Twiggy Brings Today’s Quotes

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On the fact that models don’t have to be gorgeous:

There are lots of gorgeous girls, but it’s not about that. Cara is so funny and sweet, you just want to hug her – she has so much personality. I think that’s what happened with me. The other models were so breathtaking, but I wasn’t really. I was funny and kooky. It’s about the whole package. Kate Moss is like that. I love Kate. She really makes me laugh. To have that extra whatever-it-is to take the world by storm is all to do with personality: it has to come from the inside as well.

On plastic surgery:

I haven’t had anything done yet. I’m not saying I won’t – I might. That is my prerogative. All I will say is that if you want to have things done, just get somebody good! The other reason is that I’m a bit of a coward! I don’t spend most of the time looking at myself in the mirror thinking: “oh god, I’ve got another wrinkle. There’s no happy ending for that.

… says 65 year-old Twiggy.


260915B700000578-2967836-image-a-29_1424827513607 - Twiggy Brings Today's Quotes

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5 thoughts on “Twiggy Brings Today’s Quotes”

  1. I never did think Twiggy was beautiful even when I see photos of her from her prime of modeling. She was eye catching yes, and super waif thin and something different. I honestly think she’s aged well and I think she’s still attractive, so the no surgery at 65 has paid off

  2. She has a very girly, young-looking face and wrinkles can’t change that. Good for her that she hasn’t had anything done, though I really dislike the way people (celebrities) speak about plastic surgery nowadays, it seems careless and unmindful, who’s ever considering the risks?
    And it’s sad that a woman of 65 years would still feel the maintenance of her youthful appearance to be essential. Not to sound morbid or something but I think at a certain age you should most of all be appreciating your health and not put it at risk because of vanity. I hope when I’m her age I’ll have worked enough on myself to not care about my wrinkled skin and declining looks.
    And I hope she doesn’t resort to any cosmetic surgery in the future, it would be the most unnecessary thing.

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