Size 14 Ashley Graham Plays Jone Jonas’ Love Interest in New Video

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This is a first: Plus-size model Ashley Graham (29) plays Joe Jonas’ love interest in the new DNCE video ‘Toothbrush’. Check the steamy video below!

On how she got the job:

The DNCE team reached out to me and said that Joe personally selected me for the video and didn’t have anyone else in mind for the role. How could I say no to that?!

On playing the love interest as a plus-sized girl:

I work so hard to challenge conventional beauty standards. So often we see the typical “video girl,” who’s definitely not a size 14/16. It doesn’t accurately portray what our world looks like, especially because the average size woman is a size 14. It’s really important that all industries celebrate diversity, especially diverse body types.

… says Ashley.

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22 thoughts on “Size 14 Ashley Graham Plays Jone Jonas’ Love Interest in New Video”

  1. Good for her. She may be too heavy for some people’s taste but she is a pretty woman. Pretty women are wanted by men. Pretty heavier women are wanted by men. Yes even so called unattractive heavier women are wanted by men. It’s nice to see a sexy heavier woman being portrayed as desirable……….Kudos to Mr Jonas for selecting for the video.

  2. OMG….just watched it now. It’s like firework. She is such a beauty, and the chemistry is insane. And the vibe of the video is so great. I felt comfortable watching it. All the Beyoncés and Rihannas watch and learn!

      • ummm…he prob pick her because she’s really hot right now. just like when a straight sized model is the “it” girl people rush to put her in movies, music videos, etc. same thing with ashley

    • Exactly! This fat acceptance trend is so in right now, so he just goes with the flow. Nothing genuine about that. At least I don’t believe it for a second. And I see many agree

  3. Oh gosh, there was a time when I had a major crush on him. How things can change. Haha.

    The song is catchy and ashley looks beautiful. She really does have a very pretty face. Especially in motion and when she smiles.

  4. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP. wnat to knwo the truth? Guys like him date attarctive women, which is what you are.
    this isnt portraying anything groundbreaking. If your face was ugly, you wouldnt be someone attractive.

  5. I’m not buying it. It’s pretty unrealistic somebody looking like Jonas would date somebody the size of Ashley. It feels like a publicity stunt or that we’re being preached to like an after school special.

    • I find that everyday peoole are not that shallow. Granted that usually the bigger girls that are popular have beautiful faces and have a big /distinct personality.

  6. I actually really like this. He’s super hot, and yeah she’s plus sized of course but still beautiful. They have chemistry in the vid and I could see them together (not as celebrities maybe but like, as two hypothetical people).

  7. She is so beautiful , liking the idea of having diferent size women in video ,rather then only skinny women . The vidoe is good .amd haters gonna hate hate anyway .or find anything mean to say .he might never date a girl her size ,but with this video he just shows that there are couples like this everyvhere ,and no one is perfect ,even so she is so pretty

  8. She looks gorgeous, and I think they both did a great job with this, but I don’t think anyone is shocked. Ashley is big but she’s still a 10. I also don’t really like her second quote… Thin women have sex too.

  9. Giving fat girls false hope everywhere.

    JK. But for real, you’re still a video girl :/ not like you’re breaking any norms here, you’re just another hot girl in her underwear getting paid for it.

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