Bella Thorne: “Talk about a Breakout :(“


On her biggest insecurity – bad skin:

‘I cried every night for months.’It sounds silly to say that I cared so much about my face, but when you’re a young girl, it takes a toll on your self-esteem. It’s unbelievable how people looked at me differently because I had pimples. I’m still self-conscious about it.’

… says Bella.


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33 thoughts on “Bella Thorne: “Talk about a Breakout :(“”

  1. I don’t particularly like her style, but as someone who has acne, I feel her pain. And I can see why someone her age would be so affected by it. I’m years older than her and it still bothers me. Can’t say that I cry about it or ever did, but I get it.

  2. Damn, this is one of the few real real pictures ive seen of celebs showing their flaws. props to you, although i stil lthink you look p—-y

  3. wow, she is a beautiful woman with a great body.
    Regarding her statement.. I have a friend who had acne and she had so many tutoring jobs in order to afford her sophisticated acne treatment (gels and creams), because her mother would totally neglect it and not take her to a dermatologist… we talked about looks a few years back and I asked: “I wonder how it is to be ugly” And she said: “I cannot tell you how it is to be ugly, but I can tell you how it is to have acne… it is awful and you just want to hide at home because you have the feeling that everyone is staring at you.” At the age of 18 she finally went to the dermatologist herself and got retinoids.

    • Wow… her mother could have done something… but i would have taken care of it myself… I never waited for my mother to do something for me… I did it myself… I dont know where you are from but where im from you can do almost everything as you turn 16.

  4. This isn’t even a first world problem, it’s a teenage girl in Hollywood problem. Three pimples really aren’t that bad tbh.

    • That’s what I was thinking, those have to be the “prettiest” pimples ever (I had bad acne that scarred my face, I’ve seen bad).

  5. A girl who feels the need to get a nose job, lip fillers and b❆❆b implants all under the age of 19 obviously has a lot of insecurities.

  6. So I do feel her pain, I recently just got diagnosed with adult cystic acne… at 26, ugh! And I did have pimples throughout my teens… but as for her lifestyle and being hollywood… I completely understand! With my job, I’m performing in front of thousands of people every week, and having to try & cover acne every day really affects your self esteem & emotions… I have days where I don’t want to leave my apartment or have anyone see me… BUT I do have to say… that ‘breakout’ doesn’t seem too bad.. it looks more like healing pimples than a bad breakout.

    • Have you tried using a light therapy system? I know the premise sounds bogus, but I tried it out years ago out of curiosity and, while it did nothing for my regular acne, it did wonders for my cystic acne. At the time, I was getting cystic acne regularly. Now, I almost never do. And, when one crops up, I immediately use my light therapy system on it, which makes it go away within a couple days. The one I have is the Sirius Aurora, but there are probably better options out there today that are also cheaper.

      • My Derm did mention the TheraClear therapy treatment, which is the light/suction thing… I’m very interested in trying it out.. an at-home sounds a lot better for me though! I’m always in and out of the country for work, so even going to a regular term appointment is hard! But for now I’m just on Doxycycline & topical treatment..

        • In case you’re not already, be careful being on antibiotics. I have adult acne and was on doxycycline and it destroys your gut flora, make sure you’re taking probiotics! I’m getting on spirnolactone, maybe something for you to look in to. Curious, what do you do for work?

          • My derm actually recommended probiotics, and I’m taking them everyday, but thanks for the tip! 😀 I read something about spirnolactone… and now I’m curious to try that if what I’m on doesn’t work…
            I do stage/theater shows onboard cruise ships around the world, so almost everyday I’m wearing heavy makeup & I do see the people in my audience up close during the cruise, which is nice for the interaction but terrifying for my face… 🙁

  7. Waiting for her to make the connection between valuing her looks so much and her huge drop in confidence over a few blemishes…

  8. Eyelashes extension need a refill ASAP… that said…
    Just like chrissy teigen with her 3 pimples yesterday on snapchat….
    B****PLEASE…. Like you cant acces a dermato LOL … quit sugar, alcohol and transformed food… clean your face morning and night before bed… drink water, exercise and clean your bed. Dont ever touch your face… keep your hair clean… and im sure your SO BAD SKIN will be gone…

  9. three tiny pimples and some redness a decent foundation will easily cover up?
    This is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen yet. Most teenagers have far worse acne than this. I had some awful acne for a while, at one point I had an allergic reaction or something to being sun burnt and my face was covered with dozens of whiteheads. I never cried about it, and I’m an emotional person lol. There were times I was self conscious if it looked particularly bad, but it was hardly my biggest problem.

    Poor Bella Thorne, I do feel bad that she is very very stupid.

    • Are you a hot young actress who was praised for her looks ever since you were a little girl, knowing early on your career would depend on said looks? No? Well then sorry but you sound way stupider than her because comparing your experience to hers is completely irrelevant. Poor you, I also “feel bad for you” lolz

      • If that’s what Bella worries about, then she’s gonna have a sour reality to face when she hits 35. That’s when hollywood’s countdown begins on women. Earlier if you have little talent.

    • She always looked a little older than her age. Here she is at 14.

      It’s not that rare though. I’m 19, and many of my friends could pass for 20s. It’s not uncommon for women, even teens, to have a mature look about them.

      Only about 2 of my friends actually look like young teens..the rest could pass for 20-25.

  10. I know she is young, but I feel like she always dresses in an attention-seeking way. It comes off as tawdry and childish to me. Hopefully she becomes more poised as she gets older and she would be even more beautiful I think! She is clearly gorgeous.

  11. I feel her pain.. I had pimples too all my teen years and also as an adult. at 28 i got cystic acne all over my neck.. Yes you read hat right! Guess what cleared it up! I excluded dairy products from my menu. I didn’t put milk not even into my coffee. In 1 month my face was 90% clear. After that i took 3 moths contraceptive pills and cleared my face up to 98%. It’s been years ever since ( i am 32 now and been through a pregnancy too) and no more acne at all.
    I would advice everyone who has acne to quit dairy products for a while and notice the difference.

  12. I feel her pain. I had pimples on my back and chest when I was a teenager. I hated swimclass, I hated summer.. There was no tretinoine when I was younger. I was over it when I turned 25 and it came back a year ago (36 y old now). So I went to the dermatologist and now I’m taking tretinoine and my skin has never been so pretty. If my daughters get acné, I will rush them to the dermatologist because I know it’s not ‘just a pimple’. It’s a big deal of your selfesteem when you’re in puberty

  13. What does the world as come to. Where this is considered acne. I”ve break out, in my face, back, chest. I know acne and this is not it. But at no point I took to the internet to throw a pity party for me, and my back acne was bad. I guess it was just puberty and now that I’m 22 it all cleared up and did not scars.
    I feel bad for people wh had acne so bad it left pitts on their skins, and most of them dont have the means to do lazers or whatever so, stop the whinning .

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