Camilla Bella and Emmy Rossum – BVLGARI Beauties


27 year-old brunette beauties Camilla Bella and Emmy Rossum showed up at the BVLGARI 30 years with Decades Of Glamour event held at the The Soho House in West Hollywood the other day.


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32 thoughts on “Camilla Bella and Emmy Rossum – BVLGARI Beauties”

  1. I love Emmy Rossum! Such a natural beauty, and her body is really just perfect. I actually think she looks even more gorgeous on “Shameless”, even though they really try to downplay her looks… Her styling here just makes her look more bland, it’s SO boring.

  2. Oh Emmy what did they do to you? She usually always looks so great but here her makeup looks bland on her and makes her look a little bit ill. She has a fantastic figure but I feel like this style of dress is a bit meh for her. Camille on the other hand looks fantastic from the dress she is wearing to her makeup but the only thing I don’t like about her here is the shoes she’s wearing.

  3. Okay, Emmy is so stunning and classic yet so unique. Ugh, the eye makeup, the hair, the dress… just perfect. I have such a girl crush.

  4. I hate both their outfits. The dress, the shoes, the accessories.
    Camilla’s make up looks very good, and Emmy’s is kinda making her looking ill (maybe it was on purpose? not the best look).

    But they are both absolutely stunning! Very elegant and both with a fantastic figure.

  5. Two gorgeous ladies. Emmy’s dress is hot, yet sophisticated! Not loving the makeup on her though. Camilla is such a natural beauty. I feel like she always wears a bit too much makeup.

  6. both girls look put together and stylish…but are pretty underwlming…when Camilla belle came on the scene io thought her so fresh faced and young and unique now a million girls look like her…I do like that she had the thick eyebrow trend before it became so trendy…both girls are causing me to yawn…rossum does seem to be a good actress what does Camilla do again?

    • Well, she’s been on “Shameless” for a few years now, so I’m sure that keeps her busy. Haven’t seen her in much else to be honest.

  7. Camilla has such a sophisticated look. She looks young and fresh, but it’s hard to believe that she’s only 27 at the same time. I like her dress, but it would’ve looked more appropriate on an older woman. Emmy is such a gorgeous nut. She’s so funny and beautiful in interviews and she has a fantastic singing voice. I adore both of these ladies 🙂

  8. Emmy is pretty; very girl-next-door. However that dress if pure fug and that eye shadow does not look good. Camilla is just so unattractive to me.

  9. Emmy has a great body but her face doesnt do it for me. Her eye make up makes her look sickly. Camilla is quite the beauty. Her face is wow. but those clunky shoes are a nooooo.

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