Birtney’s Flat Tummy Exposed


If that t-shirt hadn’t been cropped, these pictures wouldn’t have been oh so worthy-to-post. But the tee IS tiny and Britney’s flat stomach IS revealed and her abs ARE looking good!

Good for her for maintaining her shape – how does she do it? Well, dancing on tour (as she is in these pics) are definitely an ingredient of her fit figure.




8 thoughts on “Birtney’s Flat Tummy Exposed”

  1. she fit and healthy.

    but she still not in her prime.remember I 'm slave for you days? those were the days….

    i guess i'm expecting too much?

    • Well, I mean I agree with you. But she is no longer 21, she has had two kids and went through a pretty bad depression and weight gain.

      So considering the circumstances, she looks pretty amazing.

  2. I think even when she put the weight on she just looked like a normal women, I dont think she look fat, her problem back then was she last all sense of style as well. But like Elizabeth said she went through depression but she seems to be fighting back and I think she looks better then ever!! So excited to go see her this year :D:D:D

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