Woman Is Given ‘Overweight Haters Ltd’ Card: “You are a fat, ugly human”

2EEE4CB000000578-3339679-image-a-1_1448897953805 - Woman Is Given 'Overweight Haters Ltd' Card: "You are a fat, ugly human"

Taking a break from celebrities for a highly requested story on body shaming – all the details from Daily Mail:

A commuter was left in shock after she was given a card by a stranger calling her a ‘fat, ugly human.’ British Transport Police are investigating after Kara Florish, 30, of Southend-on-Sea, Essex, shared a picture of the card she was given by someone working for ‘Overweight Haters Ltd’, on Facebook.

The card, which had the tag line: ‘It’s really not glandular, it’s your gluttony,’ read: ‘Our organisation hates and resents fat people. We object to the enormous amount of food resources you consume while half the world starves. We disapprove of your wasting NHS money to treat your selfish greed.

‘And we do not understand why you fail to grasp that by eating less you will be better off, slimmer, happy and find a partner who is not a perverted chubby-lover, or even find a partner at all. We also object that the beatiful pig is used as an insult. You are not a pig. You are a fat, ugly human [sic].’

Taking to Facebook to share her disdain, Ms Florish, who is a size 12/14, wrote:

‘Dear all – I was handed this card this morning on the underground and I would appreciate if people tweeted, posted etc all over the Internet. ‘I am not upset myself. I am smaller than the national average and not exactly obese, but this is hateful and cowardly and could potentially upset people struggling with confidence and eating disorders. Please tweet and share this if you are also outraged.’

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2EEE4CA400000578-3339679-image-m-4_14488979752911 - Woman Is Given 'Overweight Haters Ltd' Card: "You are a fat, ugly human"

2EEE4CA400000578-3339679-Kara_Florish_from_Southend_on_Sea_Essex_shared_a_picture_of_the_-a-34_1448912561480 - Woman Is Given 'Overweight Haters Ltd' Card: "You are a fat, ugly human"



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  1. No no no. I can’t believe this is a real thing. I don’t care who you are or how much you weigh. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. That’s it. There’s nothing more to say on this issue.

    But if I do need to say anything else it’s this: fat people know they are fat. I know. I have been fat. You don’t need to tell them, and you certainly won’t convince them to lose weight by telling them that likening them to pigs is an insult to the pig. Honestly, whoever would be cruel and awful enough to leave another woman with a card like that is the real ugly one. A true example of being ugly on the inside.

  2. That is actually pretty ****ing scary, considering that the woman pictured isn’t what I would call “fat” at all. Yikes.

    • She’s definitely overweight and I’d be astonished if she were actually the uk dress size she claims to be, but I think the whole thing is fake and they chose someone who is a size that would be divisive..

  3. Oh god. Honestly, my inner skeptic wonders if this is a hoax she invented for attention? I’m interested to see if more people come forward with these cards for confirmation.

    If it is real, it’s awfully cruel. I’m sure the woman already knows she’s overweight. No need to hand someone an insult then run away like a coward. Very sad.

    • There are reports of it happening elsewhere though.
      plus remember that site “women who eat on the tube”.
      I find it odd that when it comes to being overweight, women are the first targets, but a fat dude is “the every man”.
      Id be a lot less disturbed if this happened to girls as well as guys, but it seems to be women only

      • I disagree with this and I;d say this is a sexist staement. We say that the fat man, thin wife stereotype happens a lot, but I’ve seen the reverse as well. I also see that guys get shamed by it too, it just has less reaction and therefore less staying power in the news.
        I mean remember when the story of the fat guy dancing was viral. and how ppl were teasing him when he was dancing an d tok pics.
        i feel like we think women get shamed for not being “the ideal thin sexy” and men can be fat and get women. no they cant, they get shamed just as much. the rich ones might not, but the regular ones not so much
        Sorry if the english isnt good

        • If this were happening to men, I’d agree, but I can’t find a single story of the men receiving fat cards. Now, it could be that the guys doing this were afraid of giving it to a man, and getting a face full of fist in return, or they just targeted women, but most of reddits r/fatpeoplehate is women, probably 90% of it.
          There is a big gender component to it, undeniably so

          • the fact that men would be more likely to get mad and, for example, punch someone, while women would just sit there passively in shock, shows just how sexist our society is – men and women are taught to behave completely differently. The best thing a WOMAN could do, would be to throw a punch and stop playing to people’s (sexist) expectations.

          • if you throw a punch, though, you’re now making the hate cycle worse (and you’d end up being the one charged with aggravated assault). Personally, i’d struggle to contain my emotion if it happened to me – i dont know if it’d fly off the handle or if i would go 180 and feel horrible and cry

            The best thing would be for these people to get caught, charged with harassment, and then forced to do community service until they learn how to behave in society.

            The good thing is that it’s being denounced and no one is really saying “these guys are right and this is okay” which is a relief

          • Aggressive women also exist. Since assault is illegal, I don’t think advising people (man or woman) to punch people they have a problem with is a good idea. These cards seem to spread hate against a subset of people, so maybe there’s some sort of legal recourse here.

          • As tempting as it is to punch them in the face sometimes (I’ve been there many times, wanting to kick men in the face who harassed me in the street), do we really want to stoop to their level? Part of what makes me happy I’m a woman is that as a class, we are so much less violent.

          • Well I agree with what some have said, in this particular situation (being handed this card) it may not be called for to actually throw a punch, but if a man is harassing you physically/sexually then yes I think that is absolutely appropriate, and with some luck may shock them into realizing how horrible their behavior is. No one except the man doing the harassing is benefiting from you not doing/saying anything, and honestly it perpetuates the standard, which is men thinking its ok to sexually harass women. It’s not stooping to their level, it’s standing up for yourself and communicating your emotions in a language they will understand. Doing SOMEthing (within reason) is always better than doing nothing. Even just yelling at them or telling them to shut up can be effective.

  4. It’s sad that many people today want to get a message to the masses by pure shock value which mostly obscures the message and just results in more internet hits and noterity which for some is the ultimate goal in the first place. I’d like to think this is a false story since this is a crass and thoughtless way to make a point. Having said that, there really is too much gluttony in our society. Most of our celebrations in this country revolve around food, Thanksgiving, Super Bowl parties, 4th of July we as a country indeed eat too much and there are too many people who are in denial about being overweight because they are ‘average’ weight which is not an accomplishment since average is really overweight now. Let’s be honest this woman is in denial like a lot of Americans she is overweight. However, she did not deserve to be a part of what amounts to a publicity stunt if this indeed happened…….

    • why target women though?
      Where are the people handing out fat cards to the overweight men?
      This is a very one-sided campaign if it is a campaign

      • Like I said a crass way of making a statement. I did equate this to the US even though this happened in England. They chose a woman for a few reasons. 1. They knew that it would produce the most shock value, because the outcry would be exactly what you stated why pick on women. 2. If this did indeed occur a violent altercation may have taken place if a group tried to hand this card to a larger man. 3. Somewhat tied into reason two since we know that calling out an obese child would be considered to extreme so calling out a women for right or wrong is the likely target and again for shock value a specific target had to be identified. 4. And yes women are picked on more for being overweight in general anyway……

  5. Look on one hand, she likely eats tons of meat, and in my eyes that is just a crime whether you admit it or not.
    You can’t be rude about this kind of stuff though, youndo have to be compassionate. That’s not always easy. It’s easiest to judge and be negative. In fact, most people will say how wrong this is but practically everybody talks about fat people like this. HeCo, even the obese people I know talk about fat people like this behind their backs. My brother and mother are obese and I have heard then several times making fun of fat people.

    • Oh come on, you can’t make presumptions about her meat-eating habits based on one photograph! I live a block from a vegan bakery, owned and operated by strict vegans of course, who are just as fat if not fatter than this woman.

      To your other point, it still makes someone a mean-spirited person if they speak about anyone this way, even if it’s behind their back.

      • Well it’s a good guess, vegans on average have a bmi of about 21, compared to like 26 for meat eaters. There are SoME fat vegans, but way way way fewer than there are trim vegans.
        I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy, I bet a lot of people calling this disgusting likely do many mean and apiteful things themselves, but because they hide it better they think its ok.

        • This might surprise you, but scientific reports from the CDC have found that people who live longest on average are those with bmi around 25/26 (borderline overweight but not very large). Obese people die earliest, but slim people do not live longest. So being skinny is not really an advantage. No comment on veganism, just sharing an interesting fact.

          And this is coming from my 5’7 112 lb stringbean self 😉

          • Never be to quick to draw conclusions. That’s the first rule of a study. There has to be loads of research into something for me to take it with more than a grain of salt. There are probably dozens of reasons for those results. Who really knows why//
            What we do know is that vegans have lower incidences of heart disease and diabetes. Being vegan is more than just weight. You can be 5’5 130 lbs, normal. But you could be calorie restricting, not healthy, and eating small portions of meat and cheese. That’s not healthy. And if you take a close look at those people, they don’t have much energy, they lack passion and vitality. Its honestly not any healthier to undereat on junk food, animal products than it is to overeat a little on them.
            The bottom line is though, we know what we should be eating-fruits, vegetables, starches. They are full of vitamins, minerals and fiber and antioxidants. Animal products have no fiber and none of the antioxidants that plant foods have.
            We know what we should not be eating. Meat, eggs, dairy. They are full of cholesterol, saturated fat.

          • Everything in moderation seems to be working out fine for me, and I still get to enjoy my cheese and meat 🙂

            I think the whole “How do you know someone’s vegan? Don’t worry they will tell you” meme fits you perfectly. I hope you don’t do it in real life too..

          • LOL at your ignorance. You think this is some small survey being done by 1 person? Multiple large-scale scientific studies (the CDC is one of the largest health organizations in the U.S) have shown that people who live longest (aka most ‘vitality’ since that word means life) are not the skinny minnies you’re imaging, but the borderline overweight 25/26 bmi crowd.

            This was not a comment on Veganism – it was a response to you criticizing people for having bmi around 26 when chances are those folks will outlive you, vegan or no!

            India has the highest rate of diabetes of any country in the world, and they have a huge Vegetarian population and don’t eat a lot of animal products. This is because genetic predisposition plays a huge role in disease.

          • Also I am not against Vegetarians/Vegans so please don’t think that. If you think it’s the best way to live, that is great! Please don’t assume someone is fat from eating too much meat and cheese though.

        • Yes, I would agree that is hypocritical! Saying things like this to someone’s face or behind their back, both are harmful.

    • Britain is maybe even worse than the U.S. just based off my personal observations from being there last summer. So yeah, she may actually be. I saw tons of fat women with tattoos and too much makeup. To me, when I see that I just see an ocean of self hate and lack of self respect. And people wonder why why everyone is walking around on pills, depressed, miserable, lazy, like zombies. Destroying the planet, they don’t even care. How could they if they don’t even care about themselves enough?
      It’s madness. I do agree with this group in that respect, it’s a huge problem and people need to wake up and realize.

      • How are fat women ‘destroying the planet’? What a bizarre accusation…you are leaping from assumption to assumption without logic. I don’t find fat attractive but it doesn’t destroy the planet, carbon and toxic pollutants do.

        the woman looks overweight but not obese to me.
        maybe she is smaller than avg, who knows…

        • Destroying the planet by eating animal products. You say carbon is destroting the planet true lol. But do you realize what the biggest contribution to carbon pollution is? The animal food industry. Connect the dots. Fat people are much much much likely to eat a lot of animal products, connect the dots.

          • I know about how bad for the environment factory farming is. But can’t agree that people get fat from eating meat. I’m slightly underweight and very lean and eat meat daily (I include eggs/fish as meat).

            Foods that make you fat are processed carbs…cake, cookies, white flour bread and pasta. Vegan diet can mean french fries and cookies for dinner…omnivore diet can mean grilled chicken breast and kale for dinner. Which one makes you fat?

          • You aren’t following my logic, which is very simple. The research shows vegans have lower bmis than any other group, significantly lower than people who eat meat. That means on average, I don’t care if you know a fat vegan or two who eat a lot of fat. Because the MAJORITY of vegans are slim. FACT. The MAJORITY of meat eaters are overweight. FACT. It’s not hard to get.
            Yeah a meat eater can be slim, even downright skinny if they are naturally slim OR calorie restrict. Eating chicken breast and kale for dinner = starvation. That’s like 300 calories at most. Being slim is only healthy when its done the right way. Being slim because you restrict is not healthy at all.

          • what??? how on earth is chicken and kale 300 calories if you don’t know the portion size… I eat at least 2500 calories a day of meats, eggs, fish, olive oil, fruits and veggies and am slim and strong. You know that most athletes eat this way too, right? And I am not naturally tiny, I have a medium build. All the fat people I know overeat sugar, whether its candy, sodas, cookies, cakes, whatever, whether they are vegan or meat eaters, that’s what they all have in common. There are tons of studies suggesting that sugar is the main contributor to obesity and diabetes. Vegans are slimmer because they are also more health conscious in general in terms of not overeating, exercising, not bingeing on sugar. I grew up vegetarian with a diet that would be considered healthy by vegans and was always tired and had borderline high cholesterol at 19. I feel amazing now and have excellent cholesterol, because higher levels of monounsaturated fats (olive oil) and lower levels of polyunsaturated fats (vegetable oils) decrease cholesterol. (This is proven science btw if you ever want to read a real nutrition book). I never buy animal products from factory farming, only from small local farms where animals are treated humanely and farming is integrated into the natural landscape. That being said, I do not go around preaching to people that they should all be like me because it is obviously not possible or practical for everyone… in big cities where it is impossible to get responsibly raised animal products, going more vegan makes more sense, but there are still so many vegan foods that are irresponsibly produced. Oversimplifying issues in nutrition and the food industry may make it easier for your brain but is not accurate. You sound incredibly close minded.

      • The only thing that makes me depressed, miserable and zombie-like is listening to stupid opinions that seem to spread like the vegan soy-fields in the rainforests of Brazil…

        I’m neither a meat-eater nor a fat person, but if somebody dares to agree with “this group” then they should really question their conception of what being humane / inhumane really means.

        To me this a violation of human rights.

        “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” That means EVERYONE has the right to be treated with dignity. Degrading other people is a sign of a weak character.

        So if I were you, I wouldn’t want to identify with these people. It does not cast a positive light on you.

      • But how can you learn or wake up self respect by believing those kind of comments??? Come on

        I think most fat people know they eat too much and they do it to compensate their own self hate and anger that also derives from not liking themselves or lacking tools to face life from childhood,so its a circle that gorse worse and worse. The fact is they need to copensate because they are not feeling the same as people who dont really “need” to cmoensate even if they sometimes do it. For those kind of food addicts half a cupcake is already too much but three cakes are not nearly enough. They need to wake up,but also to eake up to their beauty, the not self-hating power,empowerment and safe dignity. Shaming will only help those who are not fat and scared of becoming one because they are thinkibg about food so often. Fat people deserve to change, but deserves respect anyways since they might be fat but also other,possibly nice,things.

  6. I bet this ‘organisation’ is just a bunch of creepy misogynistic neckbeards on reddit/4chan who never laid and need to lash out for attention.

    Also I can’t believe people are so stupid as so think ‘half the world starves’ because obese people eat too much. Reality is we have MORE than enough food for every man woman and child on this planet, the problem is food distribution and imbalance of resources. In poor nations, that results in starvation, and in rich nations, that results in obesity.

    • The whole “there are people starving in other countries and you’re over weight and taking from those people” is such a stupid comment… most countries that have people starving has to do with so many other things that have nothing to do with overweight people in western countries… usually the main problem being an oppressive government… anyway I agree with you.

  7. woa this is so stupid on so many levels, but i’ll concede that the card looks photoshopped, although i wouldn’t be surprised if it were really true.
    also, the woman is not thin, but honestly she doesn’t look overweight at all, she has some pounds ‘more’ yes (and i think she looks fatter because of her big chest, if you look at her arms/legs she does look average weight-wise), but nothing to cry around about.

  8. …. I’m sorry, but…. I kind of agree…. I don’t care about beauty standards, or “finding a man”, those are meaningless aspects which are nobody’s business, but rich countries’ eating habits are destroying our planet. What I don’t like however is the way they tried to make their point, I think there should be a global campaign against obesity instead of this glorification of “””curvy””” and consumerism. Those who gave the girl the card are just bullies.
    (Sorry for my english btw).

    • I agree! It is a crime that there are so many fat people when others are starving! Lets not forget about the national health costs either!

      • People starve due to inequality in resources. There is more than enough food in the world for everyone to eat. Do you think fat English people are going to third world countries to rob children of food? Problem is the food is not distributed equally due to economic disparity between people.

        Typical fat-phobia disguised as faux concern.

        • I am aware of that, thank you. I would still feel ashamed of myself to eat more than I need not just because of other people starving but also for ecological reasons and for the increased risk of deseases. Seriously, don’t these people have any self control???

          • regardless of how much you eat, our food system is wasteful, expensive, and destructive. Our capitalist society seeks the greatest price for the commodity that the market will bear. It means crops that are not natural but profitable displace other local crops, often in poor regions. It means that produce is discarded because it has a “blemish” in favour of a perfect one that will command more at the market because the consumer expect a certain look. It means that 40% of food sold in grocery stores ends up as waste.

            Want to change the world? Change the economic system.

          • It’s called a sugar addiction and is very difficult to overcome. Sugar has been shown to be more addictive than cocaine.

      • Countries where people are starving has a lot to do with corruption and oppression done by the government on the people… usually to keep control so they don’t allow better trade with other countries so their own people can trade out and have goods brought in… there are a lot of problems with why people starve in other countries and very few have to do with fat people in the western world.

      • People starve because of wealth inequity and resource stripping, not because some ppl in north America east too many burgers..

  9. Aren’t they usually happier after the weight loss and changing their lives? I mean I have watched a couple of these and it is sad and happy… they really do want people to be helped and then once the people lose weight they feel accomplished and happy… happier than before… eh I guess sometime you do have to be cruel to be kind. But in the case of the tv shows, is it really cruel?

  10. I would never approve something like this… It’s so sad that all of what the card says is true though. That woman is not obese ofc and doesn’t fit what it says, but there are quite a few people around me who have really let themselves go for more than ten years… not realizing the damage they cause to both to themselves and to others. Handing them a hateful card isn’t going to change anything though, it’s just intended to be hurtful.

      • I personally do not believe that anyone (man or woman) can love someone who does not have respect for herself/himself to the point that they have to get on a wheelchair to shop at walmart, not cause they have an illness or disability, but cause they are too big to stand on their feet. It takes a long time to become that obese, it doesn’t happen overnight. At some point you would just have to realize something is wrong and you gotta change. IMO, there is not much difference between this and the person you love turning into a beast who decided they don’t ever have to take a shower again.
        Even though it is extreme to say that a man loving a big woman is like him being a pedophile (because a minor cannot consent to a relationship and thus pedophilia is unethical, while big woman-man relationship isn’t), I do agree that it is a fetish rather than ‘love’.

  11. If it’s true it’s absolutely ridiculous. I don’t care if someone weighed 600 pounds, there’s no reason to just be cruel. I saw a parking card recently that you are supposed to “leave” on someone’s windshield when they park crooked etc. WHY? Just to be a jerk was all I could think of… people need to find something better to do with their time.

  12. These people are not right to insult anyone. But I must say – their general message is not wrong. There are no obese people who dont overeat.

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