Beyonce Gets Leggy in White

160441667_10 - Beyonce Gets Leggy in White

Beyonce showed up at the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show Press Conference at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans the other day and on this occasion, the 31 year-old beauty showed off her legs in a short white dress.

How do you all like her look?

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472 thoughts on “Beyonce Gets Leggy in White”

      • it would be better if it somehow shrouded her entire body so we never have to see her again. newslfash lady, just cuz you legs are long, doesn’t mean they warrant mini anything

          • look pretty long to me, considering that she’s fairly talll (5’8). The thicker the legs the shorter they look, unfortunately. regardless, they are not meant for 80% of her outfits

          • I’m 5 7, she is not 5 8, lucky if 5 6. lucky, you can tell by how short the lenght of arms and legs are, limbs, not comparing how tall someone looks next to another. Al lot of celebrities lie about their height. And ppl laugh at me when I say of course taller women look better than short ones, and here is almost every celebritiy lying about their height. Yah, I’m full of shyt……

          • haha, they aren’t. legs should be compared to the rest of someone’s body, not to someone else who is taller. it’s not about height so yes, you are full of sh*t

          • Actually leg length should be ascertained by comparing leg length to leg other leg lengths…..some women have short torsos, and long legs, or long torsos and short legs…….so……

          • natalia, you are offending the majority of the female population with your comments. the average height for a woman is 5ft4, if we were to go by your standards that would the mass of us inadequate. so you’re instantly going to be upsetting a lot of posters on here by making the claim that we do not fit into the category of supreme beauty because we’re not tall enough. and why are you so repelled by body fat? we are programmed to store a certain amount of body fat. in women, it is natural for us to have softness in our hips, thighs, butt, b❆❆bs or even back and belly depending on how each individual distributes their body fat. beyonce’s legs are by many people’s standards beautiful. men and women who love her legs do not only do so because it is a “pc” choice, what we find attractive is a primal instinct and i find her to be a very sexy and beautiful looking woman. i can find skinny, curvy, and even overweight women absolutely beautiful, and it is indeed very sad that you not only can’t appreciate the colourful diversity of the world but you can’t accept that others do. this is coming from a “thin” girl at 93lbs with measurements i’m sure you’d applaud. but unfortunately i’m 5ft4, so unlucky, if only i were taller i could model!! *rolls eyes*. and before you attack my figure, here are some pictures of me in all my short and depleted glory.

  [email protected]/

            why can’t you accept that not everyone shares your very specific opinion. it’s one thing to voice it, but it’s another to try and impose it on everyone else. beauty is so far from objective and it saddens me to know you will go through your life feeling you have to conform to this bizarre standard you have created for yourself. if your profession truly is to critique other women and yourself, i hope one day you can break free from it without too many head trips to follow and i hope you find fulfillment and happiness from the richer aspects of life. be well, but please consider how many women you have upset with these comments.

          • jumped down to your last paragraph, a lot to read…I do accept that not everyone shares my opinion, you’re not reading my comments, if you read them you will see you’re a little off here…..

          • I don’t think it’s true that girls who are tall look better than girls who are short. That is your preference Natalia.
            In the real world, not your world where everything is about models and skinniness, I think average girls end up getting the most attention. No guy I know wants to go out with a 5’10” girl who wears 3″ heels and is now taller than them.

          • Natalia- I don’t know how many times people are going to tell you this, but being taller/thinner does not automatically make you superior to other shorter, ‘bigger’ counterparts- it is YOUR opinion that it’s better to be tall and thin, but please do not state your opinions as though they are facts.

            Jenn- I agree with you in regards to Natalia, but I also find it rather irksome when people try and gauge a woman’s worth in terms of what guys want/think, as you seem to be doing by saying “No guy I know wants to go out with a 5’10″ girl who wears 3″ heels and is now taller than them.”

            It may be true that the majority of guys want a girl that is shorter than *them* but all in all, I don’t think height correlates directly with attractiveness or how much attention a girl will get. In my opinion, if a 5’10 girl is obviously more attractive, facially/figure-wise than an average/petite one, she will get more ‘attention’, and vice versa, obviously.

            Also, as a 5’10.5 girl, I personally couldn’t care less what guys think about when I wear heels- I went out with my girlfriends the other night and yes, I *was* in my 3 inch heels… and I still got plenty of attention. Even if I didn’t, I’d still wear my heels with pride, because quite frankly, I’d rather be happy rocking a cute pair of shoes than be spending time being miserable about my height in a boring pair of flats for the benefit of a guy who obviously has some serious insecurity issues. End of rant! 🙂

          • Zoe, the idea that beauty is objective and not subjective (up to the person’s individual opinions), is shared by many great philosophers, like Plato. it is a valid opinion. So is the opinion that it’s only subjective (Hume, Kirwan).

            My opinion is that it is mostly objective (meaning there have to be certain standards, certain criteria for someone to be beautiful), a little subjective (Emmanuel Kant).

            Point is, you and a LOT of others here are wrongly attacking me b/c they are telling me I can’t have the opion that beauty is mostly objective (that most aspects of it are NOT open for debate). They and you, are wrong for this.

          • @Zoe, your comment was cool…here is something that may help you understand why your comment, and a lot of other people’s comments to be, are unfounded.

            There are two basic standings on the nature of beauty: objective and subjective judgement. Subjective judgement of beauty suggests that beauty is not the same to everyone — that which aesthetically pleases the observer is beautiful (to the observer). Alternatively, those partial to the objective description of beauty try to measure it. They suggest that certain properties of an object create an inherent beauty — such as symmetry and balance. Both Plato and Aristotle supported the objective judgement. Some, such as Immanuel Kant, took a middle path, holding that beauty is of a subjective nature, but there are qualities of beauty which have universal validity.

            I am on the side of Kant. So, I do believe that for a woman to be beautiful, she must have ‘certain properties’ (tall, ultra thin, you know…). I do also believe that there is a little room for personal tastes (really white skin, really black skin, really big eyes, etc.).

            I am of a perfect right to say that I don’t think Beyonce, Kim whoever, are not beautiful, bc they do not meet ‘certain properties’. In other words, my view that beauty is mostly objective, is just as valid as the one that says it is mostly subjective (the view that most people here share). It is them, that have acted wrong for attacking me for holding this view…I mean, WHAT, you guys going to attack Plato too??? He shared my view.

          • Really Jenn? No guy you know wants to date a woman who might be taller than him in heels? Wow I feel bad for any shorter woman who gets hit on or ends up going out witg a guy like that! You are friends with these insecure sexists why exactly?

    • I feel sorry for Natalia. If she’s this hard on other women, I can only imagine how hard she is on herself. She is clearly obsessed with appearances. It is a vapid and desperate place to live. I read all of her comments and just think, “Poor girl. What happened to her in her life?” Happy, secure people feel no need at all to talk to or about others the way she does. Happy people spread happiness and inspiration to others. She’s the exact opposite. Considering she’s an adult, there’s no excuses. People like her are poison. Being tall, thin, and beautiful has done very little to make poor Natalia happy or inspiring.

      • Yay!!! You called me tall!!! 🙂 just kidding but seriously, I’m this way b/c it’s my job, that’s all we think about, models, is appearance, my family is Estonia/America, we don’t have that many fat women there, and if they are, we tell them, we are more honest than in US. I mean, don’t feel sorry for me, I just call things like they are, most people would say Beyonce has fattish legs, hell, somebody just called her tree trunk legs……this site, tiptoe tiptoe

        • Bahahah Natalia you are a joke! You wreak of insecurity, big time – anyone with the slightest knowledge of human psychology can see that. You poor little girl, we pity you 🙂

          • No, but you wreek of jealousy. If I’m so insecure and pitied, why comment to me? I’ve done shopping, got a manicue and peidicure, cooked twice, cleaned my room and you cats are still commenting to me. If my comments dont bother you, why are you …stiillll….coommmennntitnnngggg???
            I love beans btw, I have black beans & egg or bison meat ev. moringing.

          • Although I heavily dislike your revolting, nasty-ass attitude and would never associate with your, um, “kind”, in real life, I must say that our morning meals are very similar… but anyway stop, you’re giving us skinnies a bad name.

          • whutttt – gtf out of here? you eat that? god I want to ask you what you eat for lunch, dinner and snacks to see if they are the same….I’m sorry for the insults, I don’t mean them, not really, you can tell me if you like, I won’t press them.

          • Well I have black coffee as soon as I wake up and I have my first meal about 4 hours after waking up, and it always consists of meat – usually steak, sometimes lamb – and other goodies like salad, sometimes beans/eggs, buttery brown rice…..sometimes a piece of fruit or two straight afterwards…
            and um, I don’t snack, and I’ll usually have another meal later in the evening, “dinner” I guess, and it varies….some nights I’ll have bacon & eggs, lol or umm…chicken, or salmon, whatever’s full of protein really. So there you have it, 2 meals a day (sometimes 3) that keep me full for ages and satisfied and keep my weight low. You?

          • Wow you should have seen my ears perk up when I read this, finally a comment I love to talk about, food. If I get up late, 2 meals, 2-3 snacks. If early, 3 meals, 2-3 snacks.
            Breakfast is always black beans w/ egg or ground bison/lamb, or lentils w/ ground bison/lamb. The fat is olive oil I use to heat the pan, or guacamole.

            Lunch and dinner are the same, salmon, chicken, usually, sometimes a light fish. The starch is Korean sweet potatoes/Garnett sweet potatoes/American sweet potato/any yam/steamed yucca root/wild rice. The vegetables are always collard/mustard/turnip greens, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, beets w/ leaves, squashes, carrots. The fat is a buttery type spread called Earth Balance/or ground flax seed that I mash up in the sweet potatoes and you can’t even taste it. I add cinnamon to the sweet potatoes. Or sometimes the vegetable and fat will be a raw salad of spring mix w/ olive oil & lemon & garlic dressing.
            Snacks are either spiced almonds, like Blue Diamond jalepeno, or macadamia nuts, or almond butter crunchy, or any berries, or grapefruit, or cherries, or mostly greenish bananas.

            I also drink root teas, turmeric, ginger, and hibiscus flower tea for health. I suffer from milk allergy, wheat/corn/oat something, intolerance? allergy? idk but those all make me just sick in the gut which sucks bc I used to love oatmeal raisin cookies. I also have hypoglycemia, so I need the protein and the fat. That’s why I just laugh when some ppl accuse me of being ED, I mean, I literally have to eat or else I’ll pass out. I eat the legumes everyday b/c even w/ tons of fruit and vegetables, I get constipated, sometimes I get lazy w/ drinking water, so that may be the cause. I was vegetarian, but could not do it, would eat and eat and eat and never be satisfied, then starting eating animal protein and felt completelly satiated. I eat all organic too. Stay out of restaurants, the meals were not organic and were like all 3000 calories and full of salt and crap. The rest. in the US are really bad, and made me gain 5 lbs at one point. Sorry so long, I just get suer excited about food.

          • And I’m so jealous of you for being able to have coffee, I love coffee and dark chocolate, but I cannot have it, it makes me totally wired, just tiny amounts even, running around, irritable. And the caffeine w/ drawal is terrible, headache, nausea. The doctor told me it was b/c I am a low weight that I am super sensitive, plus he told me caffeine pulls sugar out of the blood, so for hypoglycemics, it can cause dangerous drops in blood sugar, which it did for me. But I really miss the green tea, coffee, just 1/4 cup would cause bowel movements for me, so now, it’s beans!

          • Your diet sounds veeeery much like mine…very healthy and sound. It’s a shame that the same can’t be said about your state of mental health.

          • Just illogical to say that someone who likes lean ppl is mentally ill….god I mean, what? what?? how?? I would love to stop arguing so I could get off this bloody thing but I cant resist a good debate…… does that make me crazy? and yeah, i still love beans!

        • I think people who have a warped narrow minded sense of beauty often HATE people like Beyonce because she’s highly successful in her career and seen as beautiful by a lot of women and men without having to be super-skinny and its like HOW DARE SHE?!!! She should try harder to be skinny!! she doesnt deserve her success!!!
          I mean who cares about talent when she has those ‘fat legs’? How dare she have confidence?? *sarcasm*

          • sheesh Natalia, why so cranky? I’m from Belarus and you don’t see me preaching about what a tough broad I am (I mean I am, but s—, I don’t have to justify myself repeatedly) I say it how it is, and apparently you do to. But please don’t use your eastern European heritage to justify your cynical approach towards life and beauty, you’re giving us a bad name. You want to call chicks fat, go ahead, but just being skinny and tall doesn’t make you beautiful.

          • ha I was actually cracking up when I wrote that, not cranky…the internet is bad for that ppl can’t get intonations of voice and feeling.

            but eastern eurpopean are more honest I think. and I’m not cynical – I’m honest. there is a difference

  1. I am not trying to start a debate, BUT, if someone could explain to me why this woman continues, year after year, to wear clothing that shows her legs, I would be grateful. I won’t be mean, or anything, I will jus say she honestly has horrible looking legs, the only guess, I can come with, is compared to what she looked like before she was famous, she looks better now (makeup, wigs), so that to her – she thinks – she looks good. This woman baffles me as much as Kardashian, JLo, Gaga, they are all just mind boggling in their generous displays of their, I struggle here, I’ll just say it, atrocious looking bodies.

    • Everyone’s different I guess- I think she has great legs. They are on the largish side, but always so toned and smooth that i like them.

    • I don’t like Beys legs, but Jlo has an amazing body. Look at her legs at the grammys, not an ounce of fat on her legs. I completely agree about GAGa though, with her its insecurity not confidence. Also, there are people who like bigger legs. Im not one of them just saying.

    • @Natalia: Most people find women in a healthy weight range attractive – they look vigorous and lively. Your preference is for skeletal women with very low body fat (you suggested Candice Swanepoel, a slim model, get liposuction). Normal people don’t find skeletal women attractive – they can’t menstruate, are fatigued and sickly. That is why most humans feel so sad for cancer patients, starving people, fail anorexic women, etc. They look unhealthy and remind of us death and decay.

      Beyonce has thick legs and I prefer slim legs (like VS models). But I would rather look at Beyonce than a skeletal person. You’re 5’7 100 lbs – chances are many find you repulsive as well. So should you be forced to cover up? I’m not trying to be mean, but giving an honest response. Please don’t respond with a long argument; just think about it.

      • I suggested Candice get her INNER thighs lipod. And if that’s so ridiculous, why does VS photoshop them in her pictures? They agree w/ me.

        And I am 104 at my lowest, 106 at my highest, not skeletal, perfect.

        And you know that Natasha Poly, Myself, Bruce Lee, over and over the people I think are fit and healthy and are perfect specimens, are not emaciated, that’ s just defencse mechanism

        • Actually I’ve seen many VS photos where Candice’s thighs look bigger than candids (she used to be heavier). But there is no reasoning with you; I work in a hospital and when I did my psych rotation last year, I met a few young women with similar thinking. You describe yourself as “perfect” and see everyone who isn’t underweight like you as fat. You made many comments calling models fat and leave dozens of comments about your body – it’s your obsession. You obsess over body fat the way OCD people obsess over a spot of dirt. Hey I’m no expert but it’s clear you’re very insecure with an extreme perfectionism that clouds your thinking (kind of like body dysmorphia in reverse). I feel bad so I will stop responding to you now…take care.

          • Well maybe I am obsessive over fat, models and body image, its my profession, but you are being catty/jealous/ignorant by mentioning you seen hospital wards w/ ppl like me, you and JN1796 whatever she was, should get together. This is my perspective, as a thin, naturally lean ectomorph, who eats more than you do probably, and that’s that. Deal with it. And stop jumpng down my throat.

          • Lol at anyone being jealous of you. You’re neurotic, obsessive, and probably mentally ill. I have only pity for you. And reality check: most people in real life probably find your skeletal (sorry, “ectomorphic”) body repulsive, so perhaps you should take your own advice and cover up. Though your attitude alone is enough of a turn off!

          • Natalia, whether or not it is your profession, (which great for you if you have a successful modeling career), I think that you should realize that just because you live a life requiring you to be skinny, that doesn’t mean everyone in the world will follow in the same suit. Once you start accepting the fact that others have different body types than yours (and I am not saying obese people – that is bad health, although also isn’t necessarily your business), I think you would realize you would feel more inclined to accept your own body in any form, not just skinny. Your way of viewing things IS extremely cynical, as well as judgmental and harsh, and maybe you should think about your hurtful words before posting them online like this.

          • I don’t need to accept my body in other ways besides skinny, it never will be anything but that, and I love it. And oh pls this site is superficial and if you can’t take it, are too sensitive, you shouldn’t be here.

          • You know what, that picture she looks completely normal, I am not emaciated, I look very much like her, I am normal healthy thin girl that eats anything I want, and I think that bothers alot of you. Just bite me please. Candice did look like she had a little inner thigh fat in one of those pix on a recent post here, not in everyone. But still, just bite me, all you women that are jealous of women who are thin and are suprised – healthy – are just as sickening as I am w/ my fat comments.

          • Natalia didn’t you say that you’re 5’7? Isn’t 104 a bit low? Considering the lowest standard of health puts you at 117.

            Once again..the link below is your future my dear, but this probably won’t scare you, since you prolly think she’s fat too…oh and before you throw out this RIDICULOUS jealousy bit again, I can do photo swaps with you, so you can bite that arrogant narcissistic tongue of yours.

            Oh, and that crap you say that you eat more, doesn’t mean anything if you regurgitate it after, just an fyi


          • You may not think that, but it is my opinion. From what I see she has not an ounce of muscle on her legs… if that is healthy than I have no words. It is sickening to see so many girls, women, looking up to that. Yes — she has a nice structure but to me she would look much better if she gained muscle, not necessarily fat, although a little fat wouldn’t hurt.

            Please don’t think that myself or anyone else is jealous of you, Natalia. You work out and live healthy? Great. As do I, five days a week and I am thin, with a Candice S. similar body.

          • Welp, she looks normal to me, another thin girl, like me. If you think she is emaciated, you must weigh more than she does. She has great muscle here…just go away please, please!

          • Well is Natalia has a similar body to her and has a balanced diet, it is natural for her to also think that is a healthy body. For me, that body doesn’t look healthy because if I was to be that thin I would have to be starving myself. The concept of someone “looking healthy” based purely on their weight is never going to get a general agreement, because it’s always going to be dictated by the persons own body.

          • Oh sureee she has a balanced diet and she is at a perfect healthy weight, MY ASS. Below she mentioned she is close to some other girl’s weight: 107lbs at 5’6. Sweetie I am 5’6 and 109lb and I am underweight. I’m working hard everday to be healthy, and let me tell you, it’s hard. *smacks forehead* This is just ridiculous.

          • why are you underweight and struggling? if you are naturally that low, not really that low, but lower than some, why are you unhealthy and struggling? just curious, I mean I eat all day long, I’m underweight only to BMI, but that’s bullcrap…just curious really.

          • Natalia — It’s hard to analyze everything. Stress, crazy expectations of myself, etc. It’s always a struggle. I don’t do cardio, I only do strength/muscle with pilates & yoga. I love being this lean but at the same time, in my heart I know it isn’t healthy. But hell, we all have our goals and my goal is to not lose anymore weight. Just nurture my body with the right nutrients.

          • Oh no this made me sad, how do you know your unhealthy? Just b/c your lean? no, don’t beleive the BMI crap, it’s a hundred year old method of obtaining GENERAL info about certain populations. If you eat, like I do, a lot, healthy then…oh, this did make me sad. We lean women hear enough crap from others, no need to criticize ourselves. If one eats healthy, exercises, and the body functions normally, this is healthy…right?

          • My WHAT??? Honestly, idk what this is, please let me learn something new, I’m kind of tired of the same old debate everytime I come here. thnx.

      • Every women has diffnt body frames. It woul be unjust to expect to be skinny from Beyonce and JLo. No matter how much weight they try to lose their large bones will allow no more than that. I myself striving to be size xs-s because my bones are too small to handle more fat on them. My mom on the other hand can’t go anyting under size medium. Otherwise she’ll look underweight. We are beautiful, fit and healthy in our own ways. Every people has different happy weights and sizes.

    • Some people might really like her legs. I know my best guy-friend would probably love them (although I disagree, he always says the thicker the better lol).

      But just because we find a feature on a person unattractive doesn’t mean that they should hide it, and we certainly don’t have the right to ask them to. It’s like those “fashion advice” sections in magazines that always tell women with fuller bodies to dress in a way to appear slimmer.

      But I personally think that its unfair to assume that a woman with big t–s or a fuller bum wants to hide those features. Some women want to show it off! 🙂

        • Oh natalia, you talk so much about your own body that i really think you should post a picture of your amazing bod so we can judge it like we do to these celebs. That would be epic. Im sure youre perfect, Bar Rafaeli kind of perfect. Im sure.

          • Why so you all can tear me apart? You’re already doing that now and all you know are my height and weight and measurements, and some are already jealous. No thanx, I was going to at one point, maybe I will, I mean who cares, what I look like doesn’t change the fact that Beyonce is a tub.

          • Lol she’s a narcissist: convinced that she’s perfect, god’s gift to the world, and everyone else is ugly, fat and jealous. But all narcissists are deeply insecure; it is easier to leave 50 comments about how her body is perfect then to show a picture – reality would burst the bubble! 😀 But Natalia you are correct that this site is for discussing celebs and not ourselves. It’s not fair to ask anyone who posts here for a picture.

          • And you are someone who is jealous of anyone who is thin. Jumps, leaps across the internet…and if I was going to lie about my stats, I would say I’m 5′ 10″ and not 5 7. Dumb. Some women are just naturally lean. Get over it.

          • Well, Im not a big fan of beyonces nor her legs, but I can understand why people are upset at you. Its the way you put your opinion out there diminishing other body types and aggrandizing yours. If there is one thing Ive learned from reading this website is that there is no such thing as the perfect body type, one that everyone loves. Even Bar Rafaeli who is my ideal body seems to not please everyone! So yea, its been said to you before, you might seem disgusting to a lot of people too and I bet youd feel hurt if anyone said such thing about you. Try to be nicer next time 🙂

        • hey Natalia,

          I been reading your comments and I just wanted to express my opinion. I am not here to fit with you and I have not been on this site for a very long time. Some people here know me as the girl who had a condition that kept me at 89 pounds 5’8 for a very long time in my adulthood. I was born skinny, tried to gain weight so I can look like a standard hottie about 130. I got to 93 pounds and when I turned 30, with clinical trials and medications, I got to 112………but it all failed and I am back down to 95 pounds as of now. I eat an insane amount of food, fat, heavy, weight gainer protein and many other things. My diet will make 99% people gain weight or balloon and that includes you. Even though I am thinner than you, older too, I think as women 5’7 and over, we should be at least 120, not 98, 93, 104 or 106. You can have a preference, I have one too, and everybody here have their own. Why not just let them be. Be happy inside with what you prefer. I do hope you are happy and healthy. I am very healthy and the weight gain actually made me sick for a long time because it was unnatural for me. I am learning to love myself but I still don’t like my body………no one has found my thin body attractive and I envy those who look fuller or able to gain weight. Please just enjoy this site and not make enemies here. These ladies are actually quite nice here.

    • ” BUT, if someone could explain to me why this woman continues, year after year, to wear clothing that shows her legs, I would be grateful”

      Because why not? She has thicker, but still toned legs. I personally prefer slimmer legs, but I see nothing wrong with her’s.

      It’s not like her legs are deformed, or wrinkly or she has extreme cellulite, so she should hide it. And even if she did, if she feels like wearing short dresses, she can. That’s like saying anyone with a flat chest should not wear a bikini, or people without great facial structure or after the age of 30 should wear masks to cover their face…she wears it because she wants to.

      You really should start differentiating your taste from absolute rule of thumb. You mentioned several models whose legs you like (and said Candice should get lipo on her inner thigh). I have legs like that when I don’t work out – the straight up and down leg – and I hate it. I think it looks awful. I put in effort to have shape…to have the inner thigh curve that Candice has, for example.

      But still, I wouldn’t say those models “MUST” cover up their unattractive legs? Why? Because I understand that just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean others don’t. And besides, it’s their right to wear whatever the eff they feel like wearing.

        • I find that a layer of fat around the thighs butt is actually an attractive feature, as long as there is sufficient muscle tone underneath it to properly support it.

          To me the best legs ever were Candice’s in 2008; since then, she has become too toned and her body fat dropped, and her legs now look too straight up and down and too similar to the majority of models.

          • Good for you! I like that, I prefer, etc. I remember you from last time, you are nice. But I have my opinions, nobody else here shares them it seems, only my family does, but I make a simple comment, and I get beaten up for it, it is just ridiculous, not you.

        • And so what IF it is fat…?! That doesn’t make her look horrible?! I still see a beautiful curve no matter what – muscle or fat.. Natalia, I feel so sorry for you… 🙁 You seem to have so many difficulties within yourself… I wish for you to feel better and accept that there’re something much more important and beautiful than being skinny.

          • Oh shut up, you sound so ignorant, I never said her fat inner thighs made her terrible looking. And I’m sure you feel sorry for me just like all the overweight women feel sorry for me, I have difficulties, bullshyt, you have difficulties w/ thin women. It costs me no energy to be thin, I just am.

          • Natalia, exactly, “you just are”. You probably lack womanly curves, so you put out words such as “fat”. Honey, get off the internet and work on your psyche. Oh, and if you are thin but not even doing any sports then you’re a waste of time. Naturally thin women who don’t take care of themselves or try are boring and plain 😉

          • Why are you so angry with everyone here? Not EVERYONE is overweight on here. To me it sounds like if anyone is 5 lbs heavier than YOUR weight, they are considered fat. That is what I take from ALL your damn, inconsiderate comments. YEAH we get it’s your opinion but don’t cause a stir when someone else has THEIR opinion. You act like you are almighty and righteous.

          • Well maybe I am ‘angry’ b/c I can’t make a bloody comment w/out being harassed w/ 100 more in reply. Did it ever occur to you that that could be annoying?

            If you are not insecure abouth your body and my comments don’t make you feel that way, why are you ppl harassing me??? If you were secure in yourself, you wouln’t care what I say. I don’t care what you say.

          • Well, I happen to be very healthy… I don’t suffer from lactoseintolerance or gluten allergy like you – so I can actually eat a lot of stuff that you can’t…! I can drink coffee and eat dark chocolate as well, without getting wired. The joke’s on you – I am not overweight…! I happen to weigh exactly what I should…
            I think it must be tough to get into conflict with everyone around you… To me, you don’t seem to be ‘just honest’… You seem narrow-minded, rude, selfish and childish. My feeling sorry for you still stands…

    • Because thighs are sexy. And she’s got attractive/sexy thighs and buttox. She continues to be on the top lists of most beautiful women. Most women commenting on this site have a distorted view of body image. Just saying ladies…Although I do think she has less than gorgeous knees. But who really cares about knees?

      • That’s fine, but don’t be so naive, she is on those lists b/c it sells magazines. Average celebs sell to average women. I talk about that down below.

          • Yes, if a super model is gorgeous, and Oprah is well, not so……then she, byonce, is somewhere in the middle. A lot of time, women don’t get out much, they don’t see much, are not exposed to much in life. I have a friend who used to live in US, thought every woman was gorgeous, until he moved to Italy. Then, his whole thinking changed. So, what we see everyday can influence us. But still, she is just average.

          • Lol. Beyonce sure is Average. No wonder thousands of people think she is hot. Oh wait no , People just think shes hot because we just adore average. Beautiful is so repulsive to people isnt it? This is hilarious. No way is Beyonce Average.

            Fully agree with Mrsbee. Her legs may not be at the epitome of Natalias opinion of ” perfect “, If perfect really even exists. But look at that booty 😀

          • There is nothing worse than when a person perfectly understands that the statement is clearly sarcastic but decides to dismiss its sarcastic element.
            I am learning Natalia , I am learning the art of being completely illogical and erasing techniques such as sarcasm from my brain. Thankyou so much , You are God.

          • That is not how my name is spelled. And if that was done on purpose I am stunned by how juvenile an adult could be . xD

            And gladly Natalia.

        • beyonce may not look like a supermodel but ask any guy and majority would take beyonce over candice. and she looks hot on the GQ cover.

          not everyone can get the body of a VS model.

          • Beyonce over Candice?! hahahha yeah maybe in the US. seriously beyonce is below average in Europe. Nobody would look @ her twice. LoL!

          • Very true, there, Beyonce, J Lo, a lot of Am. pop singers/celebs are not held up in high light. In America, it’s Fame rather than Class.

    • C’mon! She DOES NOT have awful legs! They’re beautifully shaped, nice curves you know… and there’s meat on them…! They look muscular and healthy. I can’t understand how you think they look horrible??

        • Wow Natalia… If that is truly your opinion, you seem to have a very deluded view on what’s horrible and what is surely not… Horrible legs would be legs that are either extremely skinny/anorexic looking or extremely fat… Beyonce’s legs are neither. They look healthy and muscular, which is generelly accepted as an attractive and aimable look.

          • you’re delusional, nice legs are Miranda Kerr’s, old Gemma Ward, idk what else to say to you. Maybe you should ignore my cmnts.

          • Well, you choose to make comments in a place like this, you better accept the fact that people will read and react to what you are commenting…! Especially when your comments seem to contain so much.. ehm how shall I put this… Extreme material? You write stuff that makes me sorry for you, because it seems that you have very little capability of accepting people being different from yourself…

          • Again, faulty assumption, you assume bc I dont find other body types beautiful that I cannot accept other people. I accept them plenty, I don’ t however, think they are beautiful. Beauty is not of the Political Correctness. You cannot jump up and down and scream and yell that Natalia find you attractive, it doesn’t work that way. We as a society have a responsibility to accept people as equals, in jobs, education – not in what we find beautiful! You cannot argue your way into people finding you beautiful! You can reply to me and say that Beyonce and you and whoever are just lovely, and I’m still going to laugh. It is my opinion. And jumping up and down and yelling at Nat won’t change it. Not a lump.

          • 1) I am thin, so to some of you guys this means my opinion is worth more than the one of thicker ladies?! WTF! I cannot, never ever support that idea in any way. I know you said in ‘detecting fat’ but come on. how awful is this idea of yours?
            2) Beyonce’s legs may do not represent today’s beauty standarts, but in my opiniopn every body IS beautiful. And people who think others should cover up etc do have a problem, not the ladies showing of their bodies.
            To me beauty comes in all sizes and variations, and we should except this fact.
            3) I do think it is perfectly fine to state ones opinion here, that is what this site is for, but please do so in a normal, appropriate manner, not insulting anyone, neither ‘fat’, nor ‘thin’

      • Can I ask you a question? you don’ t have to reply, are you a thin person? I am just curious. No aggression here, just wondering what the only other person who share my opinion, looks like, I think what we look like influences our opinions, a lot of time.

          • Holy Shyt! You’re like my double! What are your measurements? exercise 2 times a week 106, 4-5 times a week, 104. I really think thin ppl see fat more, than larger types, I really do. what are your measurements?

          • This might sound stupid, lol, but I don’t really know how to take my measurements! Like where exactly to measure and what. I guess and just buy what fits for bras lol.

          • OK, I have a nightmare w/ bras, I’m 36A. I don’t know how to do it either! Others have always done it for me. But yeah, this site may give me a headache – as long as I keep replying – but it has made me aware of how much what we look like influence what we find attractive. which makes sense, ppl often marry same race etc., what is familiar a lot of times is what is comfortable. thnx for being nice.

          • @Lc I hope this is not rude but you’re probably wearing the wrong bra size. Most girls overestimate band and underestimate cup. I’m 115 lbs and 36 is too big, 34B fits me. You’re skinnier than me so it’s odd you’d be 36. Obviously I’ve never met you so I could be totally wrong but half of women wear the wrong bra!

          • Maybe I am serena! I have nightmares with bras too lol. I’m pretty flat but my rib cage is quite wide, like my ribs stick out from my body, I DEF. do not have a narrow rib cage! I thought maybe that was why the 36 would be suitable. I might try a 34A, I think that is the 34 can fit my rib cage then it’ll do. I just don’t want to get sized by someone lol, so I guess!

          • I used to wear 36A (my ribs are visible too) until I got measured and found I’m a full B cup but 34. But if you get measured don’t go to VS bc they suck. I’m a runner and wearing a supportive bra made me feel so much better lol. Btw the way you describe yourself sounds like Ashlee Simpson (skinny ruler with wide ribcage)…bet you have great legs!

          • Yes serena I bought 34B’s way back when, and the band was too tight, and the cup was way too big! So I went up a band size, and down a cup size, which seemed to work! Yeah I heard VS sucked so I’d never go there haha! Ashlee Simpson is similar to my shape, think of a mix of her, and maybe Doutzen K, and you have me!

    • My assumption is that it’s because she…. wait for it…. likes her legs and the way they look and is not so myopic to think there’s only one way for things to be considered attractive. I was going to say that she’s not as shallow as you, but I thought better of it. My guess is you both are equally as shallow. She’s just successful.

      • Actually Beyonce is so myopic to think there is only one way to be attractive – that’s why she lets herself be photoshopped, does her videos in black and white to hide the fat, wears 4 pairs – yes 4 – at one time to try and look thinner, wears weaves, blonde no less, no myopicness there lol – and on and on and on. Bet you feel kinda dumb now.

        • The way Beyonce dresses leaves us with only assumptions to make about how she feels attractive. Perhaps she would prefer to be a white blonde woman. Perhaps she would like to look like Oprah. Perhaps she dresses and coifs herself in a way to be acceptable to mainstream media’s representation of what is attractive in order to sell more records and merchandise.

          We can not know that.

          However, you have bluntly and repeatedly told us what you think is beautiful and the only way to be physically attractive. Therefore, your view on physicality is myopic.

          • and??? so what? I have a narrow myopic view of beauty and aestethics, this site allows for that, allows for every view point, even the myopic.

          • @Natalia – It’s shallow. /but beyond that, it was an answer to a question you asked. A question, I am positive, that you asked only to stir the pot and troll.

            You know what else I know about people who troll? They’re miserable. So I am sorry for whatever is going on that you feel like you have to get your jollies this way. And I hope it really is something you find enjoyable.

          • Again to me you, and anybody else who attacks me for merely expressing my opinons, sound like a jealous women w/ weight issues. Why am I a troll b/c I think most of the women here are overweight, to some degree, a little, a lot…you just don’t like my views, they make you feel fat, so you attack me. I wish for ppl to stop replying so much to me, one, two comments, but not this, and EVERYTIME I COME HERE. It’s ff—%$# old, just stop.

      • I don’t like her legs so I’m shallow? So if you don’t like someone else’s legs, are YOU shallow? I’m a bit confused. It’s just an opinion, I don’t care for her legs, is all, sheesh.

          • I’m a little over 5’7 but weigh less than you. I think you sound a bit full of yourself and can take it down a bit lol. Humble yourself.

          • @Natalia I’m a little over 5’7 but weigh less than you. I think you sound a bit full of yourself for what reason exactly? Take it down a bit lol. Humble yourself.

          • 106 is too much fat on me, I admit, this is when I’m lazy a little, 104 is perfect for me, which is when I do 4-5 times wk cardio, 20 minutes. what you are is good for you, maybe I have more muscle…no issue w/ that, you must look great!

          • I avg from 95-100. I don’t think I’ve been over 103 but you don’t see me going around loving to call people fat or bigger than me. You’re bigger than me…does that make you feel good hearing that? I think you love being that girl pointing out any bit of weight bc being thin is maybe all you have. Vanity is sad. PS I used to model as well. Now I’m an aspiring med student.

          • Lol noooo Natalia wrong again. ‘Than’ is a preposition and ‘me’ would be the following objective pronoun. You need to confidently know things…before you ACT like you confidently know them. And you seem to have wasted so much time on this one post. You’re practically the thread. I’d feel so bored of myself and unfulfilled if my time was spent like yours was today. Peace.

          • How do you know that? I’ve been weight lifiting since 12, regularly since 18. I recently took a month off b/c I was getting too much muscle, ppl laughed at that, but for me, 112 was too muscley. You could be guilty of faulty assumption. That is a logic term, it means you make an assumption that is wrong, based on insufficient evidence. jeez, can’t you ppl just go away???

          • And again, if you are not insecure about your body and my comments don’t make you feel that way, why are you still commenting to me? If you were secure in yourself, you wouln’t care what I say. I don’t care what you say.

          • Actually…it’s correct grammar given the context. Apparently, you’re incompetent as well miss Natalia. No. I’m very secure with my figure. Weight lifting? You think that’s the best way to build muscle? My assumption was right just based off of what you said. I was trying to help you out. But you continue to embarrass yourself without being aware of it. Ps Logical*. It’s shocking how immature you are.

          • No, you wouldn’t say ‘have more muscle than me do’, you would say ‘have more muscle than I do’. Weight training has always worked for me, that’s my biz…but if you are so happy w/ yourself and my comments don’t bother you, why do you and all the others here keep replying to me!? Miss Cheeks doens’t reply to me but once or twice, even tho we start off bad, I get a sense that she doesn’t care what I think, and she is secure. I am not getting that from you, or many others. You can call me a bag of bones, small A cup wearing tall lanky stick, and I just won’t give 2 shyts. B/c I am secure and happy w/ my body. Please, do try doing the same. I can’t take anymore abuse.

          • And yes you’re so right. I’m jealous of and an insecure girl…like everyone else on here. But I’m taller/thinner/and more fit than you. And guess what, someone else is all that and more by contrast with myself. The world is vast. That being said, one more try to help you out…HUMILITY. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

          • Anybody that cont. to comment to me repeatedly, or in a way that attacks me personally, I just won’t engage. sorry. Debate yes, not attack, it just makes me defensive and attack and takes too much time, not good.

        • LC, yes you are shallow. Superficial. Perfunctory. You judge people based on their appearance. Pretty much anyone on this website is shallow.

          My challenge for both you and Natalia is to not say anything negative about someone’s appearance for a week, but instead find at least one thing in every single person you see, just one thing that you consider attractive.

          There is literally something physically beautiful about everyone. You two are just too shallow or superficial to see past, (GASP!) the horror of inner-thigh fat to recognize it.

          • This comment is so dumb I just had to reply. This whole SITE is superficial, it is about expressing honest opinions about people’s bodies. so full of it. Why don’t all of you STOP REPLYING TO ME.

          • And yes you’re so right. I’m jealous of and an insecure girl…like everyone else on here. But I’m taller/thinner/and more fit than you. And guess what, someone else is all that and more by contrast with myself. The world is vast. That being said, one more try to help you out…HUMILITY. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

          • Lol, no I’m not shallow. I’m not judging her character or personality based on her appearance. I just don’t like her appearance. There is a difference. Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill here.

    • Ok Natalia, I shouldn’t even be responding to you, but I’m just trying to give you some perspective. My legs look pretty much like B’s right now (maybe a bit slimmer, I tend to be too hard on myself). I kind of let myself go these last few months, and having a slow metabolism – which is hell- I gained 15 pounds. I’m now working to lose them, and when I do, my legs will look completely different. Mind you, I’m not even a pear. I’m hourglass but I seem to gain a bit more on my legs. What I’m trying to say is, you can gain a bit (and a bit to me is anywhere from 1 to 15 pounds) and recover from it and be gorgeous again, relatively fast. I don’t and will never understand why you talk about people who are maybe not at their best, like they are horrible whales. That’s what bugs me about you. Beyoncé, and I’m not even her fan. may be a few lbs over her ideal weight, but you talk about her like she’s some 250 pound obese woman. Which she clearly is not. That’s what bothers me. You need to learn the difference between a “horribly” overweight person and someone who could be amazingly hot with 3 weeks of portion control and heavy cardio. *End rant.

    • Some of us think Beyonce has a fab bod. I prefer super skinny and frail look but there’s a need for a super curvy girl too, for others.

    • Her legs are so big it always makes me think how much energy each one uses up just to exist. Her legs alone must have a BMR of 2000kcal. her lower body is so much bigger than her upper body that I find her proportions unattractive. Just my personal opinion.

      • But ya know I heard her say once that her legs are not her ‘best feature’ and she laughed, so she knows they removed*, so why show them??? I mean, I am truly baffled by this,and it’s like, this site, other sites, they want to start debate on her legs, ‘leggy in white’, or ‘beyonce shows off her legs’, I mean, it’s like they’re daring ppl to say, what f&&((^$ ugly legs she has or something.

        • Maybe she’s trying to gain confidence by showing off what she considers to be her worst feature. You only live once. Better to say f*ck it, I’ll do what I like than live with self-loathing and fear of what others might think.

          • Yes course it’s definitely possible and most likely true imo. Serena Williams is another one who said in an interview that her arms and her thighs are her worst feature and felt insecure growing up with a taller, leaner sister. Doesn’t stop her showing her arms though or wearing dresses which accentuate her thighs. It’s just life. You have to learn to deal with it.

          • Or maybe , just maybe. She just likes the dress. And maybe she put it on and said . f*ck yeah , I think i look good.

            Or maybe she wanted to show off that kickass booty 😀

          • I know my worst feature are my arms because i have a weird skin thing. I hate showing them. I have recently started wearing sleeveless things anyway trying to get over it and be confident. Maybe she does that with her legs.

        • And in all honesty, I don’t think her legs look as bad as people think. But then again, I’m not really much of a leg person anyway lol.

          • Youknow I can say that if she just didn’t have that fat on the ankles, and on the knees, and on the sides and the tops of her quads, wouldn’t be bad! there is muscle there, even though I hate muscley legs, they could be attractive if she just had less fat in those areas, agreed!

        • According to your logic if someone has a bad feature, it must be covered up. So Natalia if I thought your face was ugly, should you have to wear a ski mask? Or if someone’s body is ugly, should they wear a burqa? You see no one has to cover up because you don’t like their body and people have different preferences; many people like Beyonce’s legs and want to see her flaunt them. This is simple logic that even a 5 year old or a simple-minded adult like yourself should understand. Please just take a few minutes to think it over.

          • Reductio ad absurdum. What an amazing way to point out just how absurd that line of argumentation is. And you made me smile.

          • That’s just dumb, you can’t wear a mask on your face, but you can choose pants or a longer skirt.
            Haven’t you ever heard ‘accent the positive, eliminate the negative?’. Beyonce should take this advice.

          • Thanks Paisley. Glad someone got my point; the simple logic seems to have gone over the poor girl’s head 😉

            @Natty you have the comprehension skills of a toddler. So I will make it simpler for you: you suggest beyonce should cover up because you dislike her looks. But beyonce has millions of fans who adore her body, whereas many people dislike you. So using your own suggestion, perhaps you should cover up, from head to toe? Of course that suggestion is absurd – it’s meant to point out how absurd your own suggestion was. It’s equivalent to saying you dislike the color orange and so no one should wear orange.

          • I’ll make it simple for you, I suggest Beyonce cover up her legs not bc I dislike her looks, but bc she has ugly legs. Her face is actually not that bad, not great, but not hideous.

            And millions around the world love her bc she makes them feel good about themselves and there own fat legs, fake hair etc. That’s something a toddler could understand, it’s basic marketing, put average looking women on magazines, and sell more copies bc there simply are more average women than not, in the world. It’s freaking tough to love a gorgeous super model, it’s easy to love a woman w/ weight issues, hair issues, the average woman can relate to her. Duh, I mean you must know that I’m right on some level, even if you don’t admit it to yourself.

          • @Natalia. I’m not sure that you understand. You cannot declare that someone has “ugly legs” as if it is fact. It is, in fact, YOUR opinion. So yes, you are saying that she should cover up because YOU yourself do not like her legs

          • Don’t know what else to say, she’s average, her legs are hideous, most celebrities/pop singers are ugly, and only average and/or overweight women love them, magazines put ugly celebrities on magazines to sell magazines to other ugly women, and beauty is not in the eyes of the beholder. This is the truth, and if you don’t like it, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m tired of being politically correct, here, in life, my family asks me ‘why, why be? just be honest’. I think they’re right.

          • It’s not an issue of political correctness. It’s about understanding the difference between opinion and fact.

            It’s great to be honest about your opinion. No one dislikes you for your opinion. It’s your arrogance and how amazingly cruel and illogical you are about expressing your opinion that other commenters find unattractive about you.

            You can find Beyoncé ugly and think that her body is hideous. And you can be blatantly honest about it. That’s perfectly fine. But you don’t seem to understand that the statement is what YOU think, and is therefore YOUR opinion.

            And beauty is indeed very subjective. Everyone has different opinions of what is physically beautiful and aesthetically appealing. There is no single type of attractive or beautiful, and you cannot declare who is or is not beautiful as if it is a FACT. It’s not. It’s an opinion of yours. Some may share your view, but others may not.

          • It is my opinion that beauty is not subjective 100%, I’ve had this discussion before w/ someone else. Your opinion that it is, there may be a reason you like to think that way, but it really is a hard argument to make, under that thinking anyone can be beautiful, obese, acne, overweight, etc. I mean come on…But again, it is my opinon it is mostly, objective, and there are just people that are plain unattractive and that’s life. It’s also my opinon that most women are fat, bc of my height and weight, I think nearly everybody is fat, to some degree, or in Candice’s case just has a little excess fat, like on inner thighs, where most women I see do. Again, I have my views b/c I have my body, you have yours b/c you have yours. What else to say?

          • @Natalia: Well in that case, in my view, beauty is very subjective. But I don’t mean that to say that “anyone can be considered beautiful.” At least not when it comes to physical beauty in my opinion.

            But then again, that is also debatable. Do I find obese bodies physically attractive? No. But fat fetishes do exist.

            I was primarily disagreeing with your statement that beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, mostly because you did not say “I believe that beauty is not in the eye of the beholder.” You stated something that is more of an opinion as if it were fact. So maybe I read into that from an unclear stance.

            But I absolutely think that it is in they eye of the beholder. For example, I may feel like Nicole Scherzinger is the close-to-perfect beauty, but anyone else can disagree and I can probably name at least 20 that do disagree.

            But if you don’t believe that beauty is not subjective, then I guess that’s you.

          • Natalia, that’s an absurd thing to say. “Accentuate the positive, hide the negative” or whatever the heck it is that you said, is a destructive way to live your life. Rather than nitpicking the pieces of you that you dislike and deciding the cover them up, I think that you and others should realize there are no “bad” parts to your body. Your body is a machine, and if you’re fortunate enough to be a healthy person, then you should thank your body for working every day and helping you to move and function well and do the things that you love to do. That is the job of your body, and whether or not you have a bit of fat on your legs or your arms, will not change that. Also, just because you once heard Beyonce say that her legs aren’t her best feature doesn’t mean she thinks they are her worst – and she obviously likes to show them off. She’s not going to stop wearing what she wants to wear just to comfort your ignorant and negative opinions about her. Obviously you are allowed to have an opinion, saying you don’t necessarily find Beyonce sexy – beauty is subjective. However, your comments go beyond that. You are being rude and judgmental.

        • She’s never said she doesn’t like her legs, she’s said she gains weight in her hips & thighs first so she has to work harder on them. You sound like a complete idiot saying her legs look beastly, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having toned thighs, if her thighs were rubbing each other or there was cellulite everywhere I would understand your comment a little.

          • She did say it, said Tina Turner has better legs than she does, but who gives a hoot, her legs are fattish and she does have ugly swollen knees and you know it, and I know it, and I’m tired of replying to all of you.

        • “But ya know I heard her say once that her legs are not her ‘best feature’ and she laughed, so she knows they are beastly, so why show them??”

          There’s a big difference with considering that something is no one’s best feature and considering something is beastly.

          Perhaps she doesn’t think her legs are her best feature but she doesn’t think they are beastly either.

          I think, unless you have a deformity or are grossly obese or underweight, to think of any of your body part as “beastly” is quite abnormal and disturbing.

          I think most people can live with their flaws without resorting to feeling so ashamed as to feel the need to keep it covered/secret. I don’t always like my oily skin, but I still go outside, for example.

        • Kindly refrain from making assumptions regarding the intent of this post and its title. Your reading in between the lines is completely unnecessary, since the only intent of this post was to feature a beautiful woman with a relatable body shape.

          • I am addressing the master so I must be nice 🙂 I am being respectful, I wasn’t saying that she said that in THIS post…versus is guilty of faulty assumption! Please I am only in good humour here.

            but even the moderator agrees she has a “relatable” body type….hope not out of line w/ that one….

          • I didn’t say Beyonce said that in this post…….she said it in another interview. Is it ok? why is my comment moderated?

          • Hmmm it just occured to me, isn’t the moderator supposed to be impartial? Saying Beyonce is beautiful implies being partiality. Just saying…

          • No Natalia , It implies that she has a opinion , which is that beyonce is a beautiful woman.

            And as the moderater , I honestly believe she has better things to do that take sides.

          • anushka you are so dumb….you wouldn’t know logic if it stood in front of you. The moderator is supposed to remain neutral, that’s why they are moderators.

          • Exactly my point , She has better things to do than take sides. Having a opinion is not equal to taking sides. Versus called Beyonce beautiful but that in no way means that she/he is going against you. Why would she/he? Geez.
            And honestly you calling me dumb does not mean I in reality , am dumb. So instead of making personal allegations , why dont we stick to the point.

    • First of all I do like your comments, because one can see that you are really honest about expressing your opinion (i simply hate political correctness)

      But I can still recall that you once said something like everyone who isn’t “admitting” that tall and thin is desirable is lying or jealous. And that’s not accepting others opinions.
      As for beyonces legs. Normally I really like them, you can tell that she’s really fit, especially in her single ladies video. But something really puts me off in these pictures.

    • She doesn’t have the ability to see anything other than her own body as attractive. She criticizes other women for being larger when she says she’s naturally skinny. Even though Beyonce probably works harder she still has the nerve to criticize her. At first I didn’t have a problem with her, but know she’s just super annoying. Beyonce is constantly called beautiful, maybe thats why she shows off her legs, Natalia. Believe it or not people really do liker her body, you may not be able to comprehend it but they do.

      • No, she is popular b/c she is non threatening b/c she is short, slightly overweight, doesn’t have the best legs, the best face. I’ve said this before, and it’s true, average celebrities are famous b/c averge women make them so. They are EASY to relate to, not like, Natsha or Miranda or even Alec Wek who is a beautiful black woman, not this one here, sorry

        • She is popular because she sings, but mostly because she is sexy. Model types don’t understand they ususlly only look good to women and gays. Don’t get me wrong, they have ultra-beautiful faces, but the body not so much. That industry has made a ‘type’ to sell clothes on a hanger-body. That underweight, lanky body is NOT ideal. You have been brain-washed by the media and the fashion industry into thinking that a tall, skinny, body is gorgeous; but in reality a ‘sexy’,beautiful, body is someone that eats sufficiently yo nourish their body and has boobs, thighs, and a buttox. Those parts are desirable.And naturally so. This is how we were made. Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but some things are just fact, and most women just don’t get it.

          • “Model types don’t understand they ususlly only look good to women ”

            thank you for that.

            and yes tall and slim is the ideal body type, at this time in history. I mean…this just IS…again, I am a person who does not believe ‘beauty is in the eye of…’ that is my opion. You may have a different one. That’s fine. I don’t care to be honest.

          • @Natalia, You sound like you need to check yourself into a clinic so you can recover from your diseased thinking. You are a slave to image and weight. Free yourself from that obsession and live.

        • oh girl, dudes love thick girls… some dudes. I am skinny, every boy I have dated loves skinny girls. I have had guys say they don’t find me attractive because of my body.

          Everyone likes different things.

        • Oh Natalia, just because you’ve said something many times before does not make it true, so please stop acting like you’re trying to enlighten us as to why Beyonce is popular. If the only reason some celebrities are popular are because they are ‘average,’ why are the vast majority of them still quite thin? By your logic shouldn’t women around the sizes US 14-16 be famous and on magazine covers, since that’s approximately the average size of American women, and would hence sell more magazines because more women could relate to them? Also you keep saying how everyone that replies to you and is ‘nasty’ must be jealous of you. Since according to you making nasty comments about someone=jealousy, you must be extremely jealous of Beyonce and her legs, since you’ve spent so much time making nasty comments about them.

  2. does it ever occur to anyone that making really harsh comments about celebrity bodies could hurt the feelings of women reading those comments? I really like Beyonce’s legs and I have a lower body very similar to hers. It makes me feel down about myself when I see comments calling her legs repulsive and saying she should never show them off. Just saying…

    • You know, you’re right, I mean I leave this site b/c I feel bad, then come back, then hold my tongue, then be honest…I mean, the point of this site is to give our opinions about women’s bodies. So how, HOW, can we do that w/out hurting other’s feelings? And yes still remain honest. This is why this site, even though it’s good for making me aware of my words too much honestly, is inherently flawed – it invites criticism, and not etiquette, no?

          • You need to try harder Natalia.. You’re clearly flawed, it’s on display for all of us to read. Your manners are your flaws.

          • Yeah someone says Kim Kard. is going to have a baby out of her a– and I’m the one w/ bad manners. I am honest, not mean, there is a difference. This site allows for honesty.

          • Natalia, you said KK is really annoying because she feels beautiful while she’s not. You don’t like confident and happy women.That’s just really mean. That’s much worse than disliking a body, finding it repulsive or making fun of a huge ass. You should wish people to like themselves, if they are not hurting anyone. I hate KK for her personality, don’t care that much about her body, and i would probably find you beautiful, if you look like karlie kloss. But i seriously feel sad when i meet women who hate their bodies. Deluded is better than unhappy.

          • Lovely, you twist everything I said. I never said I hate happy confident women. I said she is full of herself when no reason to be. there is a difference you know. Shoot, I’m more modest than she is, I admit I’d love to be taller, 5 10 instead of 5 7, I admit that.

          • and so is Bey? Only because she wears a short dress? Is every average looking person so full of herself that it is just wrong if she’s not covering herself? Don’t get your logic. And when you’re super condescending towards everyone with your “that’s because it makes you feel better blablabla…”,.. are you afraid to believe that average looking people are truly confident about their appearance?

    • You know, I used to visit this site very frequently a few years back and a lot of the comments used to make me feel horrible about myself, but then again, I already had low self-esteem and body issues to begin with.

      So finally, I decided to leave this site as a way to help myself view myself better without comparing myself to celebrities. And after about two years of just working on myself, I’m much tougher against the comments that would normally feel brutal.

      So my suggestion to any readers of this site who feel hurt by the comments, or are very sensitive, is to either not come on the site or to at least not read the comments section.

      I really feel like the comments are better suited for people who are secure and confident in themselves and/or realize that the comments aren’t about them and that they need not be taken personally.

      I hope this makes sense.

      • Exactly. Here is not the place to be politically correct and tip toe around other people’s feelings. Tho I am torn…I feel bad for saying some of the things I say but I just can’t freakin help it sometimes I mean look at some of these people! my god, Kim Kard. this one, I am torn, that’s the best way to say it.

        • If beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, and you know for a fact you are perfect, and if you are sick of everyone thinking you cant be perfect, why dont you end it with a picture? I mean, you say people will tear you apart, but you already said beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, that you body just IS beautiful, how could we tear it apart? Unless your admitting everyone has different views on beauty. And so what if people make mean comments, because you already know you are perfect. If your as amazing as you keep telling us, why not just show a picture and it would be an amazing “Ha! F all of you nonbelievers” moment for you. I mean youve really got nothing to lose, and all gain! Id personally LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE to see!!!!

          • I never said I was perfect, but over and over I said I’d love to be 3 inches taller, 5′ 7 and 104 is not my ideal body, 5 10′ is. Why are you asking me to post a picture? I don’t want ppl knowing who I am, somebody may recognize me and I’d feel embarassed at some of the mean things I’ve said. Honestly, that, plus I’m too lazy to do it. So??? But I may just b/c I love showing off my body, but why ……do you care so much? I mean you’ve got my stats, height, weight, measurements. Jeez this site is and always will be a pain in the ass, can’t I make one comment w/out being bloody harassed?

        • Natalia says:
          February 3, 2013 at 12:32 am

          . . . And I am 104 at my lowest, 106 at my highest, not skeletal, perfect.

          And you know that Natasha Poly, Myself, Bruce Lee, over and over the people I think are fit and healthy and are perfect specimens, are not emaciated, that’ s just defencse mechanism

          Natalia says:
          February 3, 2013 at 3:46 am

          I never said I was perfect

          • @jesse – I was saying my physical body was perfect in form (not nec. height) – not that I as a human being was perfect.

      • I agree with you because I use to be the same…
        You should put this comment on every post!
        I know it would benefit others to follow your advice.
        My self-esteem is ALOT better now that I ignore the things that use to upset me.
        Now I view them as a difference in opinion and move on.
        Geese if I was still as soft as I use to be I would of had a mental breakdown now.
        An unecessary almost pathetic mental breakdown.
        Im glad I toughened up and gained some insight on “beauty”
        Beauty is subjective, just like art!
        Geese my mum thinks her boyfriend look hot but 99.9% of people I know thinks he looks like a troll.
        Beauty is subject!
        Im always going to care about how I look, I like to look a certain way but I have my own standards, my own opinions and other things that matter to me other than looking a certain way. I don’t think I would feel very fulfilled if beauty was my only care in the world.
        I think balance is necessary, that’s my opinion of course.

  3. I don’t like Beyonce at all but she looks great. I love her legs. Her dress, though, is a little….Jersey Shore for my tastes.

  4. Ill-fitting dress, especially apparent from the back shot. I dont see what people have against her legs though – I think she looks good. I dont think pin-thin legs are the only attractive legs, thick(er) legs can be just as appealing IMO. It comes down to muscle, skin tone, shape. Oh and not feeling the hair/face in these pics… she has looked far better.

  5. True, I agree pin legs are not only attractive ones, you are right it is shape, muscle skin – Beyonce has none of those qualities. When I first saw her I was very young, I saw a pix of her wearing shorts roller blading at her 18th birthday, I thought she had just had knee surgery – I have never seen swelliing, well fat, in the knees of all places, didn’t know it was poss. Big legs can be attractive, maybe I don’t think they can be the most beautiful, but attractive yes, but not when the big legs have cankles, swollen knees, and cellulite. thats all, no big thing! I’ve heard ppl call her Tree Trunk Legs. I didn’t

  6. i dont understand. her legs are nice, and she looks great. not a big fan of the haircut, but id like to have that body. she is sexy, full of life,slim , fit and healthy.

  7. This comment section is so overrated, especially the comments in it. Some people are just wow.

    When you’re all gonna die, nobody will care if you had thights that touched or not. You’ll be forgoten. B’s will probably be remembered a couples of decades while you’ll be totally rotten and dead. Try to make something worth it in your life rather than talk trash about other’s body, we’re not here long.

    • So right, so true. I get so mad at myself for coming to this site and saying these things, but on my days off, I look, I see, I can’t HELP but comment!!! I mean look!!!. Ugh,, internet addiction? lol, true tho what you said.

  8. First off: Don’t feed the troll.

    Now on to my comment on the pictures: Looking good, still the dress is too short for my taste and the back is unfortunate, it looks as if the zipper was busted.

    • haha I thought the same, like is the zipper broken? 😀 Not the best dress for her. But I love her skin tone, she has a nice glow about her which is hard in the dead of winter.

  9. beyonce is beautiful, she has a beautiful body and face, i Feel she is being confident in wearing a short dress and although her legs are not stick thin I think they look great, healthy and toned 🙂 shes obviously been working hard at the gym and eating healthily and it shows! I used to have anorexia for ,many many years and I do find it sad/hard sometimes to read how
    judgmental we are of each others body’s:( , everyone to their own opinion but id like to say i think she looks fabulous! x

    • And I’m not being insensitive to your anorexia, but I just think it’s so ridiculous that women who had eating disorders and are recovered are now so fond of ‘bigger’ bodies, just bc they couldn’t naturallly achieve a thin one. Not knocking you, just saying, that one has always made me chuckle, I mean I understand why, but still…..a little silly.

      • oh my goodness…

        that was a terrible thing to say.

        1) as a girl who has almost recovered from an eating disorder I can say that I prefer slim/muscular bodies. Not “bigger” body types, but bodies like Maria Sharapova or Jennifer Nicole Lee.

        2) ED people do not like bigger bodies because could not “naturally achieve a thinner one” you do realize that an eating disorder is a mental disorder, right? It’s not like “oh i can’t naturally be thin so I’m going to starve myself” it usually goes hand in hand with anxiety, depression, or body dysmorphia. Many eating disorder girls could naturally obtain thinner bodies if they ate healthy and worked out in healthy amounts and got all of their nutritional needs. But that is not good enough, that is not fast enough, that does not cause enough pain. the first time I started starving myself? I was an athletic 5 year old, slender.

        Also, a lot of girls who suffer from eating disorders actually are skinny and underweight. It’s not that they can’t naturally achieve it; they’re just trying to achieve it as quickly as they can. Becoming thin will solve all of their problems in their mind. But often they are never thin enough, even with brittle, protruding bones.

        Some girls who come out of recovery tend to admire bigger weights because they’ve been obsessed with skeletal bodies for a long time. And viewing/obsessing over figures like that can actually be triggering to someone in recovery. I’m sure you’ve heard of thinspo; SUPER triggering for some ex-ED people. Appreciating bigger bodies is done for health reasons…. so we wont have to obsess over becoming nothing but bones. and many ed people still don’t prefer bigger bodies even after recovery.

        I know you weren’t trying to bash eating disorders but please dont make judgments or assumptions about them without actually knowing what they are like. I don’t make assumptions about bipolar people because I have no idea what it is like to be bipolar. You have no idea what its like to be anorexic, so don’t make assumptions about it.

          • I know you weren’t trying to be mean, and I never called you out for being mean. But you were making false assumptions about a mental illness you’ve never experienced and that’s not a good thing to do, especially because your assumption was very very very wrong and definitely hurtful for eating disorder people to read. I really hate it when others have incorrect ideas about us, which most people do. So I tried to explain what it was like in order to correct you, and warn you not that it is best to not make assumptions about things you’ve never experienced. I never called you mean.

          • cool. every model i know who has put on weight after the disease, has been that way, done a 360, gone to completely bashing thin ones. what i should have said was ‘in my expericence’…

      • “And I’m not being insensitive to your anorexia, but I just think it’s so ridiculous that women who had eating disorders and are recovered are now so fond of ‘bigger’ bodies, just bc they couldn’t naturallly achieve a thin one.”

        Natalia . . . can you please just reread your words here and then honestly judge whether there is anything wrong with them?

        Do you know anything about anorexia?

  10. Wow… so much hate towards Bey. OK well I think she has the best body in Hollywood. Small waist, thick legs, big butt, nice b❆❆bs and she is just so classy. I love her and she is actually really talented.

  11. She is not my cup of tea. Nice face, but too big body, specially legs. I know she has a nice definition of muscules on her legs but still I found her legs too big for my taste.

  12. From the above comments, you can really see why most Caucasian females are the ones with the eating disorders. In the Latino and Black community Beyonce is considered normal sized. Yeah she’s not skinny, skinny but most latino and black men want girls who have more meat on the legs and bum. That’s not to say that they don’t like ultra skinny women, because if that were the case, I wouldn’t find a date because I’m quite small. Bey’s legs aren’t huge by what some commentators are saying. Most white women seem to only want to look like rail thin models to VS models weight wise, while most latino and black what to look from VS model size frame to Kim Kardashian/Kelly Brook. Interesting…

      • ^Um no that’s not true. Maybe for African Americans, but not African Caribbeans people, Black British, Black French, African, etc.

        • It is true, Africans have more muscle than most Europeans, Asians, that’s obvious. BUT you are right in US they are the fattest, not in every country, very good point.

      • lol, and now you’re racist. Did you stop to consider why obesity is endemic among the African-American population or the Latino populations in America?

        Here’s a hint – it has a lot to do with socioeconomic status which is highly linked to their history in America.

        And for future reference using a term like, “blacks” is outdated as “coloreds” or “oriental”.

        • Nothing in my comment that was racist, you just like to b—, like everybody here. You just admitted that there are reasons obesity is endemic in those 2 populations, so you are agreeing w/ my statement lol. And I don’t care what is outdated, I have Nigerians that won’t call black ppl in America African American, that call them so called African Americans, b/c they say they were not born in Africa. Is white outdated too? Who cares, I don’t care, I like medical terms, negroid, caucasoid, mongaloid to define races of humans, but ppl would really freak the f*^** out if I did use of them.

        • Nothing in my comment that was, you just like to complain, like everybody here. You just admitted that there are reasons obesity is endemic in those 2 populations, so you are agreeing w/ my statement lol. And I don’t care what is outdated, I have Nigerians that won’t say America African American, b/c they say they were not born in Africa.I like medical terms, negroid, caucasoid, mongaloid to define races of humans, but ppl would really freak out if I did use of them.

        • and not to start a big thing here, PLS, but if you say African American, you must use European American, Asian American, this hasn’t caught on yet. What I tried to say that I know a few Nigerian models, and they won’t call the Af. Am. ‘s in the states Af. Am. bc they say they weren’t born in Africa. these things are touchy, but if you calling me a racist makes you feel better about yourself, your weight, whatever………

        • What’s in Ethiopa? famine? I’m talking of genes….genetically ppl of African descent have more muscle than european/asian descent. that’s all. take a chill pill pls. I hate this site, b/c I cannot simply resist to responding to every dumb argument made here, and get not so much of things done. I am a debater, and coming here is addicting to me, for me.

          • You can’t just generalize the entire continent into one group like that, different parts have different body types. Ethiopians, Somalians etc are generally pretty skinny (not from famine…the ones who live here are all rather skinny too). You wouldn’t try to shove russians and spaniards into the same genetic category, so don’t do it with the entire continent of africa.

          • I didn’t say they were skinny or fat in Africa, I said ppl of African descent have more muscle than Europeans or Asians, I also said that black women in the US have the highest rate of obesity. What about my comment Aafje is unreasonable? or incorrect?

          • All my ethiopian friends are very thin.

            And I agree; obesity has a lot more to do with poverty or low income than it does with race. At least in the United States it does. Fast food meals are made incredibly cheap.

  13. I love her legs!
    Here in Brazil guys loves thick legs, big butts and a thin waist.

    normally the people who like thin legs are women or are gay.

    all my guys friends like thick legs!

    • Wow I’m surprised to hear it because so many models are from Brazil, I would have guessed your ideal is Adriana Lima or something.

      • I do get beaten up plenty, If I happen to see the reply. Most of the time. I don’t even go back to check the replies. The best thing to do is say your comment and move on. They run in cliques here, if you aren’t part of that clique they gang up on you. Telling you what you can and can’t do, even though they are doing it themselves. It’s not worth the hassle. TBH I find it funny how they are all complaining about you, yet they keep responding to you. You could be on here going around in circles. don’t give them the satisfaction.

        • UGH. like logically, I know this, but I was a philosophy major and I cannot cannot resist a good debate, it is my weakness, it’s like Pretty Woman the movie…he calls her and tells her not to answer the phone, right? THEN he calls her back and says ‘I thought I told you not to answer the phone?’ And she says, ‘well then stop calling me!!!!!’. I feel like that…like I can’t resist arguing/ debating. Funny thing is I only get time off from work in spurts, holidays, whatever, I am not a regular user. I couln’t be,

        • Because “Lol” is not a troll, she is a normal person with an opinion. It’s ok to say you hate Beyonce and her tree trunk legs! It’s ok to call Beyonce fat! But Natalia, you’re nuts. You make 100 comments declaring you’re a “perfect specimen”, everyone else is fugly and needs to “cover up” in shame because they’re not perfect as you. You ASKED for people to explain why Beyonce doesn’t cover up then act surprise when we reply. It makes me laugh when you talk about philosophy because I’ve met dogs with better logical skills. Just say “I hate Beyonce’s fat legs” and leave it at that, for godsake o_O

          • You wouldn’t know logic if it hit you in the face. And I’ve had dogs that can read better than you. I have never said I am perfect, by body shape/weight/tone may be, not my height, not me overall, you just find any excuse to bythch at someone who makes you uncomfortable. Do all thin women bring out this much venom in you? Just go away. seriously.

          • LOL it’s hilarious how if someone disagrees you start calling them fat. Great “logic” there (I’m starting to think you’removed*…I feel bad for picking on a handicapped person). Well I’m slender, though you think VS models are fat and need lipo, so I’m sure by your standards I’m fat. I don’t wear an AA bra designed for little girls and am not medically underweight, so I guess I’m a fatty 😉

          • @Jay…..I read your comment….twice 2-3 times now…..I said body is perfect,(to me it is so what) I didn’t say I WAS perfect, me, as a whole person. If you can’t see the difference…and then you call me an obscenity? It was removed. Not appropriate. So you know I’m right about my last statement about objectivity/subjectivity, so you move onto something else?

        • You’re right. I’ve been on this thing for hours, waste of time. You’re right, read post, look at pictures, comment, move on. You’re so right, thanks.

          • Natalia – I think it is your overall attitude that is bothering people. You are obviously proud of how thin you are and extremely picky about body fat in others – that in itself is slightly irksome to many! But the fact that you are replying to everyone and everything is also a bit much – it just seems like you are trying to keep the argument going. You’re not being humble at all by conceding where others might have a point and you always want the last word (something I relate to! 🙂 ) and that always rubs people the wrong way (because, most of us want the last word if we’re honest!) I don’t have a problem with your personal views – you have given reasons for your pickiness about women’s bodies and even though I think you’re a bit narrow-minded about body fat, I do thoroughly disagree with the over-reactions of many on here. I think maybe you should just let some comments pass you by and reply to less – and don’t click the ‘notify me of follow-up comments’ box! 🙂

          • I know right, I should have been a lawyer, after philosophy 4 yrs I can’t just not argue when presented w/ an illogical statement.I’ll try tho, thanx.

        • @lol You accuse others of ‘beating you up’ – isn’t that what you do to my comments all the time? I actually only observe people attacking you when they disagree with your stalking of me. You’re in a clique yourself too, you know that right?

          @natalia I get that you like debating – but I also think you love to atagonise and that is something else. This post is riddled with you provoking people and then gleefully trying to refute everyone else’s responses! Maybe you should stop to consider some of the reasoning of others and admit that maybe you are being a bit harsh? I don’t agree with the personal attacks you have attracted on here (like Beans’ one) but I think you have to see that you are coming across as conceited and antagonistic.

          I don’t think Beyonce has amazing legs, but she has every right to show them off if she likes them. I agree, that personally, I will cover up parts of my body that I don’t really like – I never wear short skirts or cap-sleeve tops for that reason – but that’s just my view. Beyonce’s legs are not horribly unsightly or anything – they don’t make me uncomfortable like some very thin women do when they show their concave stomachs or frail-looking legs, or obese women when fat is spilling over the top of their jeans. Even then, when I really find them unattractive, I realise they still have the right to wear whatever they like and that maybe other people won’t be as bothered by it as I am.

          • god i’m about to throw up on this site, I can’t believe, what – is everybody on here griping about?? Erica, Iam talking to you, what is so bad about anything I have said…..tell me pls name one thing i said was so horrible to warrant all this???

          • Erica, I am cool w/ you, I did not make that last reply that says removed (obscenity), it is someone else using my name to post false comments…..
            .yes, you heard me right……someone else on this site pretending to be me…
            Just wanted to set that straight.

  14. Natalia, you have posted almost 50 times on this thread. There are plenty of sites like Skinny Gossip where people would agree with all your views, why not go there unless you’re just a troll? There are plenty of other egocentric underweight girls on those sites and I’m sure they’d love to agree with you that Candice S needs lipo (lol)

    • And everybody here has posted to me 50 times, should they go there too? Maybe I reply so much b/c I get replied to so much, did that ever occur to your brain? Should everyone who thinks Beyonce is a little fat, or everyone who doesn’t agree with you go there too? Stupid thing to say really.

  15. Honestly just stop responding to this person. For all we know its a 12 y/o boy being a troll. Just ignore her/him. I don’t see the necessity.

  16. Nope, not a fan. Don’t like her, her music, her body, OR her legs. I really think she has extremely unattractive, unfortunate legs, just not good at all. I don’t care if that opinion isn’t popular.

    • You know what made me sick? somebody posted a picture of a guy w/ no legs, and said ‘now those are horrible legs’. Like wtf, how is that better than what I said about Beyonce’s legs?? Bunch of hypocrites here.

  17. Is there any way to report comments to the moderators on here?

    I’ve never commented on here before, but I feel compelled to. The site seems to have gone from somewhere that women’s bodies, all types, can be celebrated to somewhere where anyone that is less than catwalk skinny is ripped apart. It’s awful. I’ve seen a few people on here who seem to think that some celebrities have personally offended them by not being thin, as if it was any of their business.

    On this site I’ve seen bigger than normal celebrities, I’ve seen curves, supermodels, big asses, small asses, boobs, lack thereof, and do you know what? Not once have I seen an actual fat person and not once have I seen someone who didn’t look beautiful or have something beautiful about them.

    Can we just try and be nice instead of ripping each other apart?

    • LOL That would be boring. I don’t see the issue here..I mean some people have been super rude before but there’s nothing wrong with not liking someone’s body and speaking up about it on a site like this. Isn’t that the whole point?

      • I fully believe that people should voice their opinion, I just think some of the catty remarks are a bit overboard, you know? And as regards reporting comments, I found that one that posted a picture of a guy with prosthetic legs as an example of “horrible legs” to be a bit much.

        • I did say some have been really rude but come on…who is going to come to a site where we all say really nice things about everyone? I enjoy hearing the different views and opinions and yeah some are rude but as long as they aren’t out of line..I’m not going to be really sensitive about it. Sensitive people should not visit sites like these and then expect people to moderate their comments based on how they feel.

    • No what I think Emma is trying to say it’s boring when one person replies eighty million times trying to hijack the narrative that there is only one standard of beauty and completely dismisses anyone’s opinion that is different from hers. I can look at completely different body types on this site and find both beautiful because I understand that diversity of shape, size, color, etc. is what makes people beautiful. Boring is what happens when there is a narrative that making everyone look the same or only celebrating one body type is beautiful. It’s crazy that there are so many comments from one person defending her narrow-mindedness screaming listen to me but yet she won’t consider views that are counter to her own. In the United States we have a concept called one person, one vote meaning that no matter what people believe or how distorted their views are they have that one vote. Some people resent that so they try to use undue influence because they think people’s opinions can be manipulated. Maybe they can be but guess what everyone is entitled to their own opinion and everyone’s opinion is equally valid (at least within a democracy if you don’t subscribe to that at least understand other people do). You hate Beyonce, fine. I’m not in her fan club either but I can respect that other people like her and find her body beautiful. Until that commenter understands this concept she will continue to get backlash. I see many commenters who say things I don’t agree with but I respect their opinions because they aren’t completely dissing one body type to validate another. You don’t like her body fine but why does it have to be a Manifesto on why every other body is genetically inferior. Of course that will provoke people and all it does is underscore how ignorant that commenter is because I never want to be so narrow-minded I can’t give credence to other’s opinions that are counter to my own. I find runway models beautiful but I also think curvier and shorter women are equally beautiful because no one person has the right to deem that they are final judge and jury on what’s beautiful because someone else could come along with a completely counter narrative and they wouldn’t like that so much because that person’s opinion is just as valid. When this site lets a narrative like there’s one acceptable concept of beauty dominate it might as well say we only want commenters that find this narrow-minded type of beauty acceptable and I will be out but that’s just my two cents. And as for me I thought the purpose of this site was to celebrate the beauty of a variety of different body types, not just one.

      • When people reply to me 80 times, I feel compelled to reply back. If you, not you in particular, but everyone, don’t want me to reply so much, stop replying about me, talking about me. And STOP SAYING MY OPINION IS NOT VALID. You are incorrect.

        I will put this here, so everyone can once and for all read it, and then get over ‘me’…….and leave me be to comment on this site w/out repeated bashings, which is my right to do.




        I am of the opinion that it is BOTH. It is a completely valid opinion, and I for one am SICK of people telling me, demanding that I must accept their view points, and believe that it is totally subjective.

        While I express that it is my opinion that aesthetics are objective and subjective, I never – NEVER – demand that others must adopt my beliefs. All of you who are attacking me and telling me to believe your opinons, are the truly narrow minded ones.

        • I never said your you opinion wasn’t valid. In fact I said everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I simply pointed out that your opinion is simply one of many. I want to emphasize the one part. That means no matter how many times you comment it’s still just one opinion, and you come off as a bully that wants to shout others down. If you respect other’s opinions and believe that their opinions hold validity just as your own do then you don’t need to comment to everyone’s post. Just let it go. What have you proven with your incessant posting, except annoying and antagonizing other posters. It’s to the point where no matter you say many posters will dismiss it because you have alienated so many people. The most valuable lesson you can learn from all this is to LET IT GO. Everyone will not agree with you so accept it and just move on. Please note I am very respectful in my comments to you so if you would like it to stay that way then please remain so with me.

          • Did it ever occur to you that the other posters annoy me? and that they also post too much?
            How can you chastise me for commenting too much when I am replying to others who comment to me? Seriously, please think about that.

          • You don’t have to reply though. That’s the point. As someone below mentioned they are baiting you, and your continued reply just keeps it going. I ask again what have you accomplished when you keep replying? NOTHING. You say they annoy you. From what I can observe they outnumber you which is why you keep having to reply. Clearly there are a lot of people that disagree with you, you could leave it at that. You claim you’re not trying to convert anyone so what’s the point of continued replies unless as I’ve written you’re trying to shout people down. People are entitled to their opinion, I may not agree with yours but I let you have it. As I’ve mentioned continued replies implies you just want the last word. How can you expect people to respect your opinion when you reply so much you come off as if you don’t respect anyone else’s. As I mentioned, you could just let it go. The world won’t stop spinning if you don’t comment, I promise.

      • Chloe, I like your comment. I too, think that diversity is what makes people beautiful. I can appreciate a pair of long, slender legs as much as i can appreciate stronger, more athletic looking ones. A small chest is just as beautiful as a large one etc etc. I think if we all conformed to certain beauty ideals then the world would be an incredibly boring place.

        As for Natalia, I must admit she’s kind of a guilty pleasure of mine. Even though I disagree with everything she says and I find her infuriating, I can’t stop reading her posts. Her attempts at debate have me in stitches since she can barely string a sentence together, nevermind form a legitimate argument. I particularly enjoyed her post that gave us a blow by blow account of what she eats in a day and her bowel movements….really gripping stuff. So as much as its annoying that she clogs up the whole post, if she wants to continue spouting her delusional crap then let her. I, for one, find it hilarious!

        • Thanks Ld but I’m afraid if she doesn’t stop we’ll be in the Guinness Book of World Records for most comments on a mundane subject lol. She wants me to chastise the people commenting in response to her but I’m thinking to myself I could address one person or I could address two hundred. Yeah the one is so much simpler.

  18. Okay, I will confess to all of you. I am actually very short and about forty pounds overweight. I used to be really skinny, but my boyfriend dumped me because he could not keep up with my expert debating skills, and I became so depressed, I gained a ton of weight. I am obsessed with models and this site let’s me live an imaginary life in which I am one.

    • Wow, you are JEALOUS. To go thru all the trouble of making a comment w/ a fake name on it, to make me look bad. AGAIN YOU WENT AND FALSLEY USED MY NAME TO COMMENT. Yeah, you, whoever you are, are not jealous one bit. Wow…as catty as women are in real life to me b/c I’m thin, they are ten times worse here. And the funny thing is, you haven’t even seen me. Wow…just WOW.

      • Natalia,
        Since you’ve received enough ridicule on this site, I am not going to judge you or criticize you. I see someone, who has been hurt way too many times and clings to her best attribute to escape her pain. I don’t know what you’ve been through to make yourself think this way, but I believe you’ve taken this mindset way too far. Maybe, you do have the perfect body that can indulge all day long and not obtain the consequences later on, but the commentators here do not envy your attitude and perception of beauty. Your body is just a glimpse of what you truly are as a person. The commentators do not care if you have the perfect body, because they know a pleasant, respectful nature is way more attractive than the most beautiful model. Forgive me, if I offended you in any way, but I want to try and understand why you view yourself this way.

        • ??? I don’t even know what you’re asking…Beyonce is a little fat, that’s a fact, I don’t know what else to tell you, to me she looks quite big, to a bigger woman maybe not…just pls stop commenting to me, all of you.

        • btw you sound like that JN 1976 lady w/ her fake sincerity crap. you are full of shyt btw, I’m hurting b/c I say Beyonce’s has fat legs, yeah, sure, classic response by a woman that wishes she could lose weight. go away you sound so obvious and transparent

          • My post wasn’t referencing Beyonce. I was referencing how you view yourself. How would you describe yourself? How do you want people to view and remember you?

          • Not as a person who says mean things about other people, this site brings out the worst and the best of me. hate it love it, but why do you comment to me so much, I don’t like it, b/c I can’t resist responding to an argument, I should have been a lawyer lol, so I can’t help but respond, but if no one responds to me…………hellooooo

  19. People can say what they want but I think Natalie is hilarious and I always enjoy reading her posts. lol. Anyway.

    Not a fan of Beyonce. Honestly I find her face very average looking. Her body is alright, I can see the appeal but I still don’t particularly care for it.

  20. Natalia is entertaining, stop getting so personally hurt from her comments. Not everyone has to agree on the same thing and people are really coming after her when I have seen FAR worse on this site. The comments saying only women and gay men like thin women, those aren’t meant to be hurtful? Anyways Id rather be seen as attractive by a gay man than a straight man. Its SO easy to impress a straight man, just have two breasts. I don’t like everything she says, but you are overreacting. When you hear about people murdering other people everyday, when you hear about little children being raped everyday, little Natalia saying she doesn’t like Beyonces thighs isn’t so bad.

    • So true, all the makeup artists I know who are male are gay, I value their opinion so much more than a man that is just interested in b❆❆bs and stuff, they care more about looks the gay men, then the straight who are only care about mating, sex…

      • Which is why they dominate the fashion industry and every other form of art, they have a natural eye for beauty and art. Theres a reason straight men are rarely in the fashion industry.

          • I agree w/ you Candy, the gay man doesn’t have his hormones in the way of his decision about what women are beautiful, the straight man is more likely to be swayed by something he finds attractive about the woman as it relates to sex, mating. His eye is seldom as critical as the gay man’s eye in terms of a woman’s apperance. They tend to think in terms of beauty, lines, proportion, symmetry – and not in terms ‘just give me t & a’. tot. agree.

    • I totally agree with Candy and Natalia!! Omg yes, I’d rather be seen as attractive to a gay man than a straight one, at least they’re looking at actual elegance, line, beauty, and anything else besides a straight man’s b❆❆bs and a-s fixation. Great comment. Being seen as a sex object is the LAST thing I would ever want.

      • Hmm…that’s such an interesting perspective lc! I’ve never heard that before. For me personally, I like being viewed sexually; it’s a compliment to me. I think that some women may view it as degrading or dehumanizing, but I feel empowered by it. But that’s just me.

        • i can understand that…i think it all depends on what your life is about, like, you like being seen that way & feel empowered and that’s great, i mean women have power, but you probably have boyfriend or husband…me, I don’t, my life is about work, my family, traveling, and yes, body image/models/fashion etc, plus I still think I’m a little young for a steady boyfriend, so for me, it’s just something I don’t even think about, being seen as a sex object, b/c i guess my life doesn’t really require it. good point, it can be empwring.

          • Yes Natalia! You hit the nail on the head. It just depends on what your life is about, and what makes you feel empowered. Being made to feel sexy is not “empowering” to me; ehh cheap thrills are easier to come by than someone appreciating proportion, line, elegance, aesthetics, and beauty. Or brains for that matter, haha. I don’t care to date and for the perspectives of men, though, so I’m different than most in that sense.

        • Hmmm… I don’t think it’s necessarily liking being seen as a sex object, but maybe being seen as desirable in the eyes of a potential life mate.
          Also, it’s not really fair to say that all straight men who like big breasts look at women who have them and see nothing but a sex object. In my opinion, that’s kind of degrading men and their ability to see beyond the physical. Most men I know are offended when you accuse them of only being interested in you for your body. And voluptuousness does not equate to lack of elegance.

  21. Like some other posters on here, I happen to like Natalia too.
    It is nice to see someone who isn’t obsessed with WHR’S!
    I don’t agree with everything she says but im like that with every poster on here and to be honest I think that is great.
    It would be so boring and pointless to even have a website like this if we all liked the same preferences.
    This website was created to show diversity in body shapes and preferences so deal with it people.
    Here is an observation of mine-Most of the time I find Natalia to be blunt not mean or intentionally mean, however there are times where I think her descriptions could be put in a nicer way but even so there have been posters who have been said not so nice things about celebs such as Ashley Simpson because of her body shape, being that she doesn’t have the desired whr that many posters like but they are not called out like Natalia.
    Just saying…

  22. There is clearly someone in this post protesting too much …things that make you go hmmmm I guest….Personally I like Beyoncé’s body and rather take Beyoncé’s legs than overly thin and shapeless legs any day. Besides, I don’t get the “tree truck legs” comments either compare to many other women her thighs/legs are NOT HUGE.

  23. wow, this has been really fun to read. my bf came in and started reading too, now he says its official, women are crazy. hahahah hes right but i shooed him away and tld him hes knows nothing and beys legs are really important and so is arguing

  24. Natalia we get it you don’t like thick woman. But why so much hassle? what is your goal at arguing fervently Beyonce’s confidence over her thick legs? Making everyone hate her? You’re being ridicilous. I am not a fan of her body either but there are more appropriate ways to express your dislike. Besides her fame is an outcome of her music too not just her appearance. If average looking was enough to garner media attention hollywood wouldn’t exist now.

    • Yeah I mean you guys are just being ridiculous now, it’s like 3:30am where I am, you are all just commenting tome way too much. I am going to take lol’s advice…….Ic’s advice? and just choose not to respond. I will read post, comment, to those that are nice to me, and from now on just ignore the rest.

      Anybody cont. to comment to me repeatedly, or in a way that attacks me personally, I just won’t comment back. From now on. It’s just silly beyond silly.

  25. All right everyone, here’s what we should do:

    If you don’t like Natalia’s opinions, just DON’T REPLY TO HER POSTS. The fire is being fueled by all these constant replies to her posts, arguing about who is right and who is wrong in a debate that is impossible to “win,” since we’re all just stating our opinion.

    Most of these comments are all about Natalia and not even about the photo at hand! If she is annoying you, just scroll on past her comments and carry on. We all have ideals when it comes to body image, whether we will admit it to ourselves our not.

    As far as the health of anyone posting on here is concerned, that cannot be judged from behind a computer screen. Health has many factors that stretch far beyond our measurements. Let’s all remember that there is a human being behind all these comments. It is much easier to be mean behind a screen…I am sure you would not be personally attacking each other based on your opinions if you were face to face.

    • Thank you yes please PLEASE do this. I seriously like this site, and cannot go on like this.

      Anybody that cont. to comment to me repeatedly, or in a way that attacks me personally, I just won’t comment back.

      • Agree! If everybody is complaining I argue too much, which is ludicrous b/c they are the ones doing it w/ me, I will practice something new – read, post comment and not reply to anyone. BC honestly, tomorrow starts back my regular life w/ work, etc., and I don’t have time for this all….but I still like to come to this site, when I have to kill time on a plane or just plain bored. I will just not reply to anyone that wants to argue or attack me, even if I think I can win!, I will only reply to ppl who are nice, I think that’s best.

    • I agree BB. I think everyone takes Natalia a little too seriously, maybe they should tone it down, and just live and let live. Not to jump on anyone here, Natalia or other.

      • Agree. People get too emotional. Im not sure why, maybe it has to do with the fact that they relate to the celeb so when they hear a negative opinion about that person they feel attacked.
        If that is the case this site is not for those people.
        I see negative comments that I think are relatable to my body but then I think well maybe I shouldn’t see it that way, not as negative but just as an opinion.
        Some people will like body shapes similar to mine, others will hate it and others will like cetain things about it but in the end I have learnt to care only what I think, to change what I can through diet and exercise and the rest I just have to accept.
        What else can anyone do.
        Accepting that and learning to appreciate my body for it’s strengh and it’s function’s has also helped me move past just caring about just beauty. A balance is what works.
        Anyway sorry for the rant.
        Peace out everyone 🙂

    • Agreed BB! I’m not sure why Natalia has garnered such incredibly strong emotional responses, but it’s clearly an overreaction. And trying to diagnose her as mentally ill just from her comments, is incredibly rude and offensive. Health is a complex thing – it’s not something that should be judged on words or even images unless there’s something extreme – and I don’t think Natalia has said anything truly extreme (but I haven’t read all her comments – there’s just too many from her and everyone responding to her on this page!!) As you say, it’s best to just move on if you have nothing positive to say about someone’s comment – or only personal assumptions to make.

      • sadly i have read almost all of her comments.. it’s like a train wreck i dont want to see but cant turn away from. and i can confirm that natalia is 100% deluded. she thinks she’s a master debater when in reality when someone makes a valid point her response is always “youre jealous” or “you must have weight issues”…. what respectable university would grant her a philosophy degree is beyond me. no one is overreacting. natalia is an infuriating, sickening, sad sad sad human being.

  26. Jeez, I had a good laugh reading all this ridiculous posts of a self glorifying woman with to much spare time and nothing to do with it… Thanks for that! Ah and before I’ll be considered as fat and jealous: I am the curvy Marilyn Monroe type of woman and way proud of it!

  27. Ok wow Natalia I read some of your other comments.. you need some heavy form of psychiatric help because you are not normal. There is something very wrong with your head. No one give’s a flying ff— about your body. I feel very sorry for the people who have to come in contact with you in real life. People like you make me sick and frankly you don’t belong in society.

    • Wow, I enjoyed talking to you, what about my comments are so bad? People have said Kim is a s— p— star that will give birth to a baby out of her ass, ugly, whale, pig…..and you think MY COMMENTS are bad? wtf ???

    • “People like you make me sick and frankly you don’t belong in society.”

      You need to go away….that’s was ridiculously rude

    • Who are you to judge who belongs in society? I didnt know you were the queen of the world deciding on everything.
      Just on one previous post you describe your body and what you eat a day – I guess you dont belong to society then either ?

  28. while her body isn’t my personal ideal, i still find beyonce sexy. i find variety and differences to be a beautiful thing and without them i get very, very bored.

  29. People, NONE of us can tell if a person needs ‘psychiatric help’ from reading their comments, what the…? Everyone’s entitled to an opinion – whether it may seem extreme or not, to you.

    I don’t understand the hate Natalia gets. She’s perfectly allowed to have an opinion and no one has to take it as a general fact, at all.

    That being said, I agree with some of her opinions. I’m also a fan of very thin figures, I find them incredibly elegant and alluring to look at, yet I still like to find the beauty in every single body type – what irks me are the harsh comments towards ’emaciated’ models.

    Just ignore mean comments Natalia. There are some people that can read all kinds of opinions and not feel personally offended by them.

    • when people say they like slightly thicker bodies like beyonce’s, natalia always replies to them basically informing them that their opinions are invalid because only emaciated bodies are beautiful (and yes, most high fashion model bodies DO look emaciated) … then when people respond that beauty is subjective she has the audacity to say it’s NOT subjective.

      LOL stop coddling the troll.

        • simply false. there are societal beauty ideals but on a person to person level, beauty is highly subjective. people prefer different heights, weights, fat distributions, skin tones, hair colors and textures, facial features, etc.

          for instance, most people i know would find your 36A cup very very very unattractive. but luckily beauty is subjective, so some people would find it attractive.

          if beauty were objective then it would be a sad boring world .. a lot like your world i guess 🙂

          • true, small b❆❆bs look bad on wide ribcages, i imagine them being flattened out/no shape. i like mine because they sit on a tiny one lol so they are round and stuff, just at a small size <3

          • No, people can have the view, that I do, that beauty is objective, for the most part, and I’ve said that before w/ Casey – for the most part. You have to allow for the fact that some people think certain criteria must be met to be aestethically pleasing, and that for the most part it is objective, while allowing some room for subjectivity. To say that an argument is invalid, you have to point out the part that is invalid, not just say – wrong. You never said what was invalid about my opinion.

      • I just read this one…I never once said other’s opinons are invalid. You do not read carefully. You also insult me personally, saying ‘what university would take me’. How about U of MD and LSE? You realize your arguments are weak/invalid, so you try to compensate by making personal attacks. But that doesn’t strengthen your argument or weaken mine – which was correct by the way. Before you insult me, you should educate yourself on philosophy and logic.

        • you’re a pretty gross person. i’d like to request a photo of you so we can all be the judges of your looks. however, i think we all know well enough by your many, many comments that in truth you are UGLY.

  30. Really? Beyoncé, horrible legs?? Are you blind or just stupid? She´s fit, and healthy, she´s 31 and gave birth a year ago. What´s wrong with you people??

    (And yes, she GAVE BIRTH, only a stupid person can not see how her body have changed.)

    You´re so inmature…

    • There is nothing “stupid” or “immature” about not liking Beyonce’s legs. I don’t; it’s just an opinion and we’re all allowed to have one here.

    • Really? Only stupid people? I would rather say only overly- attached fans of beyonce can say that she gave birth. I dont think that she gave birth and honestly I even doubt that she miscarried-she is just straight up phony (like alot of people in this buisness). But this is the point: We will never know the truth 🙂

  31. Wow… I just read most comments on here and this site is getting a littttle bit crazy..
    Anyways I’ll just give my opinion: I agree with some things that Natalia says: that Beconcé is a little bit too fat and that models like Gemma Ward (I heard she was making a come-back btw!!) are the most gorgeous…
    BUT: I think Beyoncé is increadibly beautiful :big eyes, high cheekbones, nice lips, perfect teeth, great smile, small nose, etc… I agree that she’s a bit too big but I think she looked so stunning at her dream girls weight:
    And to me models are also the beauty ideal but let’s face it, it’s not the majority’s beauty ideal. I read several studies about what’s the most attractive bmi in women (I think it was guys opinion) and the one I believed the most, said a BMI from 18-20. I think most people like very slim women but not very underweight ones. I’ll give you an example: I had a picture of vlada roslyakova on my phone as a background because I think she’s super beautiful. Yet, several people (mostly guys) asked me who she was and said they thought she looked creepy and quote “like a ghost”.
    I just think Natalia needs to realize that very underweight women are not society’s ideal. I think it makes sense: evolution “makes us” like healthy body-weights, since weight is a big factor for being able to reproduce. That is also why we view very overweight people as unattractive.

    A song for my beautiful Natalia.
    I wish you much healthy and Twix bars.

    I once saw a maid,
    with a fat free thigh.
    I love my bones without meat,
    no, I can not lie.

    I asked for a hand,
    She held it and ran away,
    It was too fat for her liking,
    so she ran away.

    It was my palm, I know,
    My palm with its layers of fat,
    All it needed was lipo,
    And now I have palms like a bat.

    Oh my dear Natalia,
    All women are crones in front of you.
    I hate their bosoms, so fat and so boneless,
    I know you hate them too.

    107 pounds is meant to be,
    A pound higher, is highly obese to me!
    You my love, are fat yourself,
    Perhaps losing 80 pounds or so shall help.

    We’ll call you god, and bow right down,
    Yes you are perfection, and I am a clown.
    Lets go cut of hips, and lipo of boobs,
    They need fat inside their body to function, those poor noobs!

    But no not you, your bones are enough.
    Your bones are so pretty, so thin and tough.
    Lets count your ribs, and the ridges down your spine,
    By God, thats so sexual, your spine will be mine!

    Oh how enticing it is, the thought of your inside leg,
    I want to fold you my love, and hang you by a peg.
    Because those poor fat women, I cant even lift them up.
    But you my love, are fragile as a dove.

    Oh no not a dove!
    A dove is so huge!
    A fly, a snake, an ant, a giraffe, a deer, an eel,
    ah, now that’s better by a deal!

    Lets go to a builidng, just you and I,
    we’ll go to a nice lady,
    and get a pie,
    before you die.

    You poor little helpless child,
    I wish you were born free and wild.
    How little is life for you,
    that being skinny is all it means to you.

    Go on and berate all female forms,
    Caress your insecurities with others wounds.
    Go hate on stars, so far away.
    While you sit behind a screen and spend your day.

    NO, don’t give up yet.
    You are the best.
    They just dont know it yet.

    Because who needs degrees, or medals or aims,
    We need to drown in a Lipo of shame.
    Why be a doctor, teacher, writer,
    Why be a poet, singer, fighter?

    Behold you fatties over 107 pounds!
    No aim is ever big enough, no sucess ever sweet,
    Your bones are all that matter,
    Even your fat little heart doesnt need to beat.

    And men, oh now they only love Natalia,
    Men are not for the likes of us!
    Why we can only give them bosoms and hips,
    and perhaps a little love.

    Natalia can give them a range of bones,
    and if they gain, she can lipo them with stones.
    She’ll give them pretty little girls,
    and turn them anorexic and mean, so they can be thin and mean, and stay away from their jelly beans.

    Bye my dear Natalia,
    I have seen such rare beauty a lot.
    Your mouth is so pretty,
    it sets my ears to rot.

    And I know you will stay forever insecure,
    and these comments help your ego all the more.
    But sometimes all I need is a laugh,
    and now that I’ve had it, I had to pay you back.

    Goodbye my thin angel,
    my thin thigh gap love.
    May your ribs poke out forever, may your cheeks stay sunken and your stomach flat.
    I wish you a happy skinny life, you’ll make a very skinny, pretty skinny, beautiful thin, skinny slim legged, slim boobed, skinny neckbones, thin, lean, tiny, fragile skinny, so skinny, weightless, healthy, thin, absolutely glorious, bony wife.

    P.S: This song is not meant for anyone else.
    I myself am very average but I know everyone from a U.S 0 to a U.S 22, and i’m lucky that each one of them is friends with each other, and can appreciate beauty in all forms.
    I myself am athletic, and large boned. I weigh normal, and I have a 4 pack and muscled arms. My legs are huge (23 inches), yes, but thats all muscle, and I’m proud of it. But some girls are naturally lean, and I really do like their rather slim 17 or 18 inch thighs. Oh, and these girls like my legs too, but none of us want an exchange.
    I think all of you women who commented here are beautiful in your own ways, and should stay just the way you are. You all deserve all the love and glory and happiness that Natalia seems to think must be kept exclusiveely for her.
    Its not the size of your shirt or your height that makes you ugly or beaitiful, its the stuff that comes out of your brain.
    And on that standard, I’m sorry, but Natalia you are one REALLY hideous woman.
    Love you,
    And yes I’m a girl, but I wanted to write from this perspective lol

  33. I was surprised that this post had nearly 300 comments, then I read through the comments and realized about 250 of those comments were from Natalia. LOL

    • Haha I did F3 to search for the number of occurence of the word “Natalia” in this page and it gave 234 as a result….let’s remove, say, 40 to 50 occurences as people answering to her by writing her name and you have a bit less than 200 posts from her.

      • i decided to read all the comments when it was at exactly 410 (there’s more right now though), and at that time my estimate would be that a quarter of those comments were for natalia (maybe even a bit less). there were so many people who she didn’t reply to at all even though they were explicity addressed to her, there’s no way her comments were half of the total

  34. Hey Natalia! I like you. You make me laugh. I’m a little bit shorter than you (5’6) and weigh way more than you (145), and I know you would never want to weigh as much as me just as I would never want to weigh as little as you. We’ve got totally different conceptions of beautiful, sexy bodies. I think Beyonce is hot, and I would love if my body looked like hers (though I heart my own body). Point is, people value different things, find different things beautiful. There is absolutely no point in taking your comments seriously and having a fit over them. Especially when a lot of the people arguing with you agree with you, just don’t like your attitude.
    I think you’d be refreshing and amusing in real life. And I love girls who work out and lift weights <3

  35. I think Natalia had her man stolen by a curvy woman. What’s wrong Natalia? Upset that you have no b❆❆bs or butt? You get mad when you see a nice pair of t*ts or a nice full bouncy, round ass, don’t you? I bet your boyfriend goes to bed at night dreaming of kim kardashians and beyonces and jlos because your a– and chest looks like his! hahahahahahaha

  36. I bet men don’t even give Natalia’s flat a– and chest a second look that’s why she’s so bitter bwahahahaha. But she’s on this site saying people are jealous of her.

  37. I REALLY don’t see the point in women trying to appeal to straight women and gay men. I appreciate Beyonce’s beauty, I can definitely see why she is admired by so many MEN.
    It’s quite obvious that a lot of women are basing their opinions on either what they think men want (curves), or on what they as women like in a man (ruler body type).

    I suppose physically I am like Beyonce: brown, large hips, relatively small waist, chunkier legs (just my b❆❆bs are WAY bigger at 32E), and I think we are both beautiful.
    That said, I am also bisexual, but I personally don’t find Beyonce sexually attractive; I prefer tall and skinny in both genders (eg Alexander Skarsgard and Karlie Kloss).

    My point is, perspective. 🙂

  38. Completely unrelated to every other comment but has no one realized that all the people freaking out about Beyonce bleaching her skin for that shoot or being lightened by photoshop in that shoot that was just posted a few weeks ago were pretty much completely wrong? She’s not that dark and looks pretty much the same skin tone as in that photo shoot! (Talking about the Terry Richardson shoot)

  39. I’m all for people expressing their opinions on this site, but man, it might be worth capping how many comments you can leave on each thread. Natalia is getting on my nerves to the point where I find myself not wanting to even read the comments. She posted on this thread like 50 times.

  40. i think beyonce’s legs are just about perfect! so thick and toned. i’ve been in the gym trying to get my toothpick legs to be this luscious.

  41. @Versus no offense but I think you should close this thread. There are 330+ comments, half from the same person, and rather than discuss Beyonce it’s just personal attacks and troll behavior. I know page views = money but if this is what every post will be then regular posters like myself will stop coming, there are lots of gossip sites out there. Just a suggestion.

  42. I’ve never liked the shape of Beyonce’s legs. I think she is a gorgeous woman but I actually think her legs are her most unattractive feature.

  43. I think Beyonce’s legs are perfectly fine — thick but muscular. I believe she is a skittle shape, so naturally, her legs are the thickest part of her body.

  44. Her legs actually looked slimmer in a video I saw of this performance (which reminds me….why is no one talking about how over the top it was to hold a press conference just to sing the national anthem live …like that has any bearing on what she did on MLK day). I think some of this is that is probably the worst angle to have pictures of your legs taken. I feel for the woman though, even when I’m not fat (20 ish BMI) my thighs don’t really taper at the knee. It makes jeans shopping an absolute nightmare. I prefer to wear skirts and dresses most of the time because as much as I don’t particularly like my legs …they look better in stockings than in pants. Not to feed the troll, but I thought Natalia would appreciate this. I’m really tall but very average sized, people ask me all the time if I model. I just smile and take it as a compliment now, but I used to be like “oh I am way too fat for that, I would have to lose like 30 lbs! It just goes to show how little most people who aren’t interested in fashion really notice about gradations of thin. Fashion is it’s own alternate world, it really makes it hard for people immersed in those standards of beauty to relate to the world as your average person sees it. At the end of the day, it makes a difference in how beautiful the world looks to you. I personally think it would be nicer and happier to live in a world where I think more rather than fewer women look thin and beautiful. : )

  45. how does this women get 350 comments is beyond me..she def grabs al the “haters” attention..i actually like the women but i really have nothing to say about these pics

  46. i hate to say it but the tall girl/ short guy thing is true i have asked many of my guy friends…i was guys seemed to care less about it but white guys were super sensitive abou the height difference

  47. I somewhat hate myself for spending about 15 minutes of my break time reading this thread. I understand that a lot people don’t like Natalia’s comments and even though she kept complaining how many times she hates this site because people keep arguing against her comments, she still keep on commenting because she finds it entertaining the people keep responding to her. A situation similar to a 5 year old child throwing tantrums mainly because of attention. If you really want her comments to stop, just let her comment her usual “everyone is fat if they are not thinner than me or similar to my body type” and just ignore it. No more replies of feeling sorry for mental issues or arguing against her point of view. Probably 90% of responders to this thread agree that she does have serious issues anyway. So just stop responding. I just feel like it will really clean up this site well. Instead of having 100 annoying comments from Natalia. It would just be 1 or 2 since no one would reply.

    In response to the picture above, I like toned fit women. Physically strong women are the most attractive (fitness magazine models are my ideal). It’s probably because it is the most similar to my body type. I’m fit and petite asian girl. I think beyonce works really hard for the body she has and that itself deserves admiration. My husband loves beyonce’s body. I think I do too but probably not as much as;-)

  48. Beyonce is very average looking to me too, face and body. Her legs are too short, too fat and unattractive, but she has every right to show them off if she likes. Nobody will notice them anyway, everybody will stare at Candice or Miranda’s legs.

  49. i like the shape of Bey’s legs, though not necessarily the size. i tend to prefer shape over length when it comes to legs anyway. i like curvy-looking thighs and shapely/muscular calves paired with thin ankles. think Elsa Hosk, or Raquel Welch back in the day. i also love Sofia Vergara’s legs. they remind me of mine in a way.

    for some reason Beyoncé strikes me as the type of person who works veyr hard to maintain her figure. i can see her gaining a looootttt of weight very easily when she gets older, if she stops performing. kind of like Janet Jackson does.

  50. Well I don’t care if Beyonce or any bigger woman wants to show off her legs. It just makes my slimmer ones look better in comparison, lol.

  51. I think Beyonce’s legs are horrible. They look weird, like they’re too big, overweight. Beyonce and Lena Dunham basically have the same legs (legs, not body, though I think they would have similar body sizes). People all over the internet constantly tear Lena, her size to shreds. But Beyonce looks bigger.
    Lena’s legs and body:,r:3,s:0,i:90&iact=rc&dur=209&sig=114311457493028924999&page=1&tbnh=182&tbnw=124&start=0&ndsp=19&tx=50&ty=81,r:1,s:0,i:83&iact=rc&dur=375&sig=114311457493028924999&page=1&tbnh=182&tbnw=183&start=0&ndsp=19&tx=98&ty=48

    • I don’t know if Beyonce is actually bigger than Lena without seeing them side by side, although I kind of doubt it. But putting size aside, Beyonce appears to have a much higher ratio of muscle to fat than Lena i.e. she’s thick but relatively lean, whereas Lena is more soft and flabby looking.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if it where muscle, Beyonce’s age, the after math of having a child, and having a naturally larger build (not saying she’s large, she’s just not 4″11 petite). It’s just Lena has got to be similar in dress sizes but because Lena’s not as muscular or as attractive as Beyonce, Lena gets torn to shreds over her higher weight while Beyonce is the epitome of sexy.

    • You’re an effin hater. There is absolutely no comparison between Beyonce and that horrible, ugly, racist, entitled woman. I am so sick of people calling Beyonce fat. She is not white. White chicks idea of beauty does not apply to her or to any other woman of color. Most of us would be desperate to gain weight if we looked like so called beauties Candace and Miranda. To me they are both too skinny, too tall, too lanky, but I get that that is largely what white girls aspire to look like. Most black chicks aspire to be as curvy or curvier than Beyonce. We wouldn’t think she was as attractive if she lost weight. If her body type was like a VS model, I definitely would not think she was as beautiful. If you’re gonna tear apart Beyonce’s beauty and talk about how fat and blahblah she is, keep in mind that she’s black and she ain’t trying to model her body after the white standard of beauty.

      • Courtney, why do you have an issue with me making a comparison between Beyonce and Lena? Because you think Lena is “horrible, ugly, racist, entitled”, because Beyonce “isn’t white”? Calling me a hater because I pointed out that they are similar in dress size (not similar bodies), have similar legs though Beyonce gets praised over hers while Lena gets attacked, doesn’t make me a hater. Me thinking Beyonce’s legs look weird doesn’t make me a hater. But I’m guessing your strong opinion on Lena does.

      • @courtney – i can’t believe it’s 2013 and i have to point out to someone that skin colour is in no way an indication of perosnality. i have no idea why you would even think that. i’m eastern european genetically and i don’t think beyonce is too big, and candice swanepoel or miranda kerr don’t have my ideal body size at all. i’m also not a minority when it comes to that view. a lot of my friends are eastern european and they would rather have beyonce’s body over candice’s.

        you need to stop making generalisations about people based on their skin colour because there’s no logic behind it what so ever.

      • “There is absolutely no comparison between Beyonce and that horrible, ugly, racist, entitled woman.” Courtney- has it ever occurred to you that making unfair, sweeping generalisations about people with a different skin colour to you could also be seen as racist, or at least racially insensitive?

        “Most black chicks aspire to be as curvy or curvier than Beyonce.” I’m not sure where exactly you got this idea from, but I have to say, from my own experience, this is total nonsense. First of all, personally, as I’m naturally tall and slim, it would be both ridiculous and utterly unrealistic for me to aspire to be ‘as curvy as or curvier than Beyonce.”

        While I’m nowhere near as tiny as Candice, for example, I’d say it would be easier for me to look like her (in terms of being tall/slim, not exact measurements) than it would for me to look like Beyonce. It makes sense to ‘aspire’ to look like someone with a similar body type to you than to try and, for example fake some thick thighs, a big booty and low whr that Beyonce has.

        I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t ‘aspire’ to look like either body shape; while I’m tall and slim, realistically speaking, I don’t think I’m ever going to be as skinny as Candice, in the same way that I’m never going to be as curvy/’thick’ as Beyonce. For this reason, the only thing I aspire to be is the best version of myself possible; I eat well and exercise because I want to be healthy and make the best of what I’ve got- not because I’m a black girl “trying to model [my] body after the white standard of beauty.”

        Lastly, please note; there are plenty of ‘white girls’ who love Beyonce’s body but not Candice’s and vice versa- please try not to paint everybody of the same race/skin colour with the same brush.

        • I’m mad late with my responses, but I’m gonna make em anyway because I can.
          @Zoe, I’m allowed to state my opinion of Lena, and any of my generalisations are based on my observation here of all the probably white women who call Beyonce fat (and Rihanna before she got really thin), because her legs are not slender enough for them. If you wanna ignore how racist it sounds to hear people call Beyonce out for having thighs that are “too big,” a trait many black women, including myself share, that’s your perogative.

          Plus Lena whatever-her-last-name is ugly and any comparison between her and someone like Beyonce who is more fit than Lena could ever hope to be is bs.

          I got the idea that most black women aspire to be curvacious from the fact that most black women aspire to be curvacious. Maybe not you or the people you know, but if you were to take a random poll, I’m 99% sure I’d be right. Obviously, not everyone appreciates the same aesthetic. And that’s perfectly fine. And I’d like to point out that Beyonce is pretty slim herself, as am I, despite having “large thighs” and a large bum.

          It’s all about perspective. I think it’d be more difficult to get to Candace’s body type because she is extremely thin, than to get to Beyonce’s, because she’s clearly very fit and eats healthily. And you can grow your bum and thighs by doing lower body workouts (squats, etc). It doesn’t have to be fake.

          While I’m nowhere near as tiny as Candice, for example, I’d say it would be easier for me to look like her (in terms of being tall/slim, not exact measurements) than it would for me to look like Beyonce. It makes sense to ‘aspire’ to look like someone with a similar body type to you than to try and, for example fake some thick thighs, a big booty and low whr that Beyonce has.

          It’s awesome that you aspire to be the best you that you can be. That’s exactly what you should do. Brava!

          Obviously there are white girls who love Bey’s body and black girls who love Candace’s. However, I’m speaking to all the white women on this site and in real life who call Bey fat. I’ve got yet to meet a black woman in real life who even knows who Candace is, but I’ve met way too many white women who think having curvy thighs and a bum is fat. And to them I say, “don’t be mad because you can’t rock it.”

          And to everyone else I say, don’t presume to school me on being racist or whatever. This is the internet,not real life. The comments section of a skinny vs curvy blog. I can say whatever the eff I want as long as I’m not trolling or attacking commenters.

          And I say: Beyonce is not white, so don’t judge her by your white standards of beauty.

          • Courtney- we seem to be on the same page in terms of having the general idea that it’s good to make the best of yourself/natural body type. However, I’m still failing to see how people “call[ing] Beyonce out for having thighs that are too big” is racist. While I understand that a lot of black women may have ‘thick’ thighs and a large bum, I don’t think the majority of people who dislike this aesthetic do so because it’s a ‘black’ trait. There are also white women with thick thighs, who I’m pretty sure a lot of people would ‘hate’ on for their body shape; for example, I’ve seen posts on Austin, both in this site and elsewhere, which received VERY negative comments in regards to her body shape.

            This tells me that the negativity surrounding thicker thighs is probably just due to dislike of the way it looks, as opposed to dislike of the way it looks *because* it is a ‘black’ trait.

            About the idea of ‘faking’ a big booty/curves, I didn’t necessarily mean getting implants or anything; I simply meant that if you put up a picture of Candice or another model, and one of Beyonce, for example and asked whose body shape my own was most similar to, most people would probably choose the model (even though as I said before, I am *not* as thin as Candice!) In this way, it’s easier for me to maintain my slimness/height by eating healthy/exercising generally than it would be for me to: lift weights, do lunges, eat large amounts of protein and whatever else to get a completely different body shape. I do wish I had a bigger bum (and am looking into building up my ‘bum muscles’ a little, thanks to some advice from Misscheeks!) 🙂 … but I don’t ‘aspire’ to look like Beyonce, because that would just be a ridiculous and unrealistic goal for me personally.

          • Thanks Zoe.

            I wasn’t being too serious before in my comments but I will answer you seriously now.

            You’re right. Just ecause someone doesn’t like the look of “thick thighs” doesn’t necessarily mean that they are racist. But what would you think if someone said they didn’t like the look of wide noses, tightly curly-kinky hair, brown skin? All black women are definitely not built the same and there are a variety of body types in all ethnic groups, but thick thighs is something that I associate with black woman, just like I associate wider noses, full lips, etc with black women. Plus, I’ve yet to hear a black man or woman look at Beyonce and say, “Her thighs resemble tree trunks.” I’ve literally only heard that from white woman, in real life and online. So it’s hard not to associate that with an unconscious type of racism, basically a preference for non black features. Which is absolutely fine. There’s nothing wrong with preferring more slender legs. I just think there’s something wrong with looking at a black women and thinking that her very fit and toned legs are too fat, or that her nose is too wide or that her hair is too curly, etc. That is the reason why I think comparing Beyonce’s thighs to tree trunks is racist and ridiculously unfair considering how fit she must be to perform the way she does.

            I stand by that statement but I’ll take back the “most black woman want to be curvy,” because I think that can be hurtful and too general of a statement. Black women are not a homogonous, monolithic group and I hate when people make statements alluding to that myself.

            I’m glad that you aspire to maintain your best body. Not everyone should or can look like Beyonce. She definitely isn’t the end all be all, though I do consider her to be a hottie.

            I was confused about the fake butt part, thanks for clearing that up.

          • ” I’ve seen posts on Austin, both in this site and elsewhere, which received VERY negative comments in regards to her body shape.”

            Did you mean Beyonce, not Austin?

            I am really sick of the negative comments she gets in regards to her shape. Especially considering how hard she works to stay fit and how almost none of those comments are coming from the Black community. I don’t know, it’s honestly quite difficult for me to accept that there are no undertones of “her body is not close enough to our preferences of [white] beauty,” when it comes to those fat comments.

          • Hi Courtney

            Sorry- I meant *Coco* Austin- ha ha 🙂

            In regards to your other comment, I *would* find it racist if someone made a comment like “Wide noses/tightly curly-kinky hair/ brown skin are really ugly,” because (at least in my experience) it is *only* non-white people who end to have ‘kinky’ hair (and brown skin, obviously!) 🙂

            I’m not so sure I’d think the wide nose comment was necessarily racist- but I’d definitely be offended, simply because it’s never nice when someone expresses negativity towards a feature you have! I can also see how it *could* be seen as racially insensitive at least in a way, because it would be a very sweeping generalisation, implying that having a wide nose/kinky hair etc. would automatically make someone unnattractive, due to those features being less conventionally beautiful, in the west, as you’re saying. However, my first thoughts would be that the person making those comments was a) ignorant and b) *very* narrow-minded (although they could also be racist.)

            Also, I know you’re talking about your own experiences, but I’m pretty sure there are a lot of (possibly ‘skinny’) and b—y black girls that would also describe B’s thighs as “tree trunks,” perhaps due to jealousy or maybe being used only seeing their own body type, so I don’t think it’s purely racial.

            Lastly, I also think Beyonce is a ‘hottie’, so we definitely agree on that! 🙂

          • Hey,

            I’m black, well partly black, and I would hate to have Beyonce’s thighs. I’m tall, 5’8 and I love being slim and curvy with slender legs. Super thin or thick? No. Slim and curvy? YES! There is a lot of territory in between thin and thick. Somewhere in between the two extremes lies the ideal, IMO. Sadly, there is a lot of pressure in the black community to be “thick.” I could care less. Thick bodies do not age as well as slender bodies, IMO.

  52. Im not really a fan of Beyonce. She can sing and has talent, but Ive never been drawn to her. Her face is pretty, but doesn’t really interest me either. She does have a great body though… She looks healthy and has nice legs.

  53. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, beauty is not zero-sum. There’s not some finite amount that only gets distributed among the very tall and very thin, leaving the rest of womanhood unsightly, heaving bovine-beasts never to feel the divine touch of pulchritude.

    As Auntie Mame would say, beauty is a motherf**king BANQUET. Or a smorgasbord. Or a really gigantic hawker centre. And sure, like the militant raw foodist or the Ferran Adria acolyte who asks to be given either Spanish haute cuisine or death, you can poo-poo everything else offered at the table (e.g. the short, the voluptuous, the slightly thick of thigh…) to be beneath your taste, but in the end you’ll leave starving, and the other guests will find you ridiculous.

    Because half-baked arguments about the “objectivity” aside, who can really respect an aesthete who professes to know so much about beauty but recognizes so little of it?

  54. Did you guys just see her at the half time show? She looked absolutely gorgeous, pretty sure every guy in the World is drooling over her. Honestly, I was drooling over her and I’m straight 😛 My boyfriend and I decided she has a phenomenal body (though I do usually prefer leaner legs).

  55. I’m not tall at all, I’m actually really small, I’m not toned, not skinny either, and not particularly pretty BUT my boyfriend loves me, my family loves me, my friends loves me.
    I don’t need to look at myself in the mirror every 5 seconds to be happy. And if some people find me ‘unattractive” they can just look the other way! 🙂

  56. Well…I like her make-up better here than the SB. Her waist also looks great here. Re: her legs…not my fave but really for a thicker frame and body size, they appear here to be without any cellulite and look immensely toned…unliked L. Denham…whoever said that…To me B is working with what she`s got…I`d rather see this than her wittle down (like a certain barbadian singer appears to be getting smaller and smaller and not so sure this is natural for her bod).

    Re: Natalia: if you dont like what she has to say…just dont respond. Really. This girl clearly has some Psychological issues…cant say which bc I`m not her therapist. But I can tell you she gets something out of the attention from her comments, when you respond…thus, dont. It`s a waste of words, time, energy, kindness if you`re doing it bc your concerned (like I am for her). She says she hates the site so much…dont respond and watch her go elsewhere…hopefully to get help. Dont be an enabler…her drug is attention…dont give her ANY. (Expect she`ll really get shocking now…this is called an Extinction Burst…when a behaviour which used to recieve attention is not garnering the same attention as it did in the past, the individual with do something bigger/more severe…expect this behaviour so when she says something SUPER-SHOCKING, that it wont shock you into commenting).
    Get help Natalia…or realize that you may be putting inhealthy thoughts into people`s minds…

    • “Get help Natalia…or realize that you may be putting inhealthy thoughts into people`s minds…”

      like yours from what I remember.

  57. Caught Beyonce during the halftime show and even though I’m not a fan, she was pretty stunning doing her whole typical high-octane schtick. Those stems are like pistons.

    She’s one of those people who, though attractive, become to me exponentially more so in motion, like Geraldine Rojas doing the tango (legs like poetry!)

    But how would you qualify that? Where would you fit that in a categorical, definitive, grand unified super-philosophical and 100%-or-at-least-80% objective theory of beauty?

    Someone (let’s be coy and not name names) upthread mentioned Kant. Kant was a sexist, paternalistic old f*cker who had no business expounding his rigid aesthetic views. He didn’t even understand the importance of colour in painting, which, as anyone who’s ever looked at a Pisarro will tell you, means his views are pretty much horses—. (But I suppose that is just as well, since I’m pretty sure the only colour that was acceptable to Kant was White.)

    But even if Kant was right, and beauty is largely objective, who gets to decide what is an objective standard of beauty that remains constant across races, cultures, social milieus and let’s not forget, time?

    Oh, that’s right – no one. Because no such universally recognized standard exists (except perhaps symmetry of form.) Even WHR/ Vitruvian Man’s stats weren’t always the Western ideal.

    So anyway, tl;dr – “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” may be corny as f*ck as sayings go, but it’s pretty close to the truth.

    Now back to your shallow (but open-minded!) regular programming.

  58. Meh, not a fan of her face. However her body is on point here imo! I think her legs are nice enough! I think she looks great in that skirt and others would think she has nice legs (my bf would for one). I personally don’t like her legs, not because of the size, but because they aren’t as shapely as I like them. I think she does the best with what she’s got though, and they still look firm and toned.

  59. Short, tall, skinny, fat… Physical beauty is fleeting. Everyone’s body will eventually decay, shut down, die, and rot. True beauty is something that comes from within. It’s the only thing that lasts through a lifetime. One can be a successful supermodel, but if he/she is self-righteous and unkind, then this person is not beautiful. The same goes for an overweight short person.

  60. 6 ft, model thin, heel wearing female here!

    Guys I’ve dated have been short (couple of inches though) and tall. Short ones didnt mind mind height. One or two felt uncomfortable when i wore my heels.

    I was the one with the most opposition though, i like tall men 🙂

    Luckily i live in a country where you find the tallest men in the world

    And.. height works wonders for your career.. men really react to you differently when they need to look up at you… strange, but true

  61. BTW I think this comment should not be moderated, compared to the foul language used in the last one against me, mine is fine. Besides, ppl will be happy to read I won’t be visiting anymore lol.

  62. I hope ppl read this/posted pls. That last comment was very rude & I feel I have a right to say so. I mean is this really necessary? I only visit this site on my off days when I don’t have job or am w/ flu anyway, I am not a regular user, and I only criticize the ppl on the site, not the users….now I have no business walking on the earth? I should go kill myself? I receivd 180 comments on the Beyonce post, did a count in my email box, 180. All bc I said Beyonce has fat legs. I commentd a lot bc I felt like I was being attacked, and yes I love debate and hate to lose an argument, but, if everybody here is so happy and secure in themnselves, why did I get 180 comments? Most hatefull. Why did I get one nut write me a song that I swear must have taken like 3 hours to write, one ask me what I ate and then tell me I wasn’t fit to live in society, one call me gross, one call me fat, one call underweight and sick, one call me flat chested, a troll, a boy, a man, a basement dweller, one try to diagnose me w/ like 5 different psychiatric illness then changed her mind about which one she thought I had 5 different times, one scream at me ‘I’m thinner than you! I’m thinner than you! and I’m a medical student!’, one mock me bc I’m allergic to milk, one post fake comments using my user name pretending to be me, and now I’ve got some nut yelling at me telling me cellulite is beautiful & I’m not fit to walk the earth and should kill myself? Yeah, you all sound very secure, happy and healthy in the mind. From now on I’ll have my conversations about body image/beauty/fashion w/ family/friends/other models. It goes like this – she’s tall, she’s short, she’s fat, she’s thin, she can model, she can’t – takes 1 minute. Not coming back here.

    • Sorry to hear it Natalia, some people just can’t seem to be civil no matter what. Take care, and pay no heed to harsh judgmental comments such as many of those here.

      • Thanx. This site taught me that rarely do ppl do well w/ honesty, and that the best thing for me to do is follow etiquette, and keep my mouth shut about ppl’s appearance. This site taught me if I can’t be more open minded ppl’s appearances, and I can’t help my honesty (which seems to be the case since I keep resorting to my old blunt ways each time I come here), the best thing I can do is just say nothing. I just cannot comment here and be pc, I tried. So quiet it is for me… It also taught me that there is a part of me that would love to be an attorney, that’s why I took philosophy, it’s great for the law, and that’s the real reason I feel compelled to answer every comment, not bc as bc as someone said I have psych issues, I just love debating. I hate to lose. I studied for 4 yrs logic, philosophy, debate. It’s my nature. Maybe I’ll end up arguing w/ ppl in a courtroom someday, driving them crazy! But that being said, this site, any site, is the worst place for me, I will feel compelled to answer every comment, every argument, to win, and that is just not realistic. There is just not time for that, I would get nothing done. I just can’t blog at all, too addicting. That’s why I got to cut cold turkey. Anyway, I’m glad I bothered to read your comment, I stopped after somebody told me to go off myself, when I saw your comment I saw how to cancel comments coming to my email, they’re at the bottome of each comment. Duh. You were nice to talk to, as were some others, wish you well!

        • No prob 🙂 “Thanx. This site taught me that rarely do ppl do well w/ honesty, and that the best thing for me to do is follow etiquette, and keep my mouth shut about ppl’s appearance. ”

          Haha yes that is it. You have to be PC or you will get flamed here, period lol.

        • Im sorry to see you go and im sorry to see that so many people have personally attacked you.

          This site is very PC and in my opinion it is pro curvy, pro low whr, pro hourglass figures, pro pear shaped figures-ANYTHING ELSE is mostly frowned apon so I guess this site is not right for everyone.
          Like school it has it’s cliques and pro curvy seems to be the popular gal so I guess your right about the fact that your probably best disscussing your thoughts with others off this site.

          Be glad that you atleast learnt some stuff about yourself and other people.

          Best of luck, Natalia.

  63. Versus, or somebody, can you please tell me how to stop receiving comments to an email address? I have only seen the modification box come up when I choose to follow or make a comment. I don’t want to make a comment, or follow this site anymore. The last comment I received was truly enough for me.

    • Use the settings on your email to block incomming notifications from this website.
      If you don’t know how google your question for example “how do I block incomming messages on my GMAIL account?”
      Googling questions often works for me.
      Hope that helps 🙂

  64. Man..that Natalia chick needs to step away…maybe go out for a meal, take in a movie and oh, I don’t know…get a life! Sheesh…anyone that committed to that many replies in attempt to prove a point and share an opinion, clearly has issues. Seek help…please.

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