Snooki Talks Body Insecurities


On her biggest insecurity:

My boobs are disgusting. My boobs are hanging, my boobs got so big. You can’t see now because I have a bra – I have a Victoria’s Secret Wonder Bra on – but when I don’t, they just sag and it’s like skin, so I am thinking of getting a boob job maybe … I want to feel confident with my boobies and I don’t.

… says Snooki to chatshow host Bethenny Frankel.

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25 thoughts on “Snooki Talks Body Insecurities”

      • Also, ‘peruvian’ is not a language. The language spoken in Peru and Chile is Spanish.

        For someone who has once given someone a hard time for saying ‘zing’, you don’t seem like a genius yourself, Tst.

        • I’m not ‘wonderwoman’, I rarely comment on this website. I hold no personal grudge against you. Why should I? I don’t know anything about you other than these few comments that you’ve made. I just wanted to point out that you come across as ignorant with sometimes, so you shouldn’t be so quick and arrogant to correct others.

        • You probably think I “type like her” because I type in standart english, which is a very common way of typing outside the internet, on vehicles such as books and newspapers. On the internet, “chatspeak” is more common but there are still tons of people who opt for proper english, not just wonderwoman or me.
          Anyway… I didn’t mean to attack you, I’m sorry if you felt that way. But I happen to be Chilean, so your comment, albeit targeted at Snooki, sounded like you were disregarding and mocking my culture. So again, I just wanted to point it out and give that little piece of information, so you don’t ever sound like a complete asinine when you run into a South American person again.
          “I’m sorry” and “thank you for the info” would suffice, but I don’t expect you to be the big person here.

        • Lol I would never apologize to you, simply in your dreams! You’re obsession with me is unhealthy, seek help. Also see help for your writing, it looks like you convulsed on the key pad. I’m sure attention from me has brightened your sad life, you’re welcome 🙂

          Does Tst stand for Turd Slurping Troll? Me thinks so. Have a nice day Turd Slurp.

  1. Finally, a post that will release all of our ‘inner demons’ (fears), so to speak (not meaning exorcism, lol). Just as any other woman, I have had, and still do have (but to a lesser extent) quite a number of insecurities, namely wishing I was taller, having a more conventional beautiful face, having a more toned physique…to name a few. For all my teenage years, in which I gave my mom grief concerning my insecurities on appearance, I give my sincerest heartfelt apology to her. All I can say, is that everyone should be grateful with the way the Lord intended us to be. I know it’s easier for me to mention, as you are at a more mature age now. Younger women are constantly bombarded with images of the ‘ideal’, causing them to feel more worthless and insecure in the public eye. I often used to look at individuals less abled than myself, the likes of SA gold medalist Natalie Du Toit, as well as Oscar Pistorius (besides his murder allegations against former model Reeva), and so many others. An inspiration to all, to note how these individuals have pushed the boundaries, and really excelled in life. Whereas I, fully abled, at the peak of my health, have absolutely nothing obstructing my way, to make a positive difference in this world!

    • you’re so nice, one of the posters i like here. I agree with your comment, nobody should feel bad that they don’t look a certain way. You shouldn’t get hung up on it.

  2. Oh man, she looks older than Raquel from the last post! I wish she would disappear already. “Icki” needs to get a real job, not a b❆❆b job.

  3. same thing happened to me. i had two kids by 21 and nursed them both. i did get a b❆❆b job when i was 28 and it really changed my life. it sounds shallow, but before i ever got pregnant i LOVED my boobs. I had a 34 C since i was 14 and could have or—-s from them alone. after the babies they looked like grandma b❆❆bs and were so different. i would never take my top off during sex/get fully naked around guys. it really affected my self esteem.

    the b❆❆b job fixed it enough that i wasn’t super confident like i had been pre-babies but it was enough that i didn’t feel like s— anymore and could at least get naked and feel pretty good about it

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