New Study: “Women want ultra-slim boyish figures, while men lust after curvacious full hips and an ample bust”

article-2601389-1CFCF8E600000578-127_638x500 - New Study: "Women want ultra-slim boyish figures, while men lust after curvacious full hips and an ample bust"

At high request, here’s a story on a new study that came to the conclusion that women consider ‘thin’ as their body ideal ad men, as cliche as it may be, ‘want curves’ – from Daily Mail:

These four body images, comprised of celebrities’ best features, reveal the staggering differences in how men and women perceive the perfect body. A new survey has gathered the preferences of both genders, creating ‘body beautiful’ composites using the physical attributes of the world’s most beautiful people.

It appears that women covet a ultra-slim boyish figure, while men lust after curvacious full hips and an ample bust. While women opted for the boyish hips of youthful Noah actress Emma Watson, 23, men plumped for the fuller curves of 34-year-old model Kelly Brook.

The biggest difference is in our choice of favourite face. Women aspire to the supermodel features of model Cara Delevingne, 21, with men more attracted to the softer features of actress Megan Fox, 27. Ladies admire the pert and perky breasts of Jennifer Aniston, 45, while men appreciate the fuller bust of US TV star Kim Kardashian, 33.

When it comes to hair, long luscious locks are a winner for everyone – but while women are enthralled by the Duchess of Cambridge, 32, their halves would love to run their fingers through 29-year-old Scarlett Johnsson’s mane. Women are less concerned than men about age when picking celebrities with admirable bodies. Gwyneth Paltrow, a 41-year-old mother of two, has the best toned tummy, according to other women. And 50-year-old Elle Macpherson – still known as The Body – came top of the female poll for perfect pins.

What do you think of the results of this study? Are such generalizations of beauty ideals beneficial?

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1 - New Study: "Women want ultra-slim boyish figures, while men lust after curvacious full hips and an ample bust" 2 - New Study: "Women want ultra-slim boyish figures, while men lust after curvacious full hips and an ample bust"

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151 thoughts on “New Study: “Women want ultra-slim boyish figures, while men lust after curvacious full hips and an ample bust””

    • SUCH a waste. DM clearly made all this stuff up– I doubt they actually did a survey and had people name their choices.
      It’s also kind of lame how they include the ages of each person, AND saying Megan Fox has soft facial features? Are they blind?

      On top of that… I see hardly any difference between the two composites.

    • the men’s side looks like a hideous blow up doll–its cute how ‘curvy’ chicks try and make themselves feel better with this s—

      • She was just saying she preferred curvier figures overall, you egotistical dickhole
        and I’m happy to hear someone finds body insecurity cute – otherwise it would just be a waste of our time.

      • I know this is 9 months old.. I came across this page by coincidence and saw this comment.. if it was meant about me: I actually workout to maintain my hourglass figure + add a booty with squats lol.. and I am actually a healthy 5’2 112 lbs and so happy with my (slim) curvy shape 🙂

    • The only thing that looks like a 12-yr old boys body is a 12-yr old boys body, and liking a woman that has slim hips doesn’t make you gay (and im sure a lot of gay people would be offended that pedophilia is still confounded with homosexuality).

      A woman looks like a woman whether she can fill up a C or D cup, or if she’s a AA. Neither figures are boyish by any means, just different ranges of features. The 1st woman is essentially the same proportions except less exaggerated at the bust and hips.

      • THANK you! I was wondering if I was the only one sat here thinking ‘Um…aren’t they pretty much the same, except one seems to have a *slightly* wider pair of hips, with the same waist size and a considerably bigger bust?’

        There’s nothing ‘boyish’ to me about the first woman’s figure- I’m pretty syre no man would kick a woman with a body like that, not to mention Cara Delvigne’s face out of bed; I personally don’t find her striking, but she’s not exactly UNattractive either!

        I feel as though studies like this are formulated to make ‘average’ women feel better about themselves- the same women who will shamelessly sing the ‘real women have curves; only dogs like bones’ tune. However, they fail to point out that the male ideal is almost as unnattinable as the female one; *very* few women have Megan Fox’s face, for starters, talk less of a tiny waist, DD/E b❆❆bs and long, flowing tresses, all beautifully complemented by Rosie HW’s legs!?

          • That may well be the case- however, my point was that, at least in my experience, men like various body types. There’s a reason one guy’s ideal woman is Beyonce, while another’s is Adriana Lima; Beyonce has the waist-to-hip ratio of the ‘woman’ on the right, while Adriana’s probably closer to the one on the left, but many men would still find Adriana extremely attractive.

            Also, as I stated previously, both ideals are extremely unattainable (without surgery)- Adriana has an undefined waist, but is slim with amazing legs, while Beyonce’s got a curvier waist/hips but people often comment that her legs are ‘short and stumpy’, and say the same of Kim K, for example.

            Figures like the male ideal are extremely rare and I doubt most men are in search of a woman with such proportions, which is why I find the study laughable.

    • This is possibility the most ridiculous comment I’ve ever read.

      I can’t believe that in this day and age women are still being told that they are unfeminine, sexless beings just because they have fewer curves and small breasts. Some of the world’s most beautiful women are completely flat-chested, let’s imagine Keira Knightley or Olivia Palermo, for a start, and I’m pretty sure their husband and fiancé would be saddened to read your comment; not to mention, the line of men who would want to sleep with either of these gorgeous girls is probably incalculably long!

      I would also like to mention that this man would not discriminate against a woman like Iggy Azalea – no b❆❆bs and HUGE bum – or Kate Upton, who has an unbelievably boyish figure from the waist down. God forbid a woman actually have no b❆❆bs AND no hips. She might as well give up now.

      • If you’re criticizing people that think having small b❆❆bs is unfeminine and sexless, please don’t say that one type of figure is “unbelievable boyish”. Thank you. Be Coherent.

        • ‘Boyish’ is a widely-used term to describe a straight or ruler-shaped figure with small hips. Everyone knows that I am speaking about a shape, not about someone’s femininity or lack thereof. Thank you. Don’t be so pedantic and rude.

  1. LOL this is such a joke. And in all honesty, the biggest difference is breast size. Men like big breasts, wow!! Craziness!
    In conclusion men want ridiculous, barbie measurements whereas women want a body that could actually exist in nature although, a slightly less busty one.
    I bet if both of those “women” were real, they would weigh close to the same. The ideals are very similar in terms of body composition

    • What? I think you got it all wrong, Barbie measurements are more simmilar to the body of the left and the body on the right (without the boobs) is actually more attainable than the other. I am from Venezuela and all I see is curvy women everywhere, it is VERY rare when I get to see bodies like the one on the left (women’s choice)

  2. This study is stupid bc men react with their p—-es not their brains. If a woman with super tight clothes on, and her breasts toppling over her shirt walks by, a man is going to say “I want that” bc he SEE’s sex. If that same woman walked by in baggy sweats and a baggy t-shirt, it would do nothing for him. Men are visual. So if a slim girl with let’s say an A cup or B cup walked by in a tight tank top with no bra on, and let’s say it’s cold outside (ahem), a guy will say “I want that!”. It has nothing to do with size. It has everything to do with how his p—- reacts. I have these conversations with men all the time and they have made it very clear that it is NOT about size! Geesh I wish women would let this go! It’s about being your best, beautiful, confident self. Men love women all shapes and sizes. Different guys like different things. So what! Do all women want guys that look the same? No! So studies like this are bogus. Also, why do we as women care anyway? If every woman in the world was a size 2 is that going to stop guys from wanting to screw us? No! So who cares. They will love us regardless. They can’t help it. Women need to stop searching for what is beautiful through the eyes of men, and define their own beauty and sexuality. You cannot please everyone. This is why so many women are dying from eating disorders, and botched plastic surgeries—to please men! Trying to be what you are not. Just love yourself! And stop trying to please every man. A guy could love a Kim K body type, and marry that type, and the next day he’ll be wanking off to the p— of skinny petite blondes with A cups and no booty! LOL. They Like everything!!

    • Yep very true. Also, imo as I;ve gotten a bit older…why do women care so much about what so many men want?! What they heck are they going to do with all those blokes?! Sorry, I’ve got way too much to do in my day to worry about how many guys I would be able to #$&* if I wanted to. Not only that, as you said…they are so varied anyway…and what makes women think if they can look ‘ideal’ then their man won’t stray? I don’t want a man that has a one tracked mind (I have one though ugh). I want one with substance that actually does something with his life. Ok, probably weird…but I really love Bill Bailey at the moment. Ha ha. He was hot in a strange way when he was younger…but he is such an interesting man. Oh God…I don’t think I should press submit to this ha ha.

    • Oh come on, let’s say it: 99% of men prefer big breast. They do not find sexy an AA cup and never will. Just like most women prefer fit guys. It’s normal.

      • they might like bigger breasts, but if they had a choice between DD and FFs, they would go for the DDs, not the biggest ones possible.
        I think a man likes breasts with nice shape vs size.
        Given a lovely shaped B or C, they would chose that over a less shapely D or DD.

        • this is very true – my good friend who is a TOTAL b❆❆b guy doesn’t like breasts that are so big that they lose their shape – he prefers more like full C’s and D’s which tend to be perkier than ginormous saggy breasts.

          but, particulars aside, what alisha said is still true- b❆❆bs are boobs. a woman is a woman. sex is sex. no matter the details. there is a man out there (and usually many men) for every body type and woman.

      • Actually physical fitness has practical benefits. Breast size doesn’t really translate into any practical advantage. Nice statistic though. Would LOVE to see anything that actually substantiates that.

  3. there is a grain of truth to this, but it’s still a stupid experiment. i never understood the compilation method, really makes no sense to me at all. this is all about averages and we all know what the averages are. people’s individual tastes vary SO much more than this, and are far more interesting imo.

  4. Perhaps I wouldn’t fall into the category of what men (supposedly)
    want in a woman. For me it’s more appropriate to choose this kind
    of material I’d want for a Colorado horse ranch. Yet another study
    was done before this which seems to be more fitting than something
    so ephemeral and subject to change with age. They listed women
    with the most beautiful eyes in the world on Zimbio if memory serves.

    Ashwara Rye, Charlize Theron, Kristen Kreuk, even some unidentified
    women from the Muslim world were photoed. Old fashioned as it must
    sound these women all had something in common. They all have the
    most hauntingly beautiful eyes that a man can peer into forever and
    never get tired of what he sees. Some call that Love. Wouldn’t doubt it.

    • why do u even care/ feel offended what he or anyone else thinks of u? just love yourself and F what anyone else thinks (as long as u r healthy)

    • If you look like the first picture then you must be picture perfect according to all the women who participated in the study. So why do you care? What is beautiful to one is ugly to another, just love yourself.

  5. If I were a swimmer who wanted to make it to the Olympics I would like to have slimmer hips and long legs – I would be better able to make ideal times and be more efficient with my movements.

    It depends what you want as a person. Not every girl dreams of having DDs, a lot of girls are tall and slim and love it, while a lot of other girls are bootylicious and dig that about themselves.

    • It’s actually in the original article. I’d link it for you, but this site always deletes my hyperlinks. Now, you will laugh your butt off when you see what the male idea of the perfect man looks like…a s—id freak! So that goes to show how much stock we women should put in men’s idea of attractiveness! Hahaha! On a different note, this article has brought out some interesting commentary. I’d like to state for the record that I despise how some women on this site find some body types so polarising. Body shape is genetic! Can’t do nothing about it, other than maintain a healthy diet and keeping some tone. A slim pear will never get Gisele’s legs. A ruler will never get Shakira’s hip-to-waist. That’s science. Everyone is doing the best they can with what they got. So quit hating, people!

  6. Women come in all shapes and sizes. I have a “boyish” figure – small hips and breasts. I will never be curvy, at least not without the help of plastic surgery. That doesn’t make me gross.

  7. Well of course this is obvious. Men are going to choose a blend of the main women they see in the media. Women are going to do the same. Men and women are fed different images of ‘perfection’, swallow it whole, and believe it. The media really does a fabulous job at creating insecurity within people. Especially with the ideals being different. Lets face it though, they really do look quite similar. So what then mens one has a few extra curves (really?! Never thought they’d have that in p—!) The female one has slighly slimmer curves (fashion magazines, anyone!?). Ultimately though, the image is just as unattainable, just as unhealthy, and just as much of a lie.

    When I say a lie, I don’t mean that no one looks this way. I mean that the image of ‘perfection’ is a lie. This is not inbuilt into us to find as perfect. It’s literally a manufactured product that we are fed constantly…on average for 14 hours a day…you tell me that’s not brain washing at it’s greatest.

    • I agree 100% with you. It’s an image with what we have been brought up with since we were little, so that’s why it’s so real for us.
      Also I agree both the ideals in the survey are almost the same. Both the women are thin and have good legs, only the men’s ideal has much more emphasis on curves. She looks like the model you would find in men’s magazins.

  8. Lol well I don’t like either picture, neither are my exact ideal and I think they’re both extremely scary. This is dumb and a waste of time.

  9. Old story. We curvy girls feel all the same: fat as hell in front of the mirror, and then from flattered to assaulted on the street.

    • OMG, that is so true. I’m a very shy girl with a hourglass shape. Last summer, wearing a dress

      that accentuated my figure (a bit, it covered everything from my shoulders to my knees, it was only a bit tight) . I only remember the stare on my body by some distgusting, old man, they were even yelling at me. It was in Italy on vacation (I’m 17 and swedish). I felt so uncomfortable and distgusting, this kind of attention was no way flattering, for me it was an assault. Since then, even back home, I prefer sweaters and wide clothes. Even if I do work hard to be toned,I don’t want to show it, because I want to avoid this kind of attention from men. Having big boobs, small waist and curvy hips: It’s like a nightmare. I would kill for an elegant, tall, slender figure.

      What I wanted to say: why do women so much to fullfill the praised, stereotype ideals of men? I bet the average guy find Kim Kardashian tacky and these men in Italy thought also that I’m easy to get just because of my enhanced curves. For me, this experience killed my confidence, I notice walking with my head down towards guy groups in school. It’s just weird, anyone has similar experiences??

      • yes. i think with time you realize that they are just men on the street, and they cannot hurt you by looking, so try to enjoy the attention from the people you actually want it from (your crush or boyfriend) and just laugh off everyone else. you are not defined by your body, or what other people think of it!

      • My gosh I’m so sorry you had to experience that while you were in Italy! Unfortunately, as I am Italian myself, I must say that this is something extremely annoying and mortifying that most women have to go through here. It happened to me several times too and as I am quite shy I always felt extremely uncomfortable (this led me to walk with my had down when coming across men). So sad, really.

      • Lauren Conrad said on The Hills that that’s what Italy was like for her she compared it to being like ‘one big construction site’ OMG NEVER EVER GOING TO ITALY!!!! that bullsh*t harassment is bad enough in north america. Men are pigs. Make innocent little girls feel like tramps for wearing a tank top. Should be castrated the lot of them

        • Ooops, I accidentally liked this when I was wanting to hit reply. I agree that the behaviour of some/ many men can be really dehumanizing and chauvinistic. However, I really don’t think it’s in their nature to act that way. I put it down mainly to societal conditioning. It’s wrong that it happens, but society/ the media really do condition men and women to think of women as objects to be judged based on their physical characteristics. There are nice men out there that don’t do this though!

          • I totally see your point. The thing is that here in Italy this IS really a problem, and it’s not just about older men being pigs… even younger one often use not-so-nice words to refer (compliment?!?!) to girls. Honestly I became so afraid of rape lately that I can barely go around by myself after 8 pm 🙁
            When I was in Norway I noticed how different that was… a girl could just walk around at 2 am and still fell safe…

          • Oh I’m so sorry to hear that =o(. I’ve never been to Italy, so I’m very careful about not passing judgement on entire cultures, but that sounds like you’ve had awful experiences! It sounds like there really needs to be some changes made as a society there! Women should never have to feel threatened, but I guess it does happen unfortunately. It’s sad, because it is really hard to make these changes as a whole! I guess a start is talking about it though, so good on you for being able to open up about it and share your experiences. At least other women that often find themselves in these situations can know they aren’t alone!

          • I had the same problem in Southern Italy last year when I went on vacation there. I was harressed all the time, and followed by men in their car late in the evening. I was on vacation alone and I stayed in a hotel. Even in the hotel men how worked in the hotel trying to hit om me, sometimes even following to my room. All the attention wasn’t pleasant of flattering, it was really intimidating. Mostly in Southern European countries men are like this, but I my experience in Italy was the worst.

  10. Wanting curves is one thing, wanting barbie proportions is another. Very few women look like that picture on the right without surgery. It doesn’t look that much different except for the huge boobs. And being less curvy doesn’t mean that you look like a boy. I’m so sick of hearing that argument. It’s rude and redundant.

  11. nothing too surprising its a struggle to not say anything banal about the only change i’d make is having beyonces legs, I prefer a bit more thigh on a woman

    to me generalizations is actually the real deal, “beauty ideal” posits that only one thing is attractive, generalization would mean the opposite as that takes an aggregate, that more men like rosies legs not that rosies legs fits the predefined standard best.

    • I understand what you are saying, however this is based purely on evolutionary theories. I personally don’t agree with this theory, as there are so many flaws. I don’t think we can draw such conclusions between men and women, and completely exclude the media and societal influence, and the role that these play in shaping gender roles and ideals for males and females.

        • Nope, I don’t agree with evolutionary theories in regards to the way that males and females act in relationships or with sex. I believe the media and society has a far greater influence in regards to how women and men view sex and relationships.

      • gender role to me is almost the definition of theoretical that women give birth is just a fact, that men have to reproduce with females, whereas females seek males is also a fact that certain feature are more useful reproductively is also a fact, we have no humans societies with a preference for bi-lateral asymmetry as an example.

        media and society comes from people first, you can get a reinforcement over time but the starting point is people

        The image dominated age of media is really only a few decades old and never remained static for very long long term impact is doubtful

        • Yes, women giving birth is a fact. However, there is no evidence to show that there are certain attributes that are more suitable for reproduction, including youth.

          What the media shows doesn’t necessarily come from people first. What would the media gain from showing us what we actually wanted? If we were in control of what is shown then why are they the billion dollar industry, while we sit here and debate ‘the perfect figure’. There is also the other side of the story, that the media shapes our ideals (which are unrealistic), in order to create cognitive dissonance and propel us towards change (by buying products etc). The ‘perfect’ image in the media has changed a lot over time. The ideal changes between cultures and societies, so it isn’t necessarily ingrained in us to like particular aspects in males or females as mates.

  12. yeah ‘NEW’ studies… everybody want a slim figure but big b❆❆bs at the same time, men and women. the is the only one universal truth.

  13. The perfect body according to women, you can mostly get by starving your self. The perfect body according to men, you need probably some plastic surgery.

    Plus this study is dumb, why was this highly requested?

    • you look very skinny on your photo, i noticed your last one looked the same, showing how thin you are.
      i’m sure you’re a beautiful girl, take care of yourself!

    • Yeah, Cara’s is bordering on downright ugly to me. I laughed when the article described MeganFox’s face as “soft”, she’s got nearly as many nips/tweaks/immovable fillers as Kim K!
      Perfect body for me: Sofia Vergara hands down. Petrfect face probably is Olivia Wilde but I can think of a number iof near–perfec celebs facially.

    • Yep I agree with you both about Cara. Cara’s face is bordering on downright ugly to me too. Don’t understand the hype around it and I sure as heck don’t want to look like her.

    • whats ridiculous, the women listed are not from p— and that men might find women in p— attractive is hardly strange.

      truthful what women don’t know is that p— is often more defined by the type of activity being shown and not really based on what the p— star looks like most are interchangeable

      we rarely watch p— we don’t like just because the women might be more attractive to us

  14. If they did a study about how men wants a womans body to looks like, a sure do hope they also study on how women wants a mans body to look like! But I guess they didn’t….

  15. It *is* old news, and as much as women still insist they don’t, what men prefer has always been the same: slim hourglass. Boobs, butt, tiny in the middle, with slim limbs. P.S: If you ask a man his ultimate fantasy body type and a woman is in earshot, he’ll just describe whatever body type that woman happens to be so her feelings aren’t hurt. Ask a man when there are no women around and then you’ll get the unfiltered truth.

    SO glad they didn’t use someone overweight to depict “curvy,” as this female appears to also have a very low body fat. Extremely refreshing given the erroneous way people use the term now. Curves are about shape, NOT size or high body fat – and when a man says “curvy,” this is what he means.

    • True, but there doesn’t have to be one set of exact measurements and body fat level to be considered
      ‘curvy’. For instance, anywhere from Candice Swanpoel to Kim Kardashian could be considered ‘curvy’, yet be different sizes with varying body fat levels. I think once those curves become more like jagged angles or jelly rolls, then it’s no longer curvy.

  16. The number of women who actually look like the girl on the right is so few, that I’d imagine if a man were to go out deliberately and exclusively seeking her body type they’d be rather unlikely to find someone who is sexually, emotionally, intellectually compatible with themselves.

    All of these factors are part of what makes a woman ‘ideal’ for the man she’s with, that it seems archaic and ridiculous that we’re still putting these ‘ideal’ body types out there for women to see and feel ashamed by. Any intelligent man, when asked, would probably say “Yes, that’s my ideal women, irrespective of all other characteristics”. It’s rather like saying that nothing else matters, and the fact that we still do that is shameful.

  17. They look almost the same anyway…what a stupid study. What does this prove? Is this trying to tell women “don’t prefer skinny bodies because that’s not what men want”? Who cares what men prefer…or even what women prefer? This isn’t revolutionary and it doesn’t help with body image issues, it only makes things worse.

  18. This study leaves me with many questions.
    1. Which face of Megan Fox? Pre surgery, transformers post surgery or what she has now because that face has changed quite a bit
    2. So are these people in a room going over 50 or so pictures of stomachs and they are supposed to pick a stomach? Are they ever shown the complete composite picture? Like maybe you thought gwyneth paltrow’s stomach was great but after seeing the male composite you think that girl is hotter?
    3. Of all the attributes that they measured, why did they only ask about hips, why not butts? That to me would be the most interesting to see the differences between men and female ideals.
    4. Why famous people? There are plenty of anonymous models/everyday people they could have chosen from. Some people have a certain “emotional attachment” to a certain celebrity so of course they will pick them.

  19. I go with men on this one 😛 But I wouldn’t choose any of the ferature that men looks good in the end sort is not ideal to me but it is good. Jen Selter is ideal to me. Her body actually.
    Women… is ok because this type of body looks good in clothes.

  20. The funny thing is when i’ve spoke to men of different ages the thing you notice is that most men just want someone who is comfertable in their own skin. Yes they prefer certain figures but each man is different I’ve own men who like skinny girls most of them prefer women on the slimmer side (not skiny but not fat) and some who prefer bigger girls with on saying he liked “chunky but funky”. I think the problem wiht these tests are usually the sample size. Although I am closer to what men prefer than what women prefer it’s more important to be happy with the body you have rather than strive for what other people want.

  21. If anyone is interested, they also did a male version : p Just check the Daily Mail, or should I say Daily FAIL, for the full article.

    • lololol, OMG those men are both so ugly! The male fantasy is just so ridiculous and dumb and the female “ideal” looks like the love child of a jersey shore cast member and a yeti addicted to manscaping!
      For my own tastes I’d say my perfect man would be a blend of Nathan Drake (videogame character who’s as hot as he is funny and nice) and Gabriel Aubrey who’s just sooo dang pretty!

    • Just something else I thought of…there’s a level of inequality IMO when the female pics involve diff bust sizes but in the make pics the jewels are left untouched…just sayin…
      (There is SO much effort to ensure men to not feel inferior based on a sexually based physical attribute yet SO much of the female pics highlight bust and hips as well as in media in general…hmmmm, not fair)

        • Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying let’s stoop to conquer but really there is such a hidden male issue with size, yet men so easily thrust their biases of women’s breast size all over the place…
          I had a discussion with some Men recently where, in a nutshell (heehee pun not intended but I’m keeping it), men thought it completely insane and unfair that a woman’s interest in being intimate with a man relates to size of his member yet thought it reasonable for men to base such interest on the female boobage. What was most interesting was their defense that size shouldn’t matter cause that’s inconsequential to a woman or—-ing…lol, then I told them that would really only apply with a clitoral or—- but not the other 3 types and well, silence, awkward effing silence…as well when I cited, or asked what greater or—- they’d had with a more plentiful breast, they drew a blank…

  22. i don’t take such things seriously, but i do think such polls are fun and while many look at the bad side of things, like this putting pressure or smth on people, i also see the bright side, many women look at this and realize another old thing, that many of us forget so often – people are different and will always have different likes&dislikes, and such things only prove this “expectations” don’t matter, cos when you get your nose out of the media and look out into the real world you’ll see tons of happy couples with women looking far from/close or the same as these pics).
    Also i do think it’s obvious the women’s ideal is the one praised by fashion&beauty mags, cos lots of modern women think about body as “which type is easier to dress/what clothes look/fit better”, it’s not like we wear bikinis that often, while lots of modern men probably think of female body as “how she would look like naked/in lingerie”.

    Btw, my only surprise was Cara’s face,i do think she’s photogenic and with certain make up in photoshoots she can look ok, but in candids, to me, she’s an unattractive girl, to each their own i guess.

  23. I really dislike both the female preference of the male or felame body. I do like the male preference of the female body but it’s so unrealistic that kind of a body even exists naturaly. And ofc I dont like the male preference of the male body either, too unrealistic again. I think this poll is either a fake or they interviewed only 12-18 year olds.

  24. with the whole “men like curvy bodies” thing, its like some attempt to convince females they dont need to be unnaturally skinny (for them of course) to impress a male. but the “curvy body” ideals men seem to have according to these studies are so damn unnatainable and you’ll find much, much more naturally tiny girls out there than girls with a body like the males want.

  25. Im wondering abt ass…because I often find men and women on the same page abt an attractive woman’s toosh (men appear to like it a bit bigger than women). I also think whether a man prefs a lean or a curvy bod a great booty makes the bod desirable regardless…

  26. I have this friend who has very, very flat breasts, she’s pretty slender, has long legs and ‘normal’ hips, and she has a lot of guys around her because she is beautiful (she’s got a gorgeous face first of all). So please, don’t waste your time making these stupid ‘studies’, men like pretty women, and it’s not the big breasts that make a woman pretty.

      • Yes of course, but I gave the example about my not curvy friend because it seems like they want to convince people that all men always prefer curvier women, and that they don’t consider thin women with small curves attractive. This is SO wrong and inaccurate, in real life I know a lot of not curvy girls who are considered very attractive by men.

    • normal hips? so I assume you think wide hips are not normal on woman? When a woman has wide hips it means she has a lot of estrogen, so if anything it IS normal when a woman has wide hips. Geeze some of you people are brainwashed to how a woman should look

  27. It’s definitely the mainstream view of beauty, because not everybody is a slave to the “model” image. I, for one, consider average height curvy girls – like Kelly Brook, Hilary Duff or Kim Kardashian (only without that huge ass) – to be the most perfect.

    I personally know men who like curvy girls best and those who prefer tall lanky girls with small breasts to any other type. Tastes are different, and it all depends on a person (and howmuch this person is brainwashed).

  28. I’d prefer to be the curvy one. I am curvy but wish I was more toned and b❆❆bs were an e instead of a d cup.

  29. The ‘study’ is half right. Every woman in the world aspires to look like the one on the left, tall, with long legs, a medium sized bust and hips that are just right, not too small, not too big, very lean and fit physique. These are attributes that have always been considered ideal. And every woman wants a beautiful face and natural hair. No woman I know wants a artificial looking face and fake hair. That’s the half that’s true.
    The half that’s false, is that of this study that is false, is that men would prefer either one of these women, because the one on the left, isn’t actually boyish at all.

    • “every woman wants to be tall and very lean and with hips that are just right and medium bust”?? speak for yourself dude. some of us actually like how we look.

      • Actually she’s right, every woman does want to look like a super model, whether she admits it or not. And why not? They’re perfect.

  30. This is beyond stupid. I think a lot of women would love to have the curves portrayed in the picture instead of no hips Nancy on the left, the PROBLEM with reality is if you have a bigger bust/hips, chances are you have a higher body fat percentage. And because we’re not cartoon characters, it doesn’t all go right to T&A. Very few women, if any, without enhancement, can have those things and a flat, toned, tight body. And no, though most men of course love jiggle in the areas outlined, most, while building their perfect woman, wouldn’t lust after a woman with an equally jiggly tummy, which for “real” women, will more than likely be present if they naturally possess Kim K’s…..assets.

    • i actually think guys never even notice a woman’s stomach if she has b❆❆bs and butt, unless it is quite big. a little softness they couldn’t care less about – i’ve actually been complimented on my stomach by every single guy i’ve been with – it is not a washboard, nor is it fat, i am a slim healthy weight and i do have ab muscles but guys love the small layer of fat covering them because its soft!

  31. a womanly body HAS a full bust, curvy hips, waist definition..don’t know why so many of you call that unattainable when it’s normal for so many women to look like that. It’s sad that you want to supress the things that are natural for a woman to have just because some women are flat and straight all the way. Tired of skinny shaming? then stop with the constant curvy shaming.

  32. Wow..whaaaaaat ?!

  33. i think what men think is curvy and what women think is curvy are two completely different thing and this survey just proves it…men think that a skinny body with huge t–s and a– is curvy whereas women think heavy/plump like crystal renn before weight loss, is curvy

  34. This is absurd, from both angles.

    1. A woman with breasts that ginormous is an anomoly. Most women will not be that tiny with huge boobs. Most women with breasts that size will’ve either had them surgically enhanced, or they have a wider rib cage and/or slightly wider shoulders for support, and carry more fat on their body. This is why so many women, despite claiming they wish they had “bigger boobs” will opt for a smaller chest b/c they know it means their body carries less fat naturally.

    2. Also, the body is genetically designed to achieve the greatest level of balance natural to that individual’s unique structure (unless you start messing with it: surgery, majour weight gain, majour weight loss, etc). If your body is designed to be curvy — e.g. big breasts — then it will be balanced by curves in other places — e.g. bigger hips. It’s unlikely to naturally have giant breasts and the slim hips of a 12 year old.

    3. Hips extend into thighs, durr. So, while you can have toned legs (either naturally, or from working at it), your thighs will be more curvaceous (especially the upper portion) if you’ve got those curvaceous hips.

    4. If you’ve got curvaceous hips and thighs, it’s just as unlikely you’ll have ultra slim legs — unless you are very tall and the whole thing balances out. But once again: it’s about balance. It’s an anomaly that curvy hips will be supported by supermodel-thin chicken legs.

    5.Unfortunately, current fashions emphasize baggy, shapeless fabrics that do nothing to accentuate curves and make most women with curvaceous hips and breasts look deceptively large. Women should wear the style that looks good on THEIR UNIQUE shape. Girls who have slim hips and smaller chest look great in these androgenous styles, really edgy and sexy 🙂 But they also require to do more to accentuate their curves. Girls with fuller chest and wider hips and thighs don’t need to work as hard to accentuate their curves — but that doesn’t mean they should hide them! They should choose those fashions which highlight the best parts of their bodies, whatever they may be.

    Women are sexy and attractive not b/c of their hips or breasts or legs, etc. It’s in your attitude, ladies! Full hips, slim hips, short legs, long legs, big breasts, small breasts … whatever! Know who you are, and learn how to dress yourself. You don’t have to be uncurvy to look fashionable today; just like women from the 40s, 50s and 60s didn’t have to be Marilyn Monroe to still be fashionable and sexy. Fashions may change but women will always come in different figures.

    O, and don’t get your self-confidence or advice from these sites and these surveys! Men have no clue what they want — haven’t you figured out by now that they’re all stupid and 90% of them interviewed for these surveys spend their days masturbating to quirky p—, without ever talking to a real live woman?

  35. for everyone saying, oh no men really prefer rail thin.. gay men do! and they aren’t the goal of desire for straight women. 99% of the men i’ve talked to prefer a girl with curves, and honestly would rather a girl on the bigger end of “thin”. shocking but true… and as a girl i do desire to be painfully thin with no curves but god created me “thick” and it seems most men enjoy it.

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