Zendaya: “Growing up, I wasn’t very confident with my curls”


On not being confident because of her hair:

Growing up, I wasn’t very confident with my curls. I didn’t like my hair because it wasn’t like the hair that girls around me had. And nobody really knew what to do with my hair. My mom is white and my dad is black – they have very different hair types. So we learned how to manage my hair together and I also watched YouTube videos to find easy styles to do.

On her style:

When I am on the red carpet, I am not afraid to have fun with my look. A lot of the styles I wear are inspired by Cher, Joan Jett, Grace Jones and Diana Ross. When people see me, I want them to understand the character that I am that night. I want them to have a moment.

On experimenting and becoming confident:

When I was younger, I was afraid to experiment with my look because I was worried about what people thought. But as I’ve gotten older and become more confident in myself, I just don’t care. I like who I am and I hope that I can help a lot of otter young women get there. I think that a big part of that is showing that you can dress and wear your hair however you want.

… says 19 year-old Zendaya.

More photos of her inside!


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30 thoughts on “Zendaya: “Growing up, I wasn’t very confident with my curls””

    • she was in a crappy, crappy tv show on disney that even kids didn’t like. Nowadays she’s more of a “spokesperson” for black/women stuff.
      She’s insanely beautiful though and her fashion sense is fun, sometimes its so outthere but shes good looking enough to pull it off
      She’s like the lady diana version of Rihanna when it comes to fashion

    • that’s pretty ignorant. if you had ever lived in a developing nation, you would realize young women there have the same body image confidence issues they do in America.

      • honestly you may be right. but for some reason, I feel like zendaya just tries so hard to be on the spotlight, when in all honesty she does nothing for a living. if it was any black girl who actually is doing something, i wouldn’t tend to believe she’s doing this for attention. it’s feels rather contrived the whole “black-spokesperson” title she has given herself. If I were black. she wouldn’t inspire me a lot, but I’m not black, so I may be wrong. She really has a tall, super slender body and a cute face, in terms of beauty, I honestly doubt she really struggled that much. the hair thing seems minus business to me. Again, I may be wrong.

        • Since you’re not black you are oblivious and ignorant to the culture surrounding African American women and their hair. The topic runs deep and is rooted in slavery, racism and assimilation to European standards of beauty. Read up on it, it is something that many individuals who are not black are completely unaware of and may come to the conclusion that it is quite a frivolous topic to be concerned with.

  1. Hate the giant fake eyebrows trend (3rd and last pics). Some ppl pull them off but here they just detract from her other features–they’re like bigger than her eyes and lips. And I hate the makeup in general–shes pretty (don’t know about “breathtaking” tho tbh) but with the eyebrows and overdrawn lips and contour in the last picture, it’s like they drew her a new face

  2. I wouldnt really care neither what I would be wearing if it was always Haute Couture… She looks really good… She is the best looking girl from 16-22 years old

  3. She is so cool. I hated her tv show Shake it up. Well, everything on Disney Channel now a days is just bad, bad stuff. But after watching some interviews she seems such fun and down to earth. And she was great on dancing with the stars. Such a cutie.

    I am loving that last outfit. Very cute and age appropriate.

  4. I had the same problem growing up.. lots of curls, no one to manage them.. awesome she reached her conclusion about herself.. i didnt reach my “i know myself, i love myself” point until i was 28

    • I think you missed the point she was trying to make about feeling insecure with her hair. She’s also not trying to talk about any “struggle”, so I’m not sure why you have to invalidate her insecurities as not serious enough for who…you? Please.

      • I sympathize with her insecurity- I didn’t invalidate it. It’s just such a shallow problem to have. And that’s not her fault- it’s our society’s, and I imagine that is increased for a girl like he who was pushed into child stardom, whether she wanted it or not, it’s a lot of pressure. And look there, she still hasn’t gotten over it. Her hair is pin straight.
        But yeah, what she’s saying is very self centered and “first worldy.” I think you missed the point of my comment, but I’ll apologize anyway, since I offended you.

        • It is first-worldy but I think everyone is missing that it is somewhat tied to race.. its really common for black women to have a hard time finding ppl to style their hair well (dpending where you live obvs) and the beauty standard for hair is white-person hair, making them feel bad about it… Zendaya is stuck in the middle between black and white, not really 100% either, with no one to do her hair because it is different… sure it is a first world problem but it still says a lot about where we are in terms of race, that 1. no one knows how to deal with different hair types and 2. its the thing she would feel insecure about, despite being very beautiful. Not a real struggle maybe but representative of the actual struggle which she doesnt speak about maybe. Idk just some thoughts.

          • Oh, I definitely see the race tie, but I guarantee you she had some very talented makeup artists on set that understand black hair.

            I do see the problem with euro hair being the standard, as black hair doesn’t work that way, and most celebs that young girls with black hair look up to wear weaves. I just wish she would either come speak out about the race thing, if that’s how she means. The quote itself is kind of weak sauce.

  5. LoL smh, this post is unnecessarily shady. There are photos of Zendaya rocking her natural non-straightened hair that you could’ve used.

    She’s not my fave up & coming starlet but a beautiful young lady nonetheless.

    • That’s good to hear she still sometimes uses her natural hair. Seeing these pics I was like “so you got over your insecurity by making it look straight?, like what???” haha

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