Camilla Belle in Jezebel Magazine

Camilla Belle in Jezebel Magazine 1

Last week, all all admired Camilla Belle’s fit and tanned midsection in a bra-revealing outfit (see the post!) and this week, we get the chance to admire her in the January issue of Jezebel Magazine, where she wears feminine evening dresses.

Camilla Belle in Jezebel Magazine 2

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Camilla Belle in Jezebel Magazine 3

Camilla Belle in Jezebel Magazine 4

Camilla Belle in Jezebel Magazine 5

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68 thoughts on “Camilla Belle in Jezebel Magazine”

  1. She is so pretty. I love the last pic.
    Her mouth is open in every pic, but I know she is not a model and she looks fabulous.

    • agreed she has great eyebrows.

      she is beautiful but i am catching the vibe that she is all too aware and in love with such a fact…

        • She was in The Lost World: Jurassic Park in the first scenes as the little girl being surrounded by those little dinosaurs. Her eyebrows stood out even then. Her hair has darkened as she got older (as many peoples will) and so her eyebrows look even darker now. Same thing happened with mine. I went from light brown hair and brows as a child to almost black brows and darker brown hair.

  2. So beautiful! I don’t know if anyone watches the show Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family, but she totally looks like the character Aria (played by Lucy Hale) in the third pic… so weird! Anyone agree? But no matter what she looks amazing!

    • She does indeed look a little bit like aria in the third pic! Like an older version -since Lucy hale has a more rounded face- too bad camilla doesn’t play in PLL otherwise she could’ve easily played Aria’s sister =)

  3. shes not that pretty(still pretty of course) but dont know why but i still like her alot. 3rd and last pic are great pics of her.!

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  4. She’s lightyears prettier than Taylor Swift. Didn’t joe jonas rebound with Camilla Belle after dumping Taylor over the phone?

  5. Am I the only one that doesn’t love her face? She looks a lot like Andreea Diaconu mixed with a tiny bit of Isabel Lucas, I reckon. Something just seems a bit off to me.

    She’s clearly pretty though, and I like her body. And her eyebrows!

    • not the only one, I have never found her very attractive either. I will admit she looks great in these shots but they all are from an angle and covering part of her face, and in candids and any other shots I have seen, I just dont find her attractive.

  6. I thinks she’s one of the few celebrities that strike the chord between elegant and sexy, she can be both! Her face is sooo exotic, and she’s very intelligent! (Columbia University, fluent in multiple languages, and a concert level pianist.) Sigh…she’s probably the reason why I dislike Taylor Swift…

    • I love her so much, but I do not think she went to Columbia. I read in an interview that she got in and her parents moved her into the dorms while she was filming 10,000 BC, but the movie shoot was delayed and she never got the chance to start.

      • Yea, she didn’t finish, but you can’t be an airhead and get in anyways 🙂 I admire her sophistication, and she has yet to say anything about Taylor Swift to the media, kudos to that! It’s how a lady should act :3 (I’m really into the kittay! face lately…off topic…)

  7. I never knew who she was until I started getting completely addicted to this site.
    I just love her face. she is so beautiful and gorgeous facially. Her body is lovely too…but i feel i can never comment on bodies in photoshoots because they are so retouched everyone pretty much has the same generic photoshopped body!

  8. Is it just me, or does she look like natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway’s love child in some of these pics???

    Stunning, stunning woman. *sigh*

    • natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway’s love child

      Um, I’m just picturing them attempting to make a “love child” and, um, whew is it getting warm in here. LOL

  9. Haha! Jezebel magazine?! hmm,..maybe I’m the only one who thinks thats funny. Anyways..I think the only thing this girls got going for her…is her face. She definitely can’t act.

  10. Wow, she’s beautiful–have never seen anything (TV, movies) with her acting, but she is a stunner. Way prettier than 95% of the rest of Hollywood in my opinion.

  11. She looks way prettier than usual…I think the eyebrows are just a tad bit less bold, maybe? Sometimes they are super extreme with heavy powder.

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