Bella Hadid – Store Opening Beauty

bella-hadid-tag-heuer-store-opening-in-tokyo-4918-5 - Bella Hadid - Store Opening Beauty

Bella Hadid rocked a quirky red outfit paired with a playful hairstyle as she attended the TAG Heuer Store Opening in Tokyo the other day.

How do you all like her look here?

bella-hadid-tag-heuer-store-opening-in-tokyo-4918-2 - Bella Hadid - Store Opening Beauty

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bella-hadid-tag-heuer-store-opening-in-tokyo-4918-1 - Bella Hadid - Store Opening Beauty bella-hadid-tag-heuer-store-opening-in-tokyo-4918 - Bella Hadid - Store Opening Beauty bella-hadid-tag-heuer-store-opening-in-tokyo-4918-1-1 - Bella Hadid - Store Opening Beauty  bella-hadid-tag-heuer-store-opening-in-tokyo-4918-4 - Bella Hadid - Store Opening Beauty  bella-hadid-tag-heuer-store-opening-in-tokyo-4918-6 - Bella Hadid - Store Opening Beauty bella-hadid-tag-heuer-store-opening-in-tokyo-4918-7 - Bella Hadid - Store Opening Beauty bella-hadid-tag-heuer-store-opening-in-tokyo-4918-8 - Bella Hadid - Store Opening Beauty bella-hadid-tag-heuer-store-opening-in-tokyo-4918-26 - Bella Hadid - Store Opening Beauty bella-hadid-tag-heuer-store-opening-in-tokyo-4918-30 - Bella Hadid - Store Opening Beauty bella-hadid-tag-heuer-store-opening-in-tokyo-4918-45 - Bella Hadid - Store Opening Beauty bella-hadid-tag-heuer-store-opening-in-tokyo-4918-54 - Bella Hadid - Store Opening Beauty

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24 thoughts on “Bella Hadid – Store Opening Beauty”

    • I think she is really cute with the smile. She looks like a different person, she’s gaining on me because of it as it makes her like a real person.

  1. Saw the photos of bella with kiko mizuhara at the Dior event. SHE looked old enough to be kikos mom even tho she’s much younger. I can get her appeal in the west, but I have no idea why she’s getting work in Asia, she’s not youthful at all and doesn’t fit the standard of beauty there …

    • IMO everything about her is just so strange. It’s like when I look at her I have no idea what to feel. Maybe the best way I can describe it is that someone took certain body parts from a lot of different people and meshed them all together.

    • It’s called skinny fat. Jasmine tookes looks more petite than her but I bet she weighs more than bella (assuming they’re both 5’8) because bella has zero muscle. You can tell by her calves that she does not work out ever (same with her sister). I’ve seen anotexics with more calf than her, I know a lot of it is genetic but even people with no calf genetics would have more toned calves if they worked out. Also Bella’s horrible lifestyle habits makes it hard to gain and keep muscle. Every time she starves she loses muscle and healthy mass and every time she binges she puts on fat

    • like avvi said, shes the embodiment of skinny fat. and the outfit is much too matchy-matchy. she should have gone for more black (or even white accents) with the socks/shoes. her modeling “career” is a joke and she’ll be overlooked by designers once her insta-fad fame wears off–quicker if she doesn’t realize the mental/physical benefits of exercise and weight-lighting. her carrot legs make anything other than pants look silly. as you can tell, i’m not a fan. but i do wish she’d use her trust fund money to get an education and do some good in the world.

    • The “saddlebags” are actually her hip bones sticking out. She is very skinny and has no muscle to cover the protruding bones.

    • The saddle bag is actually (hip dip). That’s how her hip / legs meet. I know cuz I’m the same. Even at my skinniest (92 lbs) I thought I had saddle bags. I only found out later that this is my bone structure. When I started working out, it decreased, but never went away. The only solution is to fill the gap with fat / filler, or get liposuction on the legs to balance the body out.

    • “Hip Dips” are also called “violin hips”. Google them. Even super fit people can have them and they are not saddlebags. (Not saying Bella is fit lol)

  2. Awww her face looks so cute when she smiles,this is actually the first time I find her likable.The outfit is so kawai and cool but she doesn’t have the legs to pull it off.Both Gigi and her have very unfortunate legs,they have no shape whatsoever.

  3. Looks like a cat lady, her face has no definition with all this work she did. Really don’t find her pretty even after surgery. Looks like 40 years old Hollywood houesewife…

  4. She’s pretty for a normal girl, but for a model? There are hundreds of american girls with better looks than her. she didn’t earn her career or fame whatsoever. it’s almost embarassing that she’s getting work in Japan, I hope the Japanese don’t think she’s the top percent of American girls…

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