Viola Davis: “By TV standards, if you are anywhere above a size 2, you’re not having sex”


On how non-skinny women are portrayed:

“We’ve been fed a whole slew of lies about women.” By TV standards, “if you are anywhere above a size 2, you’re not having sex. You don’t have sexual thoughts. You may not even have a vagina. And if you’re of a certain age, you’re off the table.”

… says 50 year-old Viola in Elle.


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18 thoughts on “Viola Davis: “By TV standards, if you are anywhere above a size 2, you’re not having sex””

  1. Wowww Relaxes! ERRRyone is having sex… we all know it, mens are hungry tigers… (joking) The way she said it, it sounds a bit sad :(… You have to find the right man… The transformer guy asked megan fox to gain weight a bit…. idk

  2. Tell it! I don’t like to see / hear graphic stuff on tv but it would be nice to hint at the fact that just about every human on the planet has a sexual side. Viola making people THINK. I like it.

  3. I think a huge reason for this so many male actors are short, and in order to have them look masculine, you need super tiny actresses. And the emphasis on youth is because youth participate in media consumption at a far higher level than older people. Older people have careers, families, babies, kids, bills, mortgages. It leaves little time for TV. So who watches? People who have time to watch, young people. They drive the market, and they want to see themselves, not their parents have sex.

    • That’s a good point abt the market, but unfortunately it encourages young people to maintain the view that they are the only ppl in the world that matter or do anything interesting… they don’t need any more reinforcement of that idea haha. Despite increases in responsibilities I personally think life just gets better as we age (barring any very bad luck)…

      • young people get older and ussually smarten about the world once they enter it. So they should watch what looks best/fantasy. As a child I preferred my animals animated and cute, once I got older I realized they smell and arent that cute.
        tv tricked me, but i got over it :p

  4. tv is fake people
    also if you want that, then go watch british tv show. In skins, misfits, literraly anything british everybody looks like regular person.

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