Candice & Beyonce Offer Us Bikini Treats


From the ‘Celebs who love to show off their bikini body online’ collection, here are Candice Swanepoel in a tiny bikini, offering her followers a small treat on Twitter the other day and Beyonce, who revealed her beach figure on Tumblr:



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186 thoughts on “Candice & Beyonce Offer Us Bikini Treats”

        • I don’t know what a hernia is, but are you talking about the way she arches her back? Because that looks painful. and just WEIRD. I mean you can’t really call her a good model when she does that strange spine-thing on EVERY picture?

          • Yeah, thats what I’m reffering to, my back starts hurting really bas just by looking at hers, honestly I don’t understand how its possible to stand like that all the time without being in pain. I know her back may have a natural arch to it, but seeing many old photos of her, she was never posing like that. Something has to snap sooner or later.

          • I tend to stand that way too, for some reason I’ve done that since I was a kid. Since I’m in physical therapy I stand a lot straighter, but I still have to correct myself every day. And yes, it does hurt terribly 😛

          • Robin- I have the tendency to arch my back like that too… though not to the same extent as Candice! I never knew I was doing it before, until I started noticing that I had a constant pain in my lower back- once while looking in the mirror, I noticed my back looked unnaturally arched so I tried to stand straighter and the pain went away immediately! I think my back unfortunately is just ‘fixed’ that way; I have to make a lot of effort not to stand like that and I often forget to try, whereas with Candice, it seems to be more of an aesthetic thing- it must hurt like hell having to do it all the time though, unless she just has a *very* flexible spine. 🙂

      • what you don’t realize is that some people, naturally, have a very defined arch in their lower back…like Candice. if she even slightly puts any effort to stick her butt out, it looks like shes trying really hard to do it, but she isn’t because her back is just naturally arched like that. Most people would have to put a lot of effort to have their butt stick out that much because a lot of people aren’t blessed with the body frame of Candice.

        • She’s sway backed. google “lordosis”. i have the same curve and have to correct my posture all the time or i end up standing exactly the same way this chick does. although if i got paid as much as she does i would keep the arch.

          • i have it too… but it honestly does not look as drastic as hers. Still pretty sure she is accentuating it.

  1. Showing off like candace does here is not exactly classy. I think it shows that she’s obsessed with her own body. The world is so much more! Not a good characteristic in my opinion.

    • Beyonce.. is Bnasty… are you sure that is her? I thought someone posted a pic of a sasquatch stealing a baby….omg… she let herself go… great pics… the other girl is not super pretty , but next to Bnasty she looks ok… back arch is weird…

          • April, You are correct, eveyone is entitled to an opinion, but also sometimes those opinions when correct can hurt. I imagine that beyonce would do anything to reduce and enlarge some of her body parts, but that kind of major reconstructive surgery is currently not allowed in the US, with time she will get her wish, I bet JZ cant wait !!! He will be so lucky someday…

        • Artemis,
          From your pic I can tell you seem attractive, however, beyonce is not. That is my opinion and you are certainly entiltled to your own. This site is called “skinny vs curvy”, not “chuncky vs Bumpy” i happen to feel that she is not curvy and defintiely not skinny. I am sorry that you feel this is in poor taste, but the fact remains it is a point of view. Many people think Beyonce is super gorgeous, but a lot of them also thinks she is nasty. My frind Malcomb adores her to pieces (reeses pieces). Malcomb happens to be almost 270lbs (rather plump) but he likes girls that way and can look past the picture above. Even Malcomb feels the above pic casts her in a rather poor and homely light, its just one pic, but it is real… and thats the best part about this site. the real photos they dont and cant airbrush… if anything it will set a new more fair erspective over women and their bodies. it will also show that Beyounce is a bit beastly, its not bad its true. I mean honestly, compare that picture with Megan fox on the beach or any Victoria Secret model…. PS I made up the part about my friend Malcomb, he is not 270lbs and he does not like beyonce. He actually thought the original post was made just to show how far from SvC she actually is.

          • removed*, in all likelihood both. If you need to lie and make people up to reinforce a point, it’s not a good one. Whether Beyonce’s body type is your style or whether she has been in better shape before, the way you express your opinion is rude and frankly makes you sound like you’re stoned on bath salts.

          • thanks, i guess..but bestiality? :/ she just isn’t skinny, she’s on the upper scale of slim and also toned and she is curvy considering her wide hips and the smaller waist(here it’s not so small cause she just had a baby, but still, those are abs on her tummy).
            just because you only like very skinny women doesn’t mean beyonce is beastly, just too big for you.

    • You’re always so nasty Anastasia. Why are you so negative all the time? I’ve regularly visited this site for a year (not so much anymore. Super busy) and 9 times out of 10 you spout nastiness. I’m not personally attacking you but you seem very negative. I can feel your vibes through a computer lol. I hope I’m wrong and you are a happy person, and your writing style just comes off that way.

      • Lauren, what exactly was so nasty about my comment? BY saying that her butt is not her best feature? That’s nasty to you? There are people on here calling her trashy and a sl*t and you think MY comment is the nasty one? Honestly, you sound like a removed*, (see now that may come off as nasty). Go worry about your life, and not the whether or not someone on the internet is happy or not.

        • Your reaction is nasty. And yeah I’m bored, that’s why I’m on thus site lol. Entertaining as hell. You’re just the one person who continually sticks out as negative in ALL of your comments. There’s something WRONG with you. You make my stomach hurt with your nastiness

          • lolll then go take some pepto bismol and lie down dipsh*t. BTW, I asked you a question, just what was so nasty about my Candice comment that warranted that stupid response from you? Funny how you never bothered to answer.

          • This is simply a GUESS, but I imagine Anastasia as being a coward in real life who would never say the kind of sh*t she does to a person’s face. Anytime I come across people like her on the web, who are basically WAITING for the next opportunity to get catty with someone, I see them as having a lot of aggression built up and they just can’t wait to explode and be nasty on the internet…anonymously, where it’s nice and safe to do so.

            Just a hunch though, she could be the queen bee in real life for all I know, able to hold her own in the hood or whatever comes her way lol.

        • I am on this site for a long time but I don’t know anyone xD
          actually your comment doesn’t seem nasty at all..but telling Lauren she’s an idiot kinda does xD
          but well..I have to agree that her butt is not her best feature but her legs are soooo great! and waist line too

      • well, honestly she’s just as negative as Erica. She just says things in a brutal or even comical way. Sometimes she crosses the line though.

        • Ary, saying I am negative most of the time is unfair – it’s probably more true that I am negative about the people you like because we have different tastes and that’s what bothers you.

          Anyway, all this calling regular commenters out is nasty to me – if you don’t like a particular person’s comments, just don’t read them or reply to them when you are offended/disagree or have something to add. Picking people out by name like you have done here, makes it personal and is just unnecessary and negative too.

          • ok, you’re right, i crossed the line. Anastasia is unfairly picked up apart too, and this wasn’t the best way of “defending” her, but the truth is most of us here are negative. And i still think it’s not just you don’t like what I like what bothers me, I like different things, I like your tastes, but I like Karlie Kloss too. It’s just S&C to me was a true opening to diversity (i didn’t care for models before!), and after these years I would be glad to feel you could see something positive about Kate Upton’s body or something :/

          • Maybe you haven’t read my recent comments about Kate Upton – I’m not as harsh as I used to be! I think she has great b❆❆bs and a pretty face – but I’m not a fan of her as a model overall.
            Anyway, you’re right – I certainly admit that I can be very negative – and sometimes more than I should be. But
            I have learned a lot from this site too – when I first came here I was more stuck in my ways about one kind of beauty – I think I have changed that somewhat. I am not as negative about skinny figures as I used to be and I do see what people like about Kate Upton or Karlie Kloss, even if neither of them really appeals to me.

            It’s always a good exercise to try to say something positive in every comment – and I do try to do that, believe it or not! I don’t often comment on posts where I can’t think of one positive thing to say!

      • Picking out a person’s comment and saying ‘you are always like this’ is personal and also kind of nasty in itself, in my book. To me, if you have a problem with a particular comment then reply directly to that comment – bringing up what someone has said in other posts over the past few months only makes it seem like you’re trying to pick a fight and single someone out for expressing themselves. And that seems like a personal attack to me. Anastasia’s reply was predictably vitriolic, but you kind of asked for it!

        • You are correct, Erica. I have stopped posting regularly because of all the constant negativity etc. I found it was spilling over into my everyday life/thoughts and giving me a warped sense of self. But I read everyone’s comments if I read a particular post; To get the full “conversation” of the post. I just kind of snapped when I read another b—y comment from that girl. Like really? And it would drive me crazy to call her out on every single post lol. I knew she’d reply nasty to my comment and no my intentions were not to be nasty to her, but to call her out and say “hey! You do this a lot. Why?” It was her opportunity to NOT come across as a rude, insensitive jerk. And on her part- FAIL. And no, I do not agree that Erica is a negative commenter. Just a very thorough and detailed poster.

        • Gosh… I find this whole conversation crazy because there’s no way to even say Anastasia is the same person making comments over the last few months! With single, first-name handles, how can any reasonable person take anything seriously on here? C’mon ladies. Let’s not get our panties in a twist.

        • Erica! removed* You are always looking down your nose at other body types that are not the same as your own. The difference between you and Anastasia is, Anastasia says what she thinks and makes no apologies for it. She isn’t a hypocrite and doesn’t go around telling everyone how “mean” and “nasty” they are.
          You on the other hand are telling people how awful they all are while at the same time, doing the same thing you are judging others for. And the only reason you get away with it is because you have a gang of goons on here who jump to your defense and gang up on anyone who says boo to you.
          removed* You are forever implying that men only like your kind of figure and how men don’t find Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr attractive. removed*

  2. Come on Candice looks amazing. Theres nothing wrong with showing your body. Im amazed how prudish people are. I can see why she lives in Brazil, the people there aren’t NEARLY as uptight as they are in say the US or UK. She’s not doing anything trashy even, its just a picture of a bikini that she was given. Beyonce has good abs.

    • I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, I just think since her entire career is showing her butt, maybe she would want to do something else with her free time lol.

      • Aafje: just how much of her free time did you think she spent taking this picture? I mean, unless she’s the stereotypical dumb model, she probably spent less than 2 minutes taking and uploading this pic.

        • Haha I just mean that if something was my job, I would want to do anything except things like my job in my free time. Of course she probably loves her job, so its probably not like UGHHH THIS AGAIN to her, she might be like MY JOB ROCKS, LETS DO MORE!!!

      • Not quite sure what you’re reading, but most of the comments on this post are negative…people calling her a narcassist, desperate, trashy, sl*ty, etc.

      • Hm. Maybe because this is (near, I’m guessing) first for Candice? And Kim does this, like, ALL the time? Yeah, THAT is why Kim would be getting bashed. Let’s put this into proper perspective, people.

        • well as annoying as kim kardashian is with her constant instagramming, I think candice’s pose is one step further… I mean it’s a string bikini (is that’s what it’s called in english) and the way she is arching her back just make this look very vulgar.
          I have to say though, that kim k probably only didn’t try this exact pose yet, because at that angle and with this bikini her a– would look huuuuge! 😉
          (I guess I just excpected more from candice, not even sure why)

        • nah, i used to follow Candice on twitter…she is kind of an attention-wh0re. all she tweeted were exhibitionist photos of herself, photos of her stuff, photos of her dogs, some photos of her family. it’s the kind of twitter feed you expect from a spoiled high-school girl, not a 24 year-old professional model. if anything, maybe attention-seeking isn’t the best word–just immature. she just doesn’t get called out as much because she’s not as infamously fame-whorish as someone like Kim K.

    • well, i think this is really bad tasted and trashy :S Cellulite or not, egocentricity/futility at this level is never a pretty thing to watch. She’s not 16, for god’s sake. Nothing better to do, apart posing? What about taking pictures with your loved ones, during a party or a family dinner? What about not taking pictures AT ALL, and just enjoy life with others???

  3. that candice pic looks so p—ish. it kinda disturbed me. ah, one sells her a–hole and another sells her baby, cant get better.. where kardashians at?

  4. When Rihanna or someone else are tweeting pics like this everybody think they are attentionw—s and s—ty. When Candice does it everybody loves her. I like her body but I think it’s sexier to leave some to the imagination.

    • it’s because she’s a model and that’s her job..showing her body and a– in tight bikinis. she’s payed for it so ppl connect this pic with those..but to me, this is same as RiRi or Kim

    • I guess you can’t read? Half the comments are calling Candice attention-seeking, desperate, etc. Just as they would Rihanna. Maybe you are selectively reading because you prefer Rihanna to Candice? Regardless of whose posing, it comes across as a bit desperate imo. Beyonce is different because she’s just playing on the beach with her baby and someone took a picture.

      • When I commented there were 16 comments, so no need to b— about it. I thought everybody would love her pics as they always do.No, I don’t prefer Rihanna. Not a fan of none
        of them.

    • When I commented there were 16 comments, so no need to b— about it. I thought everybody would love her pics as they always do.No, I don’t prefer Rihanna. Not a fan of none
      of them.

    • I completely agree. I don’t know why she’s always poking her behind out to such an obnoxious angle; she has a very nicely shaped butt. It’s unnecessary.

  5. Like these two don’t get enough positive attention for their bodies, now they need even more praise and affirmation? I can’t decide if this is narcissism or insecurity at its finest.

  6. Classy, not! Who posts photos like that of themselves?? Only self-obsessed, body-obsessed, narcissitic, s*uts who have no self-respect who think they have nothing else to offer the world. Put it away!! I can’t stand seeing young girls post derogatory photos of themselves like this (Rihanna does it all the time, but it seems every other young girl is now doing it). It just screams desperation to me – ‘look at me! look at me!’ When I was younger (I’m in my 30s), girls like this would be mocked and picked on for being ‘up themselves’ – not that I can imagine anyone sharing a photo of themselves like this back then! Now it seems to be accepted. Seems like some women are happy to just be considered sex objects. I just feel like it takes women back to the dark ages.

    • Showing your body is NOT derogatory. The human body is not a shameful thing and calling people sl*ts because they aren’t ashamed and don’t cover themselves up is idiotic.

      Being naked doesn’t make you a sex object, the people objectifying them make them sex objects. THEY are the ones that need to change not the women comfortable with showing their bodies.

      • Hmmm… so you think every non ashamed/proud person should spend hours taking pictures and center his life around what others may think about his facebook persona? that’s just a really lame way to express yourself. What about conversations and sharing opinions? What about taking artistic pics of landscapes? Or of your cat? Or of your naked body, but in a non ridiculously sexy-cliched way? What about reading a book or HAVING REAL SEX with someone you like? What a sad world, really!

        • No, I do think it is attention seeking to post pics of yourself all the time, but that doesn’t make it ok to call people sl*ts because they are ok with showing off their body all the time.

          I’m very against people using the word sl*t in general. Sl*t shaming is a problem in society and I really wish people would stop calling people that when they show more skin than them, have sex with more people than they think is acceptable etc, because it s really none of their damn business and society as a whole should stop trying to make women feel ashamed of themselves

          • i agree with you, she’s not s—ty and neither are KK or Rihanna. Actually, calling a very promiscuous woman a s— is nonsense, since s—s are not interested in sex per se. I feel attracted to sexual women who are not afraid of expressing their interest on the subject. But these celebrities don’t seem to be promiscuous too, only insecure and vacant persons. And that, in my book, is something they should work on, not saying they should feel ashamed, but just control their idiotic obsession.

          • i agree with you so so so so so much. s— shaming is ridiculous and needs to be end. Its her body, she can do as she pleases with it.

          • AMEN! Sooooooooooo sick of sl*t shaming. There is nothing wrong with wanting to show off your beautiful body. It’s her body, it is nothing to be ashamed of and she can do with it what she wants. Is it shallow? Maybe but if you look like that why not? Saying a woman should be “classy” is so freaking old fashioned and sexist. Evolve people.

      • I think it’s very easy for girls to cross the line, when it comes to showing off their goods. I mean for many women it’s like jesus, do you really need 50 photos of the exact same face shot/pose? Kim K is a perfect example, I’m so damn tired of her face…

        but on the other hand, I don’t think it’s sl*tty at all to do on occasion. And the other person who replied to your comment sure knows how to blow something out of proportion.

    • Aafie- I see what you’re saying…but you honestly think young girls do it for themselves? They usually do it for affirmation (mainly from guys) that they are ‘hot’ and the guys would ‘do them’. There is a fine line imo of being sexually liberated, and sexually exploited. These days, girls ARE sexually exploiting themselves. I’m not saying they should be trashed (although also in my day, if girls wore what they wear now/ did the same things they would have been trashed for it). But what I am saying is more ‘mature’ people need to do something about it. The media should have some ethical standards…though basically, there are none when it comes to money.

      I know there is pretty much no way around it, but it doesn’t make it right. The fact that society is so accepting of it is scary. Sure, men shouldn’t take advantage…but young women (and most often these women are still GIRLS) need to have and be shown some self respect. Boys now walk around with naked girls on their shirts all the time. Girls post up half naked pics of themselves on FB. WHY is this necessary?

      If people think that this is honestly liberation, then they are kidding themselves. I agree Loos, it takes us back to the dark ages. Sure women can have more career options now (even then we still often earn less than men in the same job), and we have more choices for being mums (still, we are widely judged for our decisions)…yet, young women mainly are now expected to be sexually aware…and not just aware…but exploited.

      I saw a young girl in Coles the other day, she honestly would have been about 13. She had a tight mid drift top on, low rise shorts that showed her bum cheeks, piles of makeup and her hair bleached and done perfectly in a ‘beach’ type look…thats not uncommon these days, but I could see her watching every single man to see if they were looking. She was a tiny skinny thing. Like, as in underdeveloped skinny, not a ‘natural’ VS type skinny. WAY smaller and skinnier. She definately had an adolescent body. NO doubt there. She was swaggering around the shop, climbing on shelves to get things from the top, and put her legs up one one shelf kind of swinging it at the knee and trying to stick her hip out (all while seeihng the attention she got from men).

      That made me sick. 1) that men now think that is normal and prey on GIRLS like that. 2) That GIRLS like that feel the need to dress like that and get the attention for their self worth.

      It was scary. She was still a CHILD.

      • Aafie- and I do agree that they should not be labelled as ‘sl*ts’ but I’m just saying that just because they shouldn’t be labelled as that…doesn’t mean they won’t be. It also doesn’t mean that young women/ girls should not take care of themselves and have self respect.

        It is disrespectful to themselves because they are putting themselves out there as sex objects. Yes, it would be perfect if women and men alike could post thousands of pictures of themselves naked/ half naked and we could all see it as ‘art’ and in a non sexual way. But…that’s not how it is. It is SEXUAL. these people are trying to be sexual. They are aiming for the predetors who they know will give them that validation. Why do they feel they need this validation? People can dress it up all they like, but the purpose of these photos and ways of dressing are 99% of the time for validation and reassurance that the girls is sexy to men. That, I’m sorry, is not liberation in anyway.

        • I don’t feel that that it would be considered exploiting themselves if the misogynistic culture wasn’t in place. If society was more respectful of women then they could handle seeing scantily clad women and not consider them sexual objects. Women shouldn’t have to conform to certain ideals just because certain other people can’t look at them without seeing a piece of ass.
          For example when men post shirtless pics all over the net they aren’t seen as degrading themselves, they aren’t seen as exploiting their bodies and they are not seen as s—s, they are just seen as what they are: attention seekers.
          It shouldn’t be up to women to have to change themselves to stop people sexually exploiting them, it should be up to the people who actually do the exploiting to change their behaviour.

          • that’s a clever answer…. but i still dislike / make fun of that kind of men. At the end of the day, sexually fulfilled people are not spending more time with their iphones than with partners. And i just think how weird it would be for me posting pics like that…i share so much things with my family and my long long term friends on fb, and that’s so refreshing! What are they supposed to feedback to me if the only thing i’m offering to them is pics of my butt? It would be like keeping them away of my digital world.

          • but hiking your butt up and standing like you want to have sex with the camera is NOT respectful. So why should I respect that? And I would say the same thing if it was a guy in that pose to. Pics like that should be reserved for your man, in the bed room, not for the world to see.

        • Solaxia I totally agree with you that there needs to be more ethical standards by the media.

          Little girls and young teenage girls observe the world around them and they act as they think is accepted and cool. The female body is constantly portrayed in a sexual manner in our society, so it is no wonder that very young girls begin to sexualise themselves. They listen to music like Nicole Sherzinger ‘wet’ and ‘s— like you’ by Pink. They wear booty shorts.

          Our society sends a message to women that their bodies are public property. Consequently, men think they are entitled to judge women, and in extreme and horrible cases, rape them. Violent p—ography featuring young women also perpetuates this message and unfortunately, almost all men watch it.

          We now have issues like ‘creep shots’, which is now on facebook and has not been removed. Some men think it is their right to take a woman’s image, upload it, and make pathetic little comments about her body, either sexualizing her or criticizing her.

          It may seem I have gone off topic but my main point is that the media sexualizes women, young girls sexualize themselves in turn, and we have serious issues concerning female safety and self-esteem. Girls need to know they are more than their bodies, than their beauty, without that, they will be unhappy and feel empty. I think the only way to enforce this in young girls is to limit their magazine and internet usage and encourage reading, playing an instrument etc etc.

          I guess Candice’s picture is just one of millions that asks for affirmation. I wonder if Candice knows she is more than her body.

      • Completley agree with this comment it disturbing i c ths all the time, its creepy and i really hope not all men have a perve on a 13 year old..or even older if they are grown men they shld be lookin at WOMEN. I hope i never have a daughter or a child a all!!! The world really s not fairvandbit wil never be good to be a women/hirl. Atleast not in my opinion

      • Solaxia, you said it better than I said it. The point I was trying to make is exactly what you’re saying -these girls aren’t being ‘arty’, they are deliberately trying to be sexual and to appeal to men. It seems that many girls now use the excuse that they are ‘sexually liberated’. i think that is a joke. They are doing it for attention from men, plain and simple. They obviously feel they have nothing to offer men other than their bodies and I think it’s a real shame that women and, in particular, young girls feel the need to behave this way to get attention from boys/men. It screams desperation and low self-esteem to me and I think it’s a product of the constant messages women/girls get through media and the like that the way they look and being ‘sexy’ is the most important thing, if not the only thing, a woman has to offer. Aafjie, you’re right – calling her a ‘s*ut’ is a bit harsh and it isn’t a nice word but I think girls/women need to be discouraged from behaving that way because of the reasons they are doing it. There is no reason to post pictures like that of yourself other than to get attention from men.

      • Tweens doing inappropriate things has ALWAYS happened, just in different ways.
        Also… if a 13 year old was acting like that, its much more of the parent’s fault than it was the girls or even really the media because at 13 your brain is nowhere near finished developing. I’m sure she saw someone dressed like that in a magazine or on TV and thought it looked hot. Since she’s 13 and probably hasn’t finished puberty/almost definitely isn’t sexual I doubt she understands the decision to dress “provocatively” (for lack of a better word). She just thinks she looks hot even though she’s too young to really understand what looking hot or looking sexy means. Solution is easy: don’t let your kids leave the house like that if they are too young to make decisions regarding their sexuality.

        However, if it was an 18 year old dressing like that I don’t think it would be right to judge her. Because that’s an adult and even if you personally do not make the same choices with your body as she does … who are you to judge? she can do what she wants with her body, you can do whatever you want with yours.

        • I never said it was the girls fault. I could write a lot more but my comment was already long enough. There isn’t judgement in my comment. I try not to make judgement about people. particularly kids, but it is unavoidable. You may think that you can be completely non judgemental but that’s not possible.

          The point of my post is being overlooked. I am trying to say that there is an EXPECTATION now for girls to act like this for men. I do think it is on the parents…but come on…did you really listen to your parents that much!? I remember when I was 16/17 doing things behind my parents backs, and wearing innappropriate things. However, it wasn’t as innappropriate as what girls wear now,…plus I was one of the ‘rebel’ types…which was definately outcast. Now, there is an expectation for girls to act like this and wear next to nothing FOR MEN. That is what the point of my post is. It’s not me necessarily judging the children/ teens/ young women, it’s me saying that I understand the pressures and it is sad that there aren’t enough role models to say that is not necessarily the ideal way to act…that there are other ways to act, and ways to have self respect without showing your body. I’m saying there is little to no option now. It is normal.

          Also, yes of course there has always been delinquent behaviour/ dressing from tweens. I was one once. It was not as widespread as it is now. Sorry, but it’s not. I too am closer to 30…the internet/ p— was not as easily accessible 13 years ago. It has made an impact.

          Yes, at 18 you are more of an adult…but wait until you get to 25. You will see how much you have changed. The point of my post isn’t about what decisions girls make, and what they should be doing. It’s about the expectations and pressures, and the subsequent shift in behaviours and outlook on young women to act a particular way.

        • at 13 your brain is nowhere near finished developing. I’m sure she saw someone dressed like that in a magazine or on TV and thought it looked hot. Since she’s 13 and probably hasn’t finished puberty/almost definitely isn’t sexual I doubt she understands the decision to dress “provocatively”

          WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

          • At 13, personally, I did understand quite a bit about sex and had been ‘taking care of personal business’ for like 2 years by then 😉 (excuse the way too much information – just trying to show that girls under 13 can definitely be sexual!).
            I had noticed how boys were treating me differently and looking at my boobs, etc. I certainly would have understood what provocative was and could tell if someone was looking at me with interest – I could flirt then, for sure. It’s perfectly possible for a 13 year old girl to know that she is sexually attractive – she probably won’t understand the ramifications of that, but I’m pretty sure the 13 year old brain is capable of thinking sexually. I had had my period for 2 years by the time I was 13 and was quite developed physically – so puberty was quite far along. It definitely doesn’t mean I was mentally mature enough to be sexually active or available, and that’s the danger of it.

            A 13 year old should not be dressing like a mature woman because she isn’t – and it has it’s dangers that someone that age just can’t foresee or handle. I’ve seen girls dressed like that too – even saw one being chatted up by a guy who seriously had no idea she was under 18 and she would have gone along with it too. Dressing like that under 16 should be discouraged, imo.

          • I was thirteen five years ago, so not even too long ago. I thought I understood what dressing provocatively meant… but I definitely did not. Why is that wrong?

          • @Erica I got my period when I was in 5th grade so by 13 I was also well into puberty, but that doesn’t mean that someone is sexual or understands sex. I knew what sex was and knew how it worked and knew what being sexually attractive was… but there was just way more that I didn’t understand, what it meant to start having sex and all of that. And it’s true that no one’s brain is anywhere near finished developing at 13. 13 year old flirt and have “boyfriends” but still are too young to fully understand sex seeing as they have not matured fully and brains are still developing with a lot to go.

          • I reread my comment MissMarilyn, I don’t really see where we disagree! I said, in my usual un-succinct way, that 13 year olds can be aware of sex and sexual attraction, but don’t know what the ramifications of that are and therefore it can be dangerous. Of course a 13 year old brain is not fully developed – our brains are not fully mature until age 25, actually, according to research (but of course, it is maturing all the time, really)!
            I’m not trying to suggest a 13 year old fully knows what she’s doing when she’s dressing provocatively and trying to get male attention – but she half-knows and that’s what makes it so dangerous.

          • @Erica I don’t see where we disagree; sorry for the confusion, that comment was directed more at Artemis who just said WRONG WRONG WRONG with no explanation after haha.

      • I agree with you solaxia. People can come up with plenty of other causes for the phenomenon, such as parents, etc, but just because those exist doesn’t change the fact that there is still a huge expectation of women to be sexy for men. And it unfortunately is extending to younger and younger girls these days. Even coming to this site influences me to worry more about my appearance and whether I am sexy or not, etc. I come here to help myself gain healthy body image, which this site is great for, but the whole pressure to be sexy, cute, pretty, hot, etc is nonetheless a part of all celebrity/media/TV/Hollywood stuff. And it is not really beneficial to anyone because in the end it only makes girls feel inadequate and not good enough, unless they do XYZ behavior, dress, makeup. And even after doing those things, they will still feel inadequate because it’s become an emotional/mental habit.

        • I guess where some people misinterpreted your comment was in thinking that you were somehow judging women/girls who dress inappropriately or sexually objectify themselves, and the response was that people can do what they want with their body, its their choice and they shouldn’t be judged. I agree with that, but that wasn’t really the point of what solaxia was saying…. she was more lamenting the fact that these women feel the need to do this (which isn’t THEIR fault, but a result of the culture). No one is judging those particular girls for their photos on fb or whatever, but its more just sad that this is a common thing and it is largely driven by pressure to please men sexually.

          • I feel like lots of women (not all) post pictures like this not to been seen sexually, but because they work really hard to get their bodies to look that good and so they want to show off their hard work. When I work really hard on a painting I want to show it off and I think pictures of bodies can be that way too.

          • @aafje, the difference is that this photo is SEXUAL, whereas your painting is not. Its not JUST ” oh look at how beautiful my body is “, its also “look how hot and sexy i am and how all men want to have sex w me” (well maybe not literally that but you know what i mean 😉

            and while candice might be proud of the work she puts into her body, that is not the case for your avg girl on fb who posts those kind of pics … they are just looking for positive attention to reaffirm them into thinking their hot because they’re (for the most part) insecure about it.

            Acutually, even if ppl post these pics because they are proud of their body, I still dont think its that great because they are only “proud” of it because they are measuring up to current beauty standards, which are directed towards satisfying men. So it’s still all about chasing after some intangible sexual ideal

          • I dunno i follow a lot of fitness tumblrs and they post pics in short shorts and bras all the time, and for them its about their health not about pleasing men and they are showing off muscles and progress etc. No I don’t think that is what candice is doing in this picture, but we can’t just flatout say that all women who post pics of themselves are attention seeking hos. Lots of women just want support to keep going with weight loss/ muscle building etc. But yes many people out there just want attention.

            BUT attention isn’t always a bad thing, how would you all feel if no one ever paid any attention to you? (Too much attention can be bad of course)

  7. I love Candice’s body,but I think this is trashy 🙁 I like her, so I’m disappointed but to her, she probably thinks…everyone has seen my butt thousands of times in VS ads, so what’s the big deal? Beyonce…woman of the century? I do not like her body type at all.

  8. I don’t understand why people need to post pictures of themselves in bikinis. It’s like those girls on facebook — not the ones who post group pictures at a party or when they’re participating in a genuine activity, but the ones who do these “posy” shots that serve no purpose except to say “look at me!” I don’t care that you wore a bikini just like I don’t care that you had a hot dog for lunch and burped. We don’t need to know all of your business, or see your assets on display all the time. .

  9. It looks like she has a horrible wedgie. And on a side note, (I am not in anyway denying the fact that Candice has a beautiful body), but if Kate Upton were posing and “thanking” someone for a bathing suit top and the same percentage of her b❆❆bs were out…Well, you all know what kind of comments would be going down.

  10. I think Candace has a great butt. Yes she arches, but you can only arch so much you guys…my s—ky co-worker has no behind, and as much as she tries to arch her back?…nothing.

  11. considering Candice spends the majority of her time in bikinis, this picture comes off as a tad attention-seeking. as for Beyoncé…let’s just say that this picture is a much more realistic representation of her body than the GQ pictures.

  12. Candice needs to stick to showing her legs/waist her bum is nonexistent to me…beyonce looks good and not that much different body wise from her cover.

    • I actually think she has a nice butt, it may not be big, but definitely looks toned. She isn’t my favorite model, or even close. She is overrated in my opinion.

  13. Candice seems to be falling in love with herself. She’s been posting all kinds of stuff like this on Twitter. Narcissistic are we? What a turn off…

  14. Candice looks like she needs physiotherapy.
    Also posting forcedly sexy underwear/bikini pictures of yourself on Twitter is just awkward. It was when Kelly Brook did it, when Kim did it, when Rihanna did it, and it’s no different with Candice. You’d think she’s getting enough attention for her body without taking it to social networks.

  15. Doesnt it hurt to constantly arch your back to appear curvy like Candice does? Surely that is going to cause some problems down the line. I do think she is beautiful though, nothing wrong with showing off what you are proud of – even if that may be your body. Im a bit confused how her hair is wet yet she is wearing makeup though? lol.
    Beyonce – I actually am a huge fan of her body. I like the look of a flat/tiny waist/stomach and a thicker lower body. I think the contrast is nice, she is definitely beautiful but as far as sexiest of the century.. beauty is subjective so everyone will have a different opinion on that. No denying she looks damn good though.

  16. Candice looks nice. The booty looks great. Beyonce never really wears nice bikinis, common let us see that body that everybody are talking about.

  17. dont’ like her me she has no ass..she’s just trying too hard to make it look perky and big..but her spine will crack in half
    she has nice stomach although 🙂

    • Lol exactly! If she took all that effort that she puts into creating the illusion of a bum and actually worked out to build a *real* bum, she wouldn’t have to arch her spine so much. That being said, I have a slight swayback and it’s not too difficult to pose like that lol!!

  18. she deleted the pic from instagram..maby because all the negative feedback o.O or maby she figured out she’s great and she doesn’t neet to prove herself to anyone 😀

    • naaa, she deleted it because any pictures that are uploaded on instagram, the company that owns instagram (i don’t know which one — i think i heard a while back that facebook bought it, but i’m not sure), can resell those pictures to make their own money.

      • yeah, facebook bought it
        I think celebs workout this way: they put a picture that is kinda extravagant or explicit and then after 3 days they delete it because world has seen it xd

  19. My back just hurts looking at her. She is definitely beautiful. What amazes me is the amount of people that think she actually has a butt when in reality she doesn’t. It’s the illusion of her crazy arches.

  20. Candice’s pic seems attention-seeking but she is drop dead gorgeous so I let it pass. If she has it, flaunt it. Beyonce looks like her same average, unremarkable self as always. “Sexiest woman of the century”, indeed lmfao.

  21. Candice is just annoying now. I used to like her, but now she seems to be attention-seeking or something. She always poses so hard and thrusts her hips out to look more curvy. In photo-shoots she looks curvy but in normal candid photos she’s skinnier and not as curvy. There’s nothing wrong with her body either way, but she doesn’t need to pose like that all the time. She’s a pretty woman, but she’s become tiresome and boring now like some other celebs. Anyway, I’m not a fan of Beyonce but she looks good there… Nice and healthy.

    • i feel like she does have to do those crazy poses just because victoria’s secrets models are supposed to be generally thin, but with slight curves in the right places and she just doesn’t have enough fat on her body to have that look… and i know this photo wasn’t for victoria’s secret, but she probably can’t risk having a picture where her butt looks smaller

  22. I think Candice is honestly going to have back problems down the road. She is always arching her back in this ridiculous and contrived way. Her long lean legs and small WHR are her best traits. Her bum is kind of flat but no need to break your back trying to stick it out like crazy lol.

  23. i think she was just paid by this bikini brand to post a ” candid ” pic on the Internet. she is just modeling. but,well, her choice of profession might say smthg about her personality anyway.

  24. candice’s pic-that’s the kind of pic she should send to her bf only, lol. and no matter what she does, she’ll always have a too small butt.
    beyonce looks boxier than in those pics where she seems small boned(the cover especially).

    • “She’ll always have a too small butt”

      Disagree ! She can start doing heavy weighted squats… But no she won’t so maybe you’re right lol

  25. Candice is gorgeous and has a great body, but that extremely awkward back breaking pose looks ridiculous. She can’t give the illusion of a booty no matter what kind of ridiculous pose she does.

  26. lol at everyone saying how “unclassy” candice is, she’s a bikini model, what were you expecting? I cant think of a single lingerie model that is classy. I didnt have any different expectations from Candice.

  27. How is she being an attention w—- for tweeting about her work which is lingerie and swimsuit photoshoots?

    Also, Moderator, I don’t think its right to not post the whole story…. Candice didn’t just randomly post a picture of herself on twitter. She was tweeting and thanking the people who made and sent her the swimsuit. The pose is kinda on the exhibition side but still… Also btw, I used to actually follow her on twitter, unlike the person who claimed above, and all she posts about are her dogs, the beach, and upcoming VS pictures she just shot.

    • A lot of people are being plain nasty. That definitely puts a new spin on the picture; now maybe they’ll stop calling her an attention w—- and trashing her based on that

  28. I hate it when girls post butt photos especially when they have no butt whatsoever and it’s clear how much they’re arching their back.

  29. Beyonce.. is Bnasty… are you sure that is her? I thought someone posted a pic of a sasquatch stealing a baby….omg… she let herself go… great pics… the other girl is not super pretty , but next to Bnasty she looks ok… back arch is weird…

  30. Hahahaha who poses like that without a photographer in the same room or a product to advertise? It ‘s like “I just woke up, let’s do this weird thing to my butt, take a photo and show it to innocent people”!

  31. She’s got such an amazing body.

    Also, I don’t get how some of you go nuts over how bad flat butts are. Compared to actual flat butts, she is quite well endowed actually. Nothing much we can do about genetics.

    Also, please no ‘flat butts aren’t bad, it’s showing them off as if they were perfect that is!’
    I say let flat butted girls be proud of their flat butts if they want.

    idk, freedom and tolerance. Haha

    • I never say anything against flat butts, nor do I think Candice has a flat butt, but it’s not only genetics that determine booty size. Anyone can get a bigger butt by doing lots of squats every day 🙂 it works your butt muscles and they grow.

      Now I’m not saying anyone can have a Kim Kardashian sized butt just from doing squats but even the flattest butt can get significantly rounder, regardless of genetics.

  32. I’m sorry buy y’all are f up.

    Beyonce is GORGEOUS. This is a candid photo of a mother genuinely enjoying spending time with her baby. Her hair is natural, her bikini isn’t taped into place and yeah, maybe it isn’t the most flattering. But look at her arms and her legs – she isn’t “chunky”. She has wide hips, yes, but that is her body type. But mostly, my god, look at her stomach – she has ABS. She is leaning over and has ABS. Girlfriend is fit. Sorry she isn’t a skinny mini and that isn’t good enough for you. Sorry this pic isn’t photoshopped to s— and she doesn’t glow and shine and have a whittled waist and perfect perky b❆❆bs that have been dodged and burned into the perfect position. She is having FUN with her child, not giving two s—s about if her hair isn’t great or a certain body part doesn’t look top shape in a photograph, and that is so refreshing to see. I am so tired of seeing skinny girls pouting in bikinis on a beach, waiting for a pap to take a photo, and thinking they are god’s gift to the world cause they have a thigh gap.

    Jesus christ some of you need to get your priorities straight.

  33. While I’m not a fan of how muscular pronounced Candice’s butt looks, to stickher next to Beyonce must be humiliating to Beyonce if she sees this, I saw a youtube video of her in the audience at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, last year? two years ago? she looked like she was choking having to clap for all those gorgeous models, egomaniac, sasquatch (that one made me laugh)

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