Candice Swanepoel – Pregnant Beach Beauty

Candice-Swanepoel-in-Bikini-2017-02-662x995 - Candice Swanepoel - Pregnant Beach Beauty

29 year-old Candice Swanepoel, who announced a few days ago that she is pregnant with her second child, showed off her gorgeous figure in animal print bikinis and pale pink swimsuits on the beach in Brazil last week.

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🤰🏼Christmas came early..👼🏼#2

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14 thoughts on “Candice Swanepoel – Pregnant Beach Beauty”

    • I would like the pink one if it was pulled out of her bottom. Is she trying to strangle the fetus with them?
      While I don’t like this wedgie trend at all, I do wish her a nice pregnancy and a healthy child. Lucky her that she can enjoy it somewhere warm 🙂

  1. You’d think after spending that much time in a bikini and making that much money off of her looks she’d learn the importance of sunscreen…

  2. Most beautiful body, not just among models but all other celebs that i’ve seen in bikinis/swimsuits so far. Perfect waist/hip ratio, gorgeous legs. She should continue transferring those genes

  3. That sun burn… you would think a model would at least know how important skin care is…

    And those swimsuits…. I just don’t get that wedgie trend… at all… It is tacky and she looks trashy.

  4. She looks just ok imo. Slim sure, but not a look I strive for personally.
    Is her whr less impressive nowadays or did I just get used to it?

    • She normally arches her back much more than she is in these pictures. And that tends to exaggerate waist definition, which she already had anyway. Most of the V&S models do it when posing. She doesn’t limit it to posing.

    • She does have a child and some women’s whr may change due to pregnancy. She’s also currently pregnant – so that may have an impact as well.

  5. Gosh, some of y’all harsh. Y’all looks expectations must be CRAZY!
    Candice is so “real life Barbie” to me. The WHR thing is probably because she’s pregnant atm.

    My only gripe? Those ROOTS! So dramatic, not here for it. I get that {bottle} blonde is a commitment and dye + pregnant and all that. I just don’t remember hers ever contrasting this much before.

    • Sorry if my comment seemed harsh! To clarify I do think she looks really great for most people’s standards. Specifically just not my personal “dream body” as I have a different type of ideal. I am inspired by muscular/athletic but curvy looks like Kristin Pope. If I could choose who to look like Candice would be pretty far down on the list, but I recognize that my preferences are not the norm.

  6. Her legs are absolute perfection, not an ounce of cellulite or untoned fat! And who could ever come close to that perfect WHR? Time flies and it’s kinda happy/ssad tho, I remember idolizing and thinking she’s the most beautiful creature on this planet when she first came out on VS and now shes having baby #2! I think she’s getting more and more gorgeous too, if that was even possible.

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