Transgender Model Andreja Pejić Shows off Super Skinny Figure on Instagram


Andreja Pejić, the 24 year-old transgender model from Australia, recently posted a lingerie photo on Instagram, where the beauty’s thigh gap and overall super skinny frame were the main focus. Comments such as ‘Anorexia!’ and ‘eat some food’ soon followed on her feed, next to supporters’ comments who defended Andreja, saying that she has ‘the perfect body’.

Check out more recent photos from the model’s Instagram next, then share your thoughts!


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89 thoughts on “Transgender Model Andreja Pejić Shows off Super Skinny Figure on Instagram”

  1. i can still tell she was a guy before. I’m not trying to be a diick, but ive never seen a trans person who i couldnt tell was trans.
    that being said i do think she’s gorgeous faciallly

    • Yep, it’s obvious that ‘she’ is biologically male. Even though ‘she’ passes well, there is just something very male about her.

      • Lol we’ll ya, i think trans people should do whatever they want and no one should give them crap. but i hope they realize that they aren’t “women” or “men” they are now trasnwomen and transmen.

        • Yeah? So you think that if a man declares himself to be a woman based on nothing more than internal gender identity, that he should have the right to use women’s safe spaces – bathrooms, locker rooms, change rooms and so on?

          • It would be better if the bathrooms were not gender specific in the first place. Even though women need more time in the bathroom (need to sit down, we pee more, we have periods…), there’s usually the same number of cabins or even more stalls for men.

            My fitness has a shared locker/change room and noone gives a damn about what gender you are. I don’t see what’s so different if a man sees me naked or if a woman does. Trans or not, straight or not.

            As long as my personal space (1 meter around me) is being respected, who cares.

          • So, everything should be unisex, across the board? And if women don’t want to undress in front of men, they should suck it up and stop being such prudes?

          • are you kidding? why the hell would they not? let’s say they had o use the bathrom of he gendr hey were born into and you saw someone, looking as if they were biologically born to be a woman (but who is acually trans), walk in to the mensroom, I can PROMISE you that you would tell that lady to go back o the ladies room.

            They should go to therestroom which matches he gender that they idenify with.

            Because no man or woman, would go through surgery, hormontherapy and the social stigma of being different just so they can get a peek at the locker rooms..

          • There are many trans women who still have their male genitalia and choose not to go through surgery, hormones or to even shave.

            I suggest you google “Stefonknee Wolscht”

            And Danielle Muscato

            Both are ‘trans women’ and demanding the right to use women’s bathrooms, domestic violence shelters and change rooms.

            In fact, there are also many transvestite fetishists and exhibitionists who get off on exposing themselves to women in the women’s change room.

            How do you propose women tell the difference between a true transexual and a sexual predator who just wants to perv on them?

          • I honeslty think it should be unisex. I’ll change in front of whatever gender. If there’s a perv in the room you can bet that people will call him out.

          • But what if other people don’t agree with you about that? Should they be forced to go along with it? I have talked to many women who don’t want to be seen naked by men or see naked men in the change room.

            Do their opinions matter at all?

          • I wait untill all of you will get married and have the one you love .and then see how all of you would feel geting naked in front of other woman or men ( depends on youre sex) and how youre other half would feel knowing that other are watching … this is wrong .and youre little kids ? Is it ok for a teenage girl to get naked in front of men ? Where are youre brain ? I guess there is not class and respect for body and other human these days .i dont like transgender ,but i dont harm these people and respect their opinion ,but i dont think bcz of 0.5% population of “them” in a world we should get naked in changing rooms . Even they are not sure who they want to be…

          • Yes, the law is stopping them since a natal male will be kicked out of a woman’s facility.

            However, if natal males have the legal right to enter women’s facilities based on nothing more than internal subjective gender feelz , and they can neither be questioned nor asked to leave, then yes, this loophole can and already has been abused.

          • The law doesn’t prevent a lot of people from doing things they shouldn’t.Who will be kicking them out? I have peed in men’s bathrooms and no one has kicked me out.
            This is just a transphobic argument that utilises women’s spaces/safety concerns as a cover for general displeasure that trans rights bring to some. I believe that bathrooms should have stalls that go down to the floor and are very high/up to the ceiling in both gender bathrooms or gender-neutral bathrooms, better yet have a third option of a gender neutral bathroom and we won’t be having this discussion at all.

          • Well since the law doesn’t stop anyone from doing anything then we should just abolish all laws? Is that what you are advocating?

    • really? if someone showed me these pics and I didn’t know she was trans I would not have guessed, I would have thought “woman with slightly masculine jawline”. once you know they are trans, its harder to unsee it.

    • “ive never seen a trans person who i couldnt tell was trans”

      that’s some huge bullshit, I’m 100% sure you can’t even tell about Michael Obama having a dick. It’s all about the anatomical ratios differentiating males from females.

  2. She is very skinny but health. ppl need to keep in mind that she is transgendered so her fat/muscle will distribute differently in her legs

    • AND THEREIN lies the problem with trans-models! Tom Gunn picked up heat for saying that a trans-women still have male genetics, which BIOLOGICALLY differientiates the bodies of born -males and -females (i.e. BMI, muscle, bone structure, height etc.) Andreja doesn’t appear to be using too many female hormones given the more masculine shape (very narrow chest-waist-hip ratio). Our beauty ideals already favor a more waifish (read: prepubescent male with large boobs) frame. This body type is already very rare in the born-female population (I refuse to use cis*), so if a trans woman’s body is naturally more predisposed towards this body type, then women will aspire to a body type that LITERALLY is unattainable and impertinent. To me, Andreja’s body looks like an undernourished males’ body; sorry to get all Trump-anti-PC. Minus some of the 2000s models, I can even see more feminine traits on the thinnest of models (hips, small waists etc). I’d love to see trans-male models make it in the standard male modeling industry…

      • It isn’t anti pc to state that trans women have male bodies.

        That is why they are *trans*

        They are natal males. Some folks try to deny this. They even state that male genitalia is female if the owner declares that it is. This is why I call it a delusion. Xy chromosomes, testes, sperm, prostates etc are not female traits.

        • I’m conflicted over trans issues. I DO believe in egalitarian civil rights, I live by “whatever works as long as it doesn’t hurt no body.” But the trans movement IS attempting to steam roll other groups’ rights and demanding indoctrination to a certain extent jmho. With trans women specifically, you’re labeled a bigot for feeling the tiniest bit uncomfortable with certain demands and access to private female spaces where reasonable accommodations have already been made. But in short, yes, Andrej genetically has a male body and it presents as such and I’m not being transphobic, because that still allows Andrej to claim womanhood if gender is of the mind. Phew! There.

          • Google:

            Cotton ceiling
            Danielle Muscato
            Varmit Coyote
            Stefonknee Wolscht

            Question any of the above and you will be labelled a bigot.

            Because they are, to be honest, either lying about being trans or they are xdressing fetishists.

            So why should they have the legal right to use women’s facilities without question?

            And why are lesbians now bigoted for not having PIV sex with MTF?

          • Stofonknee Wolscht is actually crazy and has actually slurred against the LGTB community, and threatened people in the LGTB community. They have mental issues, and are not a good example of trans. Most people think that S.W. has a sexual fetish,

          • yes, of course ‘she’ did, because she is oppressed, and cisgaymen and lesbians are all oppressors!

          • That’s called a no true Scotsman, look it up. You can’t say that just because someone is bad they aren’t really trans. Besides, their whole argument is that if they say they’re the other gender, they just are and you can’t question it. There is no objective definition so you can’t decide who is and who isn’t, you have to take their word for it. These stories are way too common for such a small community.

          • We can just all have stalls and then there would be no issue. If you think you’re uncomfortable at the presence of a transwoman in a ‘female’ space (the space you’re only able to use because you were lucky enough to be born into the body you’re comfortable with) then imagine for one second how that woman would feel changing in front of men – potentially being leered at, ridiculed etc. I can just about assure you that that transwoman or man just wants to change/pee and get on their day like the rest of us

          • How about the cross dressing fetishists? Are they entitled to the safety of the woman’s change room?

          • Please note that I wrote:
            “You’re labeled a bigot for feeling the tiniest bit uncomfortable with certain demands and access to private female spaces where REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS have ALREADY been made.”

            Recently, a middle school made accommodations for a pre-op trans girl to change in a unisex space, but the child refused and demanded that she be granted access to the girls locker room; we’re talking about 10-13 year old girls! And a reporter was labeled a bigot for sincerely asking the girl why she shouldn’t feel uncomfortable with the pre-op trans-girl being in the locker room with her daughters. Same thing happened at a college, where a unisex bathroom was present, and yet a pre-op transgendered woman with little to no physical transition, protested that she should be allowed to use the female restroom anyway.

            Point is, reasonable accommodations were made in both instances and demanding access to female space IS treading on the rights of born-women and girls who have their reservations. There’s nothing wrong with thinking critically about the issue instead of hearing about Caitlyn Jenner’s bravery and jumping behind EVERY trans issue blindly. No where did I say women, trans or not, should change in front of men. When talking about trans issues, straw men abound!

          • Here is a transcript of that inteview with the trans girl, Lila Perry. She did not want to use the gender neutral bathroom/showers because that would not vaildate her identity. Which is what it’s all about. Those trans people who are also narcissistic and/or exhibitionist fetishists (autogynephiles) will often *demand* access to women’s spaces. Not all are like that, but many are.

            Neutral Bathroom (VIDEO)

            A few dozen student and adult supporters turned out Friday night from the surrounding area to support transgender student Lila Perry.
            lila perry rally

            The protesters want more money and effort to organizations that promote transgender students.

            Lila Perry made national news after she started using the girls locker room at rural Hillsboro high school.
            The school had set aside a gender neutral bathroom for the student’s use.

            TGP reporter Adam Sharp attended the event and had a chance to speak with student Lila Perry.
            Perry says she was asked to use a gender neutral bathroom but that it was “dehumanizing” and that’s why he started using the girls lockeroom and bathroom.

            Lila Perry: I’m fighting for transgender rights not just for me but for all transgender students across the state… I used the girls restroom and people kind of lost it.

            Adam Sharp: And there were reports that there was an extra bathroom made available to you. Is that correct?

            Lila Perry: It was. But it’s very dehumanizing to be reduced to just “gender neutral” to where I feel like they’re just going to take all of us and put us in our own bathroom which I don’t like.

            There are some cool trans women out there who have stated that any trans woman who still has a male organ and demands access to women’s safe spaces is a disgusting narcissist. I agree with them.

          • I for some reason thought it was middle school but point still remains. I make the distinction with pre and post op as well and I totally agree that sometimes it just smacks of narcissism! I like that you’re well versed with the less popular arguments.

            I don’t wanna get all political on skinnyvscurvy and I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a TERF, but I’ve had a lot of conversations with lesbian friends that ARE disturbed and confused with the demands that trans lesbians have put on born-female lesbians. We CAN change legislation, but sexual identities?

          • I looked into trans critical thought after being viciously attacked over…get ready for it…stating that ‘female bodied people can get pregnant’. I was told by a trans ally to use the term to refer to folks who could get pregnant – as in, trans men are female bodied even if they identify as men. They are born biologically female but they dress and act like men. Ok. So I used the term, innocently enough, in support of trans rights, and was accused of transphobia. I explained *why* I had used the term, and was told that I was a terribad person and that I deserved the abuse because I had litrerally harmed trans women by using the phrase.

            See, female bodied is deeply harmful to trans women because it is what is called ‘gender essentialist’. The term implies that real women can get pregnant, have ovaries etc, and this hurts trans women, who feel that they are also ‘real women’. It ‘erases their identities’. I was really taken aback not only by this wtf logic, but by the treatment I got by the trans activist. I started studying…

            So far I have learned that:

            Lesbians who won’t have PIV sex with trans women are hateful bigots because the male organ is actually a female organ (cotton ceiling)
            Biological sex was invented by the patriarchy to oppress trans women and is a social construct
            Referring to FGM as FGM is cissexist because trans women are female and to state that v—-s are female is hurtful to trans women. For the same reason that The V—– Monologues was cancelled in one venue because it wrongly equated female with v—-
            That to be a woman all a bio male has to do is like glitter, dolls and frilly things.
            Women who are afraid of being perved on or raped in change rooms by men pretending to be trans are all hateful bigots who just want to hurt trans women
            Gay men need to be silenced within the LGBT community because they are ‘privileged cis patriarchy’ and the T needs to take all of their spots, naturally

            To question any of the above will get you labelled a TERF. I have spent the last week on PinkNews with a bunch of gay men, and we have all been accused of being lesbian TERFS. By a trans woman who referred to women as ‘fish holes’ and gay men as ‘disgusting sexual deviants who deserve to be harmed because they are so mean to trans women’

            Check out GenderApostates dot com when you have the opportunity. There are sane trans women out there who actually care bout women.

          • omg…. I…. I, just can’t even… thats why i cant even bother with this mess… be who you wanna be, but don’t think everyone has to understand what your’re going through and feel for you on every level.. you gotta get over yourself, nobody, trans, gay, straight, whatever, is that important…. seriously

          • Trans used to mean transecual. People like Andrej here. Folks with the mind body dysmorphia.

            But trans is trendy now. It has been co-opted by special snowflakes and fetishists. There are genderfluid people who are really just showing their personalities off but they have to label it as trans. There are young lesbians who are suffering from internalized lesbophobia so they convince themselves that they must be men and not butch women who like women.

            And then there are the cross dressing fetishists like “Stefonknee”
            They pretend to be hyper sexualized “trans girls”. They give themselves girly names like ” Kelli, Marti, Angelica, chelsi” and so on. They get off on pretending to be women. Forced feminization and acting submissive is sexually exciting to them. They like to expose themselves to women in women’s locker rooms. There’s reams of evidence and police records to support this. Google “Colleen Francis”

            These pervs are claiming that they are trans. They are not. They keep their junk. They don’t transition. They like their male organs. And they guilt people like the feminists here who desperately don’t want to be accused of not being inclusive.

            These young women need to wake up and realize that there are lots of pervs out there and that it can get very dark. Just because someone claims that they are trans does not mean they are.

            Narcissist abuser pervs love the label if trans because now they can guilt young women into accepting them. It is pure manipulation. And this sick behaviour will make the news as bathroom assaults happen as a result of these gender identity laws. And true trans folk like Andrej , who just want to get in with life, will suffer more stigma.

            Accepting fetishists who will victimise women is not pro trans. It is anti trans and anti woman.

            Oh, btw, the trans leader of bathroom bill activism in one US state is a registered sex offender. “She” molested a boy.

          • For me it was Rachel dolezeal who tried to say she was really a black woman and that wasn’t acceptable but trans is?? It makes no sense…and I did some reading in depth and WOW. The simple fact is mainstream media hides the reality of what trans is doing, as an ideology and the individuals. In a few decades we will see this for what it is: abuse of human rights.

          • Transgender folks hate otherkin because it calls the entire ideology into question.

            If you can identify as a cat, then what does that say about identifying as a woman? An MTF said to me, last night, that no one could dare tell him that he *isn’t really a girl* because otherkin are crazy.

            Species dysohoria is just as real as gender dysohoria. Both are a feeling that the body does not match the brain. And if otherkin is a delusion, then what makes trans different?

            Transgenderism – the concept of lady brain in man body – is an attribution error. Just because it *feels* like the brain does not match the body is not evidence of lady brain. It is evidence of nothing more than some sort of body dysmorphia.

            Because, what does it mean to “feel like a woman”? Can they define it without circular logic? Can they define it without resorting to gender stereotypes? THEY CANNOT.

            I urge you to check out these blogs:

            Purplesagefem . com
            Stoptranschauvinism . com
            Firewomon . com
            4thwavenow . com

            There should be links to all of them on stoptranschauvinism

            Btw, it is not transsexuals per se that are dangerous. It is the pretenders like Stefonknee. The autogynephiles. Though if you read MyOnlyPathtoPower you will see what a devastating mental illness it is

            Oh, and SexChangeRegret . com

          • Just watch, there will be a huge upswing in the number of teenage boys that identify as teams if they let them in the field bathrooms.

          • U of T changes gender-neutral washroom policy after voyeurism allegations surface

            Google that
            Just days after gender neutral policies enacted

          • Thank god people are realizing they are taking other people’s rights, I thought it was just isolated communities online that realized what’s going on. It’s insane the amount of stories of violence against women by trams women that simply don’t want to hear no. Showing their male socialization really clearly…not to mention all the stories of men in wigs taking pictures and recordings of women in the bathrooms. We can’t have all unisex bathrooms either because if men have access to a bathroom where women go, they will put cameras in them. It happens all the time, even when the bathrooms are specifically for women. These stories are just not covered by mainstream media at all, people think it’s “transphobic” lol. Women really need to know these things.

        • I’m glad I çame baçk to read these fokken çomments, the Peijiç post made me initially çringe but I was çertain any çommentary on it would get me labelled a “terf” here.

          Peak trans is spreading, phew

  3. Well, she probably had a very fast metabolism when she was Andrej and it didn’t go away with her transition. I’m not a fan of her figure as it is too skinny for my taste but she seems to be this way naturally.

    • Lol, she used to admit she (he) was starving herself to fit into women’s clothing, ’cause men are not made to have 24 inch waists. Fast metabolism my arse. Also, are you even aware how transitions work? You take artificial hormones. How the hell would this supposedly magical fast metabolism “not go away”?!

      • Wow, sorry for not having read all of her interviews. Do you know Julie Vu? She is a Youtuber who is MTF as well and remained very thin throughout her transition. No need to be so rude, honey.

    • Most of the MtF trans women I know IRL gained a significant amount of weight when they started taking hormones. Perks of womanhood. No idea who this person is, so can’t speculate.

    • this is very clearly the result of undereating. idk what it even means to look this way “naturally”, anyone who looks like this, male or female, has a habit of undereating. That doesn’t mean its intentional or an eating disorder, but there is no way they are getting a normal amount of calories. I know so many guys this skinny who think they are “naturally skinny”, well spend a couple days with them and turns out they barely eat and don’t even know it, its just a habit…

      • Yes, men burn a bit more calories because muscle and testosterone but not that much more. And considering andreja has no muscle, and has admitted to starvation. Most men are not anywhere near this thin, don’t quite know what Annie is thinking.

      • People underestimate habits – when a very thin person insists they eat normally, they aren’t lying in their own minds. They’ve just gotten used to eating like this, probably had a family of light eaters – doesn’t mean OH MY GOD MENTAL ILLNESS, but it can be something that was left overlooked in their life.

  4. I understand why she transitioned, I can’t imagine how awful she must have felt before and I think she is brave to be so public about it! I do think she was much more interesting as a model before though. I guess it’s the hormones that changed her face.. she’s still gorgeous but there was something otherworldly about her face before that she lost. She seems to be getting less work now as well, but while that must suck, I’m sure she thinks it’s worth it to finally be able to be herself 🙂

  5. her body is built very feminin. Not that it matters but I could never guess she was born in a wrong body. She´s very thin but somehow I don´t think she looks anorexic or undernourished.

  6. It’s not a huge leap for someone who has a mental illness that makes them think they are really the opposite sex to also have a mental illness that makes them starve themselves as a form of control over anxiety. Please note that nowhere in my comment did I say that mental illness should be stigmatised or that mentally ill people deserve harm.

          • They recently amended it but no, gender dysphoria is a delusion. Just like body dysmorphia, where you think that a limb doesn’t belong, with GID you think that your body is wrong for your brain.

          • From the APA: “A psychological state is considered a mental disorder only if it causes significant distress or disability. Many transgender people do not experience their gender as distressing or disabling, which implies that identifying as transgender does not constitute a mental disorder. For these individuals, the significant problem is finding affordable resources, such as counseling, hormone therapy, medical procedures and the social support necessary to freely express their gender identity and minimize discrimination. Many other obstacles may lead to distress, including a lack of acceptance within society, direct or indirect experiences with discrimination, or assault. These experiences may lead
            many transgender people to suffer with anxiety, depression or related disorders at higher rates than nontransgender persons.”

            So where are you getting this “delusion” thing from? From your “expert” opinion?

          • succumbing to political pressure is an illness–a weak-ass bigoted mind. spread the nonsense of the bible-thumpers elsewhere please.

            this is a beautiful woman who has come home to herself after a long psychological (social, physical, etc) battle. do u have any idea how hard it is to be trans?! to say that this woman’s truth is an illness is d-trump-worthy breed of hatred/ignorance. god forbid millions of people dont meet the strict gender binary.

          • Off to bed so I will talk to you more tomorrow but id like to know how thoroughly you have researched the subject?

            Or are you just going by fluff pieces that you have read in popular magazines?

            The entire subject is very complex and there is a lot more depth than you realize. *a lot* more.

            And don’t assume that to be gender critical = anti-LGBT Christian bigot.

            Did you, for example, know that the trans members of NUS in the UK want to kick gay men out because apparently gay men are horrible privileged misogynists?

            That there are also trans women who are gender critical?

            I suspect that you only have a superficial understanding and I will talk more tmrw.

            Have a good day/night.

          • I am a gay man.

            Please do explain why you think it is bigoted to keep natal males with intact genitals out of women’s showers, change rooms and bathrooms?

          • Genitals do not determine gender; they determine sex. Having a p—- doesn’t mean the person identifies as a man or should be forced into ‘male’ spaces.

          • Really? Tell me what it means to identify as a woman without using any gender stereotypes or circular logic.

          • this makes no sense. I get what people are teaching with that, but tis dumb. If genitals dont determine your geneder than a trans woman could say shes a woman and not change her appearance to look like a female, since gender is in the head.

          • Funny thing is, men seem to understand what BS trans is more than women and women are more in danger because of it. So sad how women are conditioned to be nice and take care of everyone to the point where they ignore their safety and reality.

      • If it’s not a mental illness, why does it need life long mediçal ‘treatment”, approved by psyçhiatrists after months of therapy?

        Why is it still in the DSM??

  7. Yes, she’s underweight but I doubt she has a lower BMI than most VS models, for example. Some people have more protruding bones and look more “boney” or “unhealthy” when skinny. She could benefit from a better diet and exercise regime, but I don’t think she looks that alarming if you compare her with the rest of the models nowadays…

  8. This really does look unnaturally thin. That being said, she can post whatever she wants, but I do not see anything healthy here.

    If she’s healthy, why can’t a slightly overweight person be healthy, too?

    Goes both ways. So for anyone offended by plus size models, don’t act offended when someone else finds this offensive.

  9. Thats exactly the perfect example of transition : you want to be a woman ? Get bash like a woman. They’ll treat you unfairly, point out your every flaws, judge everything.
    Joke apart, she is indeed to skinny. Maybe it will change somehow.

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