANG Showbiz:

“I have two younger sisters in high school and they talk about image all the time. Girls need to have a better body image. The stars out there now, they don’t need to be stick-skinny to the point you can see their bones through your skin. It’s not a good look.

“You don’t need to be like that to be beautiful or perfect or to fit in. What you are is exactly what you should be. You can’t let other people dictate your life or tell you how to feel about yourself because then you’re not living.”

“One of the most important things that I would love to do if I get to continue doing this job is to be a really positive role model for young women about their body image and about eating.

“I want to start giving girls a better body image.”

It’s not easy being a role model these days… so what do you think about this?

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16 thoughts on “Rumer Willis Wants to Be a Body-Image Role Model”

  1. OMG… I would not want to be Demi's daughter , look like this and be standing nexy to her. I mean God must have been really pissed off when he chose the predominant genetics…

  2. LOL, skinny chick saying you don't have to be skinny to be accepted.

    And yes, I remember her from pics, and this is her thinnest yet.

  3. she may not have inherited her mom's beauty genes, but she got her body. it's easy to say stuff like that when you are naturally tall and slim with skinny legs…some of us have to batte with a less than ideal body shape.

  4. Um, she can be a body image role model for perfect girls. Shes beautiful, yes. And gorgeous, and looks like an hourglass, possibly. But I couldn't look like her no matter what. Actually she just brought down positive body image by 95381950812379 for me.

  5. I don't see why you guys think she's ugly…I actually think she's really beautiful. She has beautiful milky smooth skin, striking hazel eyes, and a fit, shapely body. I think her only bad feature is her heavy jaw and chin, but otherwise, she's a cutie.

    And I like her body image idea, but I don't think she's the best role model for it. She has lost a good amount of weight and now looks like any other stick-thin celebrity…

  6. Easy for her to say! Have you guys seen housebunny? Her body was just about perfect! Everything in great proportion.

    But in saying that, she has copped her fair share of slagging from the media about her appearance so I guess she is a little bit more experienced in the body image field than we know.

    And she's cute and seems sweet, I like her.

  7. this is great and all, but she used to be waaaaaay bigger than this and so clearly lost weight due to hollywood's pressures (and so is an extremely questionable role-model in terms of body-image)

  8. She actually looks pretty good here. I guess following Hollywood's standard of beauty and thinness paid off for her as she really looks a lot better at this weight than at her prior weight. She use to be a little bit chunky, but she is at a pretty good weight now. Good for her!

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