Sharon Stone Gets Photoshopped and Talks Embracing Imperfections


On beauty and plastic surgery:

I can’t tell you how many doctors try to sell me a face lift. I’ve even gone as far as having someone talk me into it, but when I went over and looked at pictures of myself, I thought, What are they going to lift? Yes, I have come close — but, frankly, I think that in the art of aging well there’s this sexuality to having those imperfections. It’s sensual.

If you have things that you want to fix, you should go right ahead and fix them. I don’t think there is anything wrong with cosmetic surgery at all. I think it’s great. But I don’t think it’s alright to distort yourself. You can’t treat an illness with cosmetic surgery, and that’s why it would be great if there were qualified therapists in plastic surgeons’ offices, and that people would go to a therapeutic meeting before plastic surgery. I think that should be part of the FDA requirement.

People are afraid of changing; that they’re losing something. They don’t understand that they are also gaining something. I thought I lost the deep vortex on my eyelid that you have when you’re younger, but I gained almost a kind of beautiful abyss. As I lost the fullness in my face, I got in these great cheekbones.

… says 55 year-old Sharon in New You Magazine.



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28 thoughts on “Sharon Stone Gets Photoshopped and Talks Embracing Imperfections”

    • And I thought the cover was photoshopped surprisingly little: you can actually see some wrinkles on the corners of her eyes. Sure, they’ve definitely shopped it, but ALMOST in moderation.

  1. To me she looks a million times better than the people who’ve gone with surgery and don’t show any wrinkles etc.. Of course she has a beautiful face to begin with (imo), but that’s another story, “corrective” surgery can sometimes be the right call, but to fight normal signs of aging with it, not for my liking. As for the botox, i think she could do without it but at least it isn’t permanent.

  2. I don’t get one thing. My mom is 54, almost like Sharon. But she has even less wrinkles than Sharon and never did botox or surgery or any of the expensive hollywood treatments for her skin. My mom would pass for being from 39 to 43. Amazing.

    • same with my mom. She is 60 and she has less wrinkles. Maybe it is because our parents had a more peaceful life. No alcohol, extreme diets etc

    • Good for your mums, guys. But really, what is it with people on this site constantly bragging about how youthful their older relatives look? It seems that every time there is a quote by a celebrity past the age of 40 someone gets started with the stories about how their mums or grandmas still get carded and never have had visible wrinkles. Wow, so amazing! How can someone like Sharon possibly think she’s good-looking when all the regulars look 15+ years younger than her!

      • One of my friends made a similar claim in real life about how her mother looked so naturally youthful in a conversation about how celebrities cling to their youth.

        When I met her mother a few months later, I met a woman who looked every bit her real age and had plenty of wrinkles.

        I think people’s affection for their loved ones warp their perception, as well as the fact you see your loved ones in person, whereas we see celebrities in HD photographs, which tend to exaggerate every pore on your face.

        Ultimately, how well you look is determined by genes, not anything else. Some people have to put in effort to look young in their 40’s and 50’s and others still look like they’re 30. It’s just how it is.

        • Their moms very may look young but i agree that affection may warp perception. My hubby thinks his 54 yr old mom looks younger than her age, but IMO she looks terribly aged (years of tanning her once fair skin).

      • This whole “my mother/grandmother/great grandmother looks better than so and so celebrity” thing is ridiculous. There are too many factors that affect how well you age: ethnicity, genes, alcohol consumption, sun exposure, weight, smoking/non smoking, etc. Keeping that I mind, why would you think that all people should age the same way?

  3. caome on, those photos look riciculous! Why did they photoshopped her like she is a young woman,k like we don’t know she is not???the legs, skin and everything…. I like her, she was very beautiful back then, and she is a nice lady now too!

  4. Don’t they have something else to deal with other than their looks after a certain age? Take up a hobby, if you don’t have any grandchild, adopt an orphan, do gardening, make handmade soaps or whatever. No one’s gonna live forever or look forever young. You don’t need to explain or defend your aging.

  5. This magazine should be embarrassed for the overdone photoshop! She literally looks like she is 29 years old!! Why can’t they celebrate women of all ages, wrinkles and all. Sharon looks fantastic for her age, and they still felt the need to change her. So sad all the young women who are influenced (tricked) by these magazines. So sick of all this crap, I refuse to even buy these magazines anymore.

  6. She’s still a striking woman.

    To everyone who says “Oh my mother, grandmother, aunts, whatever looks so much younger/better/wrinkle free….” Please spare us the fiction. I see older woman and rarely if ever do they ever hold up as well as people in Hollywood. Even if someone has few wrinkles they still look matronly because the body is usually fat which ages one automatically.

    • There is no fiction to my claims. :/
      But I don’t care if anyone believes me or not and it’s not just because she is my mom, that I am blind to her looks. Everyone that knows her says the same thing.
      I agree it’s good genes. But also she has always taken good care of her skin and yes she’s never been a smoker. It’s not bragging at all, it’s telling the truth, but of course some women on this site pick at everything.

  7. I think her red carpet close ups look great! She’s got happy crinkles! The photoshopped ones are crap, I agree she looks just like Kylie Minogue in the first one.

  8. They took the photoshop too far,
    ordinarily she is a very attractive woman with a youthfulness about her that isn’t forced.
    I wish she hadn’t been much a smoker,she would have aged better imo.
    I don’t like the blonde look,i prefer brunette but Sharon is one of my all time fave blondes,including Marlene Dietrich,Scarlett,Cate Blanchet,Hilary Duff,and Grace Kelly.

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