Britney Spears Brings the Quote of the Day

Britney Spears Brings the Quote of the Day 1

On the fact that people find her sexy:

‘I don’t see myself like that at all. I don’t know why. To me, someone who is sexy is someone with confidence, who carries themselves properly and is comfortable in their own skin. ‘It’s very flattering but at the same time I think it’s sexier when you don’t try and you’re just yourself. We all like to feel sexy.’

… says Britney in Look Magazine.

See Brit Brit from the back on her latest shopping spree after the jump!

Britney Spears Brings the Quote of the Day 2

29 thoughts on “Britney Spears Brings the Quote of the Day”

  1. She was at her best in the video I’m A Slave 4 U! To me she will never be the same. She is thick and her hair is always in a bad weave. Done.

  2. She looks waaay better with dark hair instead of blonde 🙂 I knew she will be ok after all the mess in her life… I hope Lindsay will be too…

  3. She looks classier with the dark hair. Although the blond looked good on her too. I think she’s a great role model. She overcame her obstacles (mental illness) and got it together. I can’t imagine how difficult that was for her. But she did it with the help of medication and determination.

    • omg! you are a breath of fresh air! i felt so sorry and scared for her when she was in her down period. i felt really angry with how careless and selfish the human race could be just cashing in on someones illness and misfortune. i think it would be harder for a celeb

  4. I don’t find her sexy but whatever…

    Why does her hair always looks so crappy?? It always looks so greasy and stuff…does she ever wash it?? I mean look at the second picture, it looks like she’s bald. I’m sorry if I sound cruel but I don’t understand why someone like her has to go around with her hair looking like if she lived in the street. I’m pretty sure she has money for shampoo and a comb…

  5. she looks HORRIBLE with black hair, I love her as blonde, platinum, golden blonde, but always blonde, black is beyond awful for her, and she always change it from blonde to black, the blonde again then black, she started to do it when she fell ill, i always loved britney and always will but i like her blonde.

  6. I just kind of like Britney. She is endearing for me, and, of course I remember her younger years and how good she looked at 21, but, I think, she looks fine now. She probably has different priorities, and I really think it must be difficult to suffer the constant barage of “fat” from the media. I think I would crumble under all the millions of insults. I don’t think half of them are warranted (and all of them seem unneccessary).

  7. Don’t worry, Britney, I don’t find you very sexy…

    But she was one of the prettiest girls of all time back in the day. She still looks good. Actually it’s great to see that she recuperated to this after all the s*** she’s put her body through.

  8. lol at people saying thing about classy. Lollollol she´s not classy her hair is greasy and she doesn´t wear bra´s 🙁 why why why…. please put on a bra

    • couldn’t agree more. she always looks kinda trailor park to me. she used to look very sexy as a teen and especially in her early twenties, but i have to admit i find her rather blah nowadays

  9. I have to admit I never found her sexy even in her teenage days. But I come from a very different aesthetic. I always her persona be too garish and cliche. it was and still is the old angel/s— polarity in play.

  10. Yeah…”Slave 4 You” was definitely her “sexiest time”. She probably had more confidence back then, before all the crazy umbrella fights and head shavings. I feel for her…

  11. I don’t think she’s sexy either. No bra, dirty clothes, greasy hair. Forget the confidence and just start with a basic makeover. She is so gross.

  12. Brit Brit has your typical texas girl body. Yeah, I agree people – what the heck is with the greasy hair? If you dont want to wash it – get someone to do it for you!!!

  13. She was a GODDESS back in I’m a slave for you! So beautiful and gorgeous!!! I just couldn’t beleve how amazing she was… She has taken steps far forward comperd a couple of years, but nothing like when she was about 8 years younger….

  14. i think her body looks good.britneys has always been effortlessly sexy to me.i like it that she doesn’t comb her hair.britney is very normal and thats what appeals to me about her.

  15. I don’t think it is fair to comment on her anymore.
    She was not a well lady and is never going to get back to the way she used to look. She still looks good. I read she takes loads of tablets for her mental health problems. She is never going to look a million dollars with all that medication.

  16. Seriously, is there a dictionary or handbook of ‘things celebs should always say’ that we don’t know about.

    I’ve heard this statement (with only slight variations) about million times when asked questions like this.

    Its so boring to always hear the same thing. I know PR have to do their damage control but please mix it up a bit!

  17. only thing i can’t understand..why is everybody comparing her present body with what she looked like at i’m a slave for you time, she was 19 back then!what do you aspect?
    of course she could do better…but seriously…you can’t have a teenage body forever…

  18. I think britney is so sweet and she deserves alot more respect. Britney is very sexy. She is just such a good person, sure she’s made mistakes, but she realized that and you know, the things she has done wasn’t really that big a deal, PPl always make it sound way worse. I’ve always been a fan, but now she has even more rspect from me for her. I can’t wait for her 7th album

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