Christina Hendricks Looks Pretty and Brings Today’s Quote

Christina Hendricks Looks Pretty and Brings Today's Quote 1

On how body & style criticism “hurts your soul”:

There is such a business these days based on being critical. It’s always been there, but now there are entire magazines devoted to shredding people-who wore the worst dress, who had the worst cellulite. It just, you know, hurts your soul. At the end of the day, you’re just going to a big party. You have to remind yourself to wear the things you love. Sometimes your friends or a stylist will go, “Yeah…no.” Sometimes you can’t see yourself with objectivity, but you have to go with what you think is pretty.

… says Christina.

Pictured: Christina in Los Angeles Times, looking like a porcelain doll.

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38 thoughts on “Christina Hendricks Looks Pretty and Brings Today’s Quote”

    • She has a slightly assymetrical face. You can see it in candids when she smiles.

      I’m actually surprised (and pleased) that they did not photoshop it out. Most people’s faces are assymetric…even Adriana Lima’s.

      • I have always noticed this about people’s faces too! Though when I said Adriana Lima’s has quite a few asymmetric qualities, people just thought I was mad. If you go flip a photo of a celebrity so it’s like the image they would see in a mirror, the asymmetry pops out.

      • as asymmetry goes she is actually, at least in these photos, not bad at all. and usually if you do notice it it means you spend too much time looking at peoples faces. Asymmtry is everywhere in nature so much so that the human eye tends not to notice. I know photographers who do and plastic surgeons do as well, but thats cause its their job to scrutinise peoples faces.

        • I don’t think there is anything wrong with being asymmetrical. I only notice it because I draw people, not because I’m scanning everyone’s faces to pick out the tiniest flaws or anything like that.

        • I didn’t say anything was wrong with it…. I said she has a slightly assymetrical face, not that she’s disfigured. And I said most faces are that way…

          As for spending too much time looking at faces, you can see it within 5 seconds of looking at someone. I was just telling the orignal poster why her eye is higher than the other.

          • I noticed it right away, too, but I’m self-conscious of my own eyes. So I tend to notice that first on other people. Not a big deal, just something I notice.

          • I don’t think there is a single person out there with a perfectly symmetrical face. There is not such thing as perfection, there are people that get close but not one is born with a naturally, perfectly symmetrical face.

  1. I like that quote, well said!

    I love red hair and pale skin I think it is gorgeous (and so rare now with the tanning craze), but every time I see christina she has on loads and loads of makeup, its so unneccessery she is drop-dead gorgeous, I’m not knocking her I just wish the people who style her and do her make-up didnt feel the need to make her face look so dramatic all the time, I bet she would look amazing with natural makeup.

  2. I love such delicate and harmonious features, just as you said, porcelain doll like. She has an extremely beautiful face with a very fortunate figure, that will look good at a wide range of weight possibilities. I envy her!

  3. I’m getting to the point where i get annoyed of her comments bc it’s always more or less the same, but in her case i’m pretty sure it IS the interviewers that are talking about the things that are “hot” right now. (Bc in some cases, for example Kardashians, it’s the questions they are asked to a degree, but also they bring the stuff up a lot and maybe don’t have much other to offer) She’s very beautiful, and seems nice. I’ve liked her ever since Firefly 🙂

    • You’re seriously comparing her to the Kardashians, who are famous for nothing and actively push themselves into the public eye, like some kind of media plague?

      At least she’s a good actress. Love her in Mad men.

  4. Wow, truly amazing photos of her! Every woman should get these kinds of photos taken at some point in her life – beautiful makeup, beautiful jewelry, and that airbrushed flawless complexion.

  5. Great quote. Sometimes, at the end of the day, you should put down those gossip magazines and maybe you’ll feel much better about yourself (I know I did) 🙂

  6. Everybody got an eye slightly smaller than the other one CUS,even one b❆❆b is slightly smaller and one foot…. Anyway she looks pretty.

  7. I know I will be the only one but I find her overrated.
    and she’s overweight. There is a difference between curvy and overweight. Kelly Brook and Kim Kardashain are curvy. CH however needs to lose a few pounds.

    • Seriously? She is not overweight. In an episode of Mad Men once they revealed her weight (140 lbs). If this is her true weight, she would have to be shorter than 5 ft. 3 in to be even considered overweight. Also, comparing CH’s natural curves to KK cosmetically engineered ones is ridiculous.

      • I highly doubt that is her real weight.
        Christina is quite tall. I’ve read that she’s 5′ 7”-5′ 8”.
        She’s probably around 150-165 depending on her amount of muscle tone and other factors.
        Also, that whole “the camera adds 10 pounds” thing is the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard.

        In my opinion, most people look the same or thinner in photos. Especially those taken with high quality cameras.

        • em the camera takes a two dimensional image of a three dimensional object- if you don’t understand how that makes you fatter go back to school and ask your science teacher to explain.

          • I disagree also. This used to be the case for older cameras, but the new high quality digital cameras (over)compensate. The images tend to sharpen the pictures to catch all of the detail, which in turn can make people look very skeletony and adds shadows where shadows did not exist.

            Not to mention flash always made people look thinner rather than larger.

    • I really don’t think that she is.
      And even if she was, there’s no way her waist measurement would be anywhere near the risk limits. She looks fine and healthy to me.

  8. I like this girl….she`s so relaxed and down to earth with body types, she`s one of the very few women I actually feel might be inspirational on the topic of body image (ppl like Tyra, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Crystal Renn I find completely annoying and fake and trying to toot their own horn so to speak).

    • Tyra’s the worst. It’s funny to watch her contradict herself all the time and occasionally try to backpedal, though!

  9. I think that every time there is a post about Mischa Barton we should all stop what we’re doing and reread this quote.

    • Well said! And Christina Hendricks looks beautiful, she’s such an adorable woman, I prefer her over January Jones in Mad Men! Did anyone notice that her face looks slightly similar to Angelina Jolie’s sometimes, but softer?

  10. beautiful!!!, i know there’s a lot of photoshop going on, but she naturally has nice skin and lovely features

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