Camilla Belle’s Pantsuit + Bra Look

Camilla Belle's Pantsuit + Bra Look 1

Camilla Belle chose an original look for the premiere of her movie From Prada To Nada in Los Angeles 2 nights ago – the 24 year-old actress showed up in a pantsuit, a bare (and quite tanned) torso and a frilly beige bra.

Are you a fan of the look or is it too… eclectic for your taste? And how about Camilla’s tight little figure? And her intense smokey eye?

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70 thoughts on “Camilla Belle’s Pantsuit + Bra Look”

    • The one where Elaine gives a woman a bra and she starts wearing it as a shirt under her blazer!?!

      This is the funniest thing ever to me…

  1. smokey eyes: no thanks, it makes her look not so fresh

    and i am glad you have abs of steel, youre gorgeous, but in the words of the post: its a bit too eclectic to my liking

    this look screams callgirl on the run.

    • haha! true! I have to say i kinda like the outfit but maybe more for clubbing or something. Also, i think she is stunnin but something is off about her makeup this time…too much smokey look under the eyes and its making them look droopy

  2. ugggggh.

    screams “i want attention”. with a little of “nobody takes me seriously as an actress so why bother pretending to be one anymore.”

  3. I guess she pulls it off but the look is too Janet Jackson from the mid 90s. If she wanted to do a crop top, one was less revealing with a maxi or full skirt would have worked better. I agree with whoever said the smoky eyes are not a good look for her. Very nice abs though.

  4. I like it. I suppose its different, without giving yourself a block fringe and bob and sticking yourself into a metalic leotard with barbed wire for a skirt … or something like that.

  5. I like it a lot, actually. I mean it’s her movie she can wear what she wants to, and she looks great doing it.

    Has she lost a bit of weight in the last few months? I could have sworn she was a bit softer in her last few months?

    Well, either way she looks fantastic now (totally jealous of her abs) and I really like the light beige top on her tan body. The outfit could have gone horribly wrong, but I think it went totally right. Some people aren’t going to like that she bared her stomach, but I think she did in a classy (as classy as it can be) way. I mean, she looks a whole lot classier than the actresses that go around with super low cut dresses and a slip in the hem up to their lady parts.

    Not diggin the makeup. Would have looked better with less around the eyes.

  6. Wow, I love this look. Very unique and a lot of skin, but the muted colors and conservative cut of the suit keep it classy and elegant.

  7. I like it. A cropped top (or yes, a bra), can, and imo would look awful and tacky on most people, but with a pant suit on her body, it works. I feel like i should hate it, but i don’t.

  8. she looks ridiculous. that outfit is so tacky. there is a time and a place to show off your stomach, and that place is the beach! she should fire her stylist after this disaster. it looks like a sl*tty version of seinfeld’s puffy shirt!

  9. Too much skin? I find this look a lot more tasteful than some of the skin tight, super short bandage dresses that get praised on the red carpet. She has a great body and all the power to her for pushing th boundaris a little. It’s nice to see a revealing look that does not involve bare limbs, major cleave or a dress she’s looks like she’s been poured into. I am a bit shocked by the comments announcing this is innappropriate, when other, even more risque looks are praised and accepted just because we’re used to them.

  10. I never liked her that much, something about her irked me, but there’s no denying she looks super hot here! I think she’s showing off without being sl*tty, and hey, if you got it, flaunt it. She has a nice toned stomach so I don’t see why NOT show it off.

  11. I don’t know her and I’m really surprised that so far almost everybody loved this outfit. I think it looks somehow silly. It’s just weird to me, the pants sit to high, the “bra” looks weird and overall it’s just strange to go to an event with your chest exposed. It’s too much, but there’s also something missing.

  12. I think the reason she looks classy as opposed to following a trend from the 90’s is that she IS NOT SHOWING HER BELLY BUTTON.
    Instead she is showing off her tummy in a high waisted 1950’s tasteful way, reminiscent of old hollywood glamour.

  13. She is super hot; amazing body. Of course the tan irks me a bit, but that’s just me, i see orange way too soon, lol. And i think the outfit works as the pants have a high waist, no belly-button in sight and the top/bra has actually quite some style to it. It might be eclectic, but lots of stars wear dresses that show off way more than what this outfit. I absolutely love it.

  14. i think the outfit is daring and looks great on her figure, but there is something about the all over look thats just too old for her…. the hair/ make up and pants suit look too old for a 24 yr old, even when paired with the bra…
    shes so beautiful and young, i’d like to see her in brighter, more fun styles to better suit her age.

  15. she’s not a saint and she’s not what you think she’s an actress… whoa. She’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress… whoa. lol I can’t even see her anymore without thinking about Taylor Swift.

    and she’s pretty but the overly smokey eyes make her look like Ali Lohan (which I think we all can agree isn’t a good thing)

    • haha I always think of that song too. In fact when I saw this post I instantly played that song! “I think her ever present frown is a little troubling” lol spot on!

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  17. Love the pant suit, but not too crazy about the bra. I think the idea is good, but it seems more like something a stylist put together for her, and maybe she wasn’t totally on-board for the idea. I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but she looks like she isn’t totally comfortable with the outfit. Also, she looks a little gaunt in the face, I had no idea that was Camilla. Awesome abs and tan though!

  18. I can kinda see why Taylor Swift hates her, they’re completely the polar opposite. I think she looks gorgeous here, maybe leave off the tan a little bit. This might not be a look suited to a lot of people, but I think it’s just the right amount of risque and elegance. She should probably not have smoked underneath her eyes that much…gives her a weird old look. But overall, nicely done 😀

  19. She looks classy… for a hooker!! I think the Taylor Swift song kind of says it all ” she’s an actress but she’s better known for the things she does on the mattress.”

  20. Love this new look on her. Very different.
    Only Camilla could make this look classy yet sexy at the same time.
    She looks great and i want her abs!

  21. Addmitedly, I am jealous of her body. But not her face or her tan. I like the outfit actually a lot. Sexy, and different. But to me, she comes off as a stuck up, ‘i’m better than everyone’ b—. The taylor swift song only confirmed that. As camille gets older, I see her growing into one of those s—ty snob housewife show types. Taylor had a soft, inviting, adorable, likeable beauty. To me, Camille, exudes the I am a b—, and I your soooo below me look. She is pretty though, just not my taste :p

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