Bella Hadid Rocks the Runway

bella-hadid-prabal-gurung-fashion-show-in-nyc-9918 - Bella Hadid Rocks the Runway

Models at Work: Bella Hadid rocked the runway in a hot pink ensemble during the Prabal Gurung Fashion Show in NYC  this weekend.

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bella-hadid-prabal-gurung-fashion-show-in-nyc-9918-1 - Bella Hadid Rocks the Runway bella-hadid-prabal-gurung-fashion-show-in-nyc-9918-2 - Bella Hadid Rocks the Runway bella-hadid-prabal-gurung-fashion-show-in-nyc-9918-3 - Bella Hadid Rocks the Runway bella-hadid-prabal-gurung-fashion-show-in-nyc-9918-5 - Bella Hadid Rocks the Runway

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11 thoughts on “Bella Hadid Rocks the Runway”

    • There was an Australian game show program that ran from 1999 to 2003 called Pick Your Face, where contestants would be presented with images of famous people without their eyes, nose, mouth etc. They’d have to guess which nose goes on which celebrity etc. Bella’s nose looks like a nose that someone stuck on erroneously.

  1. Her nose looks very artificial, that’s true. Failed nose job. But I really like her body most of the time. And I like the outfit.

    • Did she get in the door thanks to nepotism and plastic surgery? yes of course.
      But she’s where she’s at now because lots of young people love her look and clearly her work. Nepotism can help open doors but if you don’t put in the work/don’t have the right look (eg. Ireland Baldwin) you wont get far

  2. am I the only one who thinks she actually is looking quite good these days. It might be photoshop but theres something much prettier about her overall look and body, I guess minus the nose which I hadn’t noticed till the comments, and clothes Look good on her. she can pull off high fashion and street style very well imo.

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