44 thoughts on “Camila Belle’s New Bangs: Makeover or Makeunder?”

  1. Not a fan. she is so pretty though. But i just realized, has she been in anything lately? I just see her being photographed. She doesnt work!

    • Camilla Belle: Filmography

      2014 Love Is All You Need? (pre-production)

      2014 The American Side (post-production)

      2013 Amapola (post-production)

      2013 I Brake for Gringos (completed)

      2013 Bangkok Love Story (in production)

      2013 Cavemen

      2013 Zero Hour

      2013 Open Road

        • Someone doesn’t have a z list acting career if they purposely choose to do indie movies or movies that aren’t Hollywood blockbusters. The first film I saw her in was “The Ballad of Jack & Rose” with co-star Daniel Day Lewis, and not only is she a fantastic actress, but she possesses true natural beauty just like Natalie Portman.
          All that said, the bangs make her look so bad! I hope it’s a wig!!!

          • She is INCREDIBLE in The Ballad of Jack and Rose, as is Daniel Day Lewis. One of my favorite movies to dates… and agreed Jennifer, an indie career is a different career that is *often* full of better roles, especially for women her age/that look her age. Anyway, if she intrigues you at all, watch that movie. It’s a gorgeous one!

  2. The foundation is too light for her. I remember when Hugh Heffner said she was the most beautiful women in hollywood. I agree that she is one of the most beautiful and I always appreciated her humble personality. The makeover…I am all for one switching up their look. it definitely seems like she trying for the good girl gone bad look. Maybe she’s working on her image so she can get more work.

  3. Beautiful woman. Unique, lovely face with such an amazing complexion. Camille has one of those faces that would leave one guessing on end, as to what nationality she really belongs to. She could easily pass for a mixed race lady, even though she might be pure caucasian. Exotic, best description I can give her. Her hairstyle is not really my preference. I would personally love to see how she looks with a lighter hair shade, preferably auburn or golden brown.

    • She’s half Brazilian with portuguese and italian heritage on one side and half american with english and french heritage apparently.

  4. It’s difficult to judge….her hair looks almost greasy in the shots with the bangs, and the horrible make-up does not help the cause. Even besides all that, I would have to go with under.
    I love her nose.

  5. She’s really beautiful and striking – but this hair and makeup is very unflattering, imo. It makes her look a lot older. I’ve always thought she was very pretty and has a great figure too – but she often wears too much makeup.

  6. This is so 90’s, the BAD 90’s. And I don’t like her makeup, too light foundation and bad contouring around the nose. Or did she get a nose job? Hmm. Something is off

  7. Awful makeunder! She looks like Paz de la Huerta here and that is NOT a good thing.

    Plus the contouring on her already slim nose is totally unnecessary and looks a little odd.

    She is one of my fave beauties but this look is doing her no favors. Dark lipstick *shudder*

  8. She is such a beauty, but that’s a total make under. I hate those short bangs on anyone looks like a kid got a pair of scissors and cut them.

  9. I actuallly like it on her… she has quite a big forehead and the short hair with bangs puts the focus on her face, which is gorgeous:)

  10. Before she looked more like a girl-next-door, and with the haircut she looks more edgy. I don’t think it’s bad nor good. It’s just a change, a change of style.

  11. the cuts probably ok, but why is it styled like this? too much gel and ugly curls. If this was flat ironed it would probably look cool and modern. I will reserve judgement until I see it styled differently

  12. Horrible… I don’t know what’s up with the chicks turning to too short bangs, they look like a– on majority of the population. This is like Haley Williams’ new do but not as ugly but still pretty ugly.

  13. She’s one of the most beautiful actresses in my opinion and I always wonder why she hasn’t gotten more well known work (notice I said well known work as in she’s not in any blockbusters etc like scarjo, blake, JLaw and all those girls). I prefer her old hair stye.

  14. I loooooooove her face, especially because she reminds me of my most favourite game character (Rinoa from Final Fantasy 8, look her up, they look so alike!)

  15. That looks like a wig, maybe it is. Either way she is radiant, she could be bald and still be prettier than 95% of the population.

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